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zion 676. A man of sense and of her loss, and the hardships of the meal for the poor 491. An
cunning 289. Of his join the crew 316

advertisement against writers of
ing with France ib.

Douglas, a tragedy, proceedings incendiary letters 554. Carters
Cumberland, D. of, arrives at of Edinburgh presbytery with licensed 555. Improvements in

Hanover 206. Heads. the ar respect to fome ministers who church-mugc 260
my of observation 246, Retreats went to see it acted 47. See E- Edinburgh assize of bread

311. , Dereated 419.&c His dinburgh, Carlyle, Home, &c. 221, 79. 439, 96. 559. The
lofs 421. Signs a convention The dramatic story of Douglas baxters dissent 49
with the French 483. Arrives 138. Characters of it : Mr Edinburgh prices of meal 56.
at London in a very private Hume's dedication of his four 112, 68. 221, 79. 327, 84.
manner, and resigns his com disertations 293. Extracts from 439, 98. 559. 61):71
millions 549.

See Hanover the Critical and Monthly Re. Edinburgh presbytery informa-
Cupples, Mr, rebuked for go- views 294, 6

gainit certain nsinisters who were
ing to the playhoule 158 Douglas, Mr J. proceedings rela to sec the tragedy of Douglas
Cynical fournels described 447 ting to his settlement at Jed- acted 47. Censure Mr. White
Damien, Fr. attempts to Itab the burgh 265.610. Excerpt of of Liberton ib. Their admo-
French King, and is seized 43. a representation to the commif nition against ftage-plays 18.

Account of him, and of the at Gion about that settlement 610 Their letter to the presbyteries
! tempt 98.99. Proceedings a- Dresden fortified 205. See Sa 214. The answer by the pref
gainst him 157. His sentence


bytery of Dunse ib. Their re-
and execution 249

Drowned person recovered by ply to that of Dalkeith about lin
Danilh amballador recalled, and rolling and blooding 427 belling Mr Carlyle 158. Their

another appointed 551 Dublin city's compliments to proceedings on the complaint
Dantzick, price of corn there Meff. Pitt and Legge 375 relating to Essays on morality
moderate 204
Dunle presbytery's letter 214

Daun, M. memoirs of 402. De- Dutch, dangerous for them to af Edinburgh society, the persons to
feats the King of Prusia 36 3.

fitt Britain 331.

See United whom iheir premiums have been
and the Prince of Bevern 644. Provinces

adjudged 49.

-52. 378. Of
Is defeated by the King of Prul Dyfart, Mr, of Eccles, censured ter premiums for the culture of
sia 647. See Austrians, Prullia for going to the playhouse potatoes 52. Premiums offered
Dearth, disturbances on account - 216

for 1757 160. A list of the
Earlston presbytery give a discreet managers and officers 163. Que-
Death, Capt. See Terrible pri- answer to that of Edinburgh ftions treated in their general


meetings 163: 260
Debates, on the motion for a bill Earthquakes, the philosophy of Eeel, a large one caught 662
to encourage seamen 39. 63. 357. at Lilbon 117. 248. in Effingham, E. his defence 197
169. 225.

On the treaties ditterent parts of Denmark 155. Elders, proceedings in the af-
with Russia and Helse-Caflel at Sallee 370. in Italy 488. femhly with respect to the com-
281. 329, 85

Loss by it at Syracuse ib. Con millions of fome not duly at-
- Decimius, C. his speech on the tradicted 537. in France 661. telted 261. A diffent from the
feamens bill 39
at the Azores 602

judgment ib. The reasons of
Denmark, affairs in that king- Ealt-India #tips arrive in Leith

che cifient 234
dôm last year 174 The King road 322. Sail tor London 378. Electrification cures convulsion-
said to enter into a new treaty A bounty granted to their crews
with Sweden 155. He refulves 322 An annuity settled on Emlıden seized by the French
to observe a neutrality 304. A one who lost his leg 549

squadron of his thips joins one East-India company's settlements Enpress Queen, account of the
of Sweden 363. His minister in Bengal taken by the nabob altercation between her and :
C. Lypar mediates in a conven- . 252, 3.

Reiaken 373.

The Pruffia 4. Her troops de feaied
tion between the French and narob defrakd 543 Fort Chap at Lowo Gtz 8 She refolves to
Hanoverians 483 Col. camp- dernagore taken from the French ennoble militaryofficerswho have
bell arrives there from England 454 See Bengal, Clive, Wat leived thirty years 97. A lift
536. friendihip and commerce fon

of her tops to be employed
with Spain restored 641 Edinburg', account of a sociecy 205 Her troops defeated at
Diamond, Benj. Thot for defertion in thai city for promoting selin Reichenherg 240. at Prague

gious knowledge among the 7 he conditions upon
Discipline, house of 446 (429

por 341
A hot preis 108.

which the offered a neutrality
Disfenters liable to be heriffs Meal fold to the poor below the to Hanover 316.
Distillery, abstract of the act to market-price it A new con defeat the Pruilians near Kaur-

prohibit it 151. The probibi- ; tribution for it 259. Removals zim 363 Deltroy Zittau 417.
tjou continued till Dec. 1). 255. take place according to the new 618. Decline to fight the King
Further continued 66). Par Ttyle 260.

The yacancies in of Piullia 486. Attack the
liamentary proceedings relauve the churches deterred to be fup- Prussian, at Hennersdort 485,7.

to prohibiting the dillillery 567 plied 265.. A vindication of Defeat the Prince of Bevern
Doddington Indiaman, account the magiftrates with respect to 644. Defcated at Brehlay 647.


of 257


fits 580



Her iroops

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See Auftrians, Hungary, Pruffia. Ty meets 603. Account of failib. Another fails : 157. Dai
Her ambassador at London re their proceedings 603, 4o Col. mage done by the melting of
called, and his letter upon it Clerk's letter 622. Number

fnow 101.

The parliament of
376. The King's answer ib. and disposition of the French Befançon register the royal de-
She orders the British to departland-forces 623. Sir John Liclaration 248. Account of a
from Oftend ib. Causes Otiend gonier's paper 624. Gen. More mandate of the Bishop of Soil
and Nieuport to be garrisoned daunt's secret instructions 625, fons id. A fevere declaration
with French troops 372. Her His letters to Mr Pitt 626, 7. issued against authors, printers,
remarks on the Prussian memo Adm. Hawke's letter to him c. of pieces against religion or
rials 694

626. Councils of war 627. the King's authority 249. Ano.
Emperor presses the states and The report 628. A court-mar- ther Squadron fails 2501 Troops
circles to furnifh their contin- tial meets for the trial of Gen. to bemarched towards the coast
gents to the army of the em Mordaunt 662. This expedi- of the ocean ib. Troops march
pire 155. Threatens the flatestion desired and pressed by the to reinforce the army in Alface
of the cirele of Upper Saxony "King of Pruffia 624

313.: Of an attempt to excite
206. His aulic council's final Farley; a printer, tried 429 the Proteftants in the fouthern
resolution against the King of Fast appointed 610. Extracts of provinces to revolt ib. Of an
Prullia 206. Orders their re the form of prayer composed accommodation between the
folution against bim to be pu- for it 699

- King and the parliament rib.
blished 488. Declares for a Feudal property, extracts of More war-lips ordered to be
neutrality in Tuscany 155, 6. Dalrymple's history of 453. Of built it. The King iffues an c.
His commissary in Italy deftroys the introduction of the feudal dict for a lottery 370... The
a road in the territory of Luc-system ib. Of fucceffion in the East-India company's affairs lan-
ca 369

collateral line 455. Character guilh 37). Of his Majesty's
Ellays on morality, &c. com of this piece by the Monbly letter to the parliament of Be.
pleint relating to it dismiffed 'Review 453. by the Critical • Sançon 371. Ricard, an accom-
Review 458

plice of Damien, executed 425.
Execution-army, the princes who Fever, desperate, fingular reco The King forbids the Procelt-
furnished troops for it 96. The very from 462

ants to alienate their effects, cor
Duke of Wurtemburg's troops Flanders mails, order about 429 leave the kingdom ib. » The
refufe to serve 244. Mutiny Forbes and Kearn, of the settle commerce declines through high
and defert 368. as do those of ment of thofe parishes 265 insurance 537. The intelline
| Helse-Darmstadt ib. Of the Fordyce's temple of Virtue epito- disputes terminated ib. Printers
Palatines ib. The execution-
mized 445

of libels condemned to the galo
army marches to Thuringia Foreign alliances not formerly feys 538. Extracts of a man-
2,87. and many desert from it sought after by our kings 386 date of the Archbishop of Paris
ib. A part of it beaten near Foreign troops, proceedings on the ib. An armament carrying on
Gotba 532. Diffenfions between bill for quartering them 621 >-at Toulon 539 The ifle of
ghem and the French ib. Their France, state of affairs in that Aix taken by the Brain fleet
general fummons Leiphc 592. kingdom laft year 17. An ar 501. See Expedition. An earth-
The army defeated at Rosbach tempt made to assaffinate the quake on the coast of Norman.
593. Futher accounts of the King 43. The wound not mor dy and Britany 661. A fqua.
defeat 641. See French, Pruf tal ib. The aflaflin feized and dron fails from Toulon ib. The

tortured 43. 44.

A particnlar Louisburg squadron arrives ib.
Expedition, secret, preparations account of the affaffin, and his French, their army afsembles on
for 375. 430. The feet fails attempt 98. 99. Proceedings the Rhine 1:55. Marches into
488. The troops that imbark- "againit him 157. His fentence Germany 206. Seizes the Pruf-
ed, and the names of the war and execution 249. The par fian dominions 206, 46. Invelis
Ships 488, 9. Spoke with at liament of Pau refuse to regitter Gueldres 206. Takes it 424.
sea 489. An account of it by a royal declaration 42. The Another army formed in Al.
a voluntier 497. The gazetic King's anfwer to the grand face 207. Skirmishes between
account 501. Mr Pitt's letter chamber of the parliament of them and the Hanoverians 246.
to Adm. Hawke and Gen. Mor- Paris 42 43. A French fquaAttack the Hanoverians in paff-
daunt 502. The grounds on dron arrives from the West in ing the Weler 311. Take
which the expedition was found-

New representations Embden, and possess themselves
ed 503. "Accounts of it by Mr to the King by the parliament of all Eaft Frieland 369. En-
Pitt ib and by the French 504. of Paris 97. Some members ter the landgraviate of Helle-
Reflections on it by the Patriot who resigned, banished 97. 98. Caffel ib. Pass the Wefer with-
iba by the Monitor 505. and · Threatening letters found at Out opposition ib. Lay Hano-

by the Citizen 508. The com Paris and Versailles Too. The ver under contribution: 419.
manders in it to be tried 548. kingdom in a distracted condi Restore C. Bentheim to bis e.
Poems occasioned by it 508, 28. tion ib. Mefl. Machault and Nare ib. Defeat the army of
Motion for addresling the King d'A genfon dismissed from their observation 419. C. Take
on the miscarriage of it 548. employments 101. War-ships. Hamelen 423. M. Richlieu
Dropc iba: The board of inqui- fitted out ib. Two squadrons' gets the command of them ib.


dies 44:

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Pursue the army of observation They are an overmatch for a. ordered to be laid up there ib.
1424. The convention between

ny one nation in Europe 175. Gillon, Mr, teaches mufc public.
M. Richlieu and the Duke of Britain the only nation they ly 260. Precents in the new
Cumberland 483. Of the French fear ib. They are atopen church ib.
proceedings in Hanover 485. war with us 177. The danger Glasgow, the Macfarlane obser-
M. de Luce's letter to the lates they would be exposed to in in- vatory founded there 431, In-
of Luncaburg485. They march vading us 519

dian corp meal fold 259. Re.
towards Magdeburg 488. The Fulvius, Cn. his speech on the solution of the presbytery con-
proceedings of their army leamers bill 174

cerning stage-plays 47. Cba.
underthe Prince de Soubife szi. Gabel taken by the Auftrians racter of the Glasgow Ilomer
They rifle the arsenal at Gotha

ib. An action between a party Gazette prophetic 512

Gout, an uncommon crisis of it
of them and one of the Prusfians General aslen.bly meets 260. 463
531, 2. Differences between Lord Cathcart commissioner, Grain, a summary of what has
them and the army of the em- and Mr Leechman moderator been wrote on the high price of
pire 532. M. de Richlieu en 261. Commissions not duly ar it 139.

An affecting contrast
tors the Brandenburg dominions tested received ib. A diffent from between tarvelings and those
*433. The combined army this judgment ib. The reasons who pamper pleasure-horfes 195.
march to the frontiers of Saxony 234. Of discontinuing the Sa- Grain imported 319. Prohi-
3592. Defeated by the King turday and Monday sermons in bited to be exported 550. Mobs
of Pruffia at Rosbach 593. The the synod of Argyle 462, and on account of the high price of

French army break the conven the Friday fellowship-meetings it 606
tion with the Hanoverians 597. in that of Sutherland and Cath. Grampus, large, franded and
651.-M. Richlieu's letter to ness 263. Determination of killed 662
Pr. Ferdinand of Brunswick 650. the profecution against Mr Car. Grant, Maj. arrives at London
The Prince'sanswerost. They lyle for going to the playhoufe from the King of Prussia 606

abandon Lunenburg 653. Burn 264. Overtures relating to the Greaves, Capt. fined for illegal-
- the suburbs of Zelk 654, 5. Hage and to fimoniacal practices ly impressing 429

Surrender Harburg 6450 ib. Proceedings relating to the Grier, Mr, deposed 273
The French minister at Dref- fettlements of Stonykirk, For. Gueldres besieged by the French
den ordered to depart 205. bes and Kearn, and Jedburgh 206. Taken 424
Their minister's declaration on 265. of Abbotthall 266. The Gum, altringent, use of 702
his countrymen entering the case of Prof. Brown of St Ap- Gunnery, improvements in it
compire 309. A squadron cha. drew's ib. See Commission proposed 359

fed by one of the British 248. Genucius, Cn. his speech on the Haddington prices of grain 55
French troops garrison Ostend feamens bill 171

111, 68. 221, 79. 327, 84.
and Nieuport 372. A list of Genucius, T. his speech on the 439, 96.559. 615, 71.
their feet at Louisburg 373. treaties with Roslia and Heffe. Halienas, L. his speech on the
The French take Fort William Caflel 281,

feamens bill 225
Henry 540, k. The articles Germany, Nate of affairs there Hanover, the Elector's declara-
of the capitulation $41. The last year 2. Impossible for it tion on his army taking the field
capitulation bafely violated by to defend itself, or any of its 245. The interest of it pre-
them 1.598.: M. Montcalm's allies 286. The princes of that ferred to that of G. Britain 234.
letter on that subject 600. See empire who declare for and a 285. Dangerous to engage in a
British. William: - Heury. gainit the King of Prussia 96. war on its account 333. A
-Fort Chandernagore in Bengal The Elector of Hanover's de- dangerous topic 336. Necef-
taken from them 545* The claration on his aflembling anfary to us, and gives us weight
articles of the capitulacion 546. * army of observation 245. The ib. Our treaty with Pruflia en-
See Bengal. See Cumberland, Freneh minister's declaration dangered it 520. Neutrality for
Richlieu. Number and dispos to the diet, on the troops of bis Hanover proposed 310. Con-
Sition of the French troops 623. nation entering the empire 309. vention for the army with the
Prifoners fent home 375. Re- A supplement to it by the Em- French 483. The convention
ward offered for discovering the press Queen 310. Pruffia and broke 597.651. The Elector's
negotiators of a loan for the Hanover claim the assistance of motives for taking up arms a-
French 606.-How we have the empire againt the French gain 651. Memorial to the
txeen cajoled by the French 646 311. Extracts of a Prussian diet 657. See Army of obfer-
Thein patience political 65. Ac. memorial to the diet, on the varion, Cumberland, French,
- counted for 68. The majority French entering Westphalia 366. Germany
of them not for a war-2). They A manifesto by the Elector Hanoverians and Heflians imbark
Kudy the disposicion of their of Brunswick-Lunenburg 651. for Stade 256. Proceedings on
poopie 68,9. Their conduct An Hanoverian memorial to the the bill abous quartering them
Father prudence than patience diet 657. See Austrians, Bat 621
69. Their faithlets behaviour tles, French, Prullia. Map of Harburg besieged 653. Taken
an America 171. Vigorons mea Germany, fronting p. !. 655
Lures again them belt 172. Gibraltar furtified 97.- Provisions Harrison, Mr, of his machine for

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discovering the longitude 606 Hudson's bay fleet arrive in Leith Keith, M. memoirs of 405." A:
Harvest, good, thanksgivings for road 322

necdotes concerning 523. Sum-

Hughley fort taken, and the ci moned to furrender Leiplic
Harvest-home, how celebrated ty burnt 374.

1592. His answer ihat Lays

Hume, Mr D. the dedication of Bohemia under contribution65o.
Haftenbeck, battle of 419 his four dissertations 293 Further corrections of and addie
Hawke, Adm. arrives from Gib- Humility described 449.

tions to the memoirs of bim
raltar 44. Sails on a secret ex- Hungary, Q.of, had many claim- 698
pedition 488. Returns unluc antsto her dominions 679. Her Kilbirny house burnt 258
cessful sol.

Sails again 548. answer to the King of Prussia's King, his message to parliament
Returns 662. See Expedition claim of Silesia ib. Her hard relating to his electoral domi-
Hemeralopia, its descripcion and situation 681. Of a fubscrip nions, and the King of Prullin
cure 581

tion in England for her ib. AG 102. concerning the oath of fe.
Hennersdorf, action of 486 sisted by Britain ib. Her fue- crecy 105. for recompensing
Herculaneum, Beho's account of celles 682, 6. Cedes Silesia to the Americans, and aflirting the

500. Discoveries in 573 the King of Pruflia 683, A East-India company 255. for
Herring fishery, abftract of the new war begun again her by defraying extraordinary ex-
act for further encouraging it that King 088. Her answer to pences ib. His speech at the

his declaration 689. Her peace clofe of the session 320. at the
Herrings, great take of 259.492. with him 694. See Empresa opening of the feflion 607. His

declaration, as Elector of Hano-
Ileffe-Cassel, debate on the treaty Hunting at Kello 555

ver, upon the army of observa-
with 281. 329, 85. Troops of, Jamaica fieet, reflections on its ar tion taking the field 244., in
imbark 256. Seized by the rival 439

answer to the representation of
French 369. The troops of, Jaw locked, cure of it 462. 578 the Prussian minister 48s: The
of little service here 282. How Jedburgh. See Bolton, Douglas King of Prusia's letter to his
they behaved towards us in the Illiberis, acts of the council Majesty 530. The authentiei-
lalt war ib.
at, discovered 370

ty of this letter impugned 597.1
Highland battalions, two to be rai. Infamy, dungeon of 446, 7 His minister's memorial to the
Led 55. A list of their officers ib, Inoculation proposed to be sen diet of the empire 657. His
Sail for Corke 259. for Ameri, dered more general 74 motives, as Elector, for taking
ca 375. Nine companies to be Insurances on lives, thoughts on up arms again 6510 s Earl of
raised 376. Sail for Corke 611. 569

C-d's petition to 468. Hisi
Arrive 665

Intemperance, abode of, described present to the British musæum
Holburne, Adm. sails for Corke 446

427, Compliments the French
252. for America ib. A lin Johnson, Mrs, who she was 586. King on his escape 157. His
of his fquadrou 251. 373. Or- Described ib. Miltress to Sir declaration on the Imperial mi-
dered to inquire after some W. Temple 5 86, 8. Mother nilter being recaliel 371. See
English pirates, 252. Arrives to Stella 586. Married to Ralph Hanover
at Halifax 425. His proceed- Mose, and why 587. See Stella Kings, Joans to, without the cons
ings there 539. His feet da- Joy, fatal effects of sudden 550 sept of parliament, unconftitu.
maged by a storm 540. Ac- Ipecacuanha in small doses, vir- tional 565
count of the damage 600. The tues of 634

Knowles, Adm. a political anec.
Adm. comes home ib. Ireland, the work for carrying on dote relating to 232. Exami-
Holderneffe, E. of, his declaration the inland navigation begun 320. ned in relation to the secret ex- 4

to the Prussian minifter 485 The King's charity to the poor pedition 604. See Hawke, Ex.
Home, Mr John, of Athelston. of that kingdom 320. An ex- pedition

fond, writes a tragedy called hortation read in the Roman - Ladd, John, invents a new wheel
Douglas 47. Informed against Catholic chapels in Dublin 553. machiņa 257
to bis presbytery ib. His tra- Proceedings of the Commons Langton estate sold 665.53
gedy acted at London 158. Pro with respect to pensions 609. Lawson, Mr W. his extraordi,
ceedings in his presbytery about 664. Grants 664. The Duke nary memory 614
him 47. 158. His case refer- of Bedford arrives at Dublins 53. Leeward island Aeet arrives 4304
red to the fynod, and remitted Extract of his speech ib. Issues Reflections on it iba
back to the pr=sbytery 217. a proclamation against export- Legge, Mr. See Pitt
Kesigns his charge 274. Gets a ing grain ih.. The hospital for Lehwald, M. his declaration on i
gold medal as a present from Mr lunatics opened ib. Value of the march of the Prussians 361.
Sheridan 662

corn imported into Ireland 665 Answer to the Rusianmemoriala
Home, Mr W. of Polwart, cen- Irvine, appeal about the magi- , 478. Atracks the Ruflian ar- 1
sused for going to the playhouse stracy of, determined 666 my 479, Sends troops to Po-

Julius Florus, his speech on the merania, 530. Marches to that..
Hope described 449, 50
seamens bill 177

duchy 598. The Swedes res :
Horatius Barbatus, Q. his speech Jupiter's satellites, eclipses of 703 treat before him 650.! See A-
on the creaties with Russia and Kat, a favourite of ihc Prince of praxin, Prussia, Ruslia, Sweden
Helle-Catiel 329
Pruflia, çxecuted 675

Leith races, account of 431A

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His speech

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Lewis XIV. a remarkable an- Why not attacked 539. A vio- Douglas 296. of the Glasgow
fwer of 67

lent hurricane near 540. See Homer 570
Lewis XV. K. See France Lowositz, battle of 8 (Holburne Moore, Com. fails for the Welt
Life, table of the probabilities of Lues venerea, a cure for 702

Indies 319
its duration 568. Of insurances Luscar coal, experiments on 629 Mordaunt, Sir J. appointed com-
on lives 569 hospital, number of mander in chief on a secret ex-
Ligonier, Sir J. his paper of ad women admitted into it 551 pedition 430. Sails 488, 9.
vice to Gen. Mordaunt 624. Macintosh, A. tried for stealing Returns unsuccessful 458, 9.
Promoted 557. 615,7! !

Mr Pitt's letter to Sir John 502.
Ligustinus, Sp. bis speech on the Mackenzie

, Mr Rod. admits Mr General orders about conduct-
feamens bill 69
Bolton at Jedburgh 667. Ac ing it 497.

Other orders 499.
Lime-water cures an inveterate count of him 668

Proceedings on the inquiry into
fore leg 701

Maclean, H. tried for murder his conduct 603.
Lind, Dr, on matly and woody 260. Executed 377

to the board 604. His fecrct

His letters
grounds 3 54. His experiments Mair, Mr T. deposed 212. See instructions 625.
on Luscar coal 629
Associate fynod

to Mr Pitt 626, 7. The report
Linen cloth stamped for sale in Marine society, account of it of the board of inquiry 628.
Scotland last year 112. Prizes 232. Royal donations to them Tried by a court-martial 662.
on fine linen determined 611 256. Their present to Justice See Expedition
Lisbon, a violent shock of an Fielding 665. Men and boys Morgan, Watkin, imprisoned for
carthquake there 248. Other fitted out by the society 429 uttering counterfeit coin 325
fhocks felt 661. See Portugal Marischal, E. the King of Prussia's Mortality-bill for London 55,
Lissa, accounts of the battle of letter to 525

111, 68. 220, 79. 327, 841

Marshy grounds, Dr Lind on 439, 96. 559.615,71
Liver, worm bred in it 578 354

for Edinburgh 55. 112, 68.
Loan, French, advertisement a- Mason-oath, Associate fynod's 220, 79. 327, 84.439,96.559.
bout it 606

act about it 432.

A Free Ma 615871
Loans to the King, without the fon's examination of the act - general, for London and E.
consent of parliament, uncon-

dinburgh 705
ftitutional 565

Meal prohibited to be carried out Mucilage of gum arabic, its effi-
Lobb's cure for a catarrhous of certain Thires 259

cacy 702
cough 635

Mealmongers, proceedings against Murray, l'eter, his unparallelled
Lockhart, Capt. his bravery, re 611

conduct and bravery 379
ward, and descent 612 Medical society, account of one Robert, his heroism 324
London, freedom of, voted to at London 461. Their obser- Mushrooms, their poisonous ef-
· Mess, Pitt and

e 256. Pre-
vations 462. 578. 63 2. 701

fećts 431
fented to them 318. Their Memel taken by the Russians Minilic, of fine tasie in 636
answer ib. Aflize of bread 429. 362. 416. Chastity of the wo- Nadafti, C. papers found in his
Diflenters liable to be sheriffs men at 479

baggage 5 34. Takes Schweide
429. A motion made for ad. Merc. corros, sublim. cures the nitz 590, I
dressing the King upon the fai- lues venerea 702

Navy, corrupt practices in vic.
lure of the secret expedition, but Meffiah, account of a false one tualling it 228
withdrawn, and why 548. Ga. Meteor, remarkable 554 (631 Navy-lieutenants, admiralty-or-
zette of 1788 512

Meteorological journals 196.237. der about 44
Longitude, abstract of acts about 323, 78. 435, 52.558. 704 Navy-surgeons, the


of their
it 606.- Machine for discover- Militia, abstract of the act 344. mates augmented 548
ing it considered ib.

History of the bill 617. A great Neonomian sm, Aflociate synod
Lochian fynod's proceedings rela- omission in it 620. Of cxerci vindicated from the charge of
tive to Meff. Carlyle and Home fing the militia on Sundays 618.

217. See Carlyle, General af Disturbances occasioned by the Netherlands, Austrian, Oltend
fembly, Home

act 430. 549
Cause of those

and Nieuport garrisoned with
Lottery, scheme of it 102. Re- in Nottinghamshire 549. Num-

French troops 372..

The Bri-
Alections on it 523. Tickets ber returned for the west riding tish ordered to withdraw from
delivered 429. Begins to be of Yorkshire 430

See Empress-
drawn 489. Ends 550. An Minister, encomium on a late one Queen
Irish lottery prohibited 429* * 167, 7. Cenfure of him 181

Neumarck, or Lisla, battle of 647
Loudon, E. fails for Halifax 372. Ministers manfes liable to the News-papers, considerations on
Arrives, and is joined by Adm. window-tax 377. See Commif the additional duties on them
Holburve 425 Imbarks for fion

attacking Louisburg 539. Lays Modesly introductress to Virtue Numisus, L. his speech on the
aside the expedition, and why 450

feamens bill 66
ibo Sails back to New York ib. Monitor's reflections on the secret Oath of purgation censored 401
Louisburg in distress for provi- expedition 505

Oaths, ceremonies adhibited to
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