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Oats, increase of a head of 429 John Mordaunt 502 His ac- Prisoners exchanged. 375. Of
Oils, on mixing them 703 count of the seeret expedition their treatment on both sides
Old England man of war, letter 503. Dr Smollet's character

4944 Artsters of them to a
from on board of 185. A second of him 663. Wee Expedition, scape to be profecuted: 550
letter 406

Privateers, pirating reward for
Olborne, Adm. sails for the Me- Flague reported as in Lisbon 551. discovering 605
diterranean 256

Orders consequent upon it 552. Prize-goods, act for encouraging
Qllend, the British ordered to de. The report proves falle iba the landing of 399

part thence 371. See British, Pleasure, palace of 445. Her Prussia, Fred. William, K. of, bis

dominion 446. Partisans 448. character. 673; 4. Of, his talt
Paralytic cafis 701

A frightful transfornsation ib., regiment 674. Maintained a
Barliament prorogued 320. Meets Plinius Cæcilius, C. his speech on

numerous army.ib. His fexc.
606. History of: A paragraph the treatics with Rullia and rity towards the prince and his ·
in the Lords address objected Helle-Cassel 333.

intimates 674,His fickness
10 441: Proceedings relating Poland, State of affairs there last and death 676. Death of his
to the high price of corn 442. year 14.. The Ruflian chan- Queen, and her character 383
566. and to Adm Byng 442, 6. cellor's letter to the primate, Prusta, Charles-Frederick, K. of,
The supplies granted 443, 4, 5. fenators, Gr. 95. The fenti- his design of leaving his father's
The sums ordered to be raised ments of the nobility with re. dominions discovered. 675. Im-
$15. Resolutions for raising spect to the march of the Ruf prisoned, with his favourite ih..
money by annuities 5 16, 17, 23. lians, and the situation of Sa. Compelled to marry a princess
Ohjections against the grant for xony 415. The Queen dies of Brunswick ib. His Itudies
the army of observation 5 18.
597. 614

675, 6. His behaviour on his
Of the lottery 523. Of the Political anecdote 232

accession to the crown 677.
additional duties on news-pa- Pomerania invaded by the Swedes Neglects the tall segiment sih..
pers, br. 561, 2., and on coals 482. The inhabitants ordered Sets boys destined for the army
exported 564. Of the new an- to pay their taxes to them 534- at liberty.ib. Grants a general
nuities ib. of loans to the A counter-order by the Prussian toleration of religion ib. loftia
King 365. Of the militia-bill commander ib. Aslistance sent totes the order of merit ib. Ad-
617. A great omillion in that from Pruflia 598. The Swedesvances learning 678 Revives
bill 620. See Militia. Of the driven out of Pomerania, and a claim to Herstal ib. Takes.
bill for quartering foreign troops the Prushans break into that possession of Silesia 679. His

belonging to Sweden 650. See war with the Queen of Hunga.
Patent for a new. wheel-machine Prullans, Sweden

ry 680. Eights she Austrians

Pomponius Matho, M. his speech at Molwitz, ib. Routs them at.
Patriot on the secret expedition on the treaties with Ruffia and Czasaw. 682. Makes peace
Helle-Caflel 385

with the Queen 683. He re-
Perihelion in Greenland 428. Poor, a. polity. for employing forms the laws ib. His plan
Perfia, fate of affairs there them 298

for the reformation of his courts
last year 1. Account of the Pope. See Rome

684. A small print, with a de-
new competitors to the crown Portugal, state of affairs there last scription and character of him,

year 117. A violent carth- fronting p1685. His æconomy
l'hiladelphia, , money voted by quake at Lisbon 248. A vul- 685... A proof of the secrecy
the allembly join A militia, cano arises ik. A royal decree, of his counsels 686.., Begins a
bill drop 373. Dispuces be against the bailiff Souza 370. new. war against the Queen of
tween the governor and the af The Jeluits, confeffors to the Hungary.688. His declaration
fembly 426. Peace made with royal family, banished 660. upon it ib, of his behaviour
the Shawanese and Delaware In- Shocks of carthquakes at Lif in Bohemia 690. Takes Prague.
dians 601

bon 661. A prince of Portu- 691. Retires from Bohemia
Firna described y

gal arrives in England 429 on the approach of the Ar-
Piso, L. niş speech on the trea. Prague, accounts of the battle at strians 692. Routs them at
ties with Ruflia and Hefe-Car 241. Of the liege of 244 Niedburg 693. Routs them aí

The fiege raised 363. Damage gain at Standentzib, Seizes
Pitt and Legge, Mesi. resign 167. done in it, by the suge 366. Saxony ib. Concludes a peace
Restored to their offices 326. See Austrians, Prullia

with Auftria and Saxony 694.
Made free of London and other Presbyteries, proceedings of, re- See Hungary. An account
towns 256. Their return to lating to the ministers who had. of his disputes with the courts.
the London compliments 318. gone to the playhouse 47.158. of Petersburg, Dresden, and Vi-
Thanked by the guildry of

enna 3.-7. Enters Saxony-j.
Stirling 259;

The guildry's Preil:d men, complaints of, Defeats the Austrians at Lowo
letter, and their answers 325. groundless 40. Not fo 65.70 sitz 8. The Saxon army-sur-
Letter of thanks to Mr Pit. Piesling tyrannical and unjult renders to him 9. Orders men
from the owners of the Anti. 172. Costrary to Magna Char- of a certain age in Saxony to be
gallican privateer 209. His let- ta 179. Employing the milie registered 42. Number of re-
ter to Adm. Haukę and. Sir fary theicin

cruits that electorate bas fur


fel 285


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590, 1.

Thished 97.. The number of fia to be. drawn up 646. His army in Germany 423, 4. Con-

troops ib. T': princes of troops at Breslau defeated 644. cludes a convention with the
the empire who declans for and 646. Defeats the Austrians at Hanoverians 483, 4. Marches
againn him 06. Orders the Liffa, or Neumarck 647. Takes to Halberstadt 533.

His letter
French minister at Dresden 'to Breslau 649. Of his finances, to Pr. Ferdinand of Brunswick
depart 205. Certain ladies ar- forces, &c. 656. Gets no sub- 650. Burns the suburbs of Zell
Telted, and why 205, 39. For- fidies ib. The Empress-Queen's 655. See French
tifies Dresden 205. Breaks the remarks on his memorials 694 Rochefort of its fortifications622.
Saxon regiments for defertion Prussians destroy the Austrian See Expedition
ib. Number of this troops ih. dens on the frontiers of Lufatia Rome, affairs there last year 116.
Iflues a memorial relative ro his 155. Take a rich magazine, The Duke of Modena's poflef
enemies design to extirpate the and rout a body of Croats ib. sions in the ecclefiuftic ftate to
Protestant religion 706. His Defeat thie Auftrians at Rei be purchaled 537
territories in Weftphalia inva- chenberg 240. M. Schwerin 'Rosbach, accounts of the battle
ded by the French ib. Forbids and the Prince of Bevern enter of 593. 641
any person to approach the

Bohemia 241.

The former Ruddiman, Mr T. account of
Queen of Poland but her do- killed in the battle of Prague him and his writings 54
meftics 239. Enters Bohemia 242. 305. Raise contributions Ruptures, hospital for 427
in three places ib. Defeats the in the Upper Palatinate and in Russia, state of affairs there last
Austrians near Prague 241.304.

Franconia 367

Defeated at

year 14. The Empress refuses
Besieges Prague 244. Accounts Hennersdorf, and Gen. Win- to mediate between the courts
of the fiege 306. Craves the terfeldt killed 487. Retreat of Vienna and Berlin 41. C.
allitance of the empire against into Silesia 533. The garrison Befucheff's letter to the pri-
the French 311. His general of Schweidnitz made prisoners mate, Ge of Poland 95. A
in Pomerania's declaration a.

Defeated at Breslau fire at Moscow 96. The feet
gainst the Russians 361. Sets 044. Bevern made prisoner fails 154. The army begins to
our to head the Prince of Be- 644, 6. Defeat the French march for Prusia 204. Threar-
* Wern's army 363. Attacks the vanguard at 'Egelen 483. At- ened ib. Il of a dropfy 238.
Austrians at Chofteroitz, and is tack the Ruffians 479. Pursue Manufactory of printed linens
defeated 363. Raises the fiege them on their retreat


Rourishes 238. The fleet blocks
of Prague 363, 5. His memo- Their successes in Pomerania up the ports of Prussia 304. Of
piul to the diet about the French 598. Drive the Swedes from the behaviour of the French
entering the empire 366. Re- thence 650. Attack ihe French ambassador 361. The Pror-
tires from Bohemia to Saxony piquets at Gotha 531. Invade fian declaration against the Role
418. Marches to Lusatia il. Bohemia 650. See Bevera, Leh- Gans ib. The Russians take
His general in Prussia's answer wald, Prussia

Memel 362. 416. Publish fe-
"to a Ruffian man festo 478. Public affairs, a summary of those veral manifellves 473. An ao
This general attacks the Rur- of last year 1.-18. 113.127 fwer by the Pruffian general is.
afians 479. He recalls his minister Public ciedit, the loss of, to 'be The exccles and barbarities
from Sweden, and orders the feared 388, 9

committed by them in Prussia
Swedish minister to leave his Pye on the virtues of ipeca. 478, 9. Attacked to the Pruf-
court 482. Offers the Austrians cuanha in small doses 634 fians 479, 80. Their loss 481.
battle, which they decline 486. Queries on the council of war Retreat 482. Pursued 530. Of
Goes to meet the combined ar-
at Gibraltar 94

the cause of their retreat ib.
my of the French and the em- Quintus Mucius, his speech on The excelles conimitted byihem
Arrives at Erfurth the seamens bill 182

in their retreat 640. Sie A-
487. Summoned to fee that Recruiting-act, abstract of the praxin, Pruffians
he has incurred the ban of the new clauses in it 01. Suspend- Sabbatci Levi, a pretended Mef
empire 488. His letter to the ed 319. Revived in Scotland fah, account of 63!
King of Britain, on the con- 555

St Bartholomew island taken 157
vention with the French 530. Reichenberg, action of 240 St Philip's, fort, jou nal of the
This letter disowned 597. His Religion, with her three daugh fiege of 28. A litt of the kill.
letter to the Earl Marifchal ters, described 449

ed and wounded, and of the
525. Comes to Gotha 531. Repentingeftool indicted so ammunition expended 38. Ads
Goes to Butelstadt 532. His Representation, a hint about the vantage of its galleries 301. Sce
capital insulted by the Austrians quellion, Whether it is agrée- Blakeney
533, 91. His discovery of a able to the law of nature 458 Sallce, an carthquake there 370
plot carried on against him by Reprisals, modern way of ma- Salmon, large, caught 662
the court of Dresden 534. His king 64 Should not have pre- Sardinia, affairs there last year
family go for Magdeburg 592. ceded a declaration of war 72 I14. The King resolves on a

Defeats the combined army at Refolution de fcril:ed 449 neutrality 424. Sends troops
Rosbach 593. 641. His speech Rice, a rece pt for dresling 299 to his frontiers 660
to his army before the battle Richlieu, M. his letter in rela- Sarfaparilla root, its virtues 581
597. Orders an account of the tion' to Adm. Byng 46. Gets Saxony, affuis there last year 6.
exccfles of the Ruflians in Pruf the command of the French Cr. Men of a certain age to


pire ib.

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be registered 42. Number of Smugglers, abstract of the act to Corn imported from Russia 43.
men furnished to the Pruflians indemnify 398

The making of spirituous li-
97. Oeconomy recommended Snatt tried for robbing the Nor- quors pilohibited 42. The King
to the magistrates of the great wich mail 429

refolves to fulll his engagements
towns 155. Money demanded Somerset, D. of, account of his fa- as guarantee of the treaty of
ib. Ladies of the court arrest- mily 670

Westphalia 204. His Majesty
ed 205, and why 239. Dref Spain, affairs there last year 117. highly respected 239. Magazines
den fortified 205. A design to Naval preparations 97. The of corn to be established 362.
surprise Konigstein ib. Saxon Antigallican privateer seized 156. Warlike preparations ib. The
| foldiers defert, and the regi. See Antigallican. Convention reasons of sending troops into
meots broke ib. Recruits de- with 156. Corn exported thence Pomerania 416. The King a-
manded ib. All persons forbid 207. The importation of Ge- verse to that step 417. Factions
to approach the Queen but her noesc manufaëtures prohibited among the great men 482. The
domestics 239.

Zittau taken ib. The King signs a neutrality Swedish troops iuvade Branden-
417. Leipfic laid under mili- with Britain 246. The liege burg Pomerania 482. The
tary execution 533.
The exe- of Ceuta raised 488

Pruffian minifter recalled ib.
cution suspended ib. Leipfic Springsfeld, Dr, on the Carlf- Progrefs of the Swedes in Pome-
summoned by the Prince of bad waters 41 I

rania 598. They retire on the
Saxe-Hildburghausen 592. M. Stage-plays, Edinburgh presby- approach of the Prussians 650.
Keith's speech to the magistrates tery's admonition against 18. Of Col. Campbell's negotiations
ib. The Queen dies 597. See A resolution of Glasgow pref- at Stockholm 641. See Prussia,
Austrians, Prussia.

A corre-

bytery against 47. Their mo. Prussians
spondence carried on in the court rality seriously considered 77. Swift, anecdotes of, and of bis

against the King of Prussia 534 Extracts of a serious inquiry favourite Stella 585
Schaw, R. Thot for defertion 555 into the nature and effects of Taxes, disadvavtage of anticipa.
Schweidnitz besieged 533. Taken the stage 143. Difficulty in ting them 564

treating the subject ib. The Temple of Virtue, a dream 445.
Scorbutic humour cured by lime- argument stated 144.

Four The temple described, and the
water 70 1

things implied in the idea of e. candidates for admission 450.
Scot, Mr, ce sured for going to ven a well-regulated stage ib. 451. See Virtue
the playhouse 158

Three general arguments against Terrible privateer taken 53. Cha-
Scots, their trade suffers by French the stage, viz. That it is an im- rity to the widows of the cap-
privateers 259. Thanked for proper amusement 145. That tain and crew 110.
their activity in raising the new it is not a proper method of count of the sufferings of the
levies 258

instruction, hut pernicious 146. crew 494
Sea-cfficers, their hardships 173 That none can attend plays, Theodore, late King of Corfica,
Seamen, debates on the bill for without 'partaking of the lins his monument, and inícription
their better encouragement 39.

of others, and contributing to on it 552
63. 169. 225. The debate sum-

their pollution 149 Lothian Thompfon's account of corrupt
med up 182. Concluded 225. fynod's overture about the play- practices in victualling the navy
Numbers lost by ill usage 66. house 218. The assembly's o-
Consequence thereof 66.70.71. vei ture 264

Throat-distemper, its rise, symp-
Thoughtless and inconsiderate Stamp-act, abstract of it 301 toms, and cure 632, 3
men 175. Should not be all Steel, Mr, censured for going to Thunder, mischiet done by 258
discharged at the end of a war the playhouse 158

Tilbury ship wrecked 600. Of-
178. Their hardships 180. Stella, her birth and parentage ficers layed and loft ib.
Bounties to, prolonged 157 586, 7. Bold action of 588. Torrington, L. his petitions in
Seydelitz, Gen. his bravery 531 Her character 589. See John favour of Adm. Byng 103, 4
Sheridan, Mr, his present to Mr fon, Swift

Townshend, Adm. arrives from
Home 662

Stewart, Gen. his detence 197 Jamaica 375
Ships to be navigated by foreign Stevens, Com. fails for the East Treaties, debate on those with
seamen 157
Indies 158

Russia and Hefle-Caffel 285.
Sicily and Naples, affairs there Stocks, prices of 56. 111, 68. 329, 85. That they were de-

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last year 117. Military prepa. 221, 79. 327, 84, 439, 96. 559.. figned to prevent our engaging
rations 42.
Corn to be sent to 615, 71

in a war upon the continent
Britain 207. An earthquake in Stonykirk, of the settlement of 286. and cannot give offence
Sicily 488. 537 See Hercula- that parish 265

to Prusia 268. We should

Storms, at Aberdeen 108. on the fometimes engage in continen-
Simoniacal practices, overture a- west coast of England 257. in tal connections 289. Tbac

Scotland 258. in Cornwall 428 they were entered into for the
Skeleton, gigantic 606

Styles, old and new, a decision sake of Hanover 330. Not
Sleepy woman 634
concerning 376

new in their kinds 334
Smollet, Dr, his character of Mr Supplies granted 443, 4, 5. See Trebonius Afper, L. his speech
Pitt 663

in favour of the seameas bill
Smuggled goods fold 431 Sweden, affairs there last year 15. 63


bout 264

tion 257

The pro

Truth described 448

Venice, affairs there last year Whale-fishing Tips fait 259.
Tunis, a plot there discovered 113

Their success 378

Vanity, valley of 447 Wheat, surprising increase of a
Turbot fish, an extraordinary Venereal disease, Indian remedy grain of 551
large one 259

for 451. The plant described Wheel-machine of a new inven-
Turky, affairs in that empire ib.
Jast year 12. 13. The Grand Victualling-office, account of ab- Whitefield, Mr G. arrives at E-
Vizir deposed 95. The cause uses in it 228

dinburgh 260. Dines with the
of his disgrace 154. Death of Virginia, Indians abound in that Commissioner ib. Sets out for
the apparent heir ib. The province 313. The back jet- Glasgow ib. Success of his cha-
plague breaks out at Constan- tlements ravaged by the French rity-lermon there 322. Alfault,
tinople 154. Changes made in and Indians 373.

ed at Dublin 376
the ministry 238. A resolu- vince threatened with an inva. William-Henry fort attacked by
tion taken to observe the trea- fion 427. Preparations for re- the French in vain 313, 14•
ties with Ruffia and Austria pelling it ib. See America Attacked by M. Montcalm 540.
304. French interest said to Virtue, temple of 445. The Montcalm's letter to the com-
decline 415. The Turks jea- temple described a 5o. A de- mandant ib. Gen. Webb's let-
lous of the alliance of the three scription of the goddess ib. Her ter 540. The fort surrenders
great powers of Europe ib. A dominion 447. The road to 541. The articles of the capi-
mutiny among the janisaries Virtue ib.

tulation ib. Further particulars
ib. Regulation with respect to Voltaire's account of the descent of the loss 542. The capitu-
Jews and Armenians revived ib. on the coalt of Britany in 1746, lation violated by the French
The Sultan Ofman III. dies, corrected 397. His account of 543, 98, 9. The French ac-
and is succeeded by Sultan Mu- the rebellion in Scotland in 1745 count of it 599. 600
ftapla 640. A change made 526. of Sabbatei Levi, a pre- Widows scheme, a computation
in the ministry ib. The new tended Messiah 631

between the calculations upon,
Sultan's liberality to the jani. War, the 12th article of 46. which it is founded, and the
faries ib. Ministers to be sent How that against France should facts as they have come out 264

to the frontier-courts ib. have been conducted 63. 64 Window-tax, ministers manses
Tuscany, affairs in that duchy Warrington, E. of, his benevo- found liable in payment of ic
lalt year 116. A neutrality to lent notice to his tenants in fa- 377. Proceedings of the com-
be observed 155, 6. A road vour of the poor 662

mission relating to it 610. The
in the territory of Lucca demo- Watson, Adm. takes Fort Ge- tax ordered to be paid in E-
lished 369

riah in the East Indies 24. Re- dinburgh 432
United Provinces, summary of takes the Britilh fectlements in Winterfeldt, Gen.' killed 487
affairs there last year 122. Da- Bengal 373. Articles between Witherspoon, Mr, his inquiry
mage done by the melting of him and the nabob 544. Takes into the stage 143. See Stage
snow 101. The fleet augment. Chandernagore, a French fort Wolfe, Col. examined about the
ed ib. The augmentation of the 545. Articles of the capitula- secret expedition 603
land-forces opposed by the city tion 546. See Bengal, Geriah Woman, seepy, case of one 634
of Amsterdam ib. The ftaies Watson, J. an expofed child 492 Wood, G. shot at Tranent 258.
informed of the French troops Wehlau, accounts of the battle The killers tried and acquitted
marching into the empire 157. of 479.-481. Loss of the 377
The French minister demands Ruffians 481. of the Prussians Wool, tarred, premiums for, de-
four of the principal towns on 482

termined 492
their frontiers to be garrisoned Webb, Gen. his secretary's let- Worcester, damage done by 2
by French troops 372. His ter to Col. Monro 540. His storm at 257
declaration on taking of Emb. conduct blamed $42, 3

Worm bred in the liver 578.
den 425. The Dutch yneasy Weser palled by the French 369 Reflections on worms found in
at their new neighbours it. The West, `Adm. his evidence in the human body 579
Dey of Algiers makes peace Adm. Byng's trial 89. Sails Zell, its fuburbs burnt by the
with the states 488. The Bri- with a squadron 44. Returns French 655
tish minister presents a memo- 158. His death 438

Zittau, taken by the Austrians
rial, about Onend and Nieuport Whale cast alhore near Borrow. 417. Its deplorable state ib.
being in the hands of the French founnels 431. Another near The Austrians apology for their
Aberdeen 608

treatment of it 41%, 18

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INDEX to the POETRY, &c. 1757.
A Danreon, vode 1.396
D--ty, to the Lords of 75 Bear and the multitude 477 Butterfly, on seeing one light on

Blakeney, written under his pic- gaily-drefled lady 590
A. Mr, epitaph on 154

Byng, Adm. elegy on 203
A-tof P-d, Mrs, to 340 Burnet, Bp, on bis history 339 Calia, a song on 340
5 L


ture 94

death 395


fic 475

Cæfar and Frederick 637 F. W. to Miss A. C. 360 Mock expedition 528
Capel, L. stanzas written by 74 F-dme, Mr, to 633

Ode to Hope 508
Chloe, an epiftle to 291

Fox and Pitt, epigram on 238 Parliament - close, on paffing
Cibbcr’s ode for the new year 19 Free's ode to the King of Prussia through it at midnight 639
for the King's birthday 571 572

Pastora and Thyrsis 571
- intended new-year's ode 638 French, on their barbarities 75 Pastoral on Susan 203
Cke, Miss, to, on her father's Garrick, Mr, to, on his erecting —Another 360

a statue for Shakespear 292 P. B. to Miss, of W-Ils 571
Cupid, to 291

Great George, Latin rhymes to Pitt, Mr, on his being troubled
Damien, verses writ under his first the tune of 477

with the gout 75
examination 74

Halkett, Sir P. epitaph for 395 On his dismission 203
Dancer, on a bad one to bad mu- Histories, on those of Eachard The Press to him 477

and Burnet 339

Praise of vanity 204
Davis on the French barbarities Home, Ms, epigram on 76 The Press to Mr Pitt 477

Hope, cde to 508 (292 Prior's thought altered 543
Dish of tea, on one 360 Inscription for Lady Meldrum Progress of the sister-arts 571“
Douglas, prologues and epilogue --on K. Theodore's marble 552 Prussia, K. of, on his being put
to ;5. See Home

Job's description of the horse is under the ban of the empire 238
Eachar?, on his and Burnet's hi- mitated 203

Dr Free's ode to him 572
Jupiter and the Herdsman 396, to, on his late success 638.
Elegy on Mr H. Midleton 153 K -- of G- Mrs, to the me- The Schoolboy 476 (See Cafar
-- on the death of Adm. Byng mory of 433

Schoolmaster, elegy on one 638
-op a schoolmaster 638 (203 Lady, on one ruoning away from Self-conceitedness, on 292
Epigram on Mr Home 76 an officer 154

Shakespear, on a statue being e-
on a late transaction 238 to a young one, upon her Nick- rected for him 292
-- on Fox and Pitt ib.

iig a pincushion in a variety of Sister-arts, their progress 571*
- on the King of Prussia's being figures ib.

Sisters, epigram on four 570
put under the ban of the empire ---Verses to one, tied to the foot Song on Calia 340
--- on self-conceitedness 292 (ib. of a bee 390

- Other songs 528, 9
- On Grizle and Gripus 5-9 on seeing a butterfly light on Spring, cn 292
- on four filters 570

a gaily-dressed young one 590 Study, on 340
on Ned's burying his wife 590 Lark and the redbreat 475 Susan, a pastoral on 203
Epistle to Chloe 291
The Lottery 477

Tea, on a dish of 360
to a friend 528
Love's artifice 238

Theodore, K. inscription on his
Epitaph yn Mr A. 154 Love, fantastic, a farewell to 291 marble 552
for its author 238
Lover's relief 508

Tobacco, on chusing a wife by a
for Sir Peter Haikett 395
The Machine 20

pipe of 154
Expedition, the mock 528 M

Coquette, prologue to 637 Transmigration, a fable 395
Farewell to fantastic love 291 Meldrum, L. inscription for 292 Vanity, the praise of 204
Ferdinand, I'r. to the Hanoveri- Midleton, Mr H. elegy to the Wife, on chuling one by a pipe
an trocps 637,
memory of 153

of tobacco 154

storics 339


Duft 219

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INDEX to the MARRIAGES, Births, DEATHS, &c., 17.57

N. B. When a name occurs oftener than once in a page, the nunber of times is denied by ourneral
letters immediutely after the number of the page.
Drummond 325.
Macclesfield, E.669 Spencer 494

Effex, C.614

Macdouall 494
Sutherland 437

Ferrers, L, 54
Ferguson 332
D Anks 5,6

Mackenzie 437
Surtie 278

Feversham, L. 614
rnard, L.165 Forbes 494. 556

Marlow 325

Torphichen, L,382 France, D. 556
Benson 219 Gage, V.53
Maxwell 437

Grafton, D. 278

Wemyss 437
Berkeley, C. 325
Gideon ib.
Monio 382.614

Wentwoith Guernsey, L. 165
Bolingbroke, V.494 Gordon ib. Monigomery 437 Wilson 437 Gwynn 382,
browa 165

Home 614
Granger 494
Moor ib.

Bruce ib.
Grant 278
Nesbit: 669

Hyde, L. ib.
Grenville 556
Noel 332

ANcrum, C, 165 Le Nay 069
Burnaby 556 Hamilton 165.382 Nugent 325

Barnard, L.669 Leven, C. 110
Burchell 382

Louth, L. 495
Campbell 165 Harborough, E.382 Ottley 556
Cleland is. Henley 219

Parsons 325

Buvish 556 Ludlow, L. 382
Cotton 115
Ho5 165
Philp 614

Mackenzie 437

Camfield 614
Oulmbach, Pr. 53 Inglis 382 Raybourne 325

Mancers 669

Cathcart, L. 110
Cuming 556 Johnson 165 Richmond, Đ, 16; Coventry, C. 165 Mountgret, V.382
Dalzell 219

Sandilands 382 Cranston, L. JIO Murray 614
Denbigh, 6. i5.

Lowther 165 Saxe-Hildburghau- Dundas 382 Naples, Q: 165.
Drayton 437
Lamilden 494 sco, D. 53 Egremont, C. 495 Norb, L. 4954

Bucban 495


Leith 53

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