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Seite 90 - The definite combination of heterogeneous changes, both simultaneous and successive, in correspondence with external co-existences and sequences.
Seite 50 - were pouring, That banner was proudest and loftiest soaring; Now standard and banner alike are no more. All hush'd! not a breathing of life from the numbers That, scattered around me, so heavily sleep. Hath the cup of red wine lent its fumes to their slumbers, And
Seite 50 - Around me the steed and the rider are lying, To wake at the bugle's loud summons no more; And here is the banner that o'er them was flying, Torn, trampled and sullied with earth and with gore. With
Seite 140 - that the micro-organism may be almost universally distributed, but only capable under ordinary circumstances of causing occasional and sporadic cases; and that under certain extraordinary atmospheric or telluric conditions it acquires a degree of virulence that renders all subject to its attack.
Seite 32 - adoption and observance of a standard of requirements of all candi-dates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine which should in no manner fall below the minimum standard of the Association of American .Medical Colleges; and.
Seite 32 - meeting, send a certified copy of these resolutions to the dean of each medical college in the United States, and to each medical journal in the -United States. Respectfully yours. WM. B. ATKINSON, Permanent Secretary
Seite 75 - of an individual which has been artificially rendered immune against a certain infectious disease may be transferred into another individual with the effect to render the latter also immune, no matter how susceptible this
Seite 57 - with reluctant feet Where the brook and river meet,— Womanhood and childhood fleet.
Seite 143 - The former are usually attributed to sudden and great vicissitudes of temperature or exposure to strong drafts of air, while the latter come on independently of seasons of the year and of such agencies.
Seite 32 - This demand was sent officially by the permanent secretary to the deans of every medical college in the United States, and to every medical journal in the United

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