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XING Henry VI.
Duke of Gloucester, Uncle to the King, and Protector.
Duke of Bedford, Uncle to the King, and Regent of France.
Cardinal Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester, and Uncle like-

wife to the King,
Duke of Exeter.
Duke of Somerset.
Earl of Warwick.
Earl of Salisbury.
Earl of Suffolk.
Lord Talbot.
Young Talbot, his Son.
Richard Plantagenet, afterwards Duke of York.
Mortimer, Earl of March.
Woodvile, Lieutenant of the Tower.
Lord Mayor of London.
Vernon, of the White Rose, or York Faction.
Basset, of the Red Rose, or Lancaster Faction.

Charles, Dauphin, and afterwards King of France.
Reignier, Duke of Anjou, and Titular King of Naples.
Duke of Burgundy.
Duke of Alanson.
Baftard of Orleans.
An old Shepherd, Father to Joan la Pucelle.

Margaret, Daughter 10 Reignier, and afterwards Queen

to King Henry. Joan la Pucelle, a Maid pretending to be inspir'd from

Heaven, and setting up for the Championess of France. Countess of Auvergne. Lords, Captains, Soldiers, Messengers, and several Atten.

dants both on the English and French. The Scene is jartly in England, and partly

in France.

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The FIRST PART of...


A CT 1. SC EN E I.

Dead March. Enter the Funeral of King Henry the Fifth, attended on by the Duke of Bedford, Regent of France ; the Duke of Gloucester, Protector ; the Duke of Exeter, and the Earl of Warwick, the Bishop of Winchester, and the Duke of Somerset.

UNG be the heav'ns with black, yield

day to night!
H Comets, importing change of times and

Brandish your crystal tresses in the sky,
And with them scourge the bad revolting

That have confented unto Henry's death :
Henry the Fifth, too famous to live long,
England lost a King of so much worth.


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