Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle, Band 59


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Seite 285 - I spoke of Mrs. Montagu's very high praises of Garrick. JOHNSON. " Sir, it is fit she should say so much, and I should say nothing. Reynolds is fond of her book, and I wonder at it ; for neither I, nor Beauclerk, nor Mrs. Thrale, could get through it.
Seite 120 - He was immediately surprised by a sudden blaze of light, and discovered a very fair vault: at the 'upper end of it was a statue of a man in armour sitting by a table, and leaning on his left arm: he held a truncheon in his right hand, and had a lamp burning before him. The man had no sooner set one foot within the vault, than the statue erected itself from its leaning posture, stood bolt uprigh't, and upon the fellow's advancing another step, lifted up the truncheon in his right hand.
Seite 328 - ... desiring some immediate relief; which when he brought back to the writer, he called the woman of the house directly to partake of punch, and pass their time in merriment.* It was not till ten years after, I dare say, that something in Dr.
Seite 93 - And now, Sir, believe me when I assure you, I never did, nor ever will, on any pretence whatsoever, take more than the stated and customary fees of my office*. I might keep the contrary practice concealed from the world, were I capable of it, but I could not from myself ; and I hope I shall always fear the reproaches of my own heart more than those of all mankind.
Seite 422 - MARIA in capital letters, and the steps to be levelled. And we brake down the organ cases, and gave them to the poor. In the church there was on the roof above a...
Seite 431 - ... in proportion to the whole number of white and other free citizens, and inhabitants of every age, sex and condition, including those bound to servitude for a term of years, and three fifths of all other persons not comprehended in the foregoing description, except Indians not paying taxes in each state.
Seite 213 - Pollute with sinful blame, The saintly veil of maiden white to throw; Confounded, that her Maker's eyes Should look so near upon her foul deformities.
Seite 93 - I shall wait on my lord lieutenant this morning, and lay your case before him as advantageously as I can, if he is not engaged in other company. I am afraid what you say of his grace does not portend you any good.
Seite 180 - I took in-door exercise for a couple of hours. So far I took care for the body ; and as to the mind, I endeavoured to...
Seite 412 - ... and was observed immediately to produce that of the company, not merely from the notion that it was proper to laugh when he did, but purely out of want of power to forbear it. He was no enemy to splendour of apparel or pomp of equipage — 'Life (he would say) is barren enough surely with all her trappings; let us therefore be cautious how we strip her.

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