The Manual of Commerce: Containing a Concise Account of the Source, Mode of Production Or Manufacture of the Principal Articles of Commerce

Bill, Nichols & Company, 1871 - 429 Seiten

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Seite 389 - Assurance, is a contract of indemnity, by which one party engages for a stipulated sum, to insure another against a risk, to which he is exposed. The party who takes upon him the risk, is called the Insurer, or Underwriter...
Seite 47 - The fruit is round or slightly oval, about the size of a large cocoanut, of a green color, and covered all over with short stout spines, the bases of which touch each other, and are consequently somewhat hexagonal, while the points are very strong and sharp.
Seite 47 - ... spines, the bases of which touch each other, and are consequently somewhat hexagonal, while the points are very strong and sharp. It is so completely armed that if the stalk is broken off, it is a difficult matter to lift one from the ground. The outer rind is so thick and tough that from whatever height it may fall, it is never broken. From the base to the apex...
Seite 47 - ... brown sherry, and other incongruities. Then there is a rich glutinous smoothness in the pulp which nothing else possesses, but which adds to its delicacy. It is neither acid, nor sweet, nor juicy; yet one feels the want of none of these qualities, for it is perfect as it is.
Seite 335 - ... which all the organic matter will be decomposed. 10. In this state it is liable to become hard and unfit for the manufacturing process. To obviate this, the sponge is immersed in water containing from ten to twenty per cent. of glycerine, and then squeezed dry, after which it will be entirely soft and elastic. It is then cut into small pieces, subjected to a carding process, and afterwards felted. Only certain qualities of sponge are capable of being spun into yarn for weaving. One of them is...
Seite 401 - Cromwell seems to have given the first notions of a board of trade : in 1655 he appointed his son Richard, with many lords of his council, judges, and gentlemen, and about twenty merchants of London, York, Newcastle, Yarmouth, Dover, &c., to meet and consider by what means the trade and navigation of the republic might be best promoted.
Seite 25 - Dioscorea saliva— is a native of the East ; and is supposed to have been transplanted thence to the West Indies, as it has never been found growing wild in any part of America ; while in the island of Ceylon, and on the coast of Malabar, it flourishes in the woods with spontaneous and luxuriant growth. It is very extensively cultivated in Africa, Asia, and America, for its root, which is nutritious and of good flavour, and is used either roasted or boiled as a substitute for bread.
Seite 336 - The felted sponge may be used for hat bodies, carpets, etc. The sponge cloth for clothing is made in the same manner as "shoddy." Sponge may be used in textile fabrics, either with or without the admixture of other fibers, such as wool and hair. Sponge has of late been considerably used as a material for stuffing furniture, mattresses, cushions, pillows, etc. The surgeon, physician, chemist, and many others, find frequent and numerous uses for this valuable article.
Seite 330 - ... hollow, lack-lustre black-rimmed eyes, deeply sunk in the head, his trembling lips, his incoherent speech, and his stolid apathy. His character is irresolute, suspicious, and false ; in the prime of life he has all the appearances of senility, and in later years sinks into complete idiocy. Avoiding the society of man, he seeks the dark forest, or some solitary ruin, and there, for days together, indulges in his pernicious habit. While under the influence of coca, his excited fancy riots in the...
Seite 240 - It swims with a vertical undulating motion, and moves when out of the water by means of these disks or suckers, fastening itself first by one and then by the other, and alternately stretching out and contracting its body. The mouth is placed in the centre of the anterior...

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