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Page, Players, Huntsmen, and other Servants attending on the Lord.

Dramatis Perfonæ..

BAPTIST A, fatber to Catharina and Bianca, very rich.
Vincentio, an old gentleman of Pisa.

Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona, a suitor to Catharina.
Gremio, retenders te Bianca.
Hortenfio, SP
Tranio, } fervants to Lucentio.
Biondello, S
Grumio, servant to Petruchio.
Pedant, an ald fellow set up to perforate Vincentio. .

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T A M 1 N G

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s H R E W.

SCENE, before an Alehouse, on a Heath.
Enter Hostess and sly.

T’LL pheeze you, in faith.
1 Hoft. A pair of stocks, you rogue!

Sly. Y’are a baggage; the Slys are no rogues. Look in the Chronicles, we came in with Richard Conqueror; therefore paucus pallabris; (1) let the world Wide : Sela.

Hoft. You will not pay for the glasses you have burst?

Sly. No, not a deniere: go by, Jeronimo- go to thy cold bed, and warm thee. (2)

(1) prucus pallahris.) Sly, as an ignorant fellow, is pur pofely made to aim at languages out of his knowledge, and knock the words out of joint. The Spaniarus lay pocas fiion labras, i. e, few words: as they do likewise, Cilja, i, e be quiet.

(2) Go by St Jeronimy, go to thy cold bed, and warm ibee.) All the editions have coincd a faint here, for Sly to swear by : but the Poet had no such intention. The palage has para ticular humour in it, and must have been very pleasing at that time of day. But I must clear up a picce of Itage bis

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