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Enter GRUMIO. .

GRUMIO. FY, fy on all tired jades, and all mad masters, d. and all foul ways! was' ever man fo beaten? was ever man fo raide ? was ever man fo weary? I am sent before, to make a fire; and they are coming after to warm them. Now were I not a little pot, and foon hot, my very lips might freeze to my teeth, my tongue to the roof of my mouth, my, hcart in my belly, ere I should come by a fire tô

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: (18) Am I but three inches ? why, thy horn is a foot, and so long and at the leat} This is said by Grumio ro Curtis. But though all the copics agree in the reading, what burn had Curtis ? But Grumio rides poft before his master, and blows his born to give notice of his own coming home, and bis mae Ker's approach.

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