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Where gold and no man that hath a name,

By fallci co l and corruption deth it jl.a.n.] In this mife. rably mangled condition is this pasiage exhibited in the first folio. All the editions since have luft out the left couplet of ir; I prefume, as too hard for them. Mr Pope, who pretends to have collated the first folio, 1hould have fparid us the lines, at least, in their corruption.----| communicated my doubts upon this palage to my friend Ni Warburton ; and to his fagacity Towe, in gocd part, the correction of it. The sense of the whole is now very pertinent; which, without the two lines from the first folio, was very impera fect, noi to say ridiculous. The comparison is fully closed. “ Gold, indeed, bides handling weil ; but, for all that, of“ ten touching will wear even gold : So, no niad of a great “ character, even as pure as gold, but may in time lole " it by falsehood and corruption."

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