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thing like so clean kept; for why? The sweats, a man may go over shoes in the grime of it. . S. Ant. That's a fault that water will mend. * S. Dra. No, Sir, 'tis in grain; Noah's flood could not do it. ' . - S. Anto (14) What's her name?...

S. Dro. Nell, Sir;-but her name and three quarters (that is an ell and three quarters) will not mea. -fure her from hip to hip.

S. Ant. Then she bears fome breadth?

S. Dro. No longer from head to foot, than from: hip-to bip; the is spherical, like a globe; I could

find out countries in her. . . i S. Ant. In what part of her body stands Ireland. • S. Dro. Marry, Sir, in her buttocks; I found it out by the bogs. i S. Ant. Where Scotland ? :

S. Dro. I found it out by the barrenness, hard in the palm of her hand.

S. Ant. (15) Where France?

) What's per name: s. Dro. Nella Sir; but her name is three quarters ; tbet is, an.ell and three quarters, &c.} This palage has hitherto

lain as perplexed and unintelligible, as it is now easy, and * truly humorous. If a conundruin be restored, in setting it

right, who can help it? There are enough , besides in our Author, and Ben Johnson, to countenance that current vice: of the times when this play appeared. Noris Mr Pope, in - the chastity of his talie, to briatle up at me for the revival · of this witticisin, since I owe the correction to the fagacity of the ingenious Dr Thirlby. '. go i

(15) S Ant. Where France ?.

S. Dro. In her forehead; armed and reverted, making wan · Againyt her hair.] All the other countries mentioned in this description, are in Dromio's replies fatirically characterized : but here, as the editors bave ordered ity Bo remark is made upon France ; nor any reason given why it fhould be in her forehead a but only the kitchen wench's high fore head is rallied, as pushing back her hair. Thus all the

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Enter a Merchant, ANGELO, and an Officer:

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