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SCENĘ, the Duke's Palace in Milan!".

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: : - DUKE.'? ..... it CIR Thurio, give us leave, I pray, a while; si J We have some secrets to confer about.

** [Exit Thur. Now tell me, Protheus, what's your will with me?

Pro. My gracious Lord, that which I would dif-
The law of friendship bids me to conceal., [cover,
But when I call to mind your gracious
Done to me, undeserving as I am, I.
My duty pricks me on to utter that
Which, elle, no worldly good should draw from me.
Know, worthy Prince, Sir Valentine my friend
This night intends to steal away your daughter:
Myself am one made privy to the plot. ;
I know you have determined to beltow her,
On Thurio, whom your gentle daughter hates;
And should the thus be stolen away from you,
It would be inuch vexation to your age. .
Thus, for my duty's fake, I rathér chole ..
To crofs my friend in his inteaded drift, fi
Than, by concealing it, heap on your head,
A pack of sorrows, which would press you down,
If unprevented, to your timelcis grave. de LA

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Duke. Be they of much import?, Latina

l'al. The tenor of them doth but figniff My health, and happy being at your court. T ot

Duko. Nay then, no matters stay with me a while; I am to break with thee of fonae affairs op uit That touch me near, wherein thou must be fecret... 'Tis not unknown to thee, that I have fought.. To match my friend, Sir Thurio, to my daughter.

Val. I know it welt, my Lord, and sure the match Were rich and honourable; besides, the gentlemani.

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Val. What lets but one may enter at her window?

Duke. Her chamber is aloft, far from the ground,
And built fo fhelving, that one cannot climb it,
Without apparent hazard of his life.. .oro

Val. Why then a ladder quaintly made of cords.
To cast up, with a pair of anchoring hooks,
Would serve to scale another Hero's tower,' ."
So bold Leander would adventure it. .

Duke. Now, as thou art a gentleman of blood;

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