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Duke. This weak impress of love is as a figure
Trenched in ice, which with an hour's heat
Diffolves to water, and doth lote his forin.
A little time will melt her frozen thoughts,
And worthlefs Valentine shall be forgot. -

How now, Sir Protheus? Is your countryman, -!
According to our proclamation, gone? .

Pro. Gone, my good Lord.
Duke. My daughter takes his going heavily.,.
Pro. A little time, my Lord, will kill that grief,

Duke. So I believe; but Thurio thinks not for Protheus, the good conceit I hold of thee, (For thou hast shown fume fign of good desert); Makes me the better to confer with thee. · Pro. Longer than I prove loyal to your Grace, Let me not live to look upon your Grace.

Duke. Thou knowelt how willingly I would effect The match between Sir Thurio and my daughter.

Pro. I do, my Lord.

Duke. And also, I do think, thou art not ignorant How she opposes her against my will.

Pro. She did, iny Lord, when Valentine was here.

Duke. Ay, and perversely she persevers fo.
What might we do to make the girl forget
The love of Valentine, and love Sir Thurio? .

Pro. The best way is to slander Valentine
With falfhood, cowardice, and poor descent :
Three things that women highly hold in hate.

Duke. Ay, but theʼll think that it is spoke in hate.

Pro. Ay, if his enemy deliver it:
Therefore it must with circumstance be spoken
By one whom the esteemeth as his friend.

Duke. Then you must undertake to flander him.
Pro. And that, my Lord, I shall be loth to do;-

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