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dious and monotonous; it leaves sion. Two concluding discourses little room for that interest which then treat of the history of the kings is derived from incident, character of Judah, the captivity of the Israor from extensive views of the elities; and, finally, their restoration scripture economy. It loses the to their native land. unity of a sermon, without acquir- In endeavouring to exhibit speciing in return any advantage suffi- mens of the mummer in which this cient to compensate for the sacri- work is executed, we shall direct fice.

our attention first to the exhibitions The plan followed by Dr Hill in of character; secondly, to the moral this volume is entirely the reverse instructions drawn from them; and, of that which we have just noticed. thirdly, to the illustrations of the He takes for the subject of his lec- Jewish history and institutions. ture, the whole series of some These appear to us to form the progrand event or dispensation; chusing minent features in the lectures unfor his text a leading passage which der our consideration, forms as it were the key of it. He Of the first, an example may be does not, of course, enter into mi- furnished by the delineation of that nute criticism or verbal illustrations. memorable friendship which subHe takes a comprehensive view of sisted between David and Jonathe events comprised in the narra- than. tion; he illustrates their connection with the general plan of providence; “ The first appearance of David he points out the character of the having introduced him into the various actors, and the moral in- king's family, the next object which structions which the whole is cal- draws our attention in the picture culated to convey. His work is of his early life, is the intimate conthus calculated to form a complete nection formed between Jonathan introduction and guide to the study the son of Saul, and David. The of rhe Old Testament history. heart, at their time of life, is sus

The volume opens with two ser- ceptible of su:lden and strong atmonson “Searching the Scriptures.” tachments. But the tenderness and Of these, the first ulustrates the ad. fidelity of the triendship of these vantages to be derived from this two young men are drawn with inexercise; the second points out the imitable beauty; and there are cirmanner in which it may best be cumstances attending their friendconducted. We are then intro- ship which render it peculiariy induced to Abraham, the most ve- teresting. nerable character in the Old Testa- “ The son of the king felt no ment, and the parent of the Jewish jealousy of the favour and growing people. Afterwards, in the sueces. reputation of the young shepherd; sive histories of Moses and Joshua, he had learnt that David was to be and of the Judges, we trace the rise the successor of his father ; for he of this nation, the early vicissitudes said to him at one time, “ Thou of their lot, and their final establish- shalt be king over Israel, and I ment in the promised land. A par shall be next unto thee ; and that ticular discourse is employed in il- also Saul my father knoweth ;" Yet lustrating the singular story of Ba- he continued to love him as his laam. The characters of Samuel own soul, and kept faithfully the and Saul, with the memorable reigns covenant whith they had made. of David and Solomon, afterwards After Saul became David's enemy, afford interesting subjects of discus, and sought to take away his life,


Jonathan had a difficult part to of their private meetings, looking act; but he did not betray or for- forward to the time when David sake his friend. He sometimes should ascend the throne, had made softened the mind of the king, by him swear by the love which was speaking good of David. When between

When between them, and had said, he saw that evil was again deter- “ Thou shalt not only while yet mined against him, he gave him live, shew me the kindness of the notice of the danger, and went to Lord, that I die not; but also thou him secretly, either to concert some shalt pot cut off thy kindness from method of escape, or to comfort my house for ever.

David swore, his mind, by assuring him that he and he kept his oath. had not adopted his father's senti- “ You recognize, my young ments.

friends, with pleasure, the sanction 6 David received all the tokens here given to those voluntary conof Jonathan's love with becoming nections, those friendships arising respect; and returned them with from choice, which form one of the an affection constant and warm, chief delights of your warm, genewhich, during all the enmity he ex- rous, unsuspecting hearts; and perienced from the father, knit his which often constitute a large porsoul to the son, which poured itself tion of the comfort, the joy, and forth in the tenderest lamentations the security of human life. You at the death of his friend, and recollect also, that such friendships which extended to the family of Jo- are consecrated by a higher exnathan. For we read in the ninth ample ; for there was, in the family chapter of the second book of Sa- of our Lord, a person distinguished muel, that after David had subdued by this name, * The disciple whom many surrounding nations, and Jesus loved.” While you feel yourwhen he reigned over all Israel, he selves warranted by this sacred auinquired if any was yet left of the thority to make a selection for house of Saul, to whom he might yourselves, beware of confounding shew kindnes for Jonathan's sake; virtuous friendship with partnerships and he sent for Mephibosheth, Jo- in iniquity, with associations for riot nathan's son, who was five years and debauch, with base alliances, old when tidings came that Saul where they who can stoop to give and Jonathan had fallen in battle, flattery, make a property of those and who had been lame in both his who are mean enough to receive it. feet from that day, because his Learn from the picture of the love nurse fell with him, when, upon between Jonathan and David, the receiving the tidings, she made character of a true friend: He haste to flee." When Mephibosh- shews himself friendly: He loveth eth came unto David, he fell on at all times, and is born for adverhis face and did reverence. But sity: His heart answers to yours, David said unto him, Fear not, for sharing your sorrows, reviving your I will surely shew thee kindness, spirits, exciting your powers : His for Jonathan thy Father's sake, and words are often words of grave sewill restore thee all the land of date counsel, sometimes words of Saul thy father, and thou shalt eat rebuke, but always faithful and bread at my table continually, as hearty. Let the connection which one of the king's sóns." By this continued between David and the soothing paternal attention to a family of Jonathan, recommend to helpless young man, David fulfilled you steadiness in friendship, a rekis path to Jonathan, who, in one membrance of ancient ties, and an



attention to the advice which Solo- they are able to receive; by exammon, the wise son of David, with ple, such as they may love and imihis wonted experience in the ways tate-by these fatherly arts, endeaof men, has thus exprest, “ Thine vour to form and win the minds of own friend and thy father's friend your children to piety, truth, and forsake not."

benevolence. This is a portion bet

ter than gold, more precious and Of the moral illustrations, an ex- more lasting than any earthly posample may be afforded by the inter session you can leave them, their ences derived from the promise best furniture for the journey of made to Abraham, concerning the life, their most certain provision future greatness of his posterity. for travelling that journey, without From this recompence provided for reproach, with contentment and him, Dr Hill observes :

peace. Upon this stock, they may

afterwards ingraft every valuable “ There arises a lesson of deep im- accomplishment; and if their talents portance to the best interests of quality them for rising to eminence, society. For although the promise this early culture will prepare them made to the patriarch does not give for becoming the ornaments and the most virtuous man reason to ex- lights of society, for detending their pect that he shall build his house, country, for upholding its tree conlike Abraham, it does suggest the stitution, and for cherishing public influence which his conduct may virtue. have upon the character and con- “ The descendants of Abrahant dition of his posterity: and it opens had reason to boast of their ancesto his mind the prospect of that tor; and their connection with him, pure and heavenly joy which every has, in all ages, been a source of father of a family must feel, in think much honour and advantage. Your ing that those whom he hath feared memory will not last like his. But and cherished, may be blessed for a father, in the humblest rank of his sake.

life, may bequeath that inheritance “ You know that you inherit sia which a good man leaveth to his and death from your first parents; children, that recommendation and and you often see men entail dis- pledge of fidelity, which the world ease, embarrassment, disgrace, and gladly recognises in those who are ill will upon their children. Learn born of honest parents. You canfrom the reward of Abraham, to not, indeed, ensure to them univerleave yours a better legacy. He sal good will; for you may give was chosen to be the father of a offence by conscientiously persevergreat nation, because the Almightying in a line of conduct, whichi, knew him, that he would command even for their sakes, you must not his children, and his household af. change. But this offence may be ter him, to keep the way of the merely temporary; and those who Lord. Walk in his steps, that you spoke evil of you falsely, may per.may transmit a portion of his bles- ceive and acknowledge their missing. By attention and watchful- take: while any flagrant iniquity ness; by habits of order without you commit is a mill-stone, which austerity ; by reproof or correction you hang around the necks of your without bitterness; by every ex- children. For the world is not yet pression of affection, without hurt- equitable enough to forgive the inful indulgence; by kindly familiar nocent son all the evil that the facounsel ; by instruction, such as ther bath done, or to lay aside every suspicion, that the son is like- part of the special reward provided ly to tread in the father's steps. If for the patriarch, encourages you you shudder, then, at the thought to raise your eyes to a friend in of sending forth those whom you heaven. He blessed and spared the have brought into the world, to be posterity of Abraham, for the sake cursed of God or of man, because of their father; and the mercy of they spring from you, let not your the Lord still is upon them that fear characters be stained by malice, him, and his righteousness to chiloppression, or treachery; but ra- dren's children. By his gracious ther endeavour, by being ready to promise, “ Leave thy fatherless every good work which God gives children, and I will preserve them you opportunity of performing, to alive, and let thy widows trust in lay up in store for your children, me,” he takes away one of the stings protection, countenance, and aid, of death. You go to the land of forwhen you shall be gathered to your getfulness; but you die in peace, fathers. “ Cast thy bread upon the believing, that if your children adwaters,” says Solomon, “ for thou vance into the world, knowing the shalt find it after many days. Give God of their fathers, and serving a portion to seven, and also to him with a perfect heart, the Al. eight : for thou knowest not what mighty '“ will cover them with his evil shall be upon the earth.” The feathers, that under his wings shall vicissitudes of human affairs render they trust, and that his truth shall such precepts wise at all times; and be their buckler." the state of society, in which we “ Who would not wish to transmit livé, recommends them to the par- such an inheritance to his children! ticular attention of every father of Go, then, my brother, and walk a family. By the multiplicity and within thy house, with a perfect extension of modern commerce, the heart. Let the faith of Abraham poor is often raised from the dung- be thy pattern; and, instead of the hill, and the children of different curse that is in the house of the families are brought together, in wicked, the moth that consumes distant quarters of the globe. The the possessions which are bought young, whom you have guided and with the wages of iniquity, thou restrained, may arise' to be the shalt, like the father of the faithful, counsellors of your children: the leave a blessing behind thee.” feeble, whose hands you have strengthened, may become their In order to shew the manner in protectors: your treasure may bring which the Jewish History, and inthem larger and safer returns, by stitutions are illustrated, we shall being communicated than by being extract the following view, given by hoarded; and the words of Scrip- Dr Hill, of the purposes answered ture may thus be verified, you know by the erection of the temple of that they are verified in numberless Jerusalem. instances : “ The liberal man de viseth liberal things, and by liberal « We are led to consider the temthings shall he stand. He is mer- ple which Solomon built, as not ciful and lendeth, and his seed is merely a place of worship, but as blessed.”

the national bond which united the Although the good will of the children of Israel. They were unworld is capricious, and may be de- able to rise to those exalted confeated by a thousand circumstances ceptions of a worship in spirit and not under your command, the first in truth, which we have learnt from


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the Gospel

, or to prize that simpli-'burnt with fire, the habitation which city of outward observances, which Solomon had been appointed to is most congenial to the sentiments rear for him. When he brought of rational piety. Having come them back to their own land, the from Egypt, a land of superstition, temple was rebuilt ; but when he and beholding much pageantry in sent the Romans to scatter them the idolatrous rites of their neigh-' over the face of the earth, the tem-' bours, they required, in their own ple was again demolished, and the seremonial, a grandeur and magni- people remain at this day without ficence which might occupy and a priest, and without an offering." satisfy their minds. That God who' “The Apostle to the Hebrews, en• took them by the hand to lead them ables us to assign a further reason out of Egypt, and to form them for for the minute directions given a- : himself, while he delivered from bout the formation of the taberMount Sinai a moral law of ever- nacle in the wilderness, and the conlasting obligation, graciously accom- struction of the temple at Jerusamodated the ceremonial law to their lem. He teaches us, that the sea infirmities. Had he left them at cond tabernacle made by Moses, liberty to worship him in any place and which corresponded to the oras and in any manner, they would have cle in the temple, was a figure of been perpetually seduced to imitate the true tabernacle in heaven, the splendid rites of their neigh- where the glory of God is manibours, and would soon have forfeit- fested to the blessed inhabitants, ed the divine protection, by the and that the services appointed by general practise of idolatry. But the law were an example and shaby calling them at stated seasons, dow of the heavenly ministrations from all corners of the land, to ap- of that High Priest, who was to apear in the place which he had cho- rise at the end of the age of the sen; by exhibiting, in the magnifi- law, and who, having put away sin cence of their temple, a representa- by the sacrifice of himself, was to tion of the majesty of him who dwelt enter into the tabernacle, and to in the sanctuary, by engaging their appear in the presence of God for attention for a considerable portion us. It was worthy of God, thereof every year, with services which fore, to direct the formation of the could be performed only within the tabernacle and the temple, and so enclosure upon Mount Moriah, and to regulate the services to be there' by reminding them, by the nature performed, that they might furnish of those services, of the great events a correct sketch and outline of the of their history, the God of their good things to come. While holy fathers imposed some restraint upon men, moved by God, gave notice of their proneness to idolatry: he kept their approach, the ceremonial of them in some degree attached to the preparatory dispensation was the city of their solemnities, and he intended to be a shadow of them, preserved them, as long as the pure which might cherish in the minds poses of his providence required, a of those who listened to the prokingdom of priests, and a peculiar phets, the hope of something more people, to shew forth his praise. substantial, and might be found, When he punished their sins, by when the substance appeared, to sending them into captivity, he gave correspond in all its parts to that the most awful proof that he dwelt which it had presignified. no longer in Judea, by delivering : « In all the works of God, things into the hand of the enemy to be are set over against one another, April 1812..


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