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Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,


With a view of the Railway from Kilmarnock to the Harbour of Troon.




Page Register of the Weather for January....

Scottis# REVIEW:
High Water at Leith for February..... ib. Travels in the Island of Iceland, dur-
Description of the Railway from

ing the Summer of the year 1810.
Kilmarnock to the Harbour of Troon 3
Proceedings of the Highland Society

By Sir George Steuart Mackenzie, of Scotland................

Bart. F. R. S. Edinburgh............. 48 Memoirs of the Progress of Manufac

New Works published in Edinburgh 53 tures, Chemistry, Science, and the

Literary Intelligence..... ............. ib. Fide Arts ........

Monthly Memoranda in Nat. History.. » Fourteen prudential Maxime, written
Varicties, Literary and Miscellaneous. ib. by George Buchanar, the famous
Observations on Life and Manners. Scots Historian and Poet, for the
From the Italian........................ 9 :

benefit of his pupil King James..... 55 Chronological Account of Remarkable Stanzas on the death of Dr John LeyOccurrences during the year 1811.. 11


6.os...... 56 On a certain species of Lahospitality.. 15

PROCEEDINGS OF PARLIAMENT. Proceedingo of the Wergerian Society 16 House of Lords............ ............. 57 Memoirs of the late Dr Robert Whytt,

of Commotis... Professor of Medicine in the Univer

HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. sily of Edinburgh.................... 17 East Indies-Captute of Batavia...... 60 Remarks on the Prejudices entertain- United States Adjustment of the Af

ed against the House of Stuart... 84 fair of the Chesapeake and Leopard The Observer, No. XXIII............ 22 -Correspondence between Mr FosAccount of Syrian Churches recently

ter and Mr Monroe... cis........... 64 found in the heart of Syria. From Spain and Portugal..... ................ 67

Buchanan's Christian Researches... 25 France........ ......................... ib. Critical Remarks, by Mr Fux, on the South America......

68 most eminent Greek Poets. From Naval Intelligence-Loss of the St Letters appended to Trotter's Mc- George, Hero, and Defence.......... ib.

moirs of Fox............... 30 Domestic Intelligence.--The King... -70 Notices of Distinguished French Ladies Another Murder of a whole Family... ib.

-Madame de Deffant- Madame Ireland-Alleged Conspiracy.......... 72
Geoffrin--Madame Necker ......

Character of the late Lord Newton... 36 High Court of Justiciary................ 73
Table exhibiting the present State of Riots in Edinburgh......

74 Roads, Bridges, and Harbours, car- Appointments.....

76 Tying on or completed, in the High- Births

ib. lands of Scotland. From the last Marriages......

77 Report presented to the House of

is. Commons .............................. 38 Stocks and Markets....

......... 33




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Cloudy M. 10

STATE OF THE BAROMETER, &c. High Water at Leithi

For Feb. 1812. From Dec. 26th, to Jan. 25th, 1812,

Morn. Even in the vicinity of Edinburgh.

H. M.H. M Sa. 1 4 28 444 Su.

2 5 0 5 17 . 1811. Barom. Thermom. Rain. Weather. M. 3 5 33 5 51 Dec.

M. N.

4 6 11 6 32 26| 30.11 34 36


W. 5 6 54 7 21 27 29.22 31 34

Th.. 6 7 52 8 29 28 29.75 30 33 0.31 Snow

F. 71 9 6 9 51 29 30.1


Sa. 8/10 3211 11 30 30.15

Su. 29 37

911 44 31 | 29.95 39 43

14) O 45 Jan. 1 | 29.61 41 38

Tu. 11] 1 111 1 35 2 29.55 36 38 0.56


W. 121 59 2 22 3 29.53 22 31


Th. 13 2 441 3 8 4 29.5 26 27

F. 14 3 301 3 51 51 29.71 20 30

Sa. 15 4 12 4 34 6 29.75 | 35 40

Su.. 16 4 55 5 16 7 30.2 36 40

M. 171 5 371 5 59 8 30.41 31 36

Tu. 18 6 22 6 48 9 30.2 36 38 0.15 Rain

W. 19 7 13 7 44 10 30.35 34 40


Th. 2018 17.8 57 11 30.1

0.05 Rain

F. 21 9 41/10 25 .]2 30.21 82 38


Sa. 22 11 411 41 13 30.2 30 40

Su. 23

0 10 14 30.11 31 40

M. · 24 0 36 0 59 15) 30.2

Tu, 25 l 2011 38 34 16 30.38

W. 26 1 36 43

55 2 17] 30.25 38 43 0.04 Showers

Th. 27 2 28 2 44

Fr.' 28 3 18 30.15 42 46 0.02

0 3 15 19 30.

Sa. 29 3 29 3 44 49 47

20 30.05 32 | 36
21 30. 30 40
22 30.1 26 1 36

MOON'S PHASES 23 30.25 30 35 0.1 Snow

FOR FEBRUARY, 1812. 24 30. 30 39


Apparent time at Edinburgh. 25 | 30. 40 44

Last Quart. 5 41 4 even.

New Moon 12 2 8 even, Quantity of rain,.............. 1.23

First Quart. 19 28 11 morn.
Full Moon 27.51 5 morn.



D. M. H.

2. Candlemas.
14. Valentine day.
19. Sun enters Pisces 37 min, past 5 evening.


Scots Magazine,




Description of the Railway from therefore, how great must be the

Kilmarnock to the Harbour of advantage of forming a communicaTroon.

tion between these two points.

This very important improvement THERE is no part of Scotland, has been undertaken by a single in

, on with greater activity, than in the land. It is computed, that it will cost western counties. In our Number upwards of £40,000. The mode of for May 1807, we gave a map and constructing it is thus described by description of the important ca- Mr Aiton. nal forming between Glasgow and Ardrossan. By the favour of Mr “ The road is to be double, or two disAiton, we now exbibit a view of tinct roads of four feet in width each, and the Rail-road between Kilmarnock laid four feet distance from each other, and the Troon; an operation on a one road to the other, so as not only to

with frequent communications from the smaller scale, indeed, but still likely admit of carriages going both ways, buc to prove highly beneficial. It is to allow one carriage to pass another, when also worthy of notice, as being the both are travelling in one direction. The first undertaking of that nature, of distance between the two rail roads or any magnitude at least, which has courses, being the same as the width of been executed in Scotland. Kil: space, with a wheel on the inner range of

each, a horse may travel in the middle marnock and the country around each of the roads. it, form the most populous and

“ The total rise of the ground, from the flourishing part of Ayrshire. The Troon harbour to the town of Kilmarnock, only disadvantage under which they is 80 or 84 feet, which is equally divided labour is that of distance from the aver the whole course of the road, so as to sea. Ten miles, however, from Kil. form it into an inclined plane, having a demarnock, lies the Troon, which is which is less than one sixteenth of an inch,

clivity of nearly eight feet, every mile, capable of becoming, and will soon in each yard. be rendered, one of the best har

“ The iron rails are 3 feet in length, and bours in Ayrshire. It is obvious, 40 lbs. in weight each, Theis horizontal


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base, on which the carriage wheels run, is width is to be from 35 to 60 feet.
4 inches in breadth, and the ledge or para- The harbour when finished, will
pet, rising perpendicular in the inner side afford 10 feet water at all times of
of the rail, is also about 4 inches in height,
raised in the centre, and declining at both the tide ; it will admit merchant
ends of each rail, tó add to its strength. vessels constantly, and ships of war
The rails are something broader at both

at high water. The expence a
ends, to make them lie more salid on the
blocks. They are not laid on sleepers of mounts to 50 or L. 60,000, so that
wood; but on solid blocks of stone; from 9 these two undertakings together,
to 12 inches iu thickness. and generally will not fall short of L. 100,000.
more than a foot square, in base and sur-
face, The ground, on which these blocks
are laid, is beat solid, and the stones are Proceedings of the Highland So-
also beat down, after being laid, so as to
give them all the solidity possible, The

ciety of Scotland. and a hole about an inch and a quarter diairon rails are bedded level on the blocks, Meeting, the proceedings of the

HE Secretary submitted to the meter, in the centre of each, six inches deep, is filled with a plug of oak;' and a square Directors since the General Meetniche being formed in the centre, at both ing in July last, and the premiums ends of each of the rails, about half an inch adjudged by them for the year 1811, on each side above, and something narrower below, and when the ends of two of

for bringing waste lands into tilthese rails are put together, the niches in lage in different tricts of the each of the two rails, form one hole about country, raising green crops in an inch in length, and more than half an these parts where that beneficial inch in breadth, contracting a little belowsystem has hitherto been but little

over the plug of introduced, meliorating the breed wood, in the centre of the block of stone, a nail is fixed into it, the head of which of cattle, and to ploughmen for exactly fills up the hole in the ends of the improvement in ploughing, and to two rails and the holes and heads of the the authors of essays on a variety tiails being broader above than below, they of subjects: when the Meeting conkeep the rails solid and firin on their beds. The space of 4 feet between the rails is

firmed the proceedings of the Difilled with road metal for the horse, to, rectors, authorised payment of the 'near the top of the ledges of the rails, and premiums to a larger amount than the outside to the sole of the rails.' on any former occasion, and direct

It is understaod that when the ed them to be afterwards published railway is finished, a horse going with the names of the preferred from Kilmarnock will be able to competitors. It appearing from the draw upon it from 10 to 12 tons reports, that great attention had and from 8 to 10 in the contrary di- been given by the Conveners and rection.

resident members of the Society, This, however, is not the only to the cattle and ploughing compebenefit, which the Duke of Portland :titions, the last of which, in partiis conferțing upon Ayrshire. The cular, continued to excite much eTroon possesses many natural re- mulation and improvement among quisites, by which it is qualified to 'the ploaghmen; the Meeting vated become an excellent harbour. By its thanks to Sir John Campbell, the great operations which the Duke Sir H. Darymple Hamilton, Sir J. has now undertaken, it will soon be M. Riddell, and Sir J. Macgregor rendered one of the first in Scotland. Murray, Barts.; Nr Garden CampA pier is building, which will ex. bell of Troup, Colonel Duff of Fettend 500 feet into the sea, which teresso, Mr Miller of Glenlee, Mr will be 30 feet high, 13 of them Denistoun of Colgrain, and Mr under water, and i7 above. The Maxwell of Aros, for the attention

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paid by them as Conveners, to these Meeting with the Society's Commitcompetitions. The Meeting remit- tee, when a set of suggestions, as ted the Essays for which premiums to the proper mode of proceedings had been voted last year to their drawn up by that Committee, was Committee on publications, in or- submitted to consideration. A Geder that they may be published with neral Committee was then named for previous approved papers in a 4th prosecuting the object of an Evolume of the Society's transac- qualization of Weights and Mea. tions.

sures, which had since communicatMr Macdonald the Treasurer, ed with the Chambers of Comnow stated to the Society the situa- metce of Edinburgh and Glasgow, tion of its Funds, its Income, and and Merchant Company of Leith, Expenditure last year, an accurate and received the sentiments of these state of which had been prepared Commercial Bodies. That as there by Mr Wilson, the Society's Audi. were various points connected with tor of Accounts. The Meeting the subject, which required inveswas gratified to find, from the im- tigation, these had been referred proved state of their funds, that to several Sub-Committees, and Prothey were enabled gradually to in- fessor Playfair, of Edinburgh, had crease the sum allowed annually for handsomely agree to give his aid promoting the objects of the insti. as to the best mode of constructing tution by Premiums, and which was and checking the standards. That voted accordingly. The Meeting when these Sub-Committees had at same time expressed their ac- completed their inquiries, it was proknowledgments to Mr Wilson, the posed to make up one General ReAuditor, for the perspicuous and port, which if ready, it would be pbrrect view of the Society's Funds proper to circulate to the Counties, brought forward by him, on the previous to 30th of April, and to table.

other Public Bodies who have an Mr Tait, Convener of the Commit- interest in this matter, tee, appointed for carrying through The Meeting unanimously apan Equalization and Uniformity of proved of the steps hitherto taken Weights and Measures in Scotland, in the business, and recommended stated, that in consequence of the to the Committee to continue their Tesolution of the General Meeting exertions, until the desirable object in July last, the original report of of an Equalization of Weights and the Committee then approved, had Measures shall be carried into efbeen transmitted to all the Coun- fect; and authorised the Committee, ties in Scotland; and coinmunica- when the report is ready, to circuted to the Convention of Royal late it to the Counties and Public Burghs ; that almost the whole of Bodies for Consideration. the Counties had already approved The Society, on considering the of the Society's having taken up report of a Committee, upon the this important object, and in order merits of an enlarged Treatise on to co-operate with the Society, had the origin, qualities, and cultivarequested landed gentlemen of tion of Mogs Earth, with directions their number to attend to its pro. for converting it into Manure, regress at Edinburgh. That in No. cently published by Mr William vember last, these Gentlemen from Aiton, Strathaven, Ayrshire, dedithe several Counties, and some cated by permission to the Society, Members of Royal Burghs, had a voted a sum of Thirty Guineas to

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