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Throughton. It is still in the extended J. H. C. de Bernewitz (with temporary constellation Eridanus.

rank) Wilhelm de Dorenberg (with tempo,

rary rank) Henry Chester, Evan Lloyd, ADMIRALTY OFFICE, DEC. 24. 1811. Matthew Sharp, John Lindsay, D. L. Tin. This day, the Prince Regent appointed ling Woddrington, Richard Blunt, Henry his Royal Highness William Duke of Ca- Bayly, Richard Hulse, Francis Slater Re rence, Admiral of the Red, to be Admiral bow, George Stracey Smith, Hon. E. M. of the Fleet, in the room of Admiral Sir Richard Dyer, Bart. Robert Rollo Gilles

Pakenham, Henry M.Kinnon, Sir Thomas Peter Parker, Bart. deceased.

pie, Henry Conran, Joseph Baird, Wil. WHITEHALL, DEC, 31. 1811,

liam Wheatley, William Henry Pringle, The Prince Regent has appointed Rich- James Hare, Oliver Thomas Jones, Philip ard Wellesley, Esq. to be one of the Lords K. Skinner, and Andrew Ross—to be Ma. of the Treasury, in room of the Hon. jor Generals in the Army. William Elliott, resigned.

Jan. 4. 1812. The Prince Regent has also appointed Lieutenant Generals Anthony Farring, the Rev. Dr William Jackson to be Bishop ton, and Ellis Walker-to be Generals in of Oxford, in room of the Rev. Dr Charles the Army. Moss, deceased.

Major General William Twiss-to be WHITEHALL, JAN. 21.

Lieutenant General in the Army. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent

Colonels Flower, M. Sprowle,of the royal has been pleased, to appoint, Geo. Douglas, artillery, William Borthwick, do.; C. N. Esq. Advocate, to be Sheriff Depute of the Cockson, do.; William Johnstone, of the shire of Kincardine, in the room of dam royal engineers, and John Burton of the Gillies, Esq. appointed a Lord of Session.

royal artillery-to be Major Generals in WAR OFFICE, DEC: 30. 1811.

the Army, His Royal Highness the Prince Regent Robert William Duff, Esq. of Fetteres. has been pleased, in the name and on be. so, has presented Mr John Stirling to be half of his Majesty, to appoint the follow- minister of the parish of Peterculter, vaing officers to take rank by brevet as un. cant by the decease of the Rev. Mr George dermentioned ; their commissions to be Mark. He has also presented Mr John dated 1st January 1812. .

Bower to be minister of the parish of MaLieutenant Generals Sir Paulus Æmilius ryculter, vacant by the resignation of the Irving, Bart. George Harris, Richard Rev. Mr William Paul, Vyse, William Viscount Cathcart, K. T. Banastre Tarleton, Sir Hew Dalrymple, Knt. Gordon Forbes, John Floyd, Oliver

BIRTHS. de Lancey, Sir James Henry Craig, K. B. Dec. 12. At Berwick, the Lady of Sir James Stuart, John Whyt, Andrew John Chas. Monck, a daughter. Drummond, John William Earl of Bridge- At Sundrum, the Lady of John Ha. water, William Maxwell, George Earl of milton, Esq. jun. of Sundrum, a 'son. Pembroke, K. B. John Earl of Chatham,

The Viscountess of Hinchinbrooke, K. G. Alexander Campbell, William Mors. a son and heir. head, Francis Dundas, Alexander Ross, 13. At Riddell, Lady Francis B. RidKan Francis Needham, and Henry Pigot dell, a daughter. to be Generals in the Army.

Mrs Scott, St John Street, a son. Major Generals, Sir Stapleton Cotton, 15. At Edinburgh, Lady Ann Wharton Bart. Samuel Dalrymple, William John Duff, a daughter. stone, Rowland Hill, Hon. William Sta.

Viscountess Pollington, a son. pleton, Denzil Onslow, Sir John Murray, 17. Mrs S. Laing, St Andrew's Square, Bart. Hon. Charles Hope, Sir George Pigot, Bart. Frederick Maitland, John Le

Mrs Forbes, of Callender, a daughveson Gower, Martin Hunter, John Lord Elphinstone, Richard Earl of Donough. 19. At Glasgow, Mrs Dennistoun, a · more, Hon. John Abercromby, Sir W. Carr Beresford, K. B.-to be Lieutenant At Edinburgh, Mrs Campbell, of Generals in the Army.

Skipness, a daughter. Colonels William Raymond, Terence 21. Mrs Campbell, Abercromby Place, D'Loghlin, George Murray, James Kempt, a daughter.

22. At

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a son.

22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Wm. Miller, At Atcham, the Rev. James Craig. a daughter.

of Dalserf, Lanarkshire, to Miss Dixon, of * 23. At Ashkirk Manse, Mrs Hamilton, Atcham-Grange, Shropshire. a daughter.

26. The Reverend Daniel Struther, 25. The Lady of Colin Mackenzie, minister of the Relief Congregation at Esq. Advocate, jun. of Kilcoy, a son. Waterbeck, to Miss Isabella, daughter of

The Countess of Oxford, a son. Mr William M.Craith in Cloneyard, parish 29. Mrs Allan, Charlotte Square, a son. of Colvend. Mrs F. Gordon, a son.

28. At Sheriffstan, Adam Longmore, 31. At Levenside, the Lady of John jun. Esq. of Exchequer, to Ann, only Blackburn, Esq. a son.,

daughter of the late John Forsyth, Esq. The Lady of Hope Steuart, Esq. of of Deanshaugh. Ballechin, a daughter.

30. At Dumfries, Mr William Fisher, Lately, at Quebec, Lady Prevost, a son. to Christian, youngest daughter of Mr

in Cadogan Place, London, the John Barclay, Scotlandwell. Lady of David Scott, Esq. a daughter. 31. At London, Thomas Buchanan, Esq. The Right Hon. Lady Lucy Taylor, to the Honourable Catherine Abercromby,

youngest daughter of the late Sir Ralph


Jan. 1. 1812. At Leith, George For

syth, Esq. master of his Majesty's ship Dec. 16. Mr James Muir, surgeon, Venus, to Miss Ann M.Lagan youngest Paisley, to Miss Margaret M.Farlane, eld- daughter of William M.Lagan, Esq. late est daughter of Daniel M.Farlane, there. of Donavourd.

At Dumbarton, Mr Robert Mac- 3. At Paisley, Lieutenant John Hena kenzie, Jun. writer, to Miss Elizabeth An- ning, to Miss Alicia Berry. struther Campbell, youngest daughter of Lord Palmerstone, to Miss Sullithe late Niel Campbell, Esq.

van ; and Lawrence Sullivan, Esq. of At Hutton Bank, James Cunison, Pontsborne Park, Herefordshire(the bride's Esq. of Jerviston, to Miss Jessie Bryson, brother) to Miss Eliza Temple, Lord Pal. daughter of John Bryson, Esq. of Hutton merstone's sister. Bank.

6. At Arniston, Captain Cochrane, 17. At Lincluden Cottage, Thomas royal navy, eldest son of vice-Admiral Sir M.Meeking, Esq. of Miltonish, to Jane, Alexander Cochrane, K. B. and Governor youngest daughter of the late John Morin,

of Gaudaloupe, to Miss Ross Wishart, Esq. of Ellisland.

eldest daughter of Lieutenant-General Sir At Edinburgh, Mr Archibald Mac. Charles Ross, Bart. kinnon, merchant, Catherine Street, Edin

At Wigton, Nathaniel Nelson, Esq. burgh, to Jean, second daughter of Mr of Springfield, to Miss Barbara Agnew, William Moffatt of Damhead, near Edin second daughter of Nathaniel Agnew, burgh.

18. At Shutterflat, the Rev. Andrew At Glasgow, David Jeffery, Esq.
Symington, Paisley, to Jane eldest daughter architect and builder, to Elizabeth, second
of Robert Steyenson, Esq. of Shutterflat. daughter of the late George Kenniburgh,

20. At Beech-hill, the Reverend John Esq. merchant.
Halket, mịnister of Cupar Angus, to Mr. Andrew Marr, piano-forte-
Grace, second daughter of Charles Hay, maker, to Elliot, youngest daughter of Mr
Esq. of Beech-hill,

Robert Clark, cabinet maker, Edinburgh. At Earlston, Mr James Burgess, 10. At Bridgend, Mr John Scott, merchant, Edinburgh, to Miss Jane Wil; plumber, in Edinburgh, to Marion, only son, youngest daughter of the late Mr daughter of the late Mr Thomas Purvis, Thomas Wilson, Earlston.

23. · At Dumfries, Henry M.Minn,
Esq. merchant, to Miss Mary Ann Cros-
bie, eldest daughter of Thomas Crosbie,

Esq. merchant there.

March 4. On the passage from the Isle
At Hawick, Mr William White. of France to Madras, Lieutenant George
head Winterbottom, of Huddersfield, to M*Kenzie Grant, of the Hon. East India
Miss Isabella Dickson, eldest daughter of Company's service, and son to the late Dr
Archibald Dickson of Housebyers, Esq. Grant of Inverness."


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Angust 22. In the British camp near confidence and esteem of all who knew the city of Batavia, Lieutenant Kenneth him. M.Kenzie, (third son of the late G. M.Ken- 11.

In Dublin, Wieutenant-Colonel zie, Esq. of Pitlundy,) of the 5th regiment Blake, brother of the Countess Dowaget of Bengal native infantry, and Assistant of Erroll, and of the late Lord Walls. Deputy Commissary General with the armies serving against Java, under the 12. At Lisbon, Brigadier-General Colcommand of his Excellency.

man, in the Portuguese service. His death 27. At Fort Cornelis, Batavia, (Island was the consequence of fever and debility, of Java), Dr John Leyden. This gentle- brought on by exertions in his profession man accompanied Lord Minto, in his expe- too great for his constitution.

He was dition to Java, for the purpose of acting as buried at Lisbon, on the 14th, with disinterpreter to his Excellency, and of aiding tinguished military honours. His funeral him in forming those arrangements by

was attended by all the Portuguese regiwhich the property of our new colony was ments in garrison, and all the English Geto be secured. Thus has been lost to his nerar and Field Officers of our army in that friends, to his country, and to mankind, in city, including Generals Leith, Sir Staplethe full vigour of life, a character who ton Cotton, Peacock, Stopford, &c. Ву was amply qualified to delight and enlight- the death of this very amiable and respecten the world. "He went to India in 1802 ; able gentleman and excellent officer, the he was employed a short time before his valuable place of Serjeant at Arms of the death in transiating the gospels into vari-. 'House of Commons becomes vacant. ous Oriental languages. To his other at

At Leven, in the prime of life, after tainments, Dr L. added that of poetry; long and painful sufferings, Mr Andrew and it is no small honour to him to have Brown, surgeon, most sincerely regretted. been associated with his countryman, Mr

At Roucan, Mr James Kelton, Walter Scott, in preparing for the press, farmer. the work by which that gentleman first be

At Dumfries, John Callender, aged came known to the world as a poet, viz 102.He was in the service of George II. * The Ministrelsy of the Scottish Border.” as a non-commissioned officer of marines But the work by which Dr L.'s poetic for several years in the East Indies, in his fame is most likely to be established, is younger days, and afterwards as a sol. entitled, “ Scenes of Infancy, descriptive dier in the 30th regiment of foot, in the of Teviotdale," which was written on the West Indies and Gibraltar.

13. eve of his departure for India.

At Dumfries, Mr William Comrie, At Bombay, the Honourable Jona- Supervisor of Excise. than Duncan, Governor of that Presiden- 15. At Loanhead, James Reid, Esq. cy, where he was long and deservedly 're- late manufacturer, at Sciennes, spected.

At Edinburgh, Richard, son of Mr Sept. 14. At Shrewsbury, United States, George Irvine, one of the Masters of the Major-General Green, one of the early pro- High School. moters of the American Revolution.

At May Park, aged 91 years, Sir October 18. At Dantzic, Baron Alex. James May, Bart. of Mayfield, in the coun. ander Gibson, in the 83d year of his age, ty of Waterford, which county he reprefor many years his Majesty's Consul sented for 48 years. He was grandson to there.

Lord Besborough, and nephew to Poer, At Bartholomew, Samuel Rowley, Earl of Tyrone. He is suceeeded by his Esq. Admiral of the Blue, Commander in eldest son the present Edward, M. P. Chief of his Majesty's squadron on the Ja-. for Belfast, aud father to the present Marmaica station.

chioness of Donegall. Nov. 2. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant 16. At Edinburgh, aged 67, Mr Johan Malcolm Macleod, of the 1st West India Donaldson. regiment.

At Howden, Hugh, second son of 9. At Edinburgh, Captain James Har- Dr Gregory, physician in Edinburgh. vey, of the 27th foot.

At Falkirk, in the 19th year of his 10. At St Andrew's, the Rev. Dr John age, Mr Gray Wilson, son of the Rev. Dr Trotter, Professor of Church History. Wilson. Endowed with a warm heart, and a vigor. 17. At Edinburgh, Mrs Kennedy of ous enlightened mind, he possessed the Underwood.


17. At The Manse of Kirknewtown, the. its advantages into consideration, the Rev. William Cameron, minister of that greatest agricultural improvement that has parish, in the 60th year of his age, and been introduced into Great Lritain during 26th of his ministry.

the present age.

Andrew Meikle has left 18. At Wester Addiston, Mr George two children behind him, a son and daugh-, 1 Pillans, much regreted.

ter ; and it was a great consolation to him, At Bristol, aged 108, Mr William in his dying hour, that he was enabled to Ellis

leave them in comfortable circumstances, At Kello House, Elizabeth, young. by the voluntary donations of his grateful = est daughter of George Buchan, Esq. of countrymen. Kelso.

28. At Foswell Bank, Colonel John E 20. At Edinburgh, Mr Daniel Lamb, Henderson of that place. E builder, aged 65 years

29. At Leith, Mr William Robertson, 21. Ai Dublin, Dr Hall, Lord Bishop shipmaster, aged 73. of Drpmore. Dr Hall was only consecrat- 30. At Edinburgh, Mr William Thom

ed Bishop of this see on the preceding Sun- son, printers-joiner. i day.

Dec. 1. At Abdie Manse, the Rev. The Hon. Lawrence Pleydell Bou. Robert Thomas, minister of Abdie. verie, third son of the Earl of Radnor.

5. At Aberdeen, in the 59th year of 22. At St Ninian's, Mr William Niven, his age, after a tedious illness, the Rev. late merchant in Glasgow.

Dr Gordon, one of the ministers of Aber23. Mr Peter M.Killer, for many years deen, &c. well known in Carlisle as a drover. While

At Montrose, Miss Agnes Gard, E: driving some beasts at Stanwix, apparent

ner, daugther of the deceased David Gardy ly in good health, he fell down and instant

ner, Esq. of Kirktonhill. ly expired.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Leslie, 24. At Maybole, the Rev. James Ma

widow of the late Abraham Leslie, Esq. of ther, of the associate congregation there.

Findrassie, after a long and very distresi As the pastor of a church, he was faithful

sing illness, which she bore with much paand diligent; as a subject of the state,

tience and resignation. * loyal and patriotic ; as a Christian, circuma

7. At Edinburgh, Forbes Bowie, wife : spect, inoffensive, and pious. 25. At Eppling, Sir Thomas Coxhead,

of Henry Martin, upholsterer, Lawn.

market. formerly M. P. for Bramber, aged 77.

At Camberwell, Dame Frances 26. At Blenheim, her Grace the Duchess

Gardner, relict of the late Sir William of Marlborough. At Greenock, George Christie, Esq. Baird, of Saughtonhall, Bart. eldest daugh

ter of Colonel Gardner, of Bankton, and Agent for the Bank of Scotland there. Mrs George Williamson, Parlia

of Lady Frances Erskine, sister of the late, ment Square.

and aunt of the present Earl of Buchan. At Barnes Common, Sir Thomas & in London, the Right Honourable Tyrwhitt Jones, Esq. Bart. M. P. for Theophilus Jones. Shrewsbury.

At Warblington, Hants, in the 20th 27. At Houston Mil, in the county of year of his age, Hector Alexander Monro, East Lothian, in the 93d year of his age, Esq. of Novar. the celebrated Andrew Meikle, inventor At Edinburgh, John Robertson, of the improved threshing mill ; and at Esq. writer there, aged 86. Knows Mill, on the 29th ult. his son 9. At Edinburgh, John Cunninghame, George Meikle, who invented the water of Balgownie, Esq. wheel, erected at Blair Drummond. To At Tregoyd, Breconshire, the Right the Meikle family, Scotland, and the agri. Hon. Marianna Devereux, Dowager Viscultural world in general, are much indebt- countess Hereford. ed. The mill for making pearl or hulled 10. -At Crieff, the Rev. James Barlas, barley was first introduced by them into Minister of the Associate Congregation this country. The Water Wheel at Blair there, in the 67th year of his age, and 45th Drummond will always remain a lasting of his Ministry. monument of their ingenuity; and the At Dawlish, Mrs Grant, mother of improved threshing mill may be safely the Master of the Rolls. pronounced the most valuable implement At London, the Right Honourable in the farmer's posssesion, and taking alli Lady Huntingfield.

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At the Manse of Croy, in the 22d Also Earl of Doncaster and Lord Tyrfe. year of his age, Mr Alexander Calder, dale in England, Knight of the Garter," preacher of the Gospel.

Lord Lieutenant of the counties of EdinEXTRAORDINARY MORTALITY.--At So- burgh and Roxburghshire, Governor of the ciety, near Queensferry, on the 10th Dec. Royal Bank of Scotland, &c. His Grace Isabella Mennell, aged 3 years. On the was born in 1746, and succeeded his grandIlth Dec. William Miller Mennell, aged' father in 1752...He was the only son of 7 months. On the 13th Dec. Mary Men Francis, Earl of Dalkeith, by Lady Caro-, nell, aged 7 years, and Margaret Mennell, line Campbell, eldest daughter of John, the aged 5 years, son and daughters of William Great Duke of Argyle. In 1786, his Mennell.

Grace married Elizabeth Montagu, only 16. The Right Rev. Dr Charles Moss, daughter of the last Duke of Montagu, by Bishop of Oxford, Chancellor of Bath and whom he has issue, Charles William, now Wells, &c. His Lordship had the misfor. Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, and tune to break a blood-vessel some time Henry James, Lord Montagu, and four, ago, from the effects of which he never re- daughters ; viz. the Countess of Courtown, covered.

Countess of Home, Marchioness of Queens. 17. At Aberdeen, George Tower, Esq. berry, and Countess of Ancram ; all of several years a respectable magistrate of whom have families. that city.

His Grace is succeeded in his titles and 18. At Glasgow, in the 81st year of estates by his eldest son, Charles William, his

age, the Reverend George Thomson, Earl of Dalkeith; who married Harriet, formerly preacher of the Gospel there. daughter of the late Viscount Sidney, and

At Burnside, Geo Lorimer, Esq. has several children. of Holmhead.

His Grace succeeded at an early age to 21. "Sincerely lamented, the gallant a princely fortune, which gave him the veteran Sir Peter Parker, Admiral of the means of indulging his natural disposition feet of England.

to public spirit and private liberality, to At Bathgate, the Reverend Walter

which purposes, accordingly, a considerable Jardine, in the 720 year of his age, and part of his immense funds were known to 31st of his ministry, deeply lamented. be applied. He was exceedingly, affable

29. At Forfar, David Mann, writer. in his manners; and what deserves to be

Jan. 11. 1812. At Dalkeith Falace, his recorded of a person so greatly exalted Grace Henry Scott, Duke of Buccleuch both in rank and fortune, .was generally and Queensberry, Marquis of Dumfries- accessible to the poor. As a landlord, his shire, Earl of Dalkeith, Sanquhar, and liberality was well known ; he was easy of Drumlanrig, Viscount Nith, Torthowald access, and always ready to take an active and Ross, Lord Scott of Eskdale, Douglas part in any scheme of benevolence and huof Kinmount, Middlebie, and Dornock: manity.

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I'rices of Oat, Pease, and Borbey Meal, in
Edinburgh Market, per peck.

Pease and

Barley Meal. | Bolls. | Price. Bolls., Price.

420 19 00 56 17 00 Jan. 7. 370 18

40 16 00 14. 370 18

34 16 00 21. 450 19

45 17 00 450 20


Dec. 31.1

181)=-12. | Wheat. | Barley. Oats.

Dec. 27. 42 54 31

21 26
Jan. 3. i 43 52 29 33 20 25

10. 42 51 30. 35 i 1924
17. 42 51 30 34 19 25
24. 44 51 30 20 47

Pease. S. 20 26 19 24 19 25 19 25 20 95



53 17.00


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