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adjutant of the 4th, or Highland reziment Srrr. S. A. Pa'erino, the Duchess of of Lanarkshire Local Militia, to Jean, alaOrleans, daughter of their sicilan Majefo eft daughter of Henry Wardiop, Etq. of dies, a Prince.

Biacktaulus Ocr. 29. Lady Louth, a son.

Nov. I. Sir Thomas Fdward WinningNov. ). Mis Menzies, of Menzies, a ton, of Stanford-court, M.P. to Joanna, od daugheer.

daughter of John Taylor, Liq of Muleley 2. Ac Forres, the Lady of Colin Robert. Huil, Worcestershire. fon, Elq. 1on.

9. Mc Roblon, factor, D 'houfie Caile, At London, the Lady of Col. Mayne, to liabella, daughter of the la: Robert a fon.

Cranitoun, Esq. of Crailing Hill. At London, the Lady of Alex Mun. 9. A. Leith, Mr John Muifie, fugar redell, Eq. a fon.

finer, to Alion, 2d daughter of Wm. Thot. 9. A: Euinburgh, Mrs Charles Phin, a bura, Esq. fon.

10. A. London, Sir Bellingham Reginald Ac Thunderton, the Lady of Sir Graham, Bart. of Norton Canyera, Yurh. Archibald Dumvar, vf Northfeid, Bart, a Thire, to Miss Harriet, $d dagheer of the daughter.

late George Clark, Liq. of Welt ilaccia, 10. The Lady of Sir Hungerford Hola Efa. kins, Bart. Harewood, Hertfordihire, a Sir John Fleming Leicefler, Birt, ni daughter.

Tabley-House, Chef re, to Georgina Vic13. At her lodgings in George Street, ria, youngest daughter of ('ui. Curit), ata the Lady of Capt. Loch, regiarenit, a gol-daughter to his R. II, the Prince of daughter.

Wales. 14. Mirs Christie, Dublin Street, a daugh 12. Ai Aberdeen, the Rer. W'. M'Ben, ter.

mintiler of Alves, lo Janel viu' veit dat he - At Aberford, Yorkshire, the Lady of ter of the iate Alex. Leslie, methaut in John Norman Macleod, kiq. of Macleud, a Aberdeen, daughter.

- Ai Seranraer, Mr James Crdon, mer16. Mr Haig of Bemerside, a daughter. chant, to Mit Margaret, daughter of James 17. Mrs Forbes of ('ailender, a daughter. M'Lean, Eiq. of Stranraer.

18. Mrs Gardner, Heriot Row Weit, a 13. Ai Cheller, R. W. Vyft, Tfq. of fon.

Stock Place, Bucks, M. P. for Beverley, to 19. A: Athgrove, the Lady of David Mits Frances Hesketh, fecon daughter of Snodgrals Buchanan, Esq. of Blantyre Park, Herry Hesketh, E14. o! Ni wton, near a daughter.

Chester. 91. At Edinburgh, Mrs Greig, of Hall 14. A: St Ninian's Manse, the Rer. Joha greig, a lon.

Rullel, minifter of Muthili, to Mis Jean - Counters Cowper, a daughter. Aitken, Greenock. 24. Mrs Burnett of Gadguth, a daughter. - At Rockhall, James Crichton, Ffq. of

25. Ai Liverpool, Mrs H. H. Jones, a Friars ('arle, to Eizabern, eldet daurbeer fon.

of Sir Robert Grierion of lag, Birt. At Yarmou:h, Mr Campbell, wife 16. At Leith, W'm. Oi, hant, £19. juni 'r, of Captain P. Campbell, royal navy, a to Miss Jane Candell, yd daagicer of the daughter.

late John Cundell, Elq. Mrs Williamson, South Castle Street, 19. At Hounam Manfr, Linnt, Thomas a fvn.

Thomsoni, of his Maiety's 9th regim-ntot Drc. 1. Ac Edinburgh, Mrs Ewing, a foot, to Mus Elizabe:h Rutheri rad, 31 fon.

daughter of the Rov. James Ruthertord, 2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Kinnear, Queen's manter of Hvanam. Street, a fon

20. Mr James Bruce, digiller, Tellialdan, 9. At Edinburgh, Mrs F. Walker, a to Helen, eldest daughter of Thomas Pure daughter.

vis, Esq. of Lochend. Lately, the spouse of the Prince of Neuf - At Annadale, Ireland, the Right Han. chatel and Wagram, a son, who immediate. "Thomas Henry Fofler, only fun of the ly received the title of the Duke of Va. Right Hon. John Foster, Chancellor of the Jengin.

Exchequer of Ireland, to Miss Skellington, Lately, at Thornhill, Elizabeth Donald only child of the Hon. Chicheter Sketung. fun, wife of John M'Culloch, tailor, of three ton, and wiece to the band of Mallereene, tne male children.

and the Earl of Roden. MARRIAGES.

22. At Barnwood, in the county of Ocr, 20. Patrick Auld, of Alley's Bank, Gloucester, John Gordun, L'q. fon of the


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Jate Honourable Colonel John Gordon of Miss Telfer, only daughter of Patrick
Aboyne, to Eliza, daughter of Robert Telfer, Esq. of Gower Street, Bedford
Morris, Esq. M. P. for the county of Square.

At Nairn, Captain R. Macdonald, of the 23. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Findlay, Royals, to Catherine, only daughter of the writing master, to Miss Catherine M-Ken late Alexander Straith, M.D. surgeon to zie, daughter of Mr M.Kenzie, jeweller, the forces. Edinburgh.

At London, Messrs James and Jeremiah 26. Mr James Pollock Reid, manufac. Davies, to Miss Christie, and Miss S. turer, to Ann, youngest daughter of the Christie, daughters of Mr Christie of Poe late Mr John Kirkland, merchant in Glaf land Street. gow.

DEATHS. At Haddington, John Coldstream, In May last, while accompanying Gen. Esq. surgeon of the 26th, Cameranians, to Malcolm's embassy to Persia, Alexander Frances, daughter of the Reverend Dr Sib- Fotheringham, Esq. 4th son of Alexander bald.

Ogilvie Fotheringham, Esq. of Powrie. 27. At Edinburgh, by the Rev. Mr Ped At the Presidency of Madras, James die, Mr Thomas Wilson, tanner, Hawick, Strachan, Esq. assistant-surgeon there. to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr John JULY 8. At the Ifle of Bourbon, Lieut. Fiddes, Wells.

John Graham Munro, of the 36th regiment, 28. At Leith, Mr Wm. Forbes, grocer, and 2d son of Lieutenant-Colonel Murro of to Miss Skinner, daughter of Mr Skinner, Poyntzfield. He received his mortal wound cooper.

in the gallant attack that, decided the fate of At Turvey House, the seat of Lord that settlement. Trimbieitown, the Hon. Robert Leefon, Aug. 15. A: Athens, Mr Geo. Watson, the youngelt son of the Earl of Milltown, eldest son of Wm. Watson, Esq. of Auchterto Philippa Juliana, youngest daughter of tyre. the late Rev. J. Rose, prebendary of Wor Sept. 8. At Guadaloupe, universally and celler.

deeply regretted by his brother officers and 29. At Edinburgh, his Grace the Duke friends, Lieutenant Laye, of the 4th Weft of Argyll, to the Right Honourable Lady India regiment, a promising young officer, Paget.

fon of Major-General Laye, commanding 30. At Drummelzier, John Stodart, Efq. the artillery of North Britain. Cartland Mains, to Miss Henderson, only 16. On his passage from Guadaloupe to daughter of Mr Jarnes Henderson.

England, at sea, on board the Wait of Lately, at Inverness, Mr Alex. Tolmie, Liverpool, Lieutenant John Low, of the manufacturer, to Miss M. Fraser, youngest 63d regiment of foot, eldest son of John Low daughter of Wm. Fraser, Esq. commiffary of Hilton, Stonehaven, in the 21st year of of Inverness.

bis age; a young man of amiable manners, Dec. 2. In Brankston church, Mr John Oct. 6. At Newton, near Kilmacthomas, Batters of Etal, to Miss Peacock, Branks. in the 95th year of his age, Denis M-Netonhill, Northumberland.

mara, commonly known by the name of 3. At Greenock, Mr Samuel Livingston, Ruadh, or Red-haired. During 70 years merchant, to Miss Jean Stewart, youngeft at least, of such a rare course of locgevity, daughter of the deceased George Stewart, this extraordinary man had been looked up Esq. of Stewart Hall.

to by his contemporaries in Irish literature, 8. At St Roque, near Edinburgh, Geo. as possessing that poetical eminence, which Clerk Craigie, Esq. of Dumbarnie, advo ranked him amongst the most celebrated of cate, to Miss Mary Carmichael, second the modern bards. daughter of Maurice Carmichael, Esq. of 13. At New York, in his 814 year, East End.

Lieutenant-Colonel George Turnbull, who, At Tellyrie, the Rev. W. Taylor, Perth, for upwards of 60 years in the British army, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late sustained, in every respect, that character John Greig, Esq.

which distinguishes the soldier and the genLately, Lieutenant Henry Clemens, of tleman. the nitt foot, to Miss Southwell, only At Æneas Barclay's, Esq. Highbury daughter of the Honourable Colonel South- Grove, London, aged 17, Miss Sophia Alexwell, of Castle Hamilton, in the county of andrina Urquhart, fifth daughter of the late Cavan.

Rev. John Urquhart of Mount-Eagle, RossThe Rev. Richard Yates, chaplain of shire; a young lady, whose goodness of his Majesty's Royal Hospital, Chelsea, to heart, gentleness of temper, quickness of



apprehension, and engaging manners, most widow of the late John Mackenzie, Efq. justly endeared her to her family and of Strickathro'. friends.

At Greenhall, Mrs Janet Wardrop, 14. At Glasgow, Lieutenant and Adju- wife of John Muir, Esq. of Greenhall, in tant John Robertson, of the 71st light in the 79th year of her age. fantry.

Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the 19. At a village, on his way to Lisbon, Rev. James Thomson, Prestonkirk. William Moffat, Esq. of Prinlaws, pay. 13. At Hartwell, the Countess De Lisle, master of the 791h regiment, now in Por- her Most Christian Majefty, of a dropfy, tugal.

after having lingered for several years, in a 24. At Portobello, where he had gone very bad state of health. She displayed, in for the recovery of his health, Mr John her last moments, that firmness, piery, and Marshall, son of Mr William Marshall, refignation, which are the characteristics of plumber, Edinburgh, much and juftly re the house of Bourbon. Her Majesty's gretted.

death-bed was attended by the Count De Nov. 1. At L'alguise, Mrs Menzies of Lifle, and all the Princes and Princesses of Menzies.

the Royal Blood, of whom fhe took the - At Montrose, in the 69th year of her most affectionate leave. age, Mrs Mary Allan, relict of Captain · Charles Watson, upholsterer and caJames Hume, much and juftly regretted. binet-maker, Greenfide Place, after a short

4. At Bushey, Mrs Capper, widow of illness, much and justly regretted. the late Richard Capper, Esq. barrister-at · At Dunbar, John Beatie Bower, Esq. law, and eldest daughter of the late Lord Captain in the Edinburgh regiment of miChief Baron Ord.

litia. George, son of Mr George Hope, Mr Thomas Harris, late grocer in candlemaker, Leith, being the third child Edinburgh. he has lost within these three weeks.

At the Mapse of Kirkintulloch, the At Waterford, the Rev. B. Dickenson, Rev. James Jack, minister of that parish, minister of the congregation of Anabaptifts generally esteemed and regretted. in that city, while zealoufly employed in 14. At Carron Works, Mr John Campthe discharge of his functions.—Mr Dick- bell, aged 46. enson had taken for his text, “ We must 15. At Arbroath, Marjory Hay, aged all appear before the judgment seat of 14 years, eldest daughter of Alexander Hay, Chrift; and had advanced but a short Efq. of Lezham, much and juftly regretted. way in its illustration, when he fell down At Montrose, after a short but painin his pulpit, and instantly expired !

ful illness, which he bore with great firm5. At Aberdeen, Miss Mair.

ness, Mr George Murray, bookseller, most At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Sibbald, fincerely regretted by a numerous circle of wife of Mr William Dickson, bookseller. friends and acquaintances.

At Dundee, Janet Soutar, daughter - At London, Charles Moore, Esq. one of the late Mr James Soutar, farmer at of the auditors of public accounts, and broCraigdelly, in Carse of Gowrie, and spoule ther of the late Sir John Moore. to Deacon David Paterson, baker in Dun At Mayplace, Kent, the Right Hon. dee.

Lady Fermanach, aged 73. At Plympton, Devonshire, Eliza, 16. At Edinburgh, Mr William Dryfyoungest danghter of Robert Playfair, wri- dale, Mail CoachContractor, mnch and ter, Edinburgh.

justly regretted. 6. At Exeter, Colonel James Brunton, 17. A Pitcairly, James Cathcart, Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's fervice, of Carbielloni, late Major of the 19th dra. late Military Auditor-General ac Madras. goons.

7. At Pentonville, George Service, Esq. At Kilmarnock, Mr James Baird,

10. The Rev. John Reid, minister of the writer there. Low Church, Paisley.

At Berwick, the Rev. J. W. Askew, Ac Cavens, Mr John Law Young. A. M. Fellow of University College, Ox

- Mrs Christian Menzies, relict of the ford. Rev. Henry Lundie, late one of the mini At Edinburgh, James Stodart, Esq. fters of this city.

18. At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Hanton, At Newhailes, Dame Helen

reli&t of Mr William Dawson, merchant, fon, relia of the late Hon. Sir David Dal Lawnmarket. rymple of Hailes, Baronet, late one of the 19. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Gairdner, Senators of the College of Justice.

of Nemphlar, folicitor before the supreme 13. At Suonylide, Mrs Ana Mackenzie,


19. At Dundee, Mrs Elizabeth Gray, wi- lege of Justice, and one of the Commiffiondow of the late Charles Hunter, Esq. of ers of the High Court of Justiciary. His Burnside.

Lordship was eldest son of the celebrated At Glasgow, Mr Robert Dick, iron-, Dr William Cullen. He entered advocate monger; a kind husband, and an indulgent in 1764, and was raised to the Bench in father; he has left a numerous young fami November 1796, upon the death of Lord ly to lament his loss.

Alva. Lord Cullen was a man of acknowMr Alexander Gardner, manager of ledged talents, a sound lawyer, and was alo. the printing works at Milton, near Dum ways conspicuous in professional argument; barton.

he had a great taste for police literature ;20. At Loanside, Mrs Janet Stein, spouse and his papers in the Mirror and Lounger of Mr John Dewar, distiller, Alloa, and evince the elegance of his pen. His Lordsecond daughter of Robert Stein, Esq. of ship will be long remembered for a temper Greenyards.

peculiarly mild and conciliating; for those 23. At London, General Peter Craig. highly polished and courteous manners,

At Glasgow, Mr Alexander Barker, and that gaiety of fpirit, which rendered founder, deeply laniented.

his company la fascinating. 24. At Edinburgh, after a long and pain., Dec. 1. At Northumberland Street, Edina ful illness, Mr Alexander Noble, furgeon burgh, Mrs Russell, senior. of the royal navy

2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Walker, 25. Ai Stockbridge, Mrs Isabel Grieve, relict of the late Rev. William Walker. relict of Mr Alexander Lawrie, writer in At Edinburgh, Mr John Heggie, se-, Dunbar.

cond son of the deceased James Heggie, Esq. 26. At Fairfield Lodge, Ayr, Mrs Ken- merchani, Kirkaldy. nedy, wife of David Kennedy, Esq. of Kirk At London, J. L. Douglas, Esq. Admiral michael, and third daughter of the late Sir of the Blue. John Whitefoord of Whitefoord..

At Falmouth, on her return from Cadiz, At Edinburgh, Mr John Duncan, late the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Cameron, farmer at Rotebank, parish of Currie, much of the 79ch regiment. and justly regretted.

Lady Catherine Lennox, only daughter At Edinburgh, Mr Laurence Clialo: of the Earl of Lennox. mers, printer. He was employed in the At Walmer, aged 76, Rear-Admiral Caledonian Mercury Office, chiefly as clerk, Keeler, for upwards of 30 years; was zealous and Mr Crawshaw, iron master, of the counactive in his employment, and much re ty of Glamorgan, a short time since, poflefffpected as an honest, industrious man. ed of L.1,000,000 sterling, the whole of

28. At Edinburgh, The Honourable Ro which he acquired himself in the iron trade, bert Cullen, one of the Senators of the Col- within these last 40 years.

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TO CORRESPONDENTS. Juvenis Serenus.--A. D. W.-Somniator.-Verses on the Princess Amę. will not suit our Miscellany.

eral pieces of J. M'D. will appear.



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