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Itantive; this and the former both in the Objective Case governed by the Prep. witb.

6. Now, an Adverb; when, a Con. junction; all, (b.) the people, a Subst. were baptized, a Verb Paffive, made of the Auxiliary Verb to be joined with the Participle Passive of the Verb to baptize, Indicative Mode, Paft Time, third Person Plural, agreeing with the Nominative Case Singular people, being a Noun of Multitude; it, Pronoun, third Person Singular, Neuter Gender, Nominative Cafe; came, (b.) to pass, Verb Neuter, Infinitive Mode; that, a Conjunction ; Jefus, a proper Name; also, an Adverb; being, Present Participle of the Verb to be ; baptized, Participle Pasfive of the Verb to baptize; and, (b.) praya ing, Present Participle of the Verb Neuter to pray; Jesus being baptized and praying is the Case Absolute, as before; the heaven, Subftantive; was opened, Verb Paflive, Indicative Mode, Past Time, third Persoa Singular, agreeir.g with the Nominative Case heaven, the Auxiliary Verb to be being joined to the Participle Pafsive, as before ; and the Holy Ghost, (b.) descended, Verb Neuter, Indicative Mode, Past Time, third Person Singular, agreeing with the Nominative Case Ghoft; in

(b.) bodily, an Adje&ive; shape, a Subftantive, Objective Case, governed by the Prepofition in; like, an Adjective; a dove, a Substantive, Objective Case, the Preposition to being understood, that is, like ito a dove ; upon, Preposition; him, Pronoun, third Perfen Singular, Objective Cafe governed by the Preposition upon; and; (b,)-lo, an Interjeétion; a voice, Subftantive, Nominative Case, there was being understood; that is, there was a voice; .from, Preposition ; heaven, Substantive, Objective Case; (b.) suying, (b.) this, a Pronominal Adjective, person being understood; is, Indicative Mode, Present Time, of the Verb to be, third Person Singular, agreeing with the Nominative Case this; my, a Proncminal Adjective;


beloved, an Adjective ; Son, a Substantive,
Nominative Care after the Verb is ; in,
(b.) whom, Pronoun Relative, Objective
Case, governed by the Preposition in, the
Substantive Son being its Antecedent; I
am, (b.) well, an Adverb; pleased, the
Passive Participle of the Verb to please,
niaking with the Auxiliary Verb am a Pas-
five Verb: in the Indicative Mode, Present
Time, first Person Singular, agreeing with
the Nominative Case 1.

Τ Η Ε Ε Ν D,



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E Sacra Poesi Hebræorum: Prælectiones Acadea D

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Johannis Davidis Michaelis, Philof. Profeff. Ord. et Societatis Regiæ Scientiarum Goettingenfis Collegæ, in Roberti Lowth Prælectiones de sacra Poesi Hebræorum Notæ et Epimetra; et Goettingenfi editione Prælectionum.

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