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Seite iii - Price 10 cents. 9. A Report of Work done in the Washington Laboratory during the Fiscal Year 1883-'84. FW Clarke, Chief Chemist. TM Chatard, Assistant Chemist.
Seite iii - Price 10 cents. 78. A Report of Work done in the Division of Chemistry and Physics, mainly during the Fiscal Tear 1889-'90. FW Clarke, Chief Chemist. 1891. 8°.
Seite iii - The Gabbros and Associated Hornblende Rocks occurring in the Neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, by George Huntington Williams.
Seite iii - PP 28. The superior analyses of igneous rocks from Roth's tabellen, 1869 to 1884, arranged according to the quantitative system of classification, by HS Washington.
Seite 173 - The classes numbered 2, 7, and 8 are sold at cost of publication; the others are distributed free. A circular giving complete lists may be had on application.
Seite iii - Price 10 cents. 65. Stratigraphy of the Bituminous Coal Field of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, by Israel C. White. 1891. 8°. 212 pp. 11 pi. Price 20 cents. 66. On a Group of Volcanic Rocks from the Tewan Mountains, New Mexico, and on the occurrence of Primary Quartz in certain Basalt*, by Joseph Paxson Iddings.
Seite iii - Miocene, and Other Fossil Mollusca of Western North America, by Charles A. White. 1885. 8°.
Seite ii - PP 45. The geography and geology of Alaska, a summary of existing knowledge, by AH Brooks.
Seite 110 - ... of the rock. (P. 107) Partial alteration of the feldspar into sericite occurred when the magma was partially consolidated, before deposition of the remainder of the secondary minerals. (P. 112) " The magma was a viscous fluid, less viscous than a normal granitic magma, but still capable of the role of intrusion. From this magma crystallized, besides some of the ordinary accessory granitic minerals, principally feldspar and quartz, the consolidation of the feldspar in general preceding that of...
Seite iii - Woolsey. 1906. — pp., 8 pis. B 287. The Juneau gold belt, Alaska, by AC Spencer, and a reconnaissance of Admiralty Island, Alaska, by CW Wright. 1906. 161 pp., 37 pis. PP 54. The geology and gold deposits of the Cripple Creek district, Colorado, by W. Lindgren and FL Ransome.

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