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The first

resurrection sat upon them, and A. D. 96. Magog, sto gather judgment 3 was given

them together to batunto them: and I saw 8 1 Co. 6. 2, tle : the number of the souls of them

3. whom is as the sand that were beheaded h ch. 6. 9. of the sea, for the witness of i ch. 13. 12. 9 t And they went Jesus, and for the kck. 13. 15, up on the breadth of word of God, and 16. the earth, and comwhich i had not wor

1 ch. 5. 10. passed the camp of shipped the beast,

Ro. 8. 17: the saints about, and neither his image mch. 2. 11. the beloved city and neither had received

& 21. 8.

fire came down from his mark upon their

God out of heaven,

nch. 1.6. foreheads, or in their & 5. 10.

and devoured them. hands; and they lived Is. 61. 6. 10 u And the devil and I reigned with 1 Pe. 2. 9. that deceived them Christa thousand o ver. 4. was cast into the lake years.

p ver. 2

of fire and brimstone, 5 But the rest of a ver. 3. 10. where * the beast and the dead lived not

the false prophet are,

Eze. 38. 2. again until the thou- & 39. I.

and y shall be torsand years were fi- s ch. 16. 14. mented day and night nished. This is the

for ever and ever.

t Is, 8. 8. first resurrection,

Eze. 38.9.

11 And I saw a 6 Blessed and holy 16. great white throne, is he that hath part in u ver. 8.

and him that sat on the first resurrection : « ch. 19. 20. it, from whose face on such m the second y ch. 14. 10, the earth and the death hath no power,

u. heaven tied away ; but they shall be a ch.21.1., and a there was found

2 Pe. 3. 7. priests n of God and

10, 11. no place for them. of Christ, and shall

a Da. 2. 35.

12 And I saw the reign with him a b ch. 19. 5. dead, b small and thousand years.

great, stand before

c Da. 7. 10. 7. And when the

God; and the books thousand years

4 ch. 3. 5.
& 13. 8.

were opened : and expired, p Satan sball

& 21. 27.

another d book was be loosed out of his Ps. 69. 28. opened, which is the prison,

Da. 12. 1. book of life and the 8 And shall go out

Ph. 4. 3.

dead were judged out to q deceive the na- Je. 17. 10. of those things which tions which are in

& 32. 19.
Ma. 16. 27.

were written in the the four quarters of

Ro. 2. 6.

books, e according to the earth, i Gog andl

their works.

The nero

Jerusalem 13 And the sea gave

A. D. 96. 4 1 And God shall up the dead which

wipe away all tears were in it; fand death f ch. 6. 8. from their eyes; and and + hell delivered t Or, there & shall be no up the dead which the grave. more death, h neither were in them: 8 and 5 ver. 12. sorrow, nor crying, they were judged h 1 Co.15.26. neither shall there be every man according i ver. 6. any more pain : for to their works.

* cb. 19. 20. the former things are 14 And h death and

passed away.

a Is 65. 17. hell were cast into

2 Pe. 3.13. 5 Apd i he that sat the lake of fire. This b ch. 20. 11. upon the throne said, is the second death.

Behold, I make all

c Is. 52. 1. 15 And whosoever

Ga. 4. 26. things new. And he was not found written He. 11. 10. said unto me, Write: in the book of life & 13. 14. for I these words are was k cast into the a Is. 54. 5. true and faithful. lake of fire.

2 Co. 11. 2. 6 And he said unto CHAP. XXI. e Le. 26. 11. me, m It is done. I 1 AND a I saw a Ez. 43. 7. am Alpha and Omenew heaven and a

2 Co. 6.16.

ga, the beginning and new earth: b for the f Is. 25. 8. the end. I will give first heaven and the g1 Co. 15.26. unto him that is first earth were passed b 1s. 35. 10. athirst of the founaway; and there was & 61. 3. tain of the water of no more sea.

i ch. 4. 2. 9. life freely. 2 And I John saw k Is. 43. 19. 7 He that overcomthe c holy city, new 2 Co.5. 17. eth shall inherit all Jerusalem, coming 1 ch. 19. 9. things, and I will down from God out m ch, 16. 17. be his God, and he of heaven, prepared

shall be my son.

nch. ). 8. as d a bride adorned

8 9 But the fearful,

o Is. 12. 3. for her husband.

Jno 4. 10. and unbelieving, and 3 And I heard a & 7. 37. the abominable, and great voice out of hea- : Or, murderers, and ven saying, Behold, these things. whoremongers, and the e tabernacle of

p 7e. 8. 8.

sorcerers, and idolaGod is with men, He. 8. 10. ters, and all liars, and he will dweli q 1 Co. 6. 9. shall have their part with them, and they Ga. 5. 19. in r the lake which shall be his people,

Ep. 5. 5.

burneth with fire and and God himself shall

i Ti. 1. 9. brimstone: which is be with them, and ber ch. 20. 14. the second death. their God.

9 And there came

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The heavenly REV. XXI.

Jerusalem. unto me one of the A. D. 96. them the names of seven angels which

the twelve apostles had the seven vials Sch. 15. 1.6, of the Lamb.

7. full of the seven last

15 Apd he that plagues, and talked t ver. 2.

talked with me c had

ch. 19. 7, with me, saying,

a golden reed to meaCome hither, I will

uch. 1.10.

& 17. 3, sure the city, and the shew thee the bride,

gates thereof, and the

x ver. 2, the Lamb's wife.

Ez. 18.

wall thereof. 10 And he carried

16 And the city me

y ver. 23. away u in the

ch. 22. 5.

lieth foursquare, and spirit to a great and Is. 4. 5.

the length is as large high mountain, and & 60. 19. as the breadth : and shewed ine * that z Ez. 48. 31. he measured the city great city, the holy

34. with the reed, twelve Jerusalem,* descend- a Ez. 48. 31. thousand furlongs. ing out of heaven 34. The length and the from God,

b Ma. 16.18. breadth and the 11 y Having the

Ga. 2. 9.

height of it are

Ep. 2. 20. glory of God and

equal. her light was like unto

och. 11. 1.

17 And he mea

Ez. 40. 3. stone most pre- Ze. 2.1.

sured the wall therecious, even

like a
d Is. 54. 11.

of, an hundred and jasper stone, clear as

forty and four cubits, crystal;

ver. 104 accordiny to the mea12 And had a wall * " This in- sure of a man, that is, great and high, and emblems

terchange of

of the angel. had z twelve gates, from the

18 And the building and at the gates' Bride, the of the wall of it was twelve angels, and Lamb's of jasper: and the names written 'there-wife;" for the city was pure gold, on, which are the

holy Jerusalem,

like unto clear glass. names of the twelve sbews, that 19 d And the fountribes of the children we sbould dations of the wall of of Israel:

only take

the city were garnish13 A On the east general ideas ed with all manner of three gates; on the avd not enter precious stones. The north three gates; on minutely in- first foundation was the south three gates; to particu- jasper; the second, and on the west three lars, in which sapphire; the third, gates.

dom much

a chalcedony ; the 14 And the wall of agreement." fourth, an emerald; the city had twelve See Scott. 20 The fifth, sardofoundations, and bin

Inyx; the sixth, sar:


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God's glory

is net isght. dius ;

the seventh, A. D. 96. honour of the nations chrysolyte ; the

into it. eighth, beryl ; the e cb. 22. 2. 27 And there ninth, a topaz; the r Jno. 4.23. shall in no wise enter tenth, a chrysoprasus;

into it any thing that the eleventh, a ja- cb. 22. 5. defileth, Deither whatcinth ; the twelfth, an Is. 24. 23. soerer worketh aboamethyst.

& 60. 19, mination, or maketh 21 And the twelve

a lie: but they which gates

twelve h Is. 60.3, 6. are written in the pearls; every several 1. Lamb's a book of life.

& 66. 12. gate was of one pearl :

i Is. 60. 11. and e the street of the

f ch. 2. 5. CHAP. XXII. city was pure gold, as

Is. 60. 20. it were transparent Ze, 14. 7.

1 AND he shewed glass.

I ver. 24.

me à a pure river of 22 And I saw no

m ch.22. 14.

water of life, clear as temple therein : for

Is. 35. 8. crystal, proceeding. the Lord God Al- & 52. 1. out of the throne of mighty and the Lamb & 60. 21. God and of the Lamb. are the temple of it.

Joel 3. 17.

2 b In the midst of 23 6 And the city ch. 3. 5. the street of it, and

& 13, 8. had no need of the

on either side of the

& 20. 12. sun, neither of the

Ph. 4. 3.

river, was there e the moon, to shine in it:

a Ex. 47. I.

tree of life, which for the glory of God Ze. 14. 8.

bare twelve manner did lighten it, and Jno. 7. 38. of fruits, and yielded the Lamb is the light bcb. 21. 21. her fruit every thereof.

Ez. 47. 12, month : and the 24 h And the na-c ch. 2. 7. leaves of the tree tions of them which Ge. 2. 9. wered for the healing are saved shall walk d ch. 21. 24. of the nations. in the light of it:

Lu. 4. 19. 3 And e there shall and the kings of the

1 Pe. 2. 24. be no more curse : earth do bring their e Ze. 14. 11. but f the throne of glory and honour into Ez. 48,35. God and of the Lamb it.

Jno. 17.21. shall be in it; and 25 i And the gates & Ma. 5. 8. his servants shall of it shall not be

1 Jno. 3. 2.

serve him : shut at all by day :

4 And s they shall fork there shall be ch: 3. 12. see his face; and this

& 14. I. no night there. 26 And they shall

name shall be in their i ch. 21. 23.


foreheads. bring the glory and

5 i And there shall

God giveth

prophets p ch. 1. 3.

Christ's coming REV. XXII

and eternity. be no night there; A. D. 96. phecy of this book : and they need no can

for the time is at dle, neither light of k Ps. 36. 9. hand. the sun; for k the & 84. 11. 11 u He that is unLord

i Pe. 1. 3. just, let him be unjust

4. them light:

still: and he which they shall reign for

1 Da. 7. 27. is filthy, let him be ever and ever.

2 Ti. 2. 12. filthy still: and he 6 And he said unto

mch. 19. 9.

that is righteous, let me, m These sayings

him be righteous

nch. 1. 1. are faithful and true :

still : and he that is

och. 3. 11. and the Lord God of

holy, let him be holy the holy

still. sent n his angel to q ch. 19. 10. 12 « And, behold, I shew unto his ser- ch. 19. 10. come quickly; and vants the things sch. 10. 4. my y reward és with which must shortly

Da. 8. 26. me, z to give every be done.

& 12. 4. 9.

man according as his 7. Behold, I come tch. 1. 3. work shall be. quickly : p blessed is a Ez. 3. 27. 13 a I am Alpha he that keepeth the

Da. 12. 10. and Omega, the besayings of the pro

2 Ti.3.13. ginding and the end, phecy of this book. x ver. 7.

the first and the last. 8 And I John' saw y Is. 40. 10.

14 b Blessed are these things,

& 62. 11.

they that do his comheard them.

mandments, that they

& 14. 12. when I had heard and

Ma. 16. 27. may have right to seen, 9 I fell down to

the tree of life, d and

a Is. 41. 4. worship before the

& 44. 6.

may enter in through feet of angel & 48. 12.

the gates into the city. which shewed

me b Da. 12. 12.

15 For without these things.

1Jno.3.24. are f dogs, and sor. 9 Then saith hele ver. 2.

cerers, and whoreunto me, I See thoni ch. 2. 7. mongers, and mur. do it not: for I am a ch. 21. 27. derers, and idolaters, thy fellowservant, el Co. 6.9, and whosoever loveth and of thy brethren

10. and maketh a lie. the prophets, and of Ga. 5. 19, 16 F I Je818 have them which keep the 20,21.

sent mine angel to

Col. 3. 6. sayings of this book:

testify unto you worship God.

+ Ph. 3. 2.

these things in the 10 s And he saith g ch. 1. 1.

churches. h

am unto me, Seal not the 1 ch.5.5. the root and the offsayings of the pro

spring of David, and


And z Ro. 2. 6.


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