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ver. 4

Visit of the

wise men the east

to Jerusa- A. D. ). diligently for the lem,

young child; and 2 Saying, Where is

c Lu.2. 11.

when ye have found

d Nu. 24. 17. he that is born King Is. 60. 3. him, bring me word of the Jews for we e 2Ch.36.14. again, that I may have seen d his *starf 2Ch.34.13. come and worship in the east, and are

iMac.5.42. him also.

& 7. 12. come to worship him. 3 When Herod the B Mi.5. 2.

9 When they had g Mal. 2.7.

heard the king, they king had heard these Jno. 7. 42. departed; and, lo, things, he was trou- i Re: 2:27. the star, which they bled, and all Jerusa- + Or, feed.

saw in the east, went

k Is. 60. 6. lem with him.

before them, till it 4. And

when he had :0r, offered. came and stood over gathered all e the1 ch. 1. 20. where the

young Chief. Priests fand

child was. Scribes of the peo- * Or meteor.

ver. 2

10 When they saw ple together, 5 he de

the star, they rejoiced manded of them The heads with exceeding great where Christ should of the 24 joy. be born.

courses of

11 And when they 5 And they said Priests, and

the Scribes,

were come into the unto him, in Bethle- the public house, they saw the hem of Judæa: for instructors. young

child with thus it is written by ver. 6- Mary his mother, and the prophet,

* When quo- fell down, and wor6 hand thou Beth- tations from shipped him : and lehem, in the land the Old Tes- when they had openof Juda, art not the which 've

ed their k treasures, least among the prin- find in the they I presented unto ces of Juda : for out New, are him gifts; gold, and of thee shall come a compared


and Governor, i that shali with the

original, and

myrrh. rulet my people Is- with the

12 And being warnrael.


ed of God 'in a dream 7 Then Herod, it appears tbat they should not when he had privily that the return to Herod, they called the wise men, not always

apostles did

departed into their enquired of them dili- transcribe own country another gently what time the the passages way. star appeared.

cited, but

13 And when they 8 And he sent them sometimes

were departed, begeneral sense,

hold, the angel of the said, Go and search

Lord appeareth to

to, Bethlehem, and gave only the

The children slain MATT. II.

by Herod. Joseph in a dream, A. D.2. lamentation, and saying, Arise, and

m Ho. 11. 7. weeping, and great take the young child

mourning, Rachael and his mother, and

n Je. 31. 15. weeping for her chilflee into Egypt, and o ch.3. 13. dren, and would not be thou there until I

La. 2. 39. be comforted, bebring thee word : for p Jno. 1. 45. cause they are not. Herod will seek the

& 18. 5. 7.

19 But when * He

&. 19. 19. young child to des

Ac. 2. 22.

rod was dead, behold, troy him.

9 Ju. 13. 5.

an angel of the Lord 14 When he arose,

I Sa, 1. ii. appeareth in a dream he took the young

to Joseph in Egypt, child and his mother ver. 14- 20 Saying, Arise, by night, and depart- had settled in child and his mother,

• Many Jews and take the young ed into Egypt* :

Egypt, see 15 And was there Jer. 43. 7. and go into the land until the death of Moreover, of Israel : for they Herod : that it might Onias lv. are dead which be fulfilled which was had built a

sought the temple at

young spoken of the Lord by Heliopolis.

child's life. the prophet, saying, Those who

21 And he arose, Out of Egypt have could speak and took the young I called my son.

the Greek child and his mother, 16 Then

Herod, tongue, en- and came into the when he saw that he advantages

land of Israel. was mocked of the there; they

22 But when he wise men, was ex. also had the heard that Archelaus ceeding wroth, and Greek ver- did reign in Judæa in sent forth, and slew Septuagint, Herod, he was afraid

sion of the

the room of his father all the children that translated were in Bethlehem, nearly 300 to go thither : notand in all the coasts years before withstanding, being thereof, from two

this time. warued of God in a years old and under, ver. 19–


dream, he according to the time Great. His of Galilee :

• Herod the aside into the parts which he had dili. death was gently enquired of terrible 23 And he came the wise men.

ver. 23

and dwelt in a city 17. Then was ful. Under the called p Nazareth filled that which was dominion of that it might be ful.

Herod the spoken by n Jeremy

filled which was spo

Tetrarch, the prophet, saying, called Anti

ken by the prophets, 18° in Rama was pas.

IIe shall be called a there a voice heard,


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b Jos. 14.10. selves,

John's ministry. MATT. III. Baptism of Jesus.

CHAP. III. A. D. 26. fore fruits + meet for 1 IN those days

repentance: came a John the Bap- a Mar. 1. 4. 9 And think not

Lu. 3. 2.3. tist, preaching bin the

to say within yourwilderness of Judæa,

o We have 2 And saying, Re-c Da. 2. 44. Abraham to our fapent ye: for cthe king- Is. 40. 3.

ther : for I say unto dom of heaven is at

Mar. 1. 3. you, that God is able

Lu, 3. 4. hand.

Ino. 1. 23.

of these stones to raise 3 For this is he that . Lu. 1.76: up children unto A. was spoken of by the f Mar. 1. 6. braham. prophet Esaias, say- 82

Ki. 1. 8.

10 And now also ing, a The voice of

Ze. 13. 4. the ax is laid unto

h Le. 11.22 one crying in the i 1 Sa. 14.

the root of the trees : wilderness, . Prepare 25, 26.

thereforep every tree ye the way of the Mar. 1.5. which bringeth not Lord, make his paths 1 Ac. 19. 4. forth good "fruit is straight.

m. ch. 12. 34. hewn down, and cast 4 Ånd fthe same

& 23. 33. into the fire. John & had his rai. Lu. 3.7, 8,

11 91 indeed baptize ment of camel's hair,

9. you with water unto and a leathern girdle - Ro. 5. 9.

repentance : but he about his loins; and + Or, an

1 Th.1, 10.

that cometh after me his meat was hlocusts swerable to is mightier than I, and iwild honey. amendment whose shoes I am not

5 k Then went out of life. worthy to bear: The to him Jerusalem, • Jno. 8.33, shall baptize you with and all Judæa, and Ac. 13. 26. the Holy Ghost, and all the region round Ro. 4. 1. with fire : about Jordan,

Ao. 11, 16. 12 s Whose fan is 6 ! And were bap- p ch. 7. 19.

in his

hand, and tized of him in Jor

will Jno. 15. 6.

throughly dan, confessing their la Mark 1.8. purge his floor, and sins.

Lu. 3. 16. gather his wheat into 7 But when he saw Joo. 1, 15. the garner; but he many of the Phari. 26.33. will turn up the chaft

Ao 1.5 sees and Sadducees

with unquenchable come to his baptism,

19. 4. he said unto them, Is. 4.4. 13 u Then cometh O generationm of vi- Ac. 2.3.4. Jesus x from Galilee pers, who hath warn.

s Mal. 3. 3. to Jordan unto John, ed you to flee from u Mar. 1. 9.

to be baptized of him. then wrath to come ?ch, 2.22.

14 But John forbad 8 Bring forth there

him, saying, I have 5

Lu, 13.7.9. he

& 11. 16. & fire.


temptation. need to be baptized A. D. 27. ten, Man shall not of thee, and comest

livé by bread alone, thou to me?

y Mar. 1. 10. but by every word 15 And Jesus an- z ls. 11. 2.

that proceedeth out swering said unto & 42. 1.

of the mouth of God. him, Suffer it to be so

5 Then the devil

Lu.3. 22. now: for thus it be

taketh him up dinto cometh us to fulfil all

Jno. 1. 32, the holy city, and righteousness. Then

a Jno. 12. 28. setteth him on a pinhe suffered him.

nacle of the temple,

b Ps. 2. 7. 16 y And Jesus,

6 And saith unto when he was baptiz

Isa. 42. I.

hiin, If thou he the ed, went up straight

ch. 12. 18. Son of God, cast thyway out of the water: & 17. 5. self down for it is and, lo, the heavens Lu.9. 35. written,

e He shall were opened unto him Eph. 1.6. give his angels charge and he saw the Spirit Col. 1. 13. concerning

thee : of God descending

2 Pe. 1.17.and in their hands like a dove, and light

they shall bear thee

a Mar. l. 12 ing upon him :

Lu. 4.1.

up, lest at any time 17 a And lo a voice

thou dash thy foot froin heaven, saying,

bl Ki. 18.12.

against a stone, This is my beloved

Ez. 3. 14. 7 Jesus said unto Son, in whom I am & 8. 3. him, It is written well pleased.

& 11. 1. 24. again, f Thou shalt CHAP. IV.

& 40.2, not tempt the Lord 1 THEN was a Je- & 43. 5. hy God. sus led up of b the

Ac, 8. 39. 8 Again, the devil spirit into the wilder

Deu. 5.3.

taketh him up into ness to be tempted

d Ne. II. 1.
an exceeding

high of the devil.

18. mountain, and shew. ? And when he had

Is. 48. 2. eth him all the kingfasted forty days and & 52. ). doms of the world, forty nights, he was

the glory

of afterward an hun

Re. 11. 2.

them ; gred.

9 And saith unto 3 And when the e Ps. 91, him, All these things tempter came to him,

will I give thee, if

f De. 6. 16. he said, If thou be the

thou wilt fall down Son of God, com- & De. 6. 13.

and worship me. mand that these & 10. 20.

10 Then saith Jestones be made bread. Jos. 24. 14. sus unto him, Get

4 But he answered 1 Sa. 7. 3. thee hence, Satan : and said, It is writ.

for it is & written,

ch. 27. 53. and


Peter and

John called.
Thou shalt worship) A. D. 30. 18 . And Jesus,

h He. 1. 14.

walking by the sea and him only shalt i Ma: 1.14: of Galilee, saw two thou serve.

La. 3. 20. brethren, р Simon 11 Then the devil

& 4. 14.31. called Peter, and An

Jno. 4. 43. drew leaveth him, and,

his brother, behold, bangels came vered up.

+ Or, deli- casting a net into the and ministered unto k Is. 9. 1, 2. sea : for they were him.

1 Is. 42.7. fishers. 19 Now when Je. Lu. 2. 32. 19 And he saith sus had heard that m Mar. 1.14, unto them, . Follow John was cast into

och. 3. 2. me, and 91 'will make prison, he departed

& 10. 7.

you fishers of men. into Galilee;

o Mar. 1. 16, 20T And they 13 And

leaving 17, 18. straightway left their Nazareth, he came

Ln. 5. 2.

nets, and followed р

Jno. 1. 42. and dwelt in Caper

q Lu. 5. 10, naum, which is upon


21 And going on the sea coast, in the Mar. 10. 28.

from thence, he saw borders of Zabulon Lu. 18. 29. other two brethren, and Nephthalim :

s Mar. 1. 19. James the son of Ze. 14 That it might

Lu. 5. 10. bedee, and John his be fulfilled which was

tch. 9. 35.
Mar, 1.21.

brother, in a ship spoken by Esaias the 39. with Zebedee their prophet, saying, Lu. 4. 15. father, mending their

15 k The land of 44. nets; and he called Zabulon, and the land ch. 24. 14. them.

Mar, 1. 14. of Nephthalim, by the

Mar. 1. 34.

22 And they immeway of the sea, be

diately left the ship yond Jordan, Galilee ver. 19

and their father, and of the Gentiles ;

* Following followed him. 16 1 The

people the sense
a person in

23 And Jesus went which sat in darkness here used, about all i Galilee, saw great light; and signifies be-teaching in their synato them which sat in ing his dis

gogues, and preach

ciple. the region and sha

ing the ugospel of the dow of death light is **Synagogues kingdom, and heal. sprung up.

among the ing all manner of 17 m From that time Jews, were sickness and all manJesus began to probably not ner of disease among preach, and to say, older than the the people. Repent:n for the king. the Babylo

24 And his fame dom of heaven is at nish captivity went throughout all

Syria : and



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