Quest for the Soul: The Age-Old Search for Our Inner Spiritual Nature

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 304 Seiten

8 New Tales of Horror that will Circumcise you with FEAR!

  • A yuppie couple get more than a clear signal from their bargain cell phone
  • A young fashion model receives the gift of her dreams are some gifts nonreturnable?
  • What has that quiet neighbor been collecting in his basement?
  • A woman has an unforgettable encounter with the New DARK Age
  • Finally, the truth about genetically modified foods
  • Surfers and Cult Members fight over a Southern California Beach
  • Reverie and Rainy Days don't mix especially behind the wheel
  • Two young couples find an unexpected Companion has tagged along on their weekend camping trip

Who needs bats, werewolves, and gothic castles when the modern world offers so much to be afraid of? In this new collection, author Joseph Moore offers the reader character studies, morality tales, slices of life and death that give one a new appreciation for the word TERROR! Lock the doors and put the bars on the windows, because Fright is coming for a visit!

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