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Seite 7 - At his approach complaint grew mild ; And when his hand unbarred the shutter, The clammy lips of fever smiled The welcome which they could not utter. He always had a tale for me Of Julius Caesar, or of Venus ; From him I learnt the rule of three, Cat's cradle, leap-frog, and Qiue genus: I used to singe his powdered wig, To steal the staff he put such trust in, And make the puppy dance a jig, When he began to quote Augustine.
Seite 126 - And echoed the musical numbers Which you used to sing to me then. I know the romance, since it's over, 'Twere idle, or worse, to recall: I know you're a terrible rover; But, Clarence, - you'll come to our Ball!
Seite 18 - She sketched ; the vale, the wood, the beach, Grew lovelier from her pencil's shading : She botanized; I envied each Young blossom in her boudoir fading : She warbled Handel ; it was grand ; She made the Catalani jealous : She touched the organ; I could stand For hours and hours to blow the bellows.
Seite 8 - I look For haunts in which my boyhood trifled, — The level lawn, the trickling brook, The trees I climbed, the beds I rifled : The church is larger than before ; You reach it by a carriage entry ; It holds three hundred people more, And pews are fitted up for gentry. Sit in the Vicar's seat...
Seite 9 - Hie jacet GVLIELMVS BROWN, Vir nutta non donandus lauru." EVERY-DAY CHARACTERS II QUINCE Fallentia semita vit;r. — HOR. NEAH a small village in the West, Where many very worthy people Eat, drink, play whist, and do their best To guard from evil Church and steeple, There stood — alas! it stands no more! — A tenement of brick and plaster, Of which, for forty years and four, My good friend Quince was lord and master.
Seite 29 - You'll be forgotten — as old de"bts By persons who are used to borrow ; Forgotten — as the sun that sets, When shines a new one on the morrow ; Forgotten — like the luscious peach, That blessed the school-boy last September ; Forgotten — like a maiden speech, Which all men praise, but none remember.
Seite 15 - Were in my fowling-piece and filly; In short, while I was yet a boy, I fell in love with Laura Lilly. I saw her at the County Ball; There, when the sounds of flute and fiddle Gave signal sweet in that old hall Of hands across and...
Seite 120 - If he speaks of a tax or a duty, If he does not look grand on his knees, If he 's blind to a landscape of beauty, Hills, valleys, rocks, waters, and trees, If he dotes not on desolate towers, If he likes not to hear the blast blow, If he knows not the language of flowers, — My own Araminta, say "No!
Seite 117 - Remember the thrilling romances We read on the bank in the glen ; Remember the suitors our fancies Would picture for both of us then. They wore the red cross on their shoulder, They had vanquished and pardoned their foe — Sweet friend, are you wiser or colder ? My own Araminta, say 'No...
Seite 25 - I don't object to wealth or land ; And she will have the giving Of an extremely pretty hand, Some thousands, and a living. She makes silk purses, broiders stools. Sings sweetly, dances finely, Paints screens, subscribes to Sunday schools And sits a horse divinely.

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