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à desperate exertion to save herself he then fainted through loss of blood in from the great bodies of troops which going down to his cot. His ship did poured in upon her. A terrible contest wonders, she had the greatest number ensued, in which at one time the ene- killed and wound:d in the fleet; a 32my had even advanced upon her poup, pound shot went through the cockpit

, and were struggling for her colours - knocked down the table, and hurt the Captain Harvey succeeded in repulsing surgeon's-mate in the breast. both sets of boarders, and following his Capt. Durham, of the Defiance, was blow, on board the Intrepid of 74 guns, only confined to his cabin four days; got possession of her after a most severe though he had a bad wound in his leg, confict.

and another in his side. The Defance The third ship in this division, the considered the Prince of Asturias (GraNeptune, of 98, Capt. Freemantle, took vina's ship) her opponent; she battered up the Bucentaure, which had been her three quarters of an hour, and obforced out of Lord Nelson's grasp, and liged her to sheer off. The rigging of engaged her for some time, supported the Defiance was so much cut to pieces most gallantly by the Conqueror, the that she was uninanageable, but luckily ship astern of her; but observing the she got along-side of L'Aigle, and soon Santissima Trinidada, of 140 guns, se- obliged her to strike ; an officer and parated from the group of ships which 50 men took possession of her, but she were locked together, and presenting was lost in the gale. Her ist and 2d her stern, and apparently unable for Captains were killed. want of seaman ship to bring her head Most of our officers were picked off round, placed b'mself within pistol-shot, in the glorious battle of Trafalgar, by and after a close action of above 40 marksmen who were all quartered in the minutes, succeeded in carrying away tops of the French ships of war; most the mizen and main-masts. By this of whom were native Tyrolese goataccident she payed off, but the Neptune shooters, enlisted, or rather trepanned preserved her advantage, and in ten into the French armies, in the late war, minutes more her foremast went. Short. when the French passed the Tyrol. ly after which an English Jack was The loss of the English in this action thrown over her starboard quarter; and has been already officially published... several of her Officers hailing the Nep- That of the enemy can only be guessed tune at the same time, announced to at from circumstances. The 20 ships her that this magnificent ship, the lar. which struck, had about 18000 men on gest in the world, had struck to her! board, of these 3000 were killed, and

The Conqueror, during this period, near 4000 wounded, and more than 1509 observing that the enemy's van had were lost in the wrecks.-The Spanish wore, bore down upon them to check prisoners sent to Cadiz were about 5000, the progress of six sail that were pass- and the French prisoners sent to Eng. ing to windward : and she, together land near 4000.-—The combined fleet with the Leviathan and Orion, maintain. exceeded in strength that of the British ed a very heavy action with the San by six ships, 474 guns, and 8124 men. Juste, San Augustin, and the San Fran- The following is an official statement cis d'Asis, all of which struck.

of the Spanish prisoners taken in the At a quarter past four the Victory battle of Trafalgar, who have been sent and Royal Sovereign, which had disen- to Spain from Gibraltar, previous to the gaged themselves, and taken a most 21st of December: distinguished part against the reserve of 1 Rear Admiral, 1 Chief of Brigade, the enemy, commanded by Gravina, 6 Captains of line of battle ships, 3 made the signal to haul to the wind on Captains of frigates, 200 other naval the larboard tack, when the firing ceased, and military officers-Total officers, 210. leaving us in possession of 18 sail of the -4589 seamen and soldiers. line, exclusive of the Achille, which was Nearly five hundred pounds have on fire, and soon blew up.

been subscribed by the garrison of GibThe brave Capt. James Nichol Mor- raltar, for the purpose of erecting on ris, of the Colossus, was badly wound. the rock a naval pillar, as a tribute of ed in the bend of the knee, but did not affection and respect to the memory of leave the deck till the action was over; the late Lord Nelson.


The following relation of the last mo- Bourke left the cock-pit. Beatty now ments of the Heroic Nelson, is given said, " Suffer me, my Lord, to probe by M: Beatty, surgeon, and Mr Bourke, the wound with my finger-I will give purser of the Victory:

you no pain.” Lord Nelson permitted “ About the middle of the action him, and passing his left hand round his Lord Nelson was upon the quarter- waist, he probed it with the fore fin. deck, where he resolved to take his ger of his right. station. A few minutes before he was " When Bourke returned into the wounded, Mr Bourke was near him; cock-pit with Captain Hardy, Lord he looked stedfastly at him, and said, Nelson told the latter to come near " Bourke, I expect every man to be him-“Kiss me, Hardy !” he exclaimupon his station,” Mr Bourke took ed.--Captain Hardy kissed his cheek, the hint, and went to his proper situa- I hope your Lordship (said he) will tion in the cock-pit.

still live to enjoy your triumph.”— " At this time his Lordship’s Secreta. Never, Hardy (he exclaimed,) I am ry, Mr Scott, who was communicating dying; I am a dead man all over; some orders to an officer at a distant Beatty will tell you so-Bring the fleet part of the quarter deck, was cut al- to an anchor; you have all done your most in two by a cannon-shot. He ex. duty-God bless you."--Captain Har. pired on the instant, and was thrown dy now said, " I suppose Collingoverboard. Lord Nelson said, as if wood, my dear Lord, is to command doubtful, to a Midshipman that was the fleet ?"-Never (he exclaimed) while near him, “ Was that Scott ?" The I live ;"—meaning, doubtless, that so Midshipman replied, he believed it was. long as his gallant spirit survived, he He exclaimed - Poor fellow !"

would never desert his duty. “ He was now walking the quarter. " What passed after this was merely deck, and about three yards from the casual. His Lordship’s last words were stern, the space he generally walked be- to Mr Beattie, whilst he was expiring fore he turned back. · His Lordship in his arms" I could have wished to was in the act of turning on the quar- have lived to enjoy this ; but God's ter-deck, with his face towards the ene- will be done."--"My Lord, (exclaimed my, when he was mortally wounded in Hardy,) you die in the inidst of trithe left breast by a musket ball, from umph."- -“ Do I, Hardy?"-He smiled the mizen mast of the Redoubtable.-- faintly—“ God be praised !” He instantly fell. Two sailors, who Upon Capt. Hardy's mentioning that were near, raised him in their arms, 19 had struck, his countenance brighand carried him to the cock-pit. He tened a little, but it was only for a mowas immediately laid upon a bed, and ment. He convulsively grasped Capt. the following is the substance of the Hardy's hand, and upon attempting to conversation which really took place in pronounce the word Victory, the blood the cock. pit between his Lordship, rushed suddenly from the lungs into the Captain Hardy, Mr Bourke, and Mr throat, and he expired calmly, and withBeatty.

out a groan.

Thus died one of the
Upon seeing him brought down, greatest heroes that England ever pro-
Mr Bourke immediately ran to him.- duced.
** I fear," he said,

your Lordship is On removing the ball after his Lord.
wounded.” “ Mortally, mortally.” “I ship' death, a portion of the gold lace
hope not, my dear Lord; let Mr Beat- and pad of the 'epaulet, with a small
ty examine your wound.” “ It is of piece of the coat, were found firmly at-
no use," exclaimed the dying Nelson ; tached to it.
" he had better attend to others."

The account of Lord Nelson's death “ His Lordship was raised up; and was even received at Cadiz by the Mr Beatty, whose attention was anxi Spaniards, particularly the officers, with ously fixed upon the eyes of his patient, sorrow and regret they said, “ That tho' as an indication the most certain when he had been the ruin of their navy, they a wound is mortal, after a few moments, could not but lament his fate, as being glanced his eye on Bourke, and expres- the most generous enemy, and the sed his opinion in his countenance. greatest Commander of the age !"-An Lord Nelson now turned to Bourke, eulogium highly honourable to the and said, " Tell Hardy to come to me.' Spanish character,


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Whitehall. Jan. 29. The King has bees Ogilvie a ainst Moss.

pleased to confer the honour of the most THIS was a curious and important mer. lion. (srder of the Bath on Rear Admiral

cantile question. Among the p pers of William Earl of Northe-k, and Rear AdWilliana Marshall, late assistant cashier to miral Sir éicha d John Strachan, Bart. the Dundee Banking Company, there was -i o grari the dignity of a Baronet of found a bill for L.425, signed by is. Moss. the United Kinguiom to Thomas MasterThe name of the drawer was not ffixed to

ardy, Esq. Captain in the Royal the bil, but it was blank indorse by War. Navy; and to Gouville Bromh-ad, Esq. shall, who afterwards left Scotiand, and the Brig Gen. of his Majesty's Forces. action was brought hy Mr Oyj vie, the trus

February 1.

on. At the Court at the tee for Marshall's creditors, to receive pay. Queen's Palace, present the King's Most

The Magistrates of l'undee de Excellent Majesty in Council, his Highcerned for payment of the bill, and also of ness the Duke of Gloucester was, by his some additional advance, which appeared in Alajesty's command, introduced into the a jotting on the bill. Moss presented a Privy Council of the United Kingdom by bill of advocation to the Court of jession. Eari amden, Lord President, and his The Lord Ordinary assoilzied the deten- Highness took his place at the Board on der, as he was of opinion the bill was de- his Majesty's left hand. fective of an essential requisite, the draw- F43. 5. 1800,-- At the Court at the er's or creditor's name. But the Court of Queer's palace, this day, his Majesty was Session were of opinion, that when a per- pleased to deliver the custody of the Privy son accepted a bill, tho' it is blank in the Seal to rienry Viscount Sidmouth, who nanie of the drawer, he becomes bound to took the oaths and his place at the Board pay the person who has a right to the debt; accordingly. and it is of no consequence whether it has Same day, Francis Harl of Moira, Rithe drawer's name, if it can be clearly shewn chard Chandos Earl Temple, Henry Petty, in whom the right of payment exists. The Esq. (commonly called Lord Henry Petty,) Court therefore altered the interlocutor of, Charles Grey, Esq. and the Hon. Charles the Lord Ordinary, and repelled the de- James Fox, were, by his Majesty's comfence, that the bill is not probative, and mand, sworn of his Majesty's most Hon. found the defender liable in expences.

Privy Council.

Same day, his Majesty was pleased to The following appointments have been appoint John Earl Spencer, and the Rt. published in the London Gazette of their Hon. William Windham, two of his Mae respective dates.

jesty's Principal Secretaries of State, and Carlton-house, Nov. 15. The Prince of they were sworn in accordingly. Wales has appointed John Clerk, Esq. his -To appoint William Lord Auckland, Royal Highness's Solicitor General for President, and Richard Earl Temple, Vice Scotland, (vice Lord Robertson.)

President, of the committee of council for Windsor, Nov. 2 3. The King was pleas. Trade and Foreign plantations. ed to invest General the Right Hon. Lord Whitehall, Feb. 7. The King has been Cathcart with the Ensigns of the Most pleased to grant the dignity of a Baron Ancient and Most Noble Order of the of the United Kingdom of Great Britain Thistle, his Lordship having previously re- and Ireland, to the Right Hon. Thomas ceived the honour of Knighthood.

Erskine, and the heirs male of his body Whitehall, Nov. 30. His Majesty has lawfully begotten, by the name, stile, and granted the dignity of a Baronet of the U- title of Baron Erskine, of Restormel castle, nited Kingdom, to Major General George in the county of Cornwall. Prevost, Governor of Dominica, and to Ma. Feb. 7. His Majesty in 'council was pleajor Gen. Sir Cha. Green, Gov. of Surinam. sed to deliver the Great Seal to Thomas

Whitehall, Jan. 27. The King has been Lord Erskine, who thereupon took the pleased to constitute and appoint Sir Ru- oaths, and his place at the Board accordingly. pört George, Knt. Ambrose Serle, Thomas -To appoint the Rt. Hon. Charles James Hamilton, James Bowen, John Douglas, Fox, one of his Majesty's Principal SecretaEsqrs. and John Harness, Doctor of Physic, ries of State, and he was sworn in accordto be his Majesty's Commissioners' for ingly. conducting the Transport Service, for the Same day, George Viscount Morpeth, sare of Sick and Wounded Seamen, and for Lord John Townshend, Thomas Lord the care and custody of Prisoners of War. Erskine, and Richard Brinsley Sheridan,


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cretary at War.

Esq. were, by his Majesty's command, Feb. 15.-To grant the dignities of Baron sworn of his Majesty's most Hon. Privy and Viscount of the united kingdom to Council.

Thomas Anson. Esq. and his heirs male, by Feb. 8. The King has been pleased to the titles of Baron Soberton, and Viscount grant to Gen. Francis Earl of Moira, the

Anson of Shugborough, in the county of office of Master-General of his Majesty's Stafford. Ordnance of the United Kingdom.

The dignity of a Baton of the united -To appoint the Right Hon General kingdom, to John Dennis Marquis of Sligo, Richard Fitzpatrick to be his Majesty's Se- and his heirs male, by the title of Baron

Monteagle of Westport in the county of Feb. 11.-lo constitute and appoint the

Mayo. Rt. Hon. Wm Wyndham Baron Grenville; -To Hugh Earl of Eglinton, and his the Right Hon. Henry Petty, (commonly

heirs male, by the stile and title of Baron called Lord Henry Petty) ; John Charles

Ardrossan of Ardrossan, in the county of Spencer, Esq. (commonly called Viscount

Althorp,), the Right Hon. William Wick- -To James Earl of Lauderdale, and his
ham, and John ourtnay, sq. to be Como heirs male, by the stile and title of Baron
missioners for executing the office of Trea- Lauderdale of Thirlestone, in the county of
surer of his Majesty's Exchequer.

- To grant to the Right Hon. Henry o George Earl of Granard, and his
Petty, (commonly called Lord Henry heirs male, by the title of Biroa Granard,
Petty,) the office of Chancellor and Under of Castle Donnington, in the county of
Treasurer of his Majesty's Exchequer.

-To appoint the Right Hon. Charles -To John Crewe, Esq. and his heirs
Grey, Sir Philip Stephens, Bart. John Mark- male, by the stile and title of raiun Crewe,
ham, Esq. Rear-Admiral of the White, Sir of Crewe in the County of Chester.
Charles Morice Pole, Bart. Admiral of the -To William Lygon, Esq. and his heirs
Blue, Sir Harry Neale, Bart. William Rus- male, by the title of B:ron Beauchamp of
sel, Esq. (commonly called Lord William Powdyke, in the county of Worcester.
Russel,) and the Right Hon. William Lord - To appoint Francis Earl of Moira to
Kensington, to be his Majesty's Commis- be Constable of the Tower of London, and
sioners for executing the office of High Ad- Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the
miral of the United Kingdom of Great Bri- Tower Hamlets, in the room of the Mar-
tain and Ireland, and the dominions, islands, quis Cornwallis, deceased.
and territories thereunto belonging.

-To grant to the Right Hon. Richard
-To appoint the Right Hon. Gilbert Brinsley Sheridan the office of Treasurer
Baron Minto, George John Earl Spencer, of his Majesty's Navy.
the Right Hon. William Windham, Chas. -To appoint Robert Earl of Bucking-
James Fox, William Wyndham Baron Gren- hamshire, and John Joshua Earl of Carys-
ville, Lord Henry Petty, the Right Hon. fort, to the office of Postmaster-General.
George Howard, (commonly called Vis- -To appoint Richard Chandos Earl
count Morpeth,) the Right Hon. John Temple, and Lord John Townshend, to the
Hiley Addington, and the Right Hon John office of Paymaster General of his Majesty's
Sullivan, to be his Majesty's Commission- Forces.
ers for the Management of the Affairs of -To appoint Lord Charles Spencer, to

the office of Master and Worker of the
-To appoint the Right Hon. Henry Mint.
Barl of Carnarvon to be Master of the -To grant to Alexander Davison, Esq.
Horse to his Majesty.

the office of Treasurer of the Ordnance of
Feb. 12. His Grace John Duke of Bed- the united kingdom.
ford, Henry Earl of Carnarvon, John Jo- -To John Calcraft, Esq. the office of
shua Earl of Carysfort, Charles Augustus Clerk of the Ordnance of the united king-
Lord Ossulston, St Andrew Lord St John of dom.
Bletsoe, and William Elliot Esq. were Feb. 18.-To John Macmahon Esq. the
sworn of his Majesty's most Honourable office

of Storekeeper of the Ordnance. Privy Council.

-To Lord Robert Spencer, the office of
His Majesty, in Council, was this day Surveyor General of his Majesty's woods,
pleased to declare his Grace John Duke of forests, &e.
Bedford Lieutenant General and General Dublin Castle, Feb. 6. His Majesty has
Governor of Ireland.

granted the dignity of Earl of the king-
-To deliver the custody of the Seals of dom of Ireland, to the following noblemen
the Duchy and County-Palatine of Lancas. and their heirs male, viz.
ter to the Right Hon. Edward Earl of To Arthur Viscount Gosford, now Earl

Gosford. Laurence Parsons Hafman, Visa Feb. 1806.


coant Oxmantown, now Earl of Ross. Chal. Agnes Congaltɔn, eldest surviving daugh. Viscount Somerton, Archbishop of Dublin, ter of Dr Charles Congalton. now Earl of Normantown And Charles Dec. 29. At Prestonkirk, MrArch. Dunlop Viscount Charleville, now Earl of Charle- merchant, Leith, to Miss Mary Macqueen, ville;

daughter of the Rev. Mr Daniel Macqueen, And the dignity of a Baron of Ireland to Prestonkirk. Peter Isaac Thellueson Esq. by the stile and 31. George Paterson of Cunoquhy, Esq. title of Baron Rendlesham of Rendlesham. to Miss Moncrief 1 indesay, daughter of

Jan. 28. The King has been pleased to the late William Lindesay of Feddinch, grant to the Right Honourable Robert

Esq. Banks Lord Hawkesbury, the office of Con- Lately, W. Sharman, Esq. of Moira Casstable of his Majesty's Castle of Dover; tle, to Miss Crawford, only daughter of and also the office of Warden and Keeper John Crawford, Esq. of Crawfordsburn. of his Majesty's Cinque Ports, and the of.

Jan. I. At Sunbury Church, Middlesex, fice of Admiralty within the said Cinque Thomas Allan, Esq. banker in Edinburgh, Ports and their members, and likewise au to Miss Christian Smith, second daughter wrecks of the sea whatsoever.

of George Smith, Esq. of Coniston. Carlton House, Fcb 7.

1. The Rev. Mr Ireland, to Miss MargaThe Prince of Wales has been pleased to ret Spalding, daughter of the late Mr appoint William Adam, Esq. to be Chancel. Chas. Spalding, confectioner in Edinburgh. lor and Keeper of his Royal Highness's 1. The Rev. William Burns, minister at Great Seal, in the room of the Right Hog. Dun, to Miss Elizabeth Chalmers, daughter Lord Erskine, now Lord High Chancellor of Mr James Chalmers, printer in Aberof Great Britain. And William Garrow, deen. Esq. to be Attorney-General to his Royal 3. At Millhead, Norman Lockhart, Esq. Highness.

son of the late Charles Lockhart, Esq. of Downing Street, Feb. 4. The King has Muiravonside, to Miss Phillis Barbara been pleased to appoint Sir Henry Russel Macmurdo, daughter of the late John MacKnt. to be Chief Justice of the Supreme murdo, Esq Court of Judicature at Fort William in - At Glasgow, John Millwham, Esq. Bengal. And Sir Wm. Burroughs, Bart, of Hyde Park, to Miss Adeliza Struthers, one of the Puisne Judges of the same daughter of the late John Struthers, Esq. Court.

brewer in Glasgow. Lord Henry Petty is elected M. P. for 8. At London, Brigadier-General Clethe University of Cambridge, in room of phane, M. P. for Kinross-shire, to Miss the Rt. Hon. William Pitt, deceast.

Lætitia Bold, daughter of Jonas Bold, Esq.

9. dt Edinburgh, Lieut.-Cal. Alexander MARRIAGES.

Beatson of Knowle, to Miss Davidson Nov. 25. At Kimbolton Castle, by spe- Reid, daughter of David Reid, Esq. Comcial licence, Charles Palmer. Esq. of Lucke missioner of the Customs. ley Park, Berkshire, to the Right Hon. -. At New Mills, near Dalkeith, Capt. Lady Madelina Sinclair, eldest daughter of Stiven, of the Edinburgh militia, to Miss the Duke of Gordon, and widow of Sir Brodie, daughter of Mr James Brodie. Robert Sinclair of Murkle, Bart. The 24. At Borthwickshiels, Charles Erskine, Duke and Duchess of Manchester, Duke Esq. writer in Melrose, to Miss Pott, only and Duchess of Bedford, Marquis of Tavis. daughter of the late George Pott, Esq. of tock, and Lady Charlotte Lennox, were Todrig. present.

24. At Edinburgh, William Gracie, Esq. Dec. 20. At Inverness, William Falconer, writer to the signet, to Miss Elizabeth Emi. Esq. late of Jamaica, to Miss Christian ly James, eldest daughter of Thomas James, Macintosh, eldest daughter of John Mac- Esq. of Hensingham Hall, Cumberland. intosh, Esq. late Provost of Inverness. 24. At Westfield, William Forbes, Esq.

At Drayton Basset, Staffordshire, of Callender, to Miss Agnes Chalmers, the Rev. William Cockburn, Fellow of daughter of John Chalmers, Esq. of WestSt John's College, Cambridge, and brother field, near Aberdeen. ef Sir Janies Cockburn, Bart. to Miss Eliza- 27. At the Cottage 'on the Hill, near beth Peel, second daughter of Sir Robert Brechin, David Allardice, Esq. younger of Peel, Bart. Member of Parliament for Tam. Pittendrich, to Miss Straton, daughter of worth.

the Rev. Mr Straton, of the Episcopal Cha23. At Glasgow, George Houstoun, Esq. pel, Brechin. of Johnstoun, to Miss Walkınshaw, daugh- Feb. 7. At Edinburgh, Sir Thomas Gibter of the late James Walkinshaw, Esq. of son Carmichael of Skirling, Bart. to Miss Walkinshaw,

Janet Dundas, second daughter of the late Dec. 26. At West Grange, John Bell Major-General Thos. Dundas of Carron, Esq, surgeon, Edinburgh, to Miss Rosina hall.


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