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13. At Glasgow, the Right Hon. Lady

Janet Buchanan, a daughter.
March 17. At Trincomale, the Lady of
Capcain Laurence of the 19th foot, a son,

DEATHS. being the third child she has presented to 1805. Jan. 12. At Brodera, in the East her husband on St Patrick's day.

Indies, Lieut. Augustus Pitt Knight, of the Nov. 26. At Donegal house, Belfast, the 6th regiment of Bombay native infantry: Marchioness of Donuegal, a son.

and at Calcutta, on the 4th of October folDec. 14. At Bernice, Mrs Fletcher, a son. Jowing, Major Henry Knight Erskine, of

21. At Bartley Lodge, Hants, the Lady the şoth regiment, sons of Lieutenant-Coof Charles Lyell, Esq. of Kinordy, a daugh- lonel Knight Frskine of Pittodrie ter.

Aug, 27. On board the General Stuart, 33. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Walter on the passage from Madras to Bengal, AlScott, Esq. advocate, a son.

lan Spottiswoode, youngest son of the late 27. At Winchburgh, Mrs Thomas Allan, James Spottiswoode, Esq. of Dunipace. a son.

Sept. 19. At Gardepore, in the East In27. At Edinburgh, the Lady of the Rev. dies, Capt Peter Abercromby, of the 8th Dr Lamont, of Erncrogo, a son.

Light Dragoons. 29. The Lady of Major Howard Douglas, Oct. 5. At Ghazeepore, in the province a daughter.

of Benares, in India, aged 67, the most noble Jan. 5. At Edinburgh, Mrs Hay, wife of Charles Cornwallis, Marquis and Earl Mr James Hay, writer to the signet, a son.

Cornwallis, Viscount Brome, and Baron 5. At the Lady of Capt. Halkett, Cornwallis, Knight of the Garter, and a Royal Navy, a daughter.

Baronet, a General in the Army, Lieu5. At Giack, Mrs M.Kenzie of Glack, a tenant of the Tower Hamlets, Constable of daughter.

the Tower, Colonel of the 33d foot, and 7. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Hope Governor General of India. He was born Steuart, Esq. of Ballechan, a son.

December 31st, 1738, succeeded his father 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Mackenzie, wife Charles, the late Earl, June 23d, 1762, and ef Colin Mackenzie Esq. Principal Clerk of is succeeded by his qnly son, CharlesVisSession, a son.

count Brome, (who married Louisa, daugh, The Lady of Marmaduke Constable ter of the Duke of Gordon,) now Marquis Maxwell, Esq. a son.

Cornwallis. 3. At Dalyell Lodge, Mrs Dalyell of His Lordship sailed from England in Lingo, a son.

April last, in the Medusa frigate, to take 30. At Mellerstain, Mrs Baillie of Jer. upon him the Government of the extensive viswood, a son.

territories of the East India Company, being 41. At London, the Countess of Elgin, a appointed successor to the Marquis Weiles. daughter.

ley, who had resigned the government, af. - At ditto, the Lady of Robert Dallas, ter eight years of arduous service.

His Esq. M. P. a daughter.

Lordship arrived, after a very fortunate - At London, the Lady of Henry voyage, on the joth of July, at Calcutta, Thornton, Esq. M. P. a daughter.

and immediately assumed the Government. 31. Mrs Scott of Harden, a son.

His Lordship's death was not occasioned Feb. I. At Balbardy, Mrs Marjoribanks by any particular disease. He was far of Marjoribanks, a son.

from well when arrived; but thinking 2. At Scotscraig, Mrs Dalgliesh, a son. that the aspect of affairs in th: Upper

- At London, the Lady of Major Provinces demanded his immediate preCampbell, 78th regt. a son.

sence, instead of waiting until he should re4. At Portsmouth, the Lady of Capt.

cover from the effects of his voyage, he set Oliver, of his Majesty's ship Mars, a out on the 7th of August, hy water, to take daughter, which died next morning. the personal command of the army. By

4. At Gravesend, the Lady of Captain being confined in a boat, he was prevenRobert Campbell, of the royal navy, a son. ted from taking his usual exercise, and this

6. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir Wil- circumstance, aided by the great heat of the jam Ramsay of Bamff, Bart. a son. weather, had the effect of depriving him of

5. At Bromley, the Lady of James Ford, his appetite. The consequence was, that Esq. of Finbaven, a daughter.

he was reduced io extreme debility, which 7. At Ravelrig, the Lady of Col. Hen- daily increased. He, however, still pro. derson, a daughter.

ceeded forward, but was at last obliged to 8. The Lady of Major M‘Kellar of the be put-a-shore at a place called Ghazee: Royals, a son.

about 600 miles above Calcutta, in. At Edinburgh, the Countess of Lou, where he expired, to the infinite regret of doun and Moira, a daughter.


the whole Indian community.


Oct. 13. At Calcutta, after a short illness, - At Pareham in Hants, aged 105, Eber in the 41st year of his age, Lieut.-Col. Jas. zabeth Spencer, who many years ago lose Achilles Kilpatrick, of the Madras Estab. her eye-sight, but recovered it again about Jishment, and many years British Resident her roodth year. at the Court of Hydrabad.

- At Litchfield, at an advanced age, 15. In Jamaica, Thomas Whyclaw, Esq. Andrew Newton, Esq. brother of the late late merchant in Glasgow.

pious and learned Bishop Newton. His At sea, after two days illness, Capt. property, which was considerable, was emWilliam Richardson, of his Majesty's sloop ployed to a liberal extent in private acts of L'Utile.

charity and beneficence. The noble insti-. On his voyage from Calcutta to tution which he founded and endowed some Bombay, Captain Henry Moriso!), second years ago, at Litchfield, fos Widows of son of the late James Morison of Dunbrae. Clergymen (and for their unmarried daugh.

Oct. 18. On his passage home from New ters above the age of so), will distinguish Orleans, Mr John Buchanan, late merchant, his name and perpetuate his memory. He in Glasgow.

enjoyed a gratification which charity has At Prince Edward's Island, in the seldom ventured to taste, and affluence has Gulph of St Lawrence, North America, ag. seldom lived long enough to afford; he ed 83, P. Stewart, Esq. late his Majesty's gave, for the purpose above-mentioned, Chief Justice of that Island

20,000l. during his own life. Oct. 23. At Antigua, Captain William 30. At Edinburgh, suddenly, while tranCampbell, of the 69th regiment of foot, sacting business in his office, Alex. Thomyoungest son of the late John Campbell son, Esq. Deputy Cashier of Excise, greatEsq. of Lochend.

ly regreted. Lately, at Deventer in Holland, M. Van Dec. 2. At Edinburgh, Lieut. David Schimmelpenninck, wine merchant there, Johnston, royal navy, son of the deceased and father of the Grand Pensionary; a Mr Robert Johnston, merchant in Edinvery respectable man. In consequence of burgh, in the zoth year of his age. He his death there was a general Court mourn- was wounded last war in the West Indies, ing at the Hague.

and off Camperdown under Lord Duncan. Nov. 17. At London, suddenly, aged 80, He fought afterwards under Lord Nelson Susanna Louisa Dowager Lady St John of at Copenhagen, but never recovered from Bletsoe.

the fatigues of that memorable engageAt Titchfield, Mrs E. Thompson, ment. Lady of Rear Admiral Thompson.

I. At London, in his 75th year, Mr 19.4At Glasgow, Mrs Kingan, widow of Thomas King, the celebrated comedian. the Rev. John Kingan, late minister of He first appeared at Drury Lane Theatre, Crawford.

in 1748, having exchanged the attorney's 19. At Fort William, aged 52, Mr James quill for the tragic truncheon. His first Donaldson, Surveyor of the Military Roads. essays being passed over without notice,

19. At Colchester, aged 17, Lady Sarah and the characters in his view being preMontgomery, second daughter of the late occupied by veteran performers, he reArchibald Earl of Eglinton.

paired to Bath, and afterwards to Ireland, 20. At the King's Mews, Charing-cross, where he rapidly accomplished himself in London, Mr Freer, one of the coachmen to his profession. He was recalled to Drury his Majesty for near 20 years. And on I ane Stage in the year 1759, where he was the same day, Williain Porter, head posti- received as one of the first comic performers lion to his Majesty. What is remarkable, of the day. For forty years he was then they were both appointed to their places on constantly before the public, and the fathe same day.

vourite Tom KING ever continued to meet Nov. 22. At Blackford-house near Edin- with high and deserved approbation. burgh, Miss Frances Garden Macfarlane; Those who recollect his Lord Ogleby, Sir and at London, on the 26th, Miss Margt. Peter Teazle, Tom, Brass, and Lissardo, Macfarlane, youngest and eldest daughters must acknowledge he had no rival in those of the late Walter Macfarlane, Esq. parts. He was a proprietor of the Bristol

25. At Sidmonton, in Hampshire, Admi. Theatre, and of Sadler's Wells, both gain. ral Sir Robert Kingsnill, Bart. in the 75th ing concerns; but unfortunately his daily year of his age, a celebrated Naval Com- industry experienced sad defalcations from mander.

his nightly hazard !-He was manager of 25. At London, Lady Charlotte Hornby, · Drury.Lane Theatre for six years, during spouse of Edmund Hornby, Esq. and only which he acquitted himself with great credaughter the Earl of Derby, by Lady dit; but on some difference Elizabeth Hamilton, only sister of the late and the proprietors in 1783, he relinquished Duke of Hamilton.

that situation, and finally quitted the stage

ween him

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#ilor. In private life he was full of tions of deep concern; but, when to that whim, anecdote, and pleasantry; and his description we have to add the most pogeneral conduct bore, even on the most trye lished urbanity of manners, the most excel. ing occasions, the stamp of the strictest in- lent heart, and a disposition the most active tegrity.

in fulfilling all the charities' of life, the sorDec. 12. At London, Mr John Almon, for- row for her loss must be profound in the merly an eminent bookseller in Piccadilly. breasts of all who knew her.

12. At Chelsea, in the 67th year of his A fever of unexampled rapidity, which age, Henry Samson Woodfall, Esq. between never for a moment yielded to the efforts 30 and 40 years proprietor of the Public Ad of the most skilful physicians, deprived sovertiser, in which first appeared the cele- ciety of one so highly qualified to be its brated Letters of Junius.

ornament and boast. 13. At Berwick, aged 69, Mrs Phorson, 21. At Dryden, the Rev. Archibald Scot, widow of Mr Wm. Phorson bookseller. minister of Pertinain, son of the Rev. James

-. At the Palace, Kilkenny, in the 75th Scot, D. D. minister of Carluke. Few year of his age, the Right Rev. Hugh Ha. men have met so early a fate, possessed of milton, D D. F.R.S. and M.R.L.A. Lord more varied accomplishments, more inflexiBishop of Ossory, formerly a Fellow of ble integrity, more ardent and pure affecTrinity College, Dublin, and Professor of tions. Natural Philosophy. His writings in se- 28. At his seat at Muntham, in Sussex, veral branches of science ranked him a- aged 84, William Frankland, Esq. the only mong the brightest ornaments of the Uni- surviving brother of the late Admiral Sir versity of which he was a member.

Thomas Frankland of Thirleby Park, near 14. At Portsmouth, Lieut.-Col. Erskine Thirsk, Yorkshire. The early part of his Hope, of the 26th regt. only son of the late life was actively employed in the East InArch. Hope, Esq. Collector of Excise. dies, and in travels through Arabia and the

16. Ac Wilton Lodge, aged 66, Mrs Holy Land; but in his latter years his haGrant, mother of the Lady of James An- bits were recluse and studious, and his atderson, Esq. late of Bengal.

tentions principally directed to improve17. At London, after a short illness, the ments in science, and the application of Right Hon. Henry Beauchamp, eleventh mechanics to the purposes of manufactures. Lord St John, of 'Bletsoe. His Lordship 30. At London, Mrs Skene, of Scotlanddying without male issue, having left four yard, wife of G. Skene, Esq. chief clerk of daughters only, is succeeded in his title and the Police-Office, after languishing for a estates by his brother the Hon. St Andrew fortnight in the most severe pain. It apSt John, Member in the last five successive peared, that on the 14th of Dec. the dea Parliaments for the county of Bedford. ceased went to meet her daughter on her

17. At Edinburgh, Mr Claud, Wight, late return from Scotland, and accompanied her of the customs, Leith.

home to her house in Scotland-yard. They 18. At Bristol Hotwells, after a short ill- sat together till a late hour at night, when ness, Mrs Blair, widow of Major Blair of the daughter retired to rest, but in a short Blair, and daughter of the late Syden ham time was awakened by the shrieks of her Williams, Esq. of Horingstone, Dorsetshire. mother, whom she found in a blaze of fire,

18. At Kilduff House, Miss Ann Came- her cap having taken fire and communicatron, second daughter of Col. Cameron, Lo- ed to her clothes. Miss Skene did every chiel

thing in her power, by putting blankets 20. At London, Mrs Day, wife of Wm. over her to extinguish the flames, but it Day, Esq. solicitor, and daughter of the late was too late, the vital parts being affected, Wm. French, Esq. of Glasgow.

and a mortification afterwards took place in 20 At Dalkeith, Mr David Crichton, her right arm. wing merchant.

22. Ac Edinburgh, Miss Mary Smith, 20. At Gartshore, John Gartshore, Esq. daughter of the late Rev. David Smith, of Gartshore, one of his Majesty's Deputy minister of Inverwick. Lieutenants for the county of Dumbarton ; Jan. 2. At Edinburgh, aged 81, Miss a gentleman of great integrity and good Mary Stewart, daughter of the late George Dess of heart.

Stewart of Tannachy, Esq. 20. At Edinburgh, after a short illness, 8. At Gatehouse, James Davitts, Esq. Mrs Duff, wife of Lieut. Col. James Duff, aged 73, one of the oldest and most respec. of the Inverness-shire Militia, daughter of table inhabitants of that place. Lady Louisa Manners, and sister to the -. At London, the Hon. Arthur SrewDuchess of St Albans and Lady Heathcote. art,infant son of Lord Garlies, aged 3 weeks The example of a person cut off so sudden- 9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Clementina Gelly, in all the bloom of beauty, and in the latly, relict of Mr John Moir, merchant in prime of youth, would alone excite sensa- Edinburgh.

7.2. 1". At Dundee, the Rev. John Ane timating the danger to Mr Pitt. He fulderson, one of the ministers of that town. filled this painful office with firmzess.

17. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margt. Bremner, Mr Pitt was hardly sensible; this dreadful relict of the lace Mr Geo. Girodlay, leather shock had scarcely power to dissipate his inerchant there.

lethargy; but, after a few moments he 18. At Stoneriilge, Thomas Ilood of waved his hand, and was left alone with Stoneridge Esq.

the Bishop 18. Ac Glasgow, Mr Lachlan Stuart, He had desired that some papers should merchant.

be brought to hiin, to which his signature 19. At Port Glasgow, Mr John Drum- was necessary, and after he had settled all mond, surgeon.

worldly concerns, he received the Sacra. 20. At Montrose, Mrs Kenny of Borrov. ment from his venerable friend, in the field.

most composed and recollected state. He 20. At Paisley, Mirs M'Kerrel, spouse of afterwards expressed to the Bishop his perMr Fulton M'Kerrel, merchant.

fect resign:tion to the will of Heaven, and 22. At Glasgow, Mrs Alexander West his mind bore up, under his nearly exhausHamilton.

ted body, with such manly fortitude, that 23. At his villa at Putney, at half past he entered into conversation on religious four in the morning (Thursday Jan. 23.), subjects for some time. He repeatedly that illustrious Statesinan, the Right Hon. expressed, in the strongest terms of humiWm. Pitt, First Lord of the Treasury, and lity, a sense of his own unworthiness, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord War. and a firm reliance upon the mercy of God den of the Cinque Ports, and Constable of through the merits of Christ. He signified Dover Castle; Master of the Trinity a desire to write a few lines, but his exHouse, a Governor of the Charter house, hausted condition deprived him of the and High Steward of, and representative power. in Parliament for the University of Cam- During the night his fever continued; bridge.

and the strong convulsions in his stomach The illness which has terminated thus

more than once threatned to break up his fatally, originated in excessive anxiety, and frame. unwearied attention to business. His

The Bishop sat up with him. The phywhole nervous system was so deranged, sicians now thought proper to discontinue that for weeks together, he was unable to medicino. During the morning of Wedbleep, and this privation of rest led to a ge. nesday, repeated inquiries were made after neral breaking up of his constitution. An him, and a statement of his danger was hereditary' gout completed the whole transmitted to his Majesty, to his relations, producing, according to its ordinary effect and most of his friends. The Earl of Chaa on a debilitated system, water in the chest, tham took leave of him on Wednesday and such a weakness of stomach, that he evening, and the interview was under could neither adnit nor retain any susten- stood to be most tender and affectionate,

He had received none for 48 hours and particularly distressing to the former. before his deach. On Tuesday morning Lady Hester Stanhope, his niece, who his disorder had taken a more favourable had resided with him some time, was the turn, and the fever was apparently so abat- next that passed through the same agonied, that his physicians had hopes of his re- zing ceremony. covery ; but towards the evening, the fe- The Bishop continued with him all ver had returned with increased violence, night. The mortal symptoms were now and every symptom was so aggravated, approaching to a crisis. His extremities that all expectation was at an end. It be. were already cold, and his senses began to canie now necessary to acquaint Mr Fitt fail, As a last and desperate effort to prohimself with the imminent danger.

tract life, blisters were applied to the soles The Bishop of Lincoln, (Dr George of his feet. They restored him to somePrettyman, formerly his private Secreta- thing of life and recollection, but they ry,) the oldest and fondest friend of Mr could arrest nothing of the progress of Pitt, was called out of the room, and the death. His last moments were passed following opinion was expressed to him, without a struggle; and he left the world nearly in these words :

with a serenity that could only be the re“ He cannot live 48 hours the disorder sult of a consciousness that he had faithfulhas now taken a mortal turn-any attempt .ly discharged his duty in it, and that he tó rouse him from his present lethargy was resigning his spirit to the will of a would be attended with instant death; he beneficent Creator. is not strong enough for medicine, nor for Mr Pitt was the second son of that ile any restorative application.”

lustrious Statesman, William Earl of Cha. The Bishop now saw the necessity of in- tham, by Lady Hester Grenville, sister of



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Earl Temple, and of the celebrated George tion in 1745, being sent by the Duke of Grenville, and aunt to the present Mar. Cumberland to Stirling Castle, where he quis of Buckingham, and Lord Grenville.

was confined two years. He was born at Hayes, in Kent, on the 27. At Glacgow, Miss Agnes Blair, 28th of May, 1759. He was never mar- daughter of the late Rev. George Blair, nia ried

nister of Edzel. The death of this great man is deeply 27. At Edinbernet, Mrs Stirling of Law. lamented by men of all parties. In a na- 27. At Cullen, Mr Mungo Rannie, at the tion of freemen, where talent is appreciat- advanced age of 79. ed, where it has its usesuiness and its scope, At Wakefield, Berks, in his 64th the decease of eminent ability must always year, Gen. George Hotham, Col. of the be regretted. But when to a commanding i4th regt, of foot, genius are joined the powers of a cultivated 27. At Edinburgh, Thomas Williamson mind, supported and enhanced by puritz Bruce Esq. of Arnot. of principle, and by unsullied integrity, no 28. At ditto, William Dalzel Colquhoun, parrow bounds can be prescribed to the of Garscadden, Esq. measure of our grief.

28 At ditto, Mrs Isabella Findlay, wife To the transcendant abilities and the un. of Mr Alex. Simpson, Royal Bank. blemished integrity of Mr Pitt, the most 28. At Gayfield Place, George Cunning, bitter of his political opponents have ever ham of Halcraig, Esq. borne testiniony. In his death, these islands 28. At Edinr. Mr Chas. Hope Roberta have sustained a grievous, an irreparable son, writer, son of the late Rev. Dr Tho. loss, while civilized Europe has to mourn mas Robertson, minister of Dalmeny. her boast and ornament.

His conduct as 28. At Drumnielzier Manse, the Rev, a statesman, orator, financier, the aggre. William Welsh, minister of that parish. gate of 20 years devotion of all his mind, - 28. At Clober Hill, Miss Agnes Campall his strength, and all his soul, to the in- bell, daughter of the deceased James Goodterests and prosperity of his country, are latt Campbell, Esq. of Auchlyne. engraven in the grateful recollection of 28. At Edin. William Richardson, Esq: his country. He will be recognized by fu- late of Keithock, in the county of Forfar. ture generations as the founder of the Uni- 29. At Leith, Mr David Anderson, to. ted Kingdoms; ho will be hailed as a bacconist. man who had foresight and firmness enough 29. At London, the Right Hon. Charles in clamorous and burdensome times, stea- Cocks, Lord Somers, Baron of Evesham, in dily to provide for the extinguishing of our Worcester-shire, and a Baronet. He was debt from its own increase ; he will be ve. created a Peer in 1784. His Lordship is nerated by our children, as the guardian succeeded in his title and estates by his elspirit that stood between us and the hor- dest son, the Hon. John Cocks, now Lord rors of revolution and anarchy; while in Somers. succeeding times it will even be held ho- 30. At ditto, Thomas Skinner, Esq. Alnourable to have lived in the age and derman of the Ward of Queen-Hithe, and country which he adorned and protected. formerly Lord Mayor.

Jan. 23. At Paisley, aged 26, Mr Benj. 30. At his house in St Andrew's Square, Downie, youngest son of the late Benjamin Edinburgh, aged 61, the Hon. David Smyth Downie, Esq. of Blairgorts, Stirlingshire. of Methven, one of the Senators of the Col.

23. At Perth, Mr Jo. Clark, coppersmith. lege of Justice, and formerly one of the

- At Tutimtarvack, Lieut. Jas. Mac- Commissioners of Justiciary, which office gregor, of the sth or Ross-shire) regiment he resigned in 1803 ; generally and justly North British milicia.

lamented as a Gentleman who possessed the 24. At Glasgow, Mrs Margt. Mill, relict highest integrity as a judge, an excellent of the deceased Arch. Scott, Esq royal navy. understanding, an uncommon goodness of

25. At Tulloes, David Morrice, Esq. She heart, and a very extensive general knowriff-Substilute of Aberdeenshire:

ledge. His death was remarkably sudden. - At Bristol Hot Wells, Lady E. Gre- He was taken ill while walking on the ville, eldest daughter of the Earl of War- street, and was carried home, where he exwicke.

pired in half an hour after without a groan. 25. At Dundee, Mrs Margaret Ogilvy, His funeral was accompanied to his burial sister to the late Sir John Ogilvy of Inver- place in the Canongate church-yard, by all carity Bart.

the Judges, and a number of private gentle25 At Edinburgh, Mrs Christian Do- men, who occupied no less than forty nald, wife of l'homas Learmonth, Esq. carriages.

26. At Montrose, David Gemlo, cooper, 31. At Bowling Bay, much regretted, aged 97. He was one of the few remain- Mi Walter Colquhoun, Collector of Canal ing who suffered on suspicion of disaffee- Duties there.


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