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COURI Or Session.

up the evidence in a very correct and im ON the 24th of January, a very important partial manner. The Jury returned their

question, in which the public, especially verdict, all in one voice finding the pannel the poorer classes, are much interested, GUILTY:-- Whereupon the Sheriff prowas decided in the Court of Session. In nounced sentence, ordaining the said John June 1804, the agistrates of vlasgow, Shirreff to be imprisoned, within the tolbeing informed that many of the bakers booth of Haddington, for three months; to were selling bread deficient in weight, pay a fine of twenty pou ds Sterling, for made a general search through the shops behoof of the poor; and to find caution to in ihe city, and weighed their bread. The keep the peace for three years, under the large bread, viz. the quartern and half penalty of three hundred pounds Sterling. quartern loaves, was, in general, pretty i his trial had excited a considerable degree correct as to weight; but in many cases, of attention in the country, and the Court the penny and two-penny loaves were was very much crowded. shamefully deficient. This latter bread the The Chairman of the Chamber of Com. Magistrates confiscated, and sent to the merce of Glasgow has received the follow. down's hospital. number of the bakerś ing letter from Lord Auckland. whose bread was confiscated, conceiving

Whitehall, ioth Feb. 806. themselves aggrieved by this procedure, Sir-His Majesty having been pleased to raised actions against the Magistrates be- appoint me to preside at the Committee of fore the Court of Session, concluding for Council for all matters relating to Trade the value of the light bread which had and Foreign Plantations, and the Earl been confiscated, and for high damages.- Temple to act as President in my absence; The bakers in their pleadings argued, that It is my intention, during the session of when no assize was set, although they Parliament (with the exception only of the were obliged to make their large bread of Easter recess) to receive at this office, on a certain weight, yet that they were entit- every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, led to make their penny and two-penuý from twelve till two o'clock, personal condoaves of any weight they thought pro- monication on such business, as the parties per. In one of these cases, at the instance concerned, or their agents, may wish to of Hamilton Millar, the Court was unani. state or explain to us.

We further promously of opinion, that the whole of the pose to hold a more general Board on every procedure adopted by the Magistrates was Friday, and also on other days when the extremely proper, and fully warranted by occasions may seem to require it. We relaw; that the bakers were bound to make quest that you will make this known to all their penny and two - penny loaves of a persons connected with your branch of corresponding weight to the large loaves; trade and commerce, whom it may conand that the Magistrates had a right, and cern.- am, &c.

AUCKLAND. it was their duty, to confiscate all bread TRADE OF THE CLYDE.- Account of wirich they could find, not baked in these the number of vessels which have traded proportions. There were thirteen of the at Greenock and Port-Glasgow, including Judges present. The Magistrates were al- their repeated voyages, in the year found entitled to expences.

At Greenock - Inwards, Foreign Trade, On Monday the 13th Jan. John Shirreff, 326 ships, 45,606 tons, 2695 nex; Coast tenant in Captainhead, was tried before the and Fishing Vessels, 621 ships, 27,627 tons, Sheriff Depite of the shire of Haddington, 2133 men-Total, 947 ships, 73, 33 tons, and a respectable Jury, at the instance of 4828 men.-Outwards, Foreign Trade, Archibald Toddrick, procurator fiscal of 290 ships, 45,896 tons, 3 2 3 3 meu ; Coast Court, for violently assaulting James Dud- and Fishing Vessels, 816 ships, 33,047 tons, geon, farmer in Drem, and giving him se- 2015 men. -Total, 1115 ships, 78,943 tons, veral severe blows upon the head, and 5848 men. other parts of his body, with a poker, At Port-GLASGOW-Inwards, foreigo whereby he was wounded, to the great ef. Trade, 95 ships, 16,924 tons, 1000 men ; fusion of his blood. After the examination Coast and Fishing Vessels, 222 ships, 10,497 of witnesses on both sides, David Boyl-, - tons, 673 men.- Outwards, Foreign, Esq. advocate, in an able speech, addressed 182 ships, 22,789 tons, 1600 men; Coast the Jury, on the part of the prosecution, as and Fishing Vessels, 1 38 ships, 9836 tons, did Adam Gillies, Esq. advocate, on the 545 men.--Total, 310 ships, 32,125 tons, part of Mr Shirreff; and the Judge summed 2135 men.


Majesty's Physicians in ordinary, in room Feb. 19. His Majesty, in Council, was of Dr Gisborne deceast. pleased to declare' William Wentworth March 1s. The King has ordered a writ Karl Fitzwilliam, Lord President of his to be issued under the Great Seal, for Majesty's Council.

summoning up to the House of Peers, Geo. -- William Earl of Albeinarle, to be Mas.

Marquis of Blandford (eldest son of the ter of his Majesty's buckhounds.

l'uke of Marlborough,) by the title of Baron -St Andrew Lord St John, to be Cap- Spencer of wormleighton, in the county of tain of his Majesty's Band of Pensioners. Warwick,

-Isaac Morier, 1 sq. to be Consul Gen. March 20. The King has appointed A. to the dominions of the Ottoman i orte. dam Gillies, Esq. Sheriff depute of Kincar.

Feb. 25. To grant the dignity of a Baro. dineshire, in room of Alex. Burnet Ramnet of the United Kingdom to the follow- say of Balmain, Esq. resigned. ing geutlemen, and their heirs male, viz.- Mr Sheridan has appointed Henry Scott, Lieut.-Gen. Charles Hastings of Wellesly Esq. his Paymaster of the Navy. hall, in Leicestershire ;— Bysche Shelly, John King and Nicolas Vansittart Esqrs. Esq. of Castle Goring, in Sussex ;-Mon- are appointed Secretaries of the Treasury. tagu Cholmonde.y, Esq. of Easton, in Lin- The Right Hon. C J. Fox is elected a colnshire ;-Col. Thomas Sutton of Mole: Governor of the charter house, in room of sey, in Surry, (Secretary to farl Moira.) the late Mr Pitt.

March s. The Hon treorge Ponsonby, The Hon. Henry Erskine, his Majesty's and Sir John Newport, Bart. were sworn Advocate, has appointed Charles Ross, of his Majesty's most Hon. Privy Council. Wm. Clerk, and George Cranston, Esqrs.

March 8. The King has been pleased to Advocates depute on the circuits.--And grant the dignity of a Baron of the United

Win. Inglis, Esq. agent for the Crown in Kingdom, to the Hon. Wm. brabazon Scotland. Ponsonby, by the title of Baron Ponsonby The Prince of Wales has appointed of Imokilly, in the county of Corke. Adam Gillies, Esq. his Royal Highness's

-To confer the honour of Knighthood Advocate, and David Cathcart, Esq. his on Arthur Piggot, Esq. his Majesty's At- Solicitor General for Scotland. torney General, and on Samuel Romilly, Francis Horner, Esq. is appointed one Esq. his Majesty's Solicitor Genral. of the Commissioners for liquidating the

To appoint Charles Hiay, Esq. advo- Carnatic debts, in the room of the Hon. cate, an ordinary Lord of Session, in room Richard Ryder. of Lord Methveu deceast. - His Lord. ship presented his Majesty's letter to the MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT. Court on the 5th of ivarch, and after re- Dumbartonshire.--Henry Glasford, of porting the usual number of causes as Lord Dougaldston, Esq. vice Sir James Colqu« Probationer, took his seat on the Bench hy houn, of Luss, Bart. resigned. the title of Lord Newton, on the 7th.) Yarmouth.-David Scott of Dunninald,

-- To appoint the Hon Henry Erskine, Esq. in room of Sir Home Popham, rehis Majesty's Advocate, in room of Sir sig ned. James Montgomery, Bart. and John Clerk, Portsmouth.--The Hon. David Montague Esq. Solicitor General for Scotland, in room Erskine, in room of his father, now Lord of Robert Blair, Esq.--- (On the oth of Erskine. March, these gentlemen presented their commissions in the Court of session, and

MILITARY APPOINTMENTS. after taking the oaths, took their seats Francis Gore, Esq. to be Lieut.-Gov. within the bar.)

of Upper Canada. le appoint Walter Scoit, Esq. advo- Brig.-Gen. John Hodgson to be Govercate, one of the principal clerks of Session, nor of Bermuda. in room of George Home, Esq.resigned. Henry Bentinck, Esq. to be Lieut.-Gov.

The Rt. Hon. Nath. Bond, to be Ad- of Demerary and Essequibo. vocate General and Judge Marshal of his Colonel Robert Anstruther to be adjuM jesty's Forces, in room of Sir Cha. Mora tant general of the Forces in Ireland. gan resigned.

-Sir John Newport, Bart. to be Chan- ECCLESIASTICAL APPOINTMENTS. cellor of the Exchequer in Ireland.

The King has presented the Rev. James James Martin Lioyd, Esų. to be Clerk Inglis to the church of Kirkoswald. -- The of the deliveries of the Ordnance.

Rev. Alex Irvine to the church of Little que -- Capt. Oliver Nicolls, to be Comptrol. Dunkeld. The Rev. Wm. Linton to the ler of the Navy, vice Sir Andrew Snape church of Lochlee. And the Rev. Dr Hammond, Bart.

Thomas Duncan to the new church of Sir Françis Milman to be one of his Dumfries.


The Duke of Buccleugh has presented 28. At Edinburgh, Dr Robert Freer the Rev. Leslie Moodie, minister of Kelso, Professor of Medicine in the University of so the church of Inveresk, in room of the Glasgow, to Miss Margaret Thomson, Rev. Dr Carlyle deceast.

daughter of the late Alexander Thomson, On the sth of March, the Town Coun- Esq. Deputy Cashier of Excise for Scut. cil of Edinburgh presented the Rev. Dr lank. Robert Balfour of Glasgow, to the church At Feversham, Kent, Alexander to Lady Yester's, in room of the Rev. Mr MGregor, Esq. late of New York, to Mrs Black deceast. But Dr Balfour having de- Helen Finlay of Glasgow. clined to accept, the Town Council have --. Atlondon, Lieut. Col. F. Dillon, to presented Dr Thomas Flening of Kırkaldy Miss Callander, neice of Sir John Callanto the above charge.

der, Bart. On Sunday, the 9th Feb. in Bishop Stra- John Champion, Esq. to Mrs Ann chan's Chapel, Dundee, the Rev. Daniel Douglas, widow of the late Capt. Perer Sandford, D. D. was consecrated a Bishop Douglas. of the Scotch Episcopal Church.

At 'pswich, Lieutenant Craigie, of The Judges of the Court of Session have the Royal Scots Greys, ta Miss Wright. been pleased to appoint Thomas Guthrie - John Gilbert Francklyn, Esq. to Mrs Wright, Esq. writer to the signet,' to be Stevenson, widow of the late Major-Gen. Auditor of Accounts to the Court.

Stevenson, of the Madras cavalry. Alexander Dauney, L.L.D. Advocate in Captain George J. Ryves, of the Aberdeen, is appointed Sheriff Substitute Royal Navy, to viss Emma Graham, of that county, in room of David Morrice, ghter of R. R. Graham, Esq. of ChelEsq. deceased.

sea College. William Bogle, Esq. is appointed Post- March 3. At Mauchlin, the Rev. John master of Glasgow, in the room of the late Tod, minister of that parish, to Miss W. Mr Jackson.

Kennedy Hamilton, daughter of the late The King has granted permission to Alex. Gavin Hamilton, Esq. Burner of Balmain, Esq. Kincardineshire, 11. At Edinburgh, Robert Strachan, Esq. his licence for him and his issue to assume writer to the signet, to Miss Janet Darthe name and arms of Ramsay, in con- ling, third daughter of the deceased Paul formity to the will of Sir Alexander Ramsay Darling, Esq. of Bogangreen. Irvine, his maternal uncle, lately deceast. 11. At Fountainbridge, Robert Mudie,

Esq. of Balmule, to Miss Susan Durie, onMARRIAGES.

ly daughter of Charles Durie, Esq. of CraigAug. 26. At Madras, Kirkhy Dalrym- luscar. ple, Esq. 10 Miss Ann M'Cormick, daugh. 15. At Tayfield, Mr Archibald Torry, ter of the late Rev. Principal M'Cormick, merchant in Edinburgh, to Miss J. Berry, of St Andrews.

third daughter of John Berry, Esq. of TayAt Cronstadt, Mr Wm. Miles Corton, of field. St Petersburgh, merchant, to Miss Maria

BIRTHS. Halliday, youngest daughter of Dr Halli- Feb. 1o. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Alex. day.

Maconochie, Esq. advocate, a son. Feb. 15. At Dublin, Gerrard Noel, Esq, 10. At Brighton, the Lady of General son to Colonel Noel, M. P. for Rutland. James Dunlop, a s011. shire, and grandson and heir to Lord Bar- 15. Mrs Wilkie, jun. of Foulden, a son. ham, to Miss Charlotte O'Brien, daughter 17, At London, the Countess of Mansa of the late sir Lucius O'Brien, Bart. of field, a son. Dromoland, county of Clare.

-. At ditto, Lady Holland, a daughter. 16. Captain Burns of the Royal navy, 23. At Orton, in Huntingdonshire, the to Miss balrymple, eldest daughter of the Countess of Aboyne, a son. late Lieut.-Col. Dalrymple, 19th regt. of 28. At Calderbank Viest, the Lady of foot.

Charles Kerr, Esq. a son. 24. At Glasgow, James Balfour, jun. At London, Lady Mary Stopford, a Esq. of Pilrig, to Miss Ann Macintosh, daughter: daughter of the late Captain Macintosh of At Mickleham, the Lady of the Hon. Harwood.

David Montague Erskine, a daughter. 24. At ditto, Alexander Gartshore Stir- March 3. At Edinburgh, the Lady of ling, Esq. of Craigbarnet, to Miss Anne Lieut. Col. Lauriston, a son Miller, only daughter of James Miller, Esq. 13. At Cameron House, Dumbartonshire, late of Jamaica.

Mrs Rouet Smollett, a daughter. 27. At Manse of Arbirlot, Dr William 17. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir Wil. Arrot, physician in Arbroath, to Mrs Shar- liam Johnstone, Bart. of Caskieben, a son pey of that place.

and heir.

DEATHS. fato

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12 At Fdinburgh, Mrs Mary Wallace, Lately, at Vizagapitam, of the jungle fe. relict of the late vir Baillie Blinshall, saddler ver, Lieut. john Keid, 'th n tive infantry. in Edinburgh.

H23. It the Hague, Major George Lun- 13. At Dundee, aged 84, Mrs Jean Roe dın, formerly in the Dutch service, son to bertson, relict of John Pitcairn, Esq. mer. the ectased Andrew Lundin, Esq. of chart, and formerly Provost of that burgh, Stráthearly.

15. It Edinburgh, Margaret Gloag, only Aug. 25. At Genjam, in the Fast 'ndies, daughter of Mr Thomas Gloag, W S. Dr Gerrie Dunbar, second son of the late 15. At ditto, Mrs Clarkson Moncrief, Alex. D'unbar of Boath, Esq.

8ouse of Thos. ( larkson Moncrief, Esq. of Lately, in the Island of Ceylon, l ieut. Blackburn Chas. Douglas, of the 19th regiment.

s At ditto, Mrs Scott of Horsleyhill Oct. 1tombay, in the 24th year of his 17. At Glasgow, deservedly lamented, age, Lieut. Chas. Ross, d regt. native in. John Wilson, Eng of Kelvinba k, late sai tiy, seven:h son of the late Simon kos, Town clerk of G! sgow. Some years ago, Esq. of Gladfield, Rosshire.

having resigned thit office, the yagistrates 001. On his passage from Madras, on unanimously voted their thanks to ir Wilboard the ord Hawkesbury, C ptain lex. son for his services while he held that ofBoswell Campbell, of his diajisty's 7-th fice, the duties of which he had performed rey ment.

with great ability and integrity. Nov 19. on board the Atlas, in the

17. 4t Edinburgh, b...dy Montgomery, Wst Indies, Mr Robert Baillie, midship- widow of the deceased Sir James Montgo man, son to i ord olkenin et.

mery of Stanhope, Bart. late Lord Chief Doc. I William Gibson, overseer at So Baron of Exchequer merton estate, Jamaica, son of Mr Gibson ! . At Brechin Castle, Miss Lucy Maule, oil. e Perth ac:demy

third daughter of the Hon. William Maule Doc. 1 3. t Venice, Charles Gordon, Esq. of Panmure. yourger of letterfourie, son of the late

18. Att London, Charles Graham, Esq. of Alex. Gorgon, Esq. of Letterfourie. Dryhil. Dec. 26. At the Cape of Good !


18. It Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Grant, rhur Muter, Esq. 'aptain of the Union eldest daughter of the late Andrew Grant, East Indiaman, second son of William Mu- Esq. banker in Edinburgh. ter, Esq. of Annfield.

ix. .t Harvieston, George Cranstouri, Jan. 19. At fort Royal, Jamaica, Miss Esq. of Dewar. Stewart, daughter of James Stewart, Esq. Mr Charles Adam, merchant in Dun. of Kingston.

dee, and Adjutant of the sth Forfarshire voFeb. 8. At Glasgow, aged 81, Mr James lunteers. Jackson, upwards of so years postinasier of 20. At Editburgh, Miss Jean Margaret Glasgow. His scrupulous punctuality and Gloag, daughter of the late Mr John Gloag, ardent zel in the discharge of the duties of merchant in Edinburgh. his office joined to a gentlemanlike behavi- 22. At Edinburgh, in the 83d year of his our in private life, procured him the respect age, the venerable and respected Dr George of all.

Chapman, Rector, formerly of the Gram10. At Londonderry, Ralph Babington, mar school of Dumfries, and afterwards of Esq. of Greenfoot,

the Academy of Banff, both which semi1o. At Forres, Sir Alexander Penrose naries he advanced to the most flourishing Cuming Gordon of Altyre and Gordon- state. He was a very eminent and success

ful teacher, having exemplified in his prace 10. At Edinburgh, Robert Baillie, Esq. tice, the plan of his excellent Treatise on Carphin, Fife.

Education. His literary attainments were io. nt Edinburgh, Capt. Wm. Lindsay very considerable, and he zealously devot. of the Aberdeenshire militia. He was bu- ed himself to the communication of useful sieci with military honours.

knowledge, to almost the last day of his O At London, in the 87th year of his life. age, the Right iton. Edmund Sexten Pery, 23. At Letterfourie, Miss Ann Gordon, Lord Viscount Pery, formerly Speaker, of neice to the celebrated Chevalier Ramsay: th House of Commons in Ireland. Hay

At Edinburgh, Mrs Mackenzie įng left only two daughters, his fortune de- Grieve, spouse of Dr Mackenzie Grieve. scelids to his nephew the larl of I imerick., 25. At ditto, the Rev. David Black, mini

1. It Harley, in Yorkshire, Sir Alex, ster of Lady Yester's Church. Ramsay Irvine of Balmain, isa: t. in-the 25. At ditto, Mrs Catherine Campbell, goth year of his age.

widow of the iate Joseph Norris, Esq. DeLi' At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Scott of puty Clerk of Justicrary.

26. At ditto, aged 84, Mr John Wilde,

ston, Bart.


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late tobacconist in Edinburgh, father of his Majesty's Commissioners of Excise for
John Wilde, Esq. advocate, Professor of Ci- Scotland
vil Law in the University of Edinburgh. 6. At Carronpark, Mrs Simpson of Plean,

Feb. 27. At Edinburgh, Mr John Pater spouse of Francis Simpson, Esq. and only son, merchant tailor.

daughter of William addel, Esq. of Bin27. At Perth, Mr George Pentland, sen merchant.

7. At Perth, Mrs Jean Marshall, relict of 28. At Aberdeen, Baillie Andrew Burnett, John Ross, Esq. merchant. in the 85th year of his age.

7. 4t Edinburgh, viss Margaret Ord, 28. At Kelso, Mr Wm. Rutherford, for daughter of the late Lord Chief Baron rd. many years a respectable merchant there.

7. At Largnean, in Galloway, Lieut ob And at Lantonhall, March y. Mr James Andrew Wight, inspecting Field Officer of Rutherford, his brother.

the Kirkcudbright district. At his seat of Ardfrey, Ireland, Joseph 8. tt Drunkie, William Graham is of Blake, Esq. father of the Right Hon. Lord Drunkie. Walscourt, and the Countess Dowager of 8. At Carlisle, Alex. Wilson, Esq. banker. Errol. He is succeeded in his estates by 8. At Ayr, Millar Hill Rolo, the infant his grandson, Lord Walscourt.

son of the Hon. Roger Rollo, Collector of - At London, Mr Barry, the celebrated the Customs. Painter. His death was occasioned by a 9. At leith, Mr John Ramsay, Lieut. of paralytic stroke. He had lately undertaken

his Majesty's navy: lo paint a whole length portrait of the late - At Romely, in Derbyshire, Dr Thoş. lamented Lord Nelson, for the society of Gisborne, physician to the King, and PresiAris.

dent of the College of Physicians. - At London, aged 89, that venerable 12. At Woodbank, near Dalkeith, Mr ornament of literature, Mrs Carter. she John Mitchell, Collector of Excise. was distinguished early by several poems of 12. At Hillend, near Greenock, in the great merit

. She' wrote iwo papers in the 65th year of his age, Mr Hugh Crawford, Rambler, one on Religion and Superstition, sen. writer in Greenock, and late one of the the other entitled “ The Voyage of Life,' magistrates of that place. which from the stile, can scarcely be disa 13. At Edinburghi, ilirs Helen Balfour, re. tinguished from the papers of the learnedau- lict of the deceased Rev. Mr Thomas Scott, thor, Dr Johnson; but the work for which minister of South i eith she was most distinguished, was an elegant 13. At ditto, Mrs Sarah Hunter, widow translation of Epictetus, from the Greek, of the late James Hunter, Esq. banker in which has gone through several editions. Ayr. Mrs Carter was highly esteemed by a large - At Panbride, Mrs Charlotte Drumcircle of literary acquaintance, particularly mond, spouse of Mr David Watt, also lately the Bishop of London, at whose house she deceased, and youngest daughter of George was a constant guest.

Drummond of Broich, Esq. March 1. At Gosport, Mrs Eliza Camp Si !! London, the Right Hon. Dowager kell, wife of Major John Campbell, Mili- Lady Bradford. tary Superintendant of the Royal Military -. At kridport, Miss Crawford, daughter Hospital there.

of Daniel Crawford, Esq. 1. At Portsoy, Mr Dunbar of Nether- It Windsor, Capt. Alex. Grant, forduckie, in the 8th year of his age. merly of the first regiment of foot guards.

- At London, Lady Louisa Fitzroy, 17. At Glasgow, in the 57th year of hisage, third daughter of the Duke of Grafton. David Dale, Esq. formerly proprietor of the

2. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Drummond, Lanark Cotton Mills, and one of the Madaughter of the late Janies Drummond, Esq gistrates of Glasgow-generally known. of Croftnappock

and admired for a noble spirit of philan. 3. James Beveridge, Esq. Blambae House, thropy-in whose character were strikingFalkland, Fife.

ly combined, successful commercial enter. 3. At Linlithgow, Mr John L.iston, wri- prize with piety, active benevolence, and ter, eldest son of the Rev. Mr Robert Lis. public spirit. Here, if ever, a tribute of ton, late minister of Aberdour.

respect and admiration is due to departed 4. At London, Lieut. Col. Bagwell, of worth. Originally in a low station of life, the 6th dragoon guards, in consequence of by prosperous adventures in trade, he was a fall from his horse, by which his scull was raised to a state of affluence, which he fractured.

directed, on a grand scale, to the uncoil-4. At ditto, Sir Lionel Copley, Bart. also in ragement of industry and relief of the disconsequence of his horse falling with him. tressed. In a romantic den on the banks

5. At fi dinburgh, in the 84th year of his of the Clyde, the lofty Mills of Lanark a. age, George Brown, Esq. many years one of rose, under his eye and fostering hand; sur


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