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and the Constitution, Emperor of the the Magistrates, and Civil Officers, in-
French, King of Italy, &c.* Their Ma. cluding those of Justice and the Police
jesties the Kings of Prussia and Bavaria in actual employment, shall continue in
having ceded to us the Duchies of Cleves the exercise of their functions.-3. Dat.
and Berg, with their full sovereignty, ing from the Declaration of the Impe-
rights, titles, and prerogatives, and a- rial Act and the present publication,
greed to the transfer of each of these justice shall be administered in our
Duchies, in their present state, in favour name, and all public Acts under our
of a French Prince, the object of our authority, in the same manner as when
election, we hereby transfer the said Du- under the government of our predeces-
chies, with their rights, titles, and pre- sors.---4. Baron Hompesch is charged
rogatives, in the condition we received as Chief of the Administration of Cleves,
them, to Prince Joachim, our well be to put the dispositions above-mentioned
loved brother, to be by him possessed in execution.'
in their full extent as Duke of Cleves Given at Cologne, March 21. 1806.
and Berg, and to descend to his legiti- The Dake Joachim made his formal
mate heirs male for ever, in the order entry into Dusseldorf on the 25th.
of seniority, to the perpetual exclusion The King of Prussia has addressed a
of the females and their descendants. rescript to the inhabitants of the city
But provided, that if the male heirs, and Principality of Neufchatel and Va.
which God avert, should become ex- lingen, in Switzerland, informing them
tinct, the said Duchies of Cleves and of the cession which he has made of
Berg, with all their rights, titles, and that country to the Emperor Napoleon.
prerogatives, shall revert to our male. This proclamation was published on
descendants, natural and legitimate, or the Ith of March, at Neufchatel.
in failure thereof, to those of our bro, Frederick William, by the grace of God,
ther Prince Joseph, or otherwise to those

King of Prussia, &c.
of our brother Prince Louis; as the Du- Friends and Subjects, health.
chies of Cleves and Berggran in no case “ The paternal affection which, since
whatever be united to our Imperial our accession to the throne, we have

endeavoured to shew, upon every occaAs the excellent qualifications of sion, to the countries of Neufchatel this Prince have been the principal mo. and Valingen, will enable you to estitive of our choice, from a persuasion of mate the sentiments which we feel in the benefits which will result from them addressing to you this present. It is to the inhabitants of Cleves and Berg, intended to announce to you a change so we cherish the hope that the fidelity which circumstances have rendered ineof the inhabitants will continue to en- vitable. Considerations of the last imsure the esteem they enjoyed under portance, the result of the most pressing their former masters, and that they will interests of our entire monarchy, have merit the attention of their new Sove. obliged us to acquiesce in delivering reign and our Imperial protection.” into the hands of his Majesty the Em

“Given at our Palace of the Thuil. peror of the French the charge of the series, March 15. NAPOLEON.” future happiness of these States.

" Whatever desire we had to conti. PROCLAMATION.

mue to labour for that purpose ourselves, “ We, Joachim, Prince and Grand and however great the pain which we Admiral of France, Duke of Cleves and feel, in separating ourselves from estis Berg, &c. decree and ordain by these mable subjects, whose loyalty and at. presents,

tachment we have always highly apArt. 1.-The Imperial Act, by which proved, we cannot dissemble how much his Majesty the Emperor and King has this voluntary resignation has been preceded and transmitted to us the Sove- ferable for you, to the fate of a conquere reignty of the Duchies of Cleves and ed country, with which you were in Berg, shall be proclaimed and published other respects threatened. Besides, the throughout the whole extent of both distance of our country, in consequence Duchies on the 25th inst.–2. Nothing is of its geographical situation, from the to be changed in the Civil or Judicial centre of our States, not allowing us to Administrations of these Duchies. All afford it a sufficient and direct protec

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tion, and that situation making it ne. Le Clerc (now Princess Borghese) cessarily dependant upon the French Princess of Piombino'; and Marshal Empire, as well for its provisions as for Berthier-Duke of Neufchatel. its relations of culture, commerce, and

All the other Beauharnois to be pro. industry, we think that the intimate vided with Principalities and Duke. bonds which are to attach it to that doms--the females to be matched with Empire, may prove for its inhabitants a German Princes, and to receive pornew source of well-being and prospe- tions of the German Empire as dowries, rity.

Nor is this all-The Elector of Hesse “ It is our intention to contribute as Cassel, who is to be raised to the kingly much as depends upon us, by our inter- dignity, under the title of King of the cession and good offices with the French Catti, is to receive a large accession of Government, to offer it the advantages territoryhe is to have from Prussia which it may desire. You must be the Bishopric of Paderborn--and from convinced, in general, and we charge Hesse Darmstadt the greater part of its you to declare, upon every occasion, possessions in Westphalia, and all its that we will always take for this coun- territories in the county of Wetterau, try a lively and sincere interest; and -he is to have besides the county of Ilthat the remembrance of their devotion ler, all Waldeck, except the county of and fidelity will nėyer be effaced from Pyrmont, which is to be given to Prusour heart.

The wisdom of the power- sia—the counties of Sayn, &c. He is ful Sovereign to whom their lot is uni- to cede the Hessian part of Shauented, allows us to anticipate, in full con- burgh, Auersberg, &c. to Prussia ; and fidence, the accomplishment of the ar- to Darmstadt, Hanau, with the district dent wishes which we entertain for of Schwarzen fells. As the Elector of hem.”-Berlin, Feb. 28,

Hesse Cassel is very rich, Bonaparte General Bernadotte has taken posses- has probably exacted a large sum in sion of the Prussian province of Anspach, payment for the kingly dignity and on which occasion he published a pro- these large territorial accessions. elamation, stating, that in consequence The tast Hamburgh Mail brought of an agreement by which France was a sketch of a plan of partition said to to occupy the territory of Anspach, he have been proposed by Bonaparte to therefore sequesters the revenues for thę Prussia; a plan so extravagant in its benefit of the military chest.

nature, that it can hardly be beheved General Augereau, after invading Hes- to haye entered the head even of Bonase, has taken possession of the Prussian parte. It was proposed to obtain the towns of Lippstadt, in Westphalia, and consent of the E' peror of Russia, if Dethmold, near Paderborn. The army possible ; but in case that should not be of Lefevre is covering the movements granted, France engaged to endeavour of Augereau, to enable him to maintain to effect the changes by the force of his communication with the grand arms. The plan is as follows :French army, extending along the Black ! Prussia to cede 400 square leagues Forest.

more of its possessions, and to receive The following is a list of new Kings in lieu thereof 700, which will consist and Princes created, or to be created, of the following countries ;--ist. The by Bonaparte :

duchy of Mecklenburgh Schwerin, Himself-Emperor of France and whose Sovereign is to receive Bareuth King of Italy; Elector of Bavaria- in exchange, with a proportionate penKing of Bavaria ; Elector of Wirtem- sion to make up every deficit.--2d. The berg-King of Wirtemberg; Elector of duchy of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, whose

Hesse-King of the Catti; Elector of Prince is to be pensioned for life. 3d, Baden-King of Baden; Joseph Bona- The duchy of Brunswick, whose Sove. parte-King of Naples ; Louis Boną. reign and descendants in direct line are parte--King of Batavia ; Lucien Bona. to be pensioned, and the Duke himself parte, (upon repentance and submission) permitted to remain as Sovereign in his --King of Switzerland; Eugene Beau- capital during the remainder of his life. harnois-Viceroy of Italy; Murat- 4th. The whole of Austrian Silesia and Duke of Cleves and Berg; Jerome Bo- Gallicia, for which the Emperor of naparte-Prince of Piedmont ; Madame Austria is to be indemnified by the


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Turkish provinces of Servia, Bosnia, nental accounts say, that his Imperial
Wallachia, Moldavia, and the whole of Majesty had totally rejected the Prussian
Turkish Dalmatia. sth. The King propositions ; that his armies in Silesia
of Sweden to be dethroned, and part of and Poland, in place of being withdrawil,
his dominions to be given (if the Empe- as proposed, were to be considerably re-
ror Alexander consents to the plan of inforced; and that his Majesty had ex-
spoliation) to Russia. The remainder pressed his firm deterinination to adhere
of the kingdom of Sweden to Denmark, to his alliance with Great Britain and
who on these conditions shall put Sweden.
Prussia in possession of Holstein and It appears that the Duke of Bruns-
Swedish Pomerania.”

wick was personally interested in his It is added, that these proposals have mission to Petersburgh, both as a Sovebeen made to Russia, and rejected. To reign and a negociator. Among other submit such a plan to the Emperor was changes proposed by Bonaparte, one is, an insult.

He has lately declared, in a to establish a new division of the circle positive manner, that neither he nor the of Westphalia. The principalities of Emperor of Germany have any projects Brunswick and Wolfembuttle to be cedbostile to Turkey ; nor would he listen ed to Prussia, in room of Anspach and

any proposal hostile to the interests Bareuth, and the Duke to be indemni-' and independence of the gallant Mo- fied with a part of Munster, East Friesnarch of Sweden, who, amidst the dan- land, the duchy of Oldenburgh, and the gers of his situation, remains undaunt- Bishoprick of Osnaburgh, which are to ed, and escaping the contagion which form the new province of Westphalia, has laid almost the whole of the Conti- of which the Duke is to take the title of nent at the feet of an upstart, seems de. Elector. termined to uphold, with his life, the But the most important consequence dignity of his crown, and the indepen. of the secret convention between Prusdence of his dominions. His army con. sia and France regards the occupation tinues in the Duchy of Lauenburgh; of the northern ports. On the 25th of he himself is at the head-quarters at March, Mr Jackson, the British minisGreiswald, and he has ordered a rein. ter ar Berlin, received an intimation forcement-of 12,000 men from his Swe- from Baron Hardenberg, “ that his Prusdish territories,

sian Majesty, in consequence of his conA considerable train of artillery has nections with France, had not only ratia been sent to Gottenburgh; and Baron fied his assumption of the British domi. Toll, Governor-General of Scania, has nions in Germany, but had ordered all been entrusted by his Majesty with ex- the ports in the German ocean (in his traordinary powers to arm the people, and possession) to be shut against the Bri. establish an efficient force on the coast of tish commerce.” On the 3d of April the Sound. Every vessel in the Swedish Mr Jackson, brother of the Minister at service capable of putting to sea, includ. Berlin, arrived in London express with ing the galley fleet, is to be got ready the above intelligence, on which a Cownwith the utmost dispatch.

cil was held the same day, and the folThere seems no doubt, however, that lowing order was published in the Lonthe alliance between the King of Prus. don Gazette of the 5th. sia and the French Emperor has involved the former in considerable difficulties,

Order of his Majesty in Council. and that he feels much anxiety how to " Whereas his Majesty has received reconcile his late extraordinary conduct advice that his Majesty the king of with his former professions of friendship Prussia has taken possession of various to the Emperor of Russia. On the oth parts of the Electorate of Hanover, and of February, the Duke of Brunswick other dominions belonging to his Maleft Berlin on a secret mission to the jesty, in a forcible and hostile manner; Court of St Petersburgh. He was po- and has also notified, that all British litely received by his Imperial Majesty, ships shall be excluded from the ports and had many conferences with him and of the Prussian dominions, and from his ministers. On the 17th March his certain other ports in the North of EuHighness left Petersburgh, and arrived rope, and not suffered to enter or trade at Berlin on the 24th; and the conti- there with, in violation of the just rights


and interests of his Majesty and his do. were not convinced that the Court of minions, and contrary to the established Berlin had identified itself with that of law and practice of nations in amity Paris. Unless some intimate conexion with each other; his Majesty, with the of that nature were established, it is advice of his Privy Council, is thereupon scarcely possible that the latter should pleased to order, as it is hereby order.' have come to the resolution of shutting, ed, That no ships or vessels belonging not only her own ports, but all which she to any of his Majesty's subjects be per- can influence and controul, against the mitted to enter and clear out for any of commerce of this country. the ports of Prussia until farther orders: The course of policy which his Prus. -And his Majesty, is further pleased to sian Majesty has pursued for some time, order, that a General Embargo or Stop prepared us for acts of concession and be made of all Prussian ships and ves. submission on his part to Bonaparte ; sels whatsoever, now within, or which but we could not have conceived, that hereafter shall come into any of the he would at once direct so deadly a ports, harbours, or roads within the blow against a country, by the liberality United Kingdom of Great Britain and of which his predecessúrs have been Ireland, together with all persons and maintained on the throne which he now effects on board the said ships and ves. fills. Until the official notification of sels ; but that the utmost care be taken Prussia shall appear, we must continue for the preservation of all and every ignorant of the reasons which have inpart of the cargoes on board any of the duced her to forego all the advantages said ships and vessels, so that no damage which she derived from her maritime or embezzlement whatever be sustain. neutrality. ed :-And the Right Hon. the Lords By the latest continental accounts, it Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasu- appears, that Prussia does not confine ry, the Lords Commissioners of the its hostile arrangements against the BriAdmiralty, and the Lord Warden of the tish commerce, to its own dependencies, Cinque Ports, are to give the necessary but even extends them to such other directions herein as to them may res- quarters as it can intimidate by the pectively appertain.

proximity of its armies. It will be seen Steph. COTTRELL." by the following short but important The following additional notification the 28th of March, that by a treaty be.

declaration, published at Hanover on appeared in the Gazette of the 8th of April :

tween Napoleon and Frederick William,

it is determined, that not only the Prus. Downing Street, April 3.

sian, but“ all the ports in the North Sea, " The King has been pleased to cause

and also the rivers running into the it to be signified by the Right Hon. same,” are to be shut against us. Charles James Fox, his Majesty's Prin

DECLARATION. cipal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, to the Ministers of neutral

« In a treaty concluded between his powers residing at this Court, that the Majesty the King of Prussia, and his necessary measures have been taken,

by French and King of Italy, it is deter

Imperial Majesty the Emperor of the his Majesty's command, for the

blockade mined, that the ports in the North Sea, of the entrance of the rivers Ems, We- and also the rivers running into the ser, Elbe, and Trave; and that, from same, shall be shut against the English this time, all the measures authorised by trade and navigation, in the same manthe Law of Nations, and the respective

ner as when the French troops were in treaties between his Majesty and the different neutral powers, will be adopted in consequence of the superior orders I

possession of the territory of Hanover, and executed with respect to all vessels have received, I hereby make this which may attempt to violate the said known to the public concerned, in blockade."

order that they may secure themselves These decisive proceedings amount to against any damage ; as the troops of a declaration of war against Prussia, and the King my Master have received orders we presume they would not have been to repel and prevent the entrance of resorted to, if the British Government English ships into any of those ports


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and rivers, and as convenient measures transaction. It says, that what Bonawill be taken to hinder the entrance and parte demanded was the sequestration transit of English wares.

of that sum which lay in the hands of (Signed)

the Hamburgh bankers on account of ** Count SCHULENBERG KENHERT." the British Government. If this was The consternation which this intelli- the case, his purpose has been frustragence excited at Hamburgh may be ted. On the 16th of March, the Thetis conceived. The boom, which used every frigate Capt. Gage, arrived at Hamburgh, night to be shut, was on this occasion and took on board 300,000 l. in specie, left open. So pressing was the ord to (being part of the subsidy intended for sail, that the officer of his Majesty's the Emperor of Germany, had he not sloop Spy, which, in company with a concluded a peace with the French, brig cutter, had gone up the Elbe as far with which she arrived safe at Harwich as Stadt, to protect the shipping com- on the 30th. Lord Kinnaird came ing down, declared that any vessel left home passenger in the Thetis, having behind after the time given, he must been on the continent for some time. burn.

General Barbou is to reside in HanoOne of the ships going down ran on ver in future in a diplomatic character, shore on the Danish side of the river, and will occupy, with his four Aid-deand was detained on account of some Camps, the late hotel of the Duke of dispute about salvage. Three large Cambridge. It is even said that a cerRussian ships were left behind, having tain number of French troops, among been completely unrigged, and there. which will be the gens d’aimes, will be fore unable to get off. In a storm some placed as a garrison in Hanover. time ago, several ships, five of them Bri- All the accounts from Switzerland tish, were driven on shore, and there- represent that country as labouring unfore must be left behind.

der the utmost distress, from the prohiA number of ships from Hamburgh 'bition of exporting its manufactures in. and other ports in Germany have arriv. to France and Italy, and from its usual ed at Leith, Hull, and other ports, supplies of provisions from Suabia hav. some in ballast, others with half cargoes. ing been cut off, at the instigation of

Those from Hamburgh report, that on the French Government. The commu.
the 30th March, the British Consul sent nications between Talleyrand and the
notice to the masters of all British ves. Landamman are stated to have lately
sels to leave that port immediately, become very active, and the prevalent
Otherwise they would be detained; opinion is, that there is an intrigue go-
they were instructed to proceed to ing forward, the issue of which is like.
Cuxhaven, and there place themselves ly to be an application to Bonaparte, to
under his Majesty's ships of war. They place one of his relatives at the head of
of course lost no time in obeying this the Swiss Government.
order, and there is reason to believe The Court of France has made two
that they all got away. Some of the demands of the House of Austria, the
Captains were informed that war had first, its pure and simple adhesion to
actually been declared by Prussia a- the new treaty of partition between
gainst this country. In coming down France and Prussia ; the second, a per-
the Elbe, they found the Prussians bu. manent and perpetual passage for the
sily employed in erecting batteries, par. French troops through the Austrian
ticularly at Cuxhaven.

territory into Venetian Istria and Dal.
A private letter from Hamburgh matia. There is in Upper Carinthia a
'states, that General Rapp had deman- 'frontier town, named Ponteba, divided
ded, on the part of Bonaparte, a loan of into two unequal parts by the river
six millions of livres (about 250,000 l.) Tella; the smaller part of this town is
giving to the Magistrates, as the consi- 'Austrian, and the other Venetian. A
deration of their compliance, a promise bridge separates the two territories, and
of his protection--such protection as it is over this bridge that the French
the wolf affords the lamb. Another demand a passage, in order to join the
"letter has been received from that city, great road which leads from it into
'which gives different view of the Italy,


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