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ADDRESS TO THE EARL OF MOIRA. The Lord Provost has received frorn N Saturday, March 29. a numerous and

Lord Moira the following answer to the

Address: Edinburgh, called by the Lord Provost and

London, April 3. 1806, Magistrates by public advertisement, was

“ MY LORD, held in the Parliament house, for the pur

“ I have the honour to acknowledge the sose of voting an address to the Earl of letter in which your Lordship has had the Moira, expressive of their sentiments of re

goodness to inclose to me the Address from spect for his public and private character.

the City of Edinburgh., The Lord Provost having taken the

" To say that I am flattered by such a chair, and stated the basiness of the meet

testimony would be a very inadequate ex. ing, moved that a Committee be appointed pression; for the compliment applies to the to draw up the address

. And his Lordship, gratification of sentiments much more lively with the Lord Advocate, sir Wm. Forbes, than my vanity. Having appreciated with and Professor Dugald Stewart, having ac- the truest sensibility, the manly and genecordingly retired, and prepared the follow

rous confidence I experienced from the city, ing address, it was presented to the meet- during the whole of my residence with you, 'ing, read by the Lord Advocate, unani

it must be no ordinary satisfaction to me mously approved of, and ordered to be

that the Magistrates and Inhabitants should signed and transmitted by the Lord Pro

wish to record the continuance of disposivost to his Lordship.

tions towards me in which I have reason to To the Right Hon. the Earl of Moira, &c. take so much pride. “ MY LORD,

“ My efforts to methodize the internal “ On your Lordship’s removal, for the resources of Scotland would have been present, from the Military Command in very insufficient, had it not been for the unScotland, to an important situation in the common zeal and energy with which, in all Councils and in the armies of our Sovereign, quarters, míy recommendations were carried we, the Magistrates and Inhabitants of the into effect; yet when you ascribe to me City of Edinburgh, offer, with one consent,

more merit in the result of the arrangeto your Lordship, this tribute of our respect

ments i han my suggestions could be entitled and cordial attachment.

to assume, my consciousness does not dimi“ We recollect with gratitude, that when

nish the obligation for the stamp which the Nation was threatened with a powerful you have put upon my services. That and dangerous invasion, your Lordship's very partiality is a proof of kindness, and presence commanded our confidence, and augments the claini of my acknowledgeTenewed our vigour; your military talents

ments. If, in the exercise of the functions collected all our resources, and concentrat

entrusted to me, I in any degree, however ed our strength, and under your Lordship, humble, succeeded so far as to promote the this country rose at once to a state of proud objects of his Majesty's paternal care før defiance, justifying every expectation excit

the security of Scotland, i must deem myed by your high military character and re- self most fortunate. nown; while your Lordship's mild and “ I beg your Lordship to accept my sinconciliatory virtues, added to our respect

cerest thanks, for the polite terms with and gratitude, sentiments of the warmest

which you have accompanied the compersonal esteein and affection.

munication : and let me intreat you to as. Impressed with these feelings, we can- sure the Magistrates and City, that this mot refrain from testifying our unfeigned valuable testimony of their regard is met joy, that the alliance your Lordship has by me with the warmest gratitude, and formed with the amiable representative of repaid by me with the most unfeigned atone of our noble Scottish families, affords a tachment. sure pledge for the continuance of your

“I have the honout, my Lord, to be, connection with this part of the United with high respect, your Lordship’s most Kingdoms.

obedient and humble servant, “Signed in piir name, and in our pre

(Signed) MOIRA." sence, at Edinburgh, this 29th day of March, 1806, by

“ The Right Hon, the Lord Provost (Signed) WM. Fettes, Provost."

of Edinburgh."

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Lintseed. The following question, lately nations sent to Dr Hunter, amount to decided by the Court of Justiciary, should 6651. 18s. 4 d. serve as a caution to all importers of Lint- On Sunday, March 30. the new Episcoseed:

pal chapel at Leith (called St James's) was “One of the officers of the Board of opened for divine service, when an excelTrustees seized a considerable quantity of lent sermon suitable to the occasion, was Lintseed in Leith, because it was of bad delivered to a crowded audience by their quality, and unfit for sowing; and brought pastor, the Rev. Dr Lloyd. an action before the Sheriff of Edinburgh, The subscriptions at Edinburgh for the to have it forfeited in terms of the statutes relief of the wounded, and the felations of regulating the importation. After a good those that have fallen in the late naval endeal of litigation, and examining witnesses gagements, amounted, on the 1st of April, as to the quality of the seed, the sheriff to above goool.-and those for Lord Nelpronounced sentence of forfeiture, &c. from son's monument to near 12001. The libewhich the proprietor of the seed appealed rality of individuals on this occasion has to the High Court of Justiciary, and pled, in been highly conspicuous. Many noblemen the first place, that the seed was sent by his have subscribed rool. each, and Thomas foreign correspondent without orders; and Coutts Esq. banker in London, has remit2dly, that the law permitted the importa- ted to the treasurer 100 l. towards the erection of such seed för crushing into Oil, for

tion of the monument, which purpose alone he would sell the A considerable sum was some time since Seed in question. On the other hand, it subscribed by the inhabitants of Glasgow was contended by the officer, that the law for erecting a statue of Mr Pitt in that absolutely prohibited the importation of all city. Since the death of that illustrious bad Lintseed into Scotland, no matter Statesman, the Committee for receiving what should be the purpose of iniporting subscriptions have had a meeting, and have it; and that the plea of its being intended resolved that the measure shall be immefor crushing into Oil ought not to be listen- diately carried into effect. ed to, as under such a pretext, much bad All the volunteer corps of the city of seed might evidently be imported, and sold Edinburgh and neighbourhood have been for sowing, either by itself, or mixed with inspected in the course of last month, by good seed, to the very great prejudice of the inspecting officers of the district, and Flax-dressers, and the interests of the Linen the state of their arms and equipment manufacture. Their Lordships, after hear highly approved of. On the 28th of March, ing Counsel, and considering printed papers the ist Regiment Royal Edinburgh, (genfor the parties, affirmed the Sheriff's judg- tlemen serving entirely at their own exment of forfeiture, and found the proprietor pence),opened their tweifth campaign with liable in expences, &c."

a parade of 715. On the 24th March, was held in the Ma. The 2d battalion of the Royals from the rischal College, Aberdeen, the annual com- West Indies, is arrived at Leith, and marchpetition among the students in the Greek ed for Stirling; also, the 3d battalion of Class, for the Silver Pen given by the Right the 8th, or the King's, at Berwick. The Hon. the Earl of Buchan. The exercise 74th regiment, from India, quartered at prescribed, was a translation froin the Leith, have marched for Glasgow. About Greek into Latin and English, which many 200 of this very highly estimated corps enperformed much to the satisfaction of the tered with the 94th, or Scots Brigade, in Injudges; the premium was decreed to Alex. dia. Nicoll, son of Mr John Nicoll in Mony- The customhouse duties received at Porte musk.

Glasgow and Greenock last year (1805) Thursday the 27th March, the Glasgow amounted to 490,285 l. os. O{d. The draw. Society for the Sons of the Ministers of the backs and bounties paid, 151,490 l. 28. id. Established Church of Scotland, held their Among the exports were 3,219,555 yards sixtenth anniversary meeting in the Tonfine of linens, and 24,699,760 yards of manufac• Tavern. The sermon was preached by the tured cottons. Rev. Mr Forrester of Linton. They dis- On the 22d of January, six shares of the tributed, for the excellent purposes of the British Linen Company Stock were sold by charity, the annual interest of their increas., public auction at 193 per cent.

It was put ing capital, together with the liberal colec up at 135, the former selling price tion of upwards of 751. received at the A new company for insurance against church door.

fire, was last year (July 1805,) instituted in The collections for the British and Fo- Edinburgh, under the name of the Caledoreign Bible Society, in the churches and nian Insurance Company. It consists of chapels under the jurisdiction of the Pres- 400 respectable members, and the stock is bytery of Edinburgh, with a frw other do- L.150,000. A few days ago, ten shares of

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this stock were purchased at a premium of Some months ago, John Fleming, fariner 100 per cent. on the sum advanced by the at Gartsherrie, parish of Old Monkland; original proprietor.

contracted with an engineer and a millAnother Scots insurance company has this wright, to erect a steam engine to drive a year been established in Fife, under the fiax mill and rollers, and a threshing mill, name of the Fife Insurance Company. Its to go all at once, or separately. This macapital L.50,000.

chine, being finished, has been found fully The subscription for the Fraserburgh New to answer all the purposes intended; and, Harbour now exceeds 19ool.

being the first of the kind erected in ScotIn the month of October last, a boy dig- land, fitted to prepare and dress lint, indeging in the sands near Kinross-house, found pendent of the weather, it must prove of a bunch of keys in a very decayed state.. great use to the country. The loch at that time was within narrower, Cow pox.-in the year 1805, 1651 chil. bounds, on account of the severe drought.. dren have been VACCINATED gratis at the It appears from history, that the keys of Public Dispensary of Edinburgh, all of Lochleven Castle were thrown into the whom have gone through the disease with loch, after Douglas had effected the escape perfect ease and safety, and though many of. pf Queen Mary, (Sunday, zd May, 1568); then have been frequently exposed to the and it is conjectured that the keys above contagion of the natural Small Por, not one mentioned may be them.

of them has been subjecred to that loathAn inhabitant of Edinburgh having been some and dangerous disease. committed lately to the guard-house, on. Only twenty-one children have died in pretence of his being impressed for the navy the year 1805 a: Glasgow, of the smallwithout the interposition of a peace officer, pox; such has been the advantage of the the Magistrates, upon an investigation of

cow-pox inoculation. the matter, declared their disapprobation of In the populous county of Ayr, Vaccinasuch proceedings, and their determinatien tion has been universally adopted; in conto prevent a repetition of them in future. ' sequence of which, the Small Pox has been The

party transgressing was fined in five nearly exterminated, only two cases of that guineas, besides the expences of prosecu- dreadful disease, (brought from Ireland), tion.

having occurred there for a long time past. Suicide. Some weeks ago, a merchant The Committee of the Royal Jennerian in Ceres, in Fife, in a momentary fit of de Society have publislied their Report on the spair (occasioned, it is said, by some domes- cases of failure of vaccination; which had sic broils, and derangement of his affairs), been so industriously circulated. It states, cut his throat with a razor. A few minutes that after the most mature investigation, had only elapsed, when returning reason they have found that most of the cases urgmade him repent the rash act.

ed in proof of the inefficacy of vaccination, out of the room, and quietly submitted to are either wholly unfounded, or grossly the operations of a surgeon, who had beea misrepresented ; that where the cases have. sent for from Cupar. The wound did not been unfavourable, it has arisen from the seem of a dangerous nature ; but, by some negligence with which the operation has mismanagement of his keepers, in the tight been performed; and that in consequence manner in which he was kept bound, not- of the prejudices against vaccination, it. withstanding he was to all appearance, will be seen by the Bills of Mortality that perfectly rècollected, it terminated, on the nearly 2000 lives have been lost by the. 14th of March, the life of this unhappy, small-pox, in London, during the last year.

His remains were not permitted to be deposited in the church-yard, but were

CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. carried in a cart, attended by a numerous Feb. 14. His Majesty has granted the concourse of spectators, to a place in that dignity of a Viscount of Ireland, to John neighbourhood, on a line of narch appro. Henry. Baron Templeton, by the title of priated for the reception of suicides, called Viscount Templeton. the Cairn Green, and there interred.

Dublin Gastle, March 25. His Majesty Duel.-On Sunday morning, April 13. has appointed the Right Hon. George Pontwo officers of the 71st regiment, in garri- sonby his Majesty's Chancellor and Keeper. son at Glasgow, exchanged a shot in the of the Great Seal of Ireland, (in room of green, when one of them was wounded, "Lord Redesdale). but not dangerously, in the thigh.

Dublin Castle, March 28. His Grace On Tuesday the 25th March, two gentle. the Lord Lieutenant has appointed the Rt. men were fined by the Sheriff of Edinburgh, Hon. William Elliot to be his Chief Secreone for giving a blow, and the other for tary. sending a challenge : the former in 20 His Majesty has been pleased to appoint guineas, and the latter in 30

Edward Mayne Esq. one of the Justices


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of Common Pleas in Ireland, in room of On the rst of April Beeston Long Esq. Mathias Finucane Esq. resigned.

was chosen Governor, and Sir Brook wat. J. P. Curran Esq. is appointed Master of son Bart. Deputy Governor of the Bank of the Rolls in Ireland, in room of the Right England for the ensuing year. Hon. Dennis George.

On the roth of April, the Hon. Willianz The Earl of Granard (brother-in-law to Fullerton Elphinston was chosen Chairman, the Earl of Moira) is appointed Clerk of and Edward Parry Esq. Deputy chairman the Crown and Hanaper in Ireland, in of the Court of Directors of the India Com. room of the Earl of Limerick.

pany for the ensuing year. The Earl of Donoughmore, and Lord On the 25th of March Sir John Sinclair Henry Fitzgerald, are appointed Joint Post- Bart. was elected President of the Board masters general of Ireland, in room of the of Agriculture for the ensuing year, by bal. Marquisses of Ely and Drogheda.

lot, the numbers being for Sir John 20m April 1. The King has been pleased to for Lord Sheffield 10. grant the dignity of an Earl of the United The Duke of Norfolk was chosen, same Kingdom to Charles Viscount Newark, day, President of the London Society of and the heirs male of his body, by the stile Arts. and title of Earl Manvers. And

Alexander Baxter, Esq. of Glassel is ap-To Horatio Baron Walpole, and the pointed Lord Rector, and Sir Robert Bur. heirs male of his body, by the stile and title net of Leys, Dean of Faculty, in the Uniof Earl of Orford, in Suffolk.

versity and Marischal College of Aberdeen. To grant the dignities of Viscount and The King has presented the Rev. Thos. Earl of the United Kingdom to Charles Inglis to the church of Dunscore. Lord Grey of Howick, General of his Ma- The King has been graciously pleased to jesty's forces, and his heirs male, by the grant unto John Gilchrist of Camberwell, titles of Viscount Howick, and Earl Grey. in the county of Surry, L.L.D, late Profes

-To grant the dignity of a Baronet of sor of the Hindostanee Language in the the United Kingdom, to the following College of Fort William, at Calcutta, his gentlemen, and their respective heirs male, royal licence and authority, to take and viz - Joseph Scott of Great Barr, in Staf- use the surname of Porthwick in addition fordshire Esq.-Alex. Macdonald Lockhart to and before his present surname of Gila of Lee and Carnwath Esq.- John Morris christ, out of respect to the memory of his of Clasemont in Glamorganshire Esq.--Alex. late grandmother Elizabeth Borthwick, deRamsay of Balmain in Kincardineshire, Esq. ceased, descended from the ancient and noAnd John Lubbock of Lamasin Norfolk, Esq. ble family of Borthwick in Scotland.

Whitehall, March 29. The King has
granted the dignity of a Baronet of the MILITARY APPOINTMENTS.
United Kingdom to Sir Thomas Louis of
Chelston, Knight, Commander of the Sici-

Lieut. Gen. Jobn Lord Hutchinson is lian Order of St Ferdinand and of Merit, Culmore, in room of Gen. Hale, deceast.

appointed Governor of Londonderry and and Rear-Admiral of the White Squadron, and the heirs male of his body.

Lieut.-Col. Sir Wm. Keir Knt. is appointe -To nominate the Hon. Alex. Cochrane,

ed adjutant general of his Majesty's forces Rear-Admiral of the White, to be one of

in Bengal.
the Knights Companions of the Most Hon.
Order of the Bath.

April 8. The King has appointed the Feb. 17. At Copenhagen, his Royal High-
Right Hon. Francis Lord Napier, his Ma- ness Prince Christian (son of the late Here-
jesty's High Commissioner to the General ditary Prince of Denmark, to whose title
Assembly of the Church of Scotland. he now succeeds) to the Princess Charlotte

Henry Grant Esq. is appointed Private of Mecklenburgh.
Secretary to the First Lord of the Admi. March 8. At Fort William, Lieut. Col.

Macdonald, to Miss Frances Cochran,
The Duke of Norfolk is appointed Lord youngest daughter of Thos. Cochran, Esq.
Lieutenant of Middlesex, in room of the Captain of Invalids.
Marquis of Titchfield.

April 8. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Robert
On the 18th of April the Hon. Henry Adam, of the Scots Episcopal church, to
Erskine, his Majesty's Advocate, was unani- Mrs Kenny, widow of Charles Kenny of
mously elected Representative in Parlia- St Catherine's, Esq.
ment for the boroughs of North Berwick, . At Helmsdale, Lieut. William Grant,
Haddington, Dunbar, Jedburgh, and Lau- gad regiment, to Miss Jane Houston, only
der, in room of John Dalrymple Esq. re. daughter of the late Capt. Houston, 21st
signed. North Berwick was the retarning . regiment.


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say, a son.

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her return from the Carnival of Venice, Feb. 28. At Madeira, the Lady of An- which brought on a fever, of which she drew Wardrope Esq. merchant, a daughter. died after a few days illness.

March 19. At Arbroath, the Hon. Mrs Feb. 26. At Bermuda, whither he had gone David Lyell, a son.

for the recovery of his health, Sir Andrew 27. Af Edinburgh, the Lady of Brig. Mitchell, K. B. Admiral of the Blue, and Gen. Dirom of Mount Annan, a dalighter. Commander in chief on the American sia* 27. At Edinburgh, Mrs Macleod of Ra. tion ;--an able, active, and humane officer,

universally respected and beloved.

He -. At ditto, Lady Louisa Ord, a daugh. was interred with high military honours. tcr.

At Madeira, Lady Georgiana Elliot, 29. At ditto, the Lady of David Boyle sister to the Marquis of Stafford, of a cou. Esq. advocate, a son.

sumption. 30. At Craigo, Mrs Carnegie of Craigo, a Feb. 27. At Armagh, in Ireland, Lieut.daughter.

Col. Gideon Shairp, of the gth foot, Deputy Mrs Bruce of Kemuet, a son.

Quarter Master-General. - At Wilton lodge, the Lady of James Feb. At Paris, the celebrated Madame Anderson Esq. a son.

de Montesson, the wife, though not ac-, Mrs Biair of Blair, a daughter. knowledged as such, of the late Duke of April 1. Mrs Urquhart of Craigron, a son. Orleans.

1. At Luffinghamn, in Rutlandshire, the At Constantinople, the Sultana Va. Liady of Lieut. Col. Ainslie, a daughter. lide, mother of the Grand Seignor, aged 73.

9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Monteith of Roch- Lately, At St Petershurgh, suddenly, soles, a daughter.

Dr Grieve, a inedical gentleman. At Bath, Lady Charlotte Drum- March 5. At Exmouth, aged 21, Captain mond, (daughter of the Duke of Athołe), a William Henry Maxwell, of the 3d regt.

of foot guards.

8. At Edinburgh, after a short illness, DEATHS.

Mr Robert Barr, manufacturer, Paisley, in Lately, at Calcueta, Major-General Chris- the 72d year of his age. topher Green, Commandant of the Artillery 10. At Vienna, of an inflammatory feon the Bengal establishment.

ter, Count Colloredo, one of the ablest Dec. 16. At St Vincent's, of the yellow and honestest ministers of his Imperial Ma. fever, Captain M'Gregor, of the goth regt. jesty. and on the 19th, Captain Austin, of the 10. At Paris, M. Tronchet, the celebrat. same regiment.

ed counsel for Louis XVI. Dec. 25. In prison at the Havannah, Col.

15. At Edinburgh, Jane Hamilton Na. Bowles, the Cherokee Chief. An appre. pier, youngest daughter; on the 19th, Arhension of being poisoned prevented his us- chibald Hamilton Napier, youngest son; ing the food offered by the Spaniards, and and on the 29th, Margaret Symson Napier, for 40 days he subsisted on oranges alone, second daughter of Mr Francis Napier, and was in consequence reduced to a mere writer to the signet. skeleton.

10. At London, James Donaldson, Esq. Jan. 1. At Hutton, near Penrith, whither of Thornhill, Ayrshire, formerly of Bannahe had gone to be minister of a dissenting chra, Dumbartonshire. congregation, the Rev. Robert Potts, aged 16. At Myrehead, in the parish of Dryse : 81, late minister of the united parishes of dale, Mr Walter Irving, preacher of the Ettrick and Buccleuch.

gospel, aged 87, and 49 years schoolmaster Jan. 16. At Janaica, Captain James of said parish. Graham, son of Robert Graham Burdon 16. At Royogare, Glenlyon, Perthshire, Esq. of Feddal.

Mr Peter Campbell, sen. aged 91. Jan. At Madrid, Don Juan de Langara, 17. At Dalswinton, Master Charles an old and experienced Spanish Admiral. Staig Miller, second son of Major William He was of a proud and independent turn Miller, late of the Royal regiment of horse of mind, and has left a widow and family guards. in rather an indigent situation.

19. At Glenlyon, David Campbell of Glen-. At Cadiz, Don Frederico Gravina, lyon, Esq. another old Spanish Admiral. He com- '19. At Newcastle, in his 45th year, An. manded the Spanish division in the battle drew Young, M.D. and Fellow of the Royal of Trafalgar, and was wounded in the arm, College of Physicians in Edinburgh. whicb ultimately proved the cause of his 21. At London, aged 64, Henri Francis, death.

Gen. Count Bulkley, formerly Colonel ProFeb. 18. At Bologna, Madam Banti, the prietaire of the Irish regiment of Bulkley, celebrated singer. She caught cold upon in the service of the King of France


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