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March 21. Ac Edinburgh, James Hume, Elizabeth de Levis de Mirepois, aged fortyEsq. of Fealford, Airshire.

This Lady, descended from one 21. At Dunse, Captain Archibald Doug- of the most distinguished faniilies in France, las, late of the 43d regiment.

fursook early in life the fascinating allure22. At Strabane, aged 92, James Hamil. ments of a Court, for the retirtinent and ton, Esq. He was interred in the family austerity of a monastic lite. From the vault on the ist April, attended by not less stom of the French revolution, the Benethan 6000 of the respectable neighbour dictine Convent (of which she had been a hood. He married, in the year 1750, Flea- member thirty-one years, and superior nor, sister to the present Earl of Castle. twenty-two) bought shelter in England, stewart, and has left four sons and one and found an asylum in the above county, daughter.

where for the last fifteen years the nuns 22. At Aberdeen, Charles Gordon, Esq. have been occupied in the education of Calate of Blelack, in the 45th year of his age. tholic young ladies,

23. At London, after a long illness, G. March 29. oft Edinburgh, after a short F. Pinto, a celebrated violin performer. illness, Lady Janet Traill, spouse of James

23. At Aucharnick, Lieut.-Col. Louis Traill Esq. of Hobbister, Sheriff depute of Grant of Aucharnick.

Caithness, and sister of the last Earl of 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Blaw, widow of Caithues. Her remains were interred in the late James blaw, Esq.

the funily vault in the chapel of Roslin. 23. At the Isle of Wight, Steuart Bal.

26. At Mosselburgh, Miss Helen Kil. neavis, Esq. second son of the deceased Col. gour, sister of Dr Martin Kilgour, MusselBalneavis, of the Scotch brigade. .

- At London, Lady Strange, widow 29. At Auchinblain, Robert Ninimo, Esq.
of the late Sir Richard, and mother of Sir of Auchinblain, in the 76th year of his age.
Thomas, Chief Justice of Madras, in the 30. At Wool, aged 20, Miss Elizabeth
86th year of her age.

Scott, youngest daughter of Charles Scott,
-. At ditto, Haviland Lemesurier, Esq. Esq. of Wool.
Commissary-General to the forces late in At London, Dr William Rowley, an
Egypt and in the Mediterranean.

eminent physician.
-. At the Plantation, near Guisbro', in At Dublin, the Marquis of Ely. His
This 78th year, General John Hall, Governor Lordship is succeeded in his title and es-
of Londonderry, and formerly Colonel of tates by his son Lord Loftus, one of the Re-
the 17th light dragoons. He has left 17. presentatives in Parliament for the county

of Wexford. 24. At Memel, James Biggs, Esq. for- 31. At Lerwick in Shetland, aged 71, merly of Glasgow.

Andrew Bolt of Berry Esq. 25. At South Queensferry, Mrs Inglis, 31. At London, in the sixty-ninth year spouse of Mr Edward Inglis, surgeon in the of his age, the Right Honourable George Royal Navy.

Macartney, Earl, Viscount, and Baron Ma25. At Hawick, in the 63d year of his age, cartney of Ireland, and Baron Macartney and 39th of his ministry, John Young, D.D. of Packhurst, and Auchinleck in Great author of some ingenious essays on political Britain, Knight of the Bath, and Privy. subjects, which were published in 1794, Councillor in both kingdoms. His Lordand had a most extensive sale.

ship married in 1768, Jane, daughter of At Paisley, in the 72d year of his age, the late Earl of Bute, but having no issue, Mr Andrew Brown, a respectable merchant all his titles are extinct. Lord Macartney and manufacturer, and who had been fre- was indebted for his elevation in the world quently a Magistrate of that town.

to the late Henry Lord Holland

He was 26. At London, J. Edward Maddocks, Esq. originally intended for physic, and was traIn a fit of mental derangement, this unhap- velling abroad to improve himself in that py gentleman put a period to his life by science, wlien he accidentally met with and cutting his throat with a case knife. He formed an intimacy with Mr Stephen Fox, was formerly married to Lady Kerr, his Lordship's eldest son, and father of the (daughter of the Marquis of Lothian), who present Lord Holland. At this tine Mr predeceased him, and by whom he has lest Macartney rendered his friend some very three daughters.

essential service : what it was, we do not 26. At Pittenweem, Fifeshire, Mr Thos. precend to state ; but it was of a nature to Martin, in the 81st year of his age. awaken the most grateful sentiments of

At Woolwich, Lieut.-Col. George Lord Holland, who, though he was not poScott, of the Royal Artillery.

pular as a public character, had many priAt Bath, Sir John Honywood, Bart. vate virtues; and among them, a never Member of Parliament for Honiton. failing spirit of remuneration for good offi. 28. At Bodney-hall, in Suffolk, Madanie ces to himself or any of his family. He


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therefore became the warm patron and April 1. At Devonshire house, London, friend of Mr Macartney, whose qualities in the 49th year of her age, the Most No. and calerts justified that partiality, which ble Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire; a invited him to leave the pursuit of medi. Lady long distinguished in the


and facine for that of politics. At this time it shionable world for her exquisite beauty, was thought adviseable to send a Minister refined taste, and elegance of manners.-to St Petersburgh, whose personal qualifi. Her Grace was the eldest daughter of John, cations might render him agreeable to the Earl Spencer; was born June 9. 1757, and Empress Catherine, and Mr Macartney married to William, the present Duke of was accordingly appointed to succeed the Devonshire, June 6. 1774, by whom she Earl of Buckinghamshire at that Court. In has left issue, Lady Georgiana, now Lady the negociation of a Commercial Treaty be- Morpeth; Lady Elizabeth Henrietta ; and tween the two countries, which was at- the Marquis of Hartington, who was born tended with uncommon difficulties, he gave at Paris in 1790. Her Grace's disorder great satisfaction to the British merchants was a liver complaint, to which she had and Government; and thereby acquired for a long time been subject. The first atthat political reputation which occasioned tack took place about twelve months since, his being subsequently employed in offices and terminated in the yellow jaundice. of great trust and importance, all of which 1. At Berlin, Prince Julius Ferdinand he executed with so much understanding Leopold, youngest son of the King of Prussia. and ability, as successively to be honoured 3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Adair, relict of with the Order of the Bath, a Peerage of Dr James Adair, physician at Harrow. Ireland, and at length with a Peerage of 4. Ac Newington, Benjamin Bell, Esq. Great Britain. His Lordship was Gover- of Hunthill and Newington, an eminent nor of Grenada, in 1780, when that island

surgeon in Edinburgh, anthor of the System was obliged to surrender to a superior of Surgery, and of a Treatise on Vicers, French force under the Marquis de Bou- and one of the Directors of the British Li. ille. He was afterwards Governor of nen Company. Madras, but retired many years ago from 13. At his seat of Ballendalloch, in the all public employmente. His remains were 86th year of his age, General James Grant, interred at Chiswick in a very private man- Colonel of the iTth regt. of Foot, and Gom

vernor of Stirling Castle.

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Mr Dyer's poem--the character of Mr Morrice--and two literary notices from Glasgow, will appear in our next.

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og ARDROSSAN Sounutings marked in Fathomas

Sanits at Lew Watar......


Jarle a chants


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This Land abounts with loal

Bank and

Loch end


nu Aunhgroves

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'Righill Whitebeast ride






Moor ride




Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,


opbell Rock

FOR MAY 1806 :
With a View of the Harbour of ARDROSSAN, and Canal from thence to Glasgow.

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Register of the Weather for May Mr Hume concerning Cause


and Effect, ..
High Water at Leith for Fune, . ...ib. 6. Short Criticism on the Terms of
Account of the Harbour of Ardrossan,

the Charge against Mr Leslie, .
and Canal from thence to Glasgow, 323 7. Letter to the Author of the Exa-,
Present State of Agriculture in Ayr.

mination of Mr Stewart's State. shire,

325 ment of Facts,
Celestial Phenomena for June, 327

New Works published in Edinburgh, 365
Memoirs of the Progress of Manu. Scottish Literary Intelligence, ib.

factures, Chemistry, Science, and Literary Intelligence, English and
the Fine Arts,
328 Foreign,

. ib.
Journal of the Eruption of Mount

Vesuvius, from the 11th August, to Ode, in Latin, composed by the cele.

the 18th September, 1805, . ., 329 brated Bubb Dodington, afterwards On Mendicity, and its Remedies; Lord Welcombe, with a Translation with Strictures on the different by Dr Johnson,

367. Modes of providing for the Poor, 332 Emma'; a Tale,

368 Journal of a Tour over Land from To a Favourite Cat, by G. Dyer,

India in 1785, ...

Defence of Doubts on Cæsar, 333 Proceedings of Parliament, • 369
Query respecting a Mode of Impro-
ving the Pear Tree,


Manners of the Higher and Lower Historical Affairs, .

Orders in Scotland, in the year --France
ib. - Imperial Decrees,.

Some Particulars respecting the late -The Message of the Emperor and
James Candlish, M. A. & F. R. S.


383 of the University of Edinburgh, .343 -Turkey,

384 A Short Account of the Behaviour

-Italy, .

•385 of the Rebel Army at Hamiltor in Germany.--Prussia and Sweden, . . 386 1745, in a letter to a Friend,

345 Denisark.--Switzerland.--India, 387 Criticism on Leyden's Scenes of In- -America,

• 388 fancy ; with etymological Re. Nayal intelligence, .

389 marks,

347 -Capture of Admiral Linais, ib.
Adventures of a Traveller in the De. Scottish Chronicle,

serts of Arabia,
349 Circuit Intelligence.

Anecdotes of the late Bubb Doding-

Opening of the New Wet Dock at
354 Leith,

Scottish REVIEW.

-Civil Appointments,
Controversy concerning the Elec- Ecclesiastical Appointments, 397

tion of a Mathematical Professor, 356 --Military Appointments, . ib.
1. Professor Stewart's Statement of Marriages,

ib. Facts,

Births and Deaths, 2. Postscript to ditto,

Prices of Stocks,

400 3. Examination of ditto,

Prices of Grain per quarter Corn Ex4. Report of Proceedings in the Ge- change, London,

ib. neral Assembly, :

Prices of Grain at Haddington, ib. 5. Observations on the doctrine of Prices of Meal in Edinburgh Market, ib.



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