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ECCLESIASTICAL APPOINTMENTS. younger of Bogton, to Miss Mary Corse, His Majesty has been pleased to pro. daughter of Mr Walter Corse. mote the Rev. John Kearney, D. D. Pro- 56. At London, Thomas Hope, Esq. to vost of Trinity College, Dublin, to the Bi. Mise Louisa Beresford, youngest daughter shoprick of Ossory, in room of the Right of the Archbishop of Tuam. Rev. Dr Hugh Hamilton, deceased.

17. At London, Captain Digby, of the To constitute and appoint the Rev. Royal Navy, to Viscountess Andover, George Hall, D. D. Provost of Trinity daughter of Thomas Coke, Esq. M. P. College, Dublin, in room of the Rev. Dr 18. At London, John Abernethie, Esq. Kearney.

to Miss Susan Harris, daughter of the late The King has presented the Rev. James Richard Harris, Esq. of Sandown, Surrey. Wightman to the church of Kells, in room 21. At St Quivox Manse, the Rev. John of Mr Gillespie deceast.

Stirling, minister of Craigie, to Miss Mary Mr Somervell of Hamilton-farm has M Quhae, daughterofthe Rev.Dr M Quhae, presented Mr Lewis Balfour, preacher, to of St Quivox, the church of Sorn, in room of the late 22. At Bath, Rob. Pringle, Esq. younger Rev. Dr George Gordon.

of Stitchel, to Miss Sarah Macleod, daughMILITARY APPOINTMENTS.

ter of the late General Macleod of Mac. Gen. the Right Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick leod. to be Col. of the sith regiment of foot, 22. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Allan, vice Gen. Grant deceased.

surgeon, to Miss Anna Scott, daughter of Major-Gen. John Lord Elphinstone to William Scott, Esq. of Seabank. he Col. of the 26th foot, vice Lieut. Gen. 24. At Edinburgh, William Glas, Esq. Andrew Gordon, deceased.

Stirling, to Miss Jane Moir, daughter of Lieut. Gen. John Lord Hutchinson, to the deceased John Moir, Esq. of Hillfoot, be Governor of Stirling Castle, vice Gen. writer to the signet. Grant, deceased.

25.At London, John Bushby, Esq. of the Gen. John Earl of Suffolk to be Gover. Madras Establishment, to Miss Macdonald, nor of Londonderry and Culmore, vice daughter of Thomas Macdonald, Esq, one Lord Hutchinson.

of the Commissioners for settling the AmeLieut. Gen. George Don to be Governor rican claims. of the Island of Jersey, vice Gen. Gordon,

-, Capt. Donald M-Leod deceased.

of Tallisker, to Miss Catharina MʻLean, Col. Alexander Mair to be Lieut. Gov. daughter of Alex. M-Lean of Coll, Esq. of Landguard Fort, vice Blake, deceased. 28. At Stranraer, Robert Hannay of Rus

Lieut. Col. Thomas Rudsdell, of the 61st - coe, Esq. to Miss Kerr, only daughter of foot, to be Lieut. Gov. of Sheerness, vice John Kerr, Esq. Stranraer. Colonel Mair.

29. At Glasgow, the Rev. James France,

minister of Moniaive, to Miss Isabella MARRIAGES.

Square, Buchlyvie April 9. At Edinburgh, Robert Watson, 29. At Torrie-house, by the Right Rev, Esq. to Miss Lawson,

daughter of Mr Robt. Bishop Sandford, Jas. Moray, Esq. younger Lawson, surgeon in Edinburgh.

of Abercairny, to Miss Erskine, daughter 11. At London, Sir Stephen Richard of the late Sir William Erskine, Bart, of Glyn, Bart of Harwarden Castle, Flintshire, Torrie. to the Hon. Miss Mary Neville, second 29. At Dalgoner, the Rev Jas. Keyden,' daughter of Lord Braybrooke.

minister of Keir, to Miss Helen Grierson, 12. At Chélsea, Alex. Hepburn Mit- eldest daughter of James Grierson of Dal. chelson of Middleton, Esq. to Miss Gamage, goner, Esq. eldest daughter of the late Captain Gamage, Miry 1. At London, John Drummond, of the Hon. East India Company's service. Esq. banker, Charingcross, to Miss Barbara

12. At London, by the Archbishop of Chester, daughter of the late Charles ChesCanterbury, his Excellency Prince Bariatin- ter, Esq. of Chicheley, Bucks, and one of sky, to the Hon. Frances Mary Dutton, her Majesty's. Maids of Honour. daughter of Lord Sherborne.

2. At ditto, Lord Robert Seymour, to the At ditto, Sir Arthur Wellesley, K. B. Hon. Miss Chetwynd, sister of Viscount Miss Pakenham, niece of Admiral Paken- Chetwynd. ham.

6. At London, by special licence, the At Clifton, H. Stewart, Esq. of Bal- Right Hon. Charles Lord Kinnaird, to lefield, to Miss Prust.

Lady Olivia Catherine Fitzgerald, young. At Leeds, Mr Thomas Bell, the Irish est daughter of the late Duke of Leinster. Giant, now travelling the country, to Miss

9. At Gressford, in Denbighshire, by speM. Stanley, of Sheffield.

cial licence, Chas. Watkin Williams Wyno 14. At Kilbride, John Jamieson, Esq. Esq. M. P. to Miss Cunliffe, eldest daugh.

25. At

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ter of Sir Foster Cunliffe, Bart. of Acton Wood, eldest son of Mr Alexander Wood, Park, in that county.

merchant in Elie. 9. At Chesterfield, the French General


Ar Tangier, J. M. Matra, Esq. Henin, to Miss Jane Dickson of that place. Consul general to the empire of Morocco.

12. At Worcester, Thomas Constable, March 8. At Surinam, the Hon. Geo. Esq. of Woodford in Essex, to Miss Wal- Cranstoune, Col. 64th regt. and uncle of house, second daughter of the late Moreton Lord Cranstoune. Walhouse, Esq. of Hatherton, in Stafford. 24. At Whitekirk Manse, the Rev. shire.

Mr James Williamson, minister of the 17. At London, the Hon. Wm. Herbert, gospel, aged 64. And on the 8th of Octoson of the Earl of Caernarvon, to the Hon. ber last, his son, Lieut. Thomas WilliamLetitia Allen, youngest daughter of Lord son, of his Majesty's ship the Atlas, in the Viscount Allen.

West Indies. 19. At Lambeth Palace, by special li- Lately, At Dusseldorf, Wilhelmina de cence, the Hon. Hugh Percy, third son of Buylen de Nyevelt, widow of Lieut.-Col. the Earl of Beverley, to Miss Manners Robt. Douglas. Sutton, eldest daughter of his Grace the Lately, Wm. Woodfall, Esq. Chief JusArchbishop of Canterbury.

tice of Cape Breton, son of the late Mr

Wm. Woodfall, the well known reporter BIRTHS.

of Parliamentary debates. April 16. At Donavourd, the Lady of A. Lately, at New York, James M-Ghie, MacFarlane, Esq. of Donavourd, a son. Esq. an eminent planter of Trelawny pa.

22. At Berlin, the Lady of Francis James rish, Jamaica. Jackson, Esq. British Envoy, a son.

April 1. In the island of Islay, after a 22. At Sinton House, the Lady of John short illness, the Rev. Archibald RobertCorse Scoit Esq. a daughter.

son, minister of Kildalton. 27. At Edinburgh, Mrs Gilmour of 2. At Manse of Kinnethmont, in the Craigmillar, a daughter.

46th year of her age, Mrs Minty, wife of 30. At Kirkmichael House, the Lady of Dr Minty, minister of Kinnethmont. David Kennedy, Esq. of Kirkmichael, a 2. At Kilniver, Mrs Mary M.Leod, wife daughter.

of the Rev. Donald Campbell, and tenth May I. At London, the Lady of Coutts daughter of the late John M.Leod, Esq. of 'Trotter, Esq. a daughter.

Rasay. 2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Hamilton, wife of 3. At Burntisland, Mrs Ogilvie, wife of Dr James Hamilton, a daughter.

James Ogilvie, Esq. 9. At Ballindalloch, Mrs Macpherson 3. At Musselburgh, Mr Robert Scott, Grant, of Ballindalloch, a daughter. master of the Mathematical Academy there

. 10. At London, the Duchess of Beaufort, 4. At Neufchatel, in Switzerland, Genea daughter.

ral Count de Meuron, Colonel proprietor 10. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Colonel of a regiment of his name in his Britannic James Pringle, a daughter.

Majesty's pay. 20. At Coull, Lady Mackenzie of Coull, 4. At London, Mrs Janet M-Kenzie, se

lict of the deceased Mr Alex. Weir, painter

in Edinburgh, and collectậr of that elegant DE A THS. assemblage of natural curiosities, which

, Aug. 3. 1805. At Bombay, Major Hen- during his lifetime, was distinguished by ry Brown, youngest son of Thomas Brown the name of Weir's Museum. of Johnstonburn, Esq.

5. At Paddington, in the 42d year of his Nov. I 2.

At sea, Mr Archibald Ramsay, age, William Garthshore, Esq. "M.P. for second son of Mr Robert Ramsay, writer Weymouth, late one of the Lords Commisin Dumfries.

sioners of the Admiralty, and son of Dr 30. On his passage to Bengal, Dr Fran- Maxwell Garthshore, physician in London

. cis Maxwell, of the East India Company's 5:. At Edinburgh, Col. James Francis service.

Erskine. Dec. 10. At Berbice, Mr John Camp- 5. At Dalswinton, Jean Erskine, eldest bell, Commissary department there, son of daughter of John Thomas Erskine, Esq. the late Mr Patrick Campbell, Royal Bank, younger of Mar. Edinburgh.

6. At Seafield-house, near Greenock, Mi 25. At New Calabar, Mr Thomas Kirk: Alex. Campbell

, late Deputy Comptroller patrick, surgeon, aged 25.

of the Customs at Greenock, in the 8ad Feb. At Dominica, of the yellow fever, year of his age. Joseph M'Laren, Esq. garrison surgeon 6. At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret M'. there.

tosh, second daughter of the late Captain 9. In the Turkish dominions, Mr James John M'Intosh of Harwood.

a son.



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April 7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Wilhelmina

17. At Jersey, Lieut.-Gen. Andrew GorCant, daughter of the late Ludovick Cant, don, Commander in Chief of his MajesEsq. of Thurstone.

ty's forces in that island, and Colonel of the 7. At ditto, Thomas Ainslie, Esq. of Over- 26th


of foot. wells.

At Glasgow, Lieut. M. I. Nelson, of At Springfield, Andrew M'Culloch the jith reg. of foct. Esq. underwriter, Glasgow.

17. At Edinburgh, Miss Bell, eldest --. At hochwinnoch, Mr John Caldwell, daughter of Thomas Bell, Esq. of Nethersurgeon there, in the 9.3d year of his age. horsburgh.

8. At Brunswick, in the 58th year of 17. At Prestonpans, Mr Archibald his age, his Serene Highness William V. Campbell, writer in Edinburgh. Prince of Orange, late Stadtholder of the 17. At Sans Souci, near the Black Rock, United Provinces, a Knight of the Garter, Dublin, after a long and painful illness, &c. He was cousin-german to his Majes- Robert Herbert Butler, Earl of Lanesbo. ty. His successor in the Government of rough. the Principality of Nassau-Orange is the 17. At Glasgow, Mr Robert Dickson, hereditary and reigning Prince of Fulda. late ironmonger there.

8. At Edinburgh, Walter Scott, Esq. son 18. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Thomof the late Frapcis Scott, Esq. formerly mer- son, spouse of Mr Gilbert Jamieson, merchant in India.

chant there. 8. At London, in the 65th year of his 19. At Glasgow, Alexander Peter, Esq. age, Robert Barker, Esq. the ingenious merchant. inventor of the Panorama.

19. At Drummond Castle, Perthshire, 8. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Blinshall, at the advanced age of 98, Louis Maccrarelict of Mr Edward Roberts, and daugh. bie, the most celebrated walker of his time. ter of the Rev. Mr David Blinshal, minise He was running footman to the Duke of ter of Lanington.

Perth, and followed the fortune of his 8. At Rotherham, in Yorkshire, Henry master, till they were separated at the batViscount Neville, eldest son of the Earl of tle of Culloden. At the restoration of the Abergavenny. His Lordship's second son estates, he was taken into the service of Ralph, now Viscount Neville, was with the late Lord Perth, and passed the remainLord Nelson on board the Victory, in the der of his days with comforte late glorious battle off Trafalgar, and is 20. At Stirling, Mr Ebenezer Brown. now Lieu.. in Lord Collingwood's flag ship. 21. At Tatton Park, Cheshire, after a

10. Andrew Brown, Esq. of Sornhill. few days illness, W. Tatton Egerton, Esqa

II. At Edinburgh, Mr James Maule, M. P. for that county. writer to the signet.

22. At Musselburgh, Robert Riddel, At Cupar Angus, aged 83, Mrs Esq. of Carzeld. Catherine Menzies, widow of the deceased 22. At Kinloch, near Dunkeld, Mrs Co. Mr David Blair, merchant there.

lina Campbell, widow of the late John 13. At Aberdeen, Andrew Thomson, Campbell, Esq. of Melfort, formerly Lieut.Esq. of Banchory.

Gov. of Fort George, and sister of Patrick 13. At Elgin, being her birth day, when Campbell, Esq. of Achalader. she completed her 20th year, Henrietta 22. At Edinburgh, aged 22, Edmund Anne Gordon, daughter of the Rev. John Glover, Esq. M.D. Gordon, minister of the gospel at Duffus. 23. At ditto, Wm. Henry Charteris, Esq.

.-. At Madrid, aged šo, Don Francisco 23. At London, Dr John Turton, one of Solano, an Admiral of great courage and her Majesty's physicians. He has left his experience,

fortune of L. 200,000, after the death of At Houndwood, Mrs Dunbar of his widow, to the Princess Mary, his MaHoundwood.

jesty's 4th daughter. 13. At Glasgow, universally lamented, 24. At Edinburgh, Miss Barbara Menzies, Archibald Grahame, Esq. banker there. daughter of John Menzies, Esq. of the

14. At Cornhill, Mrs Darling, wife of Customs. James Darling, Esq.

25. At Peterhead, Mr Alexander An. 15. At Longniddry, John Glassell, Esq. derson, late surgeon, Royal Navy: of Longniddry.

26. At Serlby Hall, in the bloom of - Mrs Heron of Chippermore. youth, the Hon. Charlotte Penelope Monek.

16. At Braco Castle, Mrs Anna Amelia ton, third daughter of Viscount Galway. Murdoch, wife of James Masterton, Esq. of . At Dover Place, Captain David Mir. Braco.

rylees. At Duthell, Miss Anne M‘Donald, At London, Lady Elizabeth Keppel, second daughter of Alexander M Donald, second daughter of the Earl of Albemarle, Esq of Glenco.

in the yth year of her age.

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April 26. At Sea, Captain Tliomas Sharp, May 1. At Lunderson, where lie had royal navy, youngest son of Francis Sharp, gone for the recovery of his health, Mr Esq. Comptroller of the Customs, Leith. John Watson, merchant, Greenock.

27. At Port Glasgow, Mrs Essex Ram- 1. At Crownpoint House, Mrs Mary say, daughter of the deceased William M.Quater, wife of Mr Wm. Gordon, GlasRamsay, Esq. of Teniplehall, and wise of gow. Hugh Milliken, Esq. Port-Glasgow. 3. At Knightsbridge, Sir Richard Ford,

28. At Easdale, Argyllshire, Mrs Janet Chief Magistrate of Bow-street, a gentleCampbell, spouse of Colin Campbell, Esq. man of considerable talents, and unsullied of Easdale, and daughter of Colin Camp- integrity. He executed the duties of his bell of Glenmore, Esq.

difficult and important office with vigour, 28. At Ke!ls Manse, aged 76, the Rev. impartiality, and ability. John Gillespie, 42 years minister of Kells. 3. At Peebles, Charles Douglas Ander

29. At Hiltley, near Linlithgow, Mrs son,lyoungest son of John|Anderson, Esq. of Seton, relict of William Seton, Esq.

Winterfield. -. At Edinburgh, after a few hours ill- 7. In Wilts, Ann Yearsley, the well ness, James Candlish, A. M.

known poetic milk-woman of Bristol. -. At ditto, Mr Alexander Smiton, el. 7. At Edinburgh, Mr Geo. Williamson, dest son of the late Mr Walter Smiton, surgeon, Royal Navy. painter in Edinburgh.

8. At Kilconquhar House, Miss Lindsay, 29. At Forfar, Dr Kay, M.D.

daughter of the deceased George Lindsay At the Manse of Glenisla, the Rev. of Wormiston, Esq. Alex. Peat, minister of that parish.

9. At Edinburgh, aged 66, Mr James --, At Brechin, Robert Gillies, Esq. Gray, senior, writer. 30. At Moffat, George Buchanan, Esq. 10. At Fowlis, Ross-shire, Lady Munro, of Mackeanstone.

relict of Sir Hary Munro, Bart. 30. At Montrose, Mr D. Ford, merhcant. 11. At London, Mrs Grant, relict of

. At Huntly, the Rev. George Cowie, Lieut-Gen. Francis Grant. minister of that parish, in the 57th year of 12. At Musselburgh, Henry David In. his age, and 35th of his ministry.

glis, Esq. Advocate, justly regretted.

Wheat. Barley. | Oats. | Peale


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41 6

Price of Stocks.

Prices of Grain at Haddington. Bank


3 per cent 1806. Stock. Omnium. Consols.

s.d. s. d. s. d. są do

May 2. 45 O 160

25 o May 5. 209

20 021 0 2 748

9. 42 6 24 O 19 0210 12. 209 2


40 o

24 O ISO 1190 16.209 2



24 o 19

6 0

19 23.207 8

2 1

Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in Prices of Grain per quarter, Corn Exchange,

Edinburgh Market, per Peck.

Pease & Barley 1806. Oatmeal.

Meal. 1806. Wheat. Barley: Oats. Pease.

Bells. Price. Bolls. Price. . d.

d. d. May 5. 76 84 | 28 36 | 24 30 32 38 April 29. 375 16 15 38 13 13 I 2. 74 80 28 35 24 30 | 36 38 May 6. 330 16 151

13 12 26 33 | 23 30 32 39

13. 442 23. i 70 80 | 25 33 1 23 29 | 32 40

20. 382

80 304 | 16 15


12 II


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19. | 70 82

16 15
16 151

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TO CORRESPONDENTS. R. M., J. T., London, a poem, and a poem on Dr Glover, will appear


our next.


We must decline inserting V., having reason to apprehend that it may hurt

the feelings of those whom it was meant to oblige. We would again remind our correspondents, that communications on local

and temporary subjects, and particularly such as contain information, are better suited to our design than commonplace essays.

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