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favour on,

and employment of poor children, are told of its acting as a laxative Dr Chapman zealously assisted in on strangers visiting Inverness, as making ihe necessary arrangements well as their horses; -of its never freeand regulations. He then removed zing, &c. ; but in no work which I to Edinburgh, and took some share have yet been able to meet with are in the management of a printing the causes of these effects satisfactohouse ; but finding living in town rily explained, neither can I discover expensive, and being fond of the any account of an analysis of the wacountry, he purchased a small piece ter of this Loch. It will be very obof ground near Libberton, and built liging if any of your learned corresa house there. The fine and healthy pondents will answer to the above situation encouraged him to resume points ;-or if any man of Science, what seems always to have been his who may soon be going Northward, favourite employment, the keeping a will take the trouble of ascertaining small private academy.

the same by experiment, and convey In the year 1782 Dr Chapman the result thro' the medium of your published his treatise of education, a excellent miscellany, it will confer a subject on which his talents and ex

perience rendered him an excellent
judge. His work was accordingly Edinburgh,

D. B.
well received by the public, and has 17th June, 1806.
passed thro' several editions. When
Dr Buchannan in 1804, proposed, as
the subject of a prize essay and poem,

NATIONAL DEBT. the civilization of India, and the diffusion of the light of Christianity AN account, shewing what has through the Eastern world ; Dr

been redeemed of the National Chapman 'was animated by the great

Debt, the Land Tax, and Imperial ness of the subject to take up the Loan, to the 1st May 1806 :pen, and produced a treatise which, Redeemed by annual mil. notwithstanding his advanced age, lion, &c.

L. 59,076,889 breathes all the warmth and sanguine Ditto by L.I per cent, benevolence of youth. Perhaps his per annum on Loans, 48,099,277 hopes may be too flattering, and his Ditto by Land Tax, • 22,469,160 schemes of improvement rather

Ditto by L.I per cent. mature ; but it is impossible not to per annum on Imperial recognize, in every page, an amiable Loan,

673,126 mind, warmly interested in the diffusion of religion, virtue, and happi.

Total L. 130,318,452 Dr Chapman died on the 22d of Feb. 1806. in the 82d year of The Sum to be expended in the ensu. (See Scots Magazine for

ing Quarter is L. 2,193,562 8 II March last.)


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his age.

Loch Ness.

To the Editor.

Friday, July 4th.
IN al]

” A B

BOUT a quarter before ten land we have the different pheno. o'clock in the evening all the samena of Loch-Ness mentioned : tellites of Jupiter will be situated on



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the western side of his disc in the the same phenomenon will happen on same order as they lie in the system ; the 16th at the same time. the first being nearest, and the fourth Sunday, July 13th. farthest from the planet.

The Moon will be in conjunction Saturday, July 5th.

with the planet MARS at 31 minutes The third satellite of Jupiter will after 11 o'clock in the morning, in immerge into his shadow, at 40 mi. longitude, 2...150..41.55" and lati. nutes and 16 seconds after 9 o'clock tude 6 minutes North. His decliin the evening, mean time; and after nation is 220..48' North, and he continuing eclipsed for the space of Souths at 9" 25' in the morning. 3...4'. 34" it will emerge from Jupi- Monday, July 14th. ter's shadow at 44 minutes and so The GEORGIUM SIDUS will be in seconds after 12 o'clock in the even. quadrature with the sun at 7 minutes ing.

after 9 o'clock in the evening, in lon. Sunday, July 6th.

gitude 6%.. 21°..38.46", and latitude The second and third satellites of 34:41" North. Its declinatiop is 7o.. Jupiter will be in conjunction on the 55..19" South, and he comes to the eastern side of bis disc, at 47 minutes meridian about 12 minutes after 6 after 9 o'clock in the evening : the o'clock in the evening: first and fourth satellites of Jupiter are

Tuesday, July 15th. situated on the other side, the first

The planet SATURN will be in qua. being nearest the planet. The same

drature with the Sun at 47 minutes phenomenon will be seen on the 12th, after 7 o'clock in the morning in izth, 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th, longitude 68 .220..4..46", and latiat the same hour of night.

tude 20..29'.."40" North. His de. Tuesday, July 8th.

clination is 6°..15' South, and he The first and four tb satellites of souths about 5"..57.'. Jupiter will be in conjunction on the On the same day the first satellite castern side of his disc, about a quar. of Jupiter will emerge from his shater before ten o'clock in the evening. dow at 28 minutes and 8 seconds af. The third satellite is situated on the ter 10 o'clock in the evening. About same side at a greater distance, and the 40 minutes before this emersion, the second on the other side of Jupiter. third and fourth satellites of Jupiter

Wednesday, July 9tb. will be in conjunction on the eastern The planet VENUS will be in con.

side of his disc; the second is situajunction with Tauri, a star of the ted on the other side of Jupiter. 3.4 magnitude, situated in the north- Wednesday, July 16th, ern eye of the Bull, in longitude 2.. The planet VENUS will be in con. so..45'..31", and latitude 20..35'37'junction with. Tauri, a star of the South. The latitude of Venus being 4th magnitude, situated in the south2°.14'..29" South, the distance of ern horn of the Bull, in lon. 2... 14 their centers at the time of conjunc. 6'..10" the latitude of Venus being tion 21'..8", and Venus will pass to 1...58'.-35" South, and that of the north of the star.

Tauri 10..13..41" South, the nearest On the same day about a quarter approach of their centers will be 44'.. before ten o'clock in the evening, the 54", and Venus will pass to the first and tbird satellites of Jupiter South of the star. will be in conjunction on the western

Friday, July 18th. side of his disc. The second and The first and second satellites of fourth are situated on the other side, Jupiter will be in conjunction on the the second being nearest the planet ; western side of Jupiter. The third


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and fourth are situated on the same will be 51..3", and the planet will
side at a greater distance, the third pass to the North of the star.
being nearest the planet.

The same

Sunday, July 27th. phenomenon will be visible the 21st,

The Moon will be in conjunction 25th, and 28th, at the same hour. with Jupiter at 29 minutes after 10 Wednesday, July 23d.

o'clock in the morning. The Sun will enter the sigo Leo Wednesday, July 30th. at 5 minutes after 3 o'clock in the ' The planet VENUS will be in conafternoon.

junction with n Geminorum, a star af Os the same day the planet VENUS the 4.5 magnitude in the foot of Carwill be in conjunction with & Tauri, tor, situated in lon. 3......44.32", a star of the 3d magnitude, in the and latitude 55'4" South. The laSouthern horn of the Bull, situated titude of Venus being 1°.,19'..8" in longitude 29..22'..5'..16", and la. South, the shortest distance of their titude 2°...3..29" South. The lati- centers will be 24...4", and the planet tude of Venus being 1°.. 40'.-25", the will pass to the south of the star. distance of their centers at the time On the same day the planet Merof conjunction will be 33.-4", and cury will be in conjunction with the planet will pass to the north of Leonis, a star of the 4th magnitude, the star

in the fore leg of the Lion, in lonOn the same day, about 2 minutes gitade 5..3..41'.. 20", and latitude and

53 seconds after 10 o'clock in the 8'..29'' North. The latitude of evening, the second satellite of Jupi. Mercury being 21.38" South, the ter will emerge from behind his sha- nearest approach of their centers will dow.

be 30'..7", and the planet willpass to Saturday, July 26th.

the South of the star. CONJUNCTION OF MERCURY AND Thursday, July 31st. REGULUS.

About 47 minutes and 14 seconds About 4 o'clock in the evening after 8 o'clock in the evening, the the planet MERCURY will be in con

first satellite of Jupiter will emerge junction with REGULUS, or as Leonis, from behind his shadow. a star of the 1st magnitude in the

Mount Annan,

D.B. Lion's heart, situated in longitude

June 24th 1806. 45.270..8..43", the latitude of Mercury being 23'.-35" South, and that of Regulus 27. 27" South, the short. Memoirs of the Progress of MANUest distance of their centres will be

FACTURES, CHEMISTRY, SCIENCE, 3.52", and the planet will pass to

and the FINE ARTS.
the north of the star. This pheno-
menon will afford an excellent

oppor. R THORNTON has laid before the tunity for seeing the planet Mercury, public some cases which show as the superior lustre of Regulus will the efficacy of vital air, or as it is udirect the eye to the very place sually called, oxygen gas, in the cure where the planet is situated.

of fits. These cases, deemed by the On the same day the planet Mars faculty beyond the reach of human will be in conjunction with 132 Tau. art, have been completely and radi. ri, a star of the 4tb magnitude, si. cally cured by the continued use of tuated between Orion and the Bull, the pneumatic medicine. According in longitude 2..240.48'..25", and la. to the doctor's theory, vital air gives titude 19.7'..21" North. The lati. energy to the muscles, and thence to tude of Mars being 16'.. 18" North, the nerves, taking off inordinate acthe nearest approach of their centers tion from an undue balance of prin



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cipals. Hence he infers that persons racy of his experiments was contest -breathing much bad air become con. ed. In France, however, M. Collet vulsed.

Deseotils has obtained the same re. Salt is said to have rendered bar- sults by following the same process. ren apple-trees, in an orchard belong. The rhodium and palladium obtain. ing to Mr. GILBERT, the late Duke ed by him were exhibited at a late of Bridgewater's agent, highly pro- meeting of the National Institute. ductive of fruit, by being spread on Two opposite opinions, it is well the ground round each tree at a small known, are generally entertained on distance from the trunks.

the subject of the buds and branches The syphon has lately been applied of plants. Lionæus and Hales conto the worm-tub as a refrigerator. ceived that the pith or medullæ pene, The plan is for conveying water in trated through the wood, thus proany quantity to a worm-tub of the ducing the ramifications of plants ; largest dimensions, if perfectly air and afterwards, stretching out, formtight. The feed-pipe enters the bot- ed the essential parts of vegetable bo. tom of the tub vertically, while the dies. Other naturalists have attri. hot water or waste pipe branches out buted to the bark, and to the cortifrom a side orifice near the top, and cal layers, what their predecessors is soon turned to proceed vertically considered as the product of the me: downwards, until its lower end is a- dulla alone. Hence, they imagine bout two feet below the bottom of that the increase in length and thick. the feed-pipe ; both the pipes have ness must depend on these organs. cocks near the lower ends. When According to KOELER, who has lately the work is commenced, the cocks been engaged in investigating the must be shut, and the tub filled truth of these two opinions, it should through a hole at top; when full, the seem, that the upper part of a branch, hole at top must be stopped, and the and of a shoot, is merely formed by cocks both opened together ; the wa- the pith, the medullary sheath, and ter will then commence running, and the bark. Hence he concludes, that continue as the supply holds good; the augmentation of stems or trunks, the apparatus acting entirely upon the and branches, depends altogether on principal of the syphonr.

the elongation of the vessels of the Mr Walton has made an improve- medullary sheath. The alburnum, ment in the beam-compasses, which the tubes of which proceed in a perconsists in applying a nonius, worked fectly straight direction, appears at by a micrometer screw, to the move- the upper part of a branch under the able cursor upon the beam; by means form of separate fibres, which disapof which additional apparatus, dis. pear at the surface of the medullary tances can be accurately measured sheath. with the compasses, to every hun. dredth part of an inch, or the radii

To the Editor,
of the proposed arcs adjusted to e.
qually minute variations: while in Inclosed I send

a copy

of an ad. beam.compasses of the common con- vertisement, circulated by Sir Ro'struction, distances can only be ascer- bert Sibbald, which I doubt not tained to tenths of inches.

will be deemed a curious relique Dr Wollaston some time since an- of the labours of that eminent announced that he had extracted from tiquary. I am, Sir, the ore of platina two distinct metals,

Your obed. servant, to which he had given the name of Cupar Fife, 7,

A, Rhodium and Palladium. The accu- May, 1806. Š



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Geographical Queries circulated in 4. What roads, bays, ports for ship1682, by Sir ROBERT SIBBALD.

ping, and their description ? And

what moon causeth high water? ADVERTISEMENT.

What rocks and sholes on their WHEREAS His Sacred Majes- coast ? 13, by his patent, hash con

5. What ancient monuments, inscripstituted Sir Robert Sibbald, one of

tions, graved and figured stones, bis physicians in ordinary, his geo

forts and ancient camps? And grapher for his kingdom of Scot.

what curiosities of art are, or have land, and commandeth and ordaineth been found there? him, to publish the description of 6. What great battles have been the Scotia Antiqua et Scotia Moder- there fought, or any other memo. na, and the Natural History of the

rable action or accident ? products of his ancient kingdom of 7. What peculiar customs, manners, Scotland: These are earnestly to en.

or dispositions, the inbabitants of treat all persons, that they would be each county or town have among pleased freely to communicate their them? answers to these following queries, 8. What monasteries, cathedrals, or or any of them, directing them to other churches, have been there, the said Sir Robert Sibbald, at bis * and how named ? lodging at Edinburgh, or to Mr 9. What places give, or formerly James Brown, at his house, in Hart's have given the title to any noblea close, who is deputed by the said

man? As also, what ancient seats Sir Robert Sibbald to receive and of noble families are to be met registrate them ; or to Robert Mean, with? postmaster at Edinburgh, to be sent 10. What the government of the to any of them : withal specifying, county is ? Whether sheriffdom, in their letters, the place of their ha- stewartry, or baillery ? bitation, that they may be again

11. What towns of note in the coun. written to, if occasion require, and

ty, especially towns corporate an honourable mention shall be made

The names of the towns, both an. of them in the work, according to

cient and modern ? Whether they the importance of the information. be burrows royal, of regality, or

barony? The magistracy of towns General Queries 19 which Answers are corporated? When incorporated, required.

and by whom built? With the 1. What the nature of the county

return of Parliament-men? The

vade of the town? How inhabit. or place is ? and what are the

ed, and their manner of buildings ? chief products thereof? 2. What plants, animals, metals,

What public or ancient buildings ? substances cast up by the sea, are

Their jurisdiction &c. ? peculiar to the place, and how or.

12. In what bishoprick each coun. dered?

ly or any part thereof is ? Who is 3. What forests, woods, parks?

sheriff, stewart, or bailie? And

who commands the militia? What What springs, rivers, lochs? with

castles, forts, forests, parks, woods, their various properties, whether medicinal ? With what fish reple.

His Majesty hath there? nished, whether rapid or slow, &c.?

To the Nobility. The use of the rivers and their What sheriffdoms, bailliries, stew. emboucheurs ?

artries, regalities, baronies, and bur. June 1806.



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