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22. At Clifton, the Hon. Miss Wolfe, leads to it, dressed in white frocks, with daughter of the late Lord Kilwarden. It black velvet caps trimmed with silver. will be remembered that she was in the The corpse of his Grace was carried shoulcarriage with her father when he was mas- der high, by the Kilmun volunteers, to sacred by the rebels in Dublin, in July the tomb, upon entering which, it was laid 1803.

next to the Duchess. The compaay then At the Governor's apartments in returned from the vault, except those of Greenwich Hospital, Viscountess Hood, in the family, who, after remaining for a few the 78th year of her age.

minutes, went on board Capt. Hamilton's 24. At London, Miss Catharine Blane, cutter, and proceeded to Ardiucapie, A daughter of Dr Gilbert Blane, physician. salute of nine guns was fired on their, go

At Gatton Park, the seat of Col. ing ashore. · The brig and the other cutter Wood, Mrs Smyth, wife of Dr James Car- also fired a salute upon leaving Holy Loch. michael Snıyth, physician.

The outer coffin was covered with crimson --. At Edin. Miss Catharine Wright, silk velvet, and had two coronets, one at youngest daughter of the late Thomas the head, and another at the foor. The fola Wright, Esq. of Greenhi}}. .

lowing is the inscription
25. At Inverary Castle, in his 83d year,

Field Marshal
the Most Noble John Duke of Argyll, JOHN DUKE OF ARGYLL,
Marquis of Kintyre, Lorn, &c. &c. (Lord

&c. &c. &c.
Sundridge in England 1766,) a Field Mar.

Died 25th May 1806. shal in the Ariny, Colonel of the 3d regi.

Aged 83 Years. ment of foot guards, Heritable Great Mas: The mourners wore sashes, with a large ter of the King's Household in Scotland, knot upon the right shoulder, and another Keeper of Dunstaffnage and Carrick, &c. at the left thigh. The revenue cruisers &c. His Grace was born in 1723, succeed: commenced firing minute guus at the time ed his father in 1770, and married in 1759 the corpse left the brig, and continued the Duchess Dowager of Hamilton, who about an hour. All the vessels in the hardied in 1790. They have left issue George bour had their colours hosted half miast. William Marquis of Lorn (now Duke of -There were upwards of sixty boats with Argyll, ) Lord John Campbell, M. P. for spectators from Greenock, Port Glasgow, Argyllshire, Lady Augusta Clavering, and and Govrock, who ail, impressed with the Lady Charlotte Campbell


solemnity of the occasion, and respect for The remains of his Grace were deposit- the eminently virtuous character of the ed in the burying place of that illustrious deceased, conducted themselves with the family, at Kilmun, on the roth of June, in most perfect propriety and decorum. the most private manner. About 10 o'clock, 25. At Roseneath, Colin Campbell, Esq. the Princess Elizabeth revenue brig, Capt. an old and intimate friend and faithful serBeatson, sailed from Roseneath, with the vant of his Grace the Duke of Argyll, in corpse of his Grace; also the Prince Wil- the character of Chamberlain and Bailie of liam Henry, Capt. Hamilton; Prince of Roseneath. He had completed his 94th Wales, Capt. M'Kinnon, (acting) revenue year in February last. His Grace and Baicutters ; and the Campbeltown Packet, lie Campbell had both been of the old Henrietta, having on board his Grace Highland Watch, and were the last surviGeorge Duke of Argyll, Lord John Camp- vors of that matchless corps. It is remarkbell, Lady Augusta Clavering and daugh- able that they both died on the same day. ter, Lady Charlotte Campbell, Sir Alexan- 26. At London, William Dickinson, der Campbell of Ardkinglass, with a few Esq. M. P. for Somersetshire. other friends, and the servants of the late - At Glasgow, Miss Javet Cuthell, illustrious nobleman. The whole came to aged 26 years. She has left to the Royal anchor in the Holy Loch, between twelve Infirmary there gocl. and one o'clock, nearly opposite the bury- At View-Forth, near Stirling, Mrs ing place. The body of his Grace was Mary Newton, spouse of the Rev. John towed in his barge by the crew of the M.Millan, jun. Princess Elizabeth, dressed in nankeen, 27. At Glasgow, Mrs A. Wharrie, wiwith crapes round their hats, and received dow of Mr James Finlay, merchant, on a platform, near which the present 28. At Edinburgh, James Iones, Esq. SeDuke, Lord John, &c. were landed. At a cretary of the Royal Bank of Scotland. šmall distance, Lady A. Clavering and the 29. At Shiels, James Rowar, Esq. of other ladies come on shore, accompanied Bellahouston. by Sir Alex. Campbell, &c. and proceeded 29. At Edinburgh, Dr William Henderto the vault, where they waited the pro- son, of the Royal Navy, and some time cession. A part of Capt. Hamilton's crew Physician in Glasgow. were placed on each side of the path that 31. At Montrose, Miss Mary Brand,



daughter of the late Mr Robert Brand, At Aberdeen, Miss Isabella Heler

Urquhart, widow of Capt. Wm. Urquhart,
May 31. Mr John M'Arthur, surgeon in late of the 30th regiment.

4. At Glasgow, Mrs Agnes Patoun, el. At Kilbarchan, Mr William Camp. dest daughter of the late Dr David Patoun, bell, sen, writer.

physician in Glasgow. ». At Kelso, at an advanced age, Mr At Glenfalloch, Colin Campbell, Esq. Archibald Dickson.

of Glenfalloch. Lately, Janet Cormack, in Whitehills, 6. At London, the Hon. Mrs Paget, Banffshire, in the sooth year of her age. Lady of General Paget, son of the Earl of

June 1. At Dundee, aged 81, Mrs He. Uxbridge len Coutts, relict of Mr James Crawford, 7. At Wimbledon, in the 84th year of merchant there.

his age, the Right Rev. Dr Thomas Bar. At Loggie Bank, in his 75th year, nard, Bishop of Limerick, who, when Dean John Watt, Esq. of Glentore.

of Derry, was one of that celebrated Club At Easter Moffat, much regretted, of Literature with Dr Johnson, Garrick, William Waddell, Esq. of Easter-Moffat. &c. so pleasantly delineated in Goldsmith's

i. In the 70th year of his age, the Rev. poem of Retaliation. Thomas Main, who had been Dissenting -. At Eastside, Mr Henry Otto, late Minister of the parish of Drumgoolan for soap-boiler in Dunbar. fifty-seven years. He was one of the oldest At Aberdeen, Mr John Burnett of the Seceding Body of Presbyterian Clergy bookseller. in Ireland. When a student, he bore arms 8. At London, of an apoplectic fit, the in the Royal army as a volunteer, at the Lady of Sir Walter Stirling of Faskine, battle of Falkirk.

Bart. She had been delivered of a daugh2. At Dundee, Mr John Grieve, mer- ter a few days before, and was thought to chant there.

be in a fair

recovery. At Aberdeen, the Rev. Mr Abra- 11. At Buxton, Andrew Douglas, Esq. ham Barfield, formerly preacher of St of Ednam House. James's Chapel

12. At Salisbury Green, Miss Janet 3. At Glasgow, Alexander Pollock, son, Dick, eldest daughter of the late Sir Alex, of Alexander Pollock, Esq. of White Hall. ander Dick of Prestonfield, Bart.

Way of

13 per cent

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Price of Stocks.

1806. Stock. Omnium. Consols.
June 2.211 314 pr. 60 * *

9.210 143 60
16. 210

60 61 5*

60 23.211

S. d. 42 O 43 0


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43 0

Prices of Grain at Haddington, 1 806 i Wheat. | Barley. | Dats. | Pease

de May 3C.

23 6 200|190 June 6.

24 0 | 210|19 0 13 43 O 24 6 22 018 0 20. 43 6 26 O 24 o|19 27.

27 O

24 O 18 O Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in Edinburgh Market, per Peck.

Pease & Barley 1806. Oatmeal.

Meal. Bolls. Price. Bolls. Price. d. d.

d. d. 280 16 15 68

13 01. 220 17 16


13 It 17. 300

18 171 58 I 2 I 2 24. 360 | 18

63 IZ I2

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June 3:


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The valuable communication of Mr Carlisle will appear in our next. I. M.'s

request shall then be complied with.
Lucinda, we are afraid, could hardly be inserted without giving offence.
Milo will be extremely acceptable.

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Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,

For JULY '1806 :
With a Front View of the CASTLE of INVERARY.


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Page Register of the Weather for July, 490 tween the adherents of Queen High Water at Leith for August, ib, Mary and those of her son, 1570, Description of the View,

491 1571, 1572, 1573. By Richard BanNote by P. N. .

ib. natine. Edited by 7., G. Dalyell, 529 A character of Mr Pitt,

492 Total amount of income subject to New Works published in Edinburgh, 532

the Property Tax of Great Britain, ib. Scottish Literary Intelligence, . ib. Exciseable commodities in 1644, · 493 Literary Intelligence, English and Celestial Phenomena for August, 494


533 Memoirs of the Progress of Manu

factures, Chemistry, Science, and Lines written by Mr Hayley, the
the Fine Arts,

Poet, to Mr.11

with a coReport of the Committee of the

py of Demollienes, 1789, 535 House of Peers, relative to the

Mr W

Mr Hayley, on Administration of Civil Justice in

changing his profession,

ib. Scotland,

497 London. A poem, Short Sketch of the Improved State

of Paisley, including the Abbey Continuation of the Trial of Lord VisParish, for the year 1805, 499 count Melville,

537 Anecdote of the Emperor of Rusia and Dr Weilly, with some particu- .

Proceedings of Parliament, 545 lars concerning the latter, 502 Tax on private brewing, Antiquities of the Parish of Close

Charge against Marquis Wellesley, · 546 burn, 504 Property Tax Bill, .

547 Critical Observations on Home, a New Military System,

550 Poem,” concluded, .

507 Remarks on a surprising Phenome.

MONTHLY REGISTER. non in the West Indies,

510 Particulars respecting the Volcanoes

Historical Affairs.-Holland, 554 in the Andes, and the Fishes thrown

West Indies,

557 out by them,

ib. 511

Massacre at Cape Francois, Journal of a Tour overland from In.


Attempt upon Dominica, dia in 1785, continued,


Miranda's Expedition.-Gibraltar, 558 View of the Political State of British British Army in Sịcily,

559 India at the breaking out of the

Naval Intelligence, 516 Scottish Chronicle,

561 Anecdotes of the late Nawab of Oude, 52 I Address of the General Assembly,. ibol

"Addresses to Lord Melville,

562 SCOTTISH REVIEW.' -Civil Appointments,

• 564 1. The Poetical works of Sir David Marriages,

ibo. Lyndsay of the Mount, Lyon King Births and Deaths,

565 at Arms, under James V. With a Prices of Stocks,

567 life of the Author; &c. By George Prices of Grain per quarter Çorn ExChalmers, F. R. S, S. A. -522 change, London,

ib. II. Journal of the Transactions, in Prices of Grain at Haddington Scotland during the contest be. Prices of Meal at Edinburgh,

.يا ..




last war,

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ib. Siate


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