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fine vessel, sails well, and is fit for his A French flotilla destined to blockade Majesty's service? Gaeta has been intercepted. The fol- Besides the Commodore, taken, of 18 lowing account of this brilliant affair is twelve pounders, 1 thirty pounder cargiven in the Gazette, from a letter ronade, and 189-men, right other vessels transmitted by Lord Collingwood from were opposed to the Sirius! viz. one of Capt. Prowse, of the Sirius, dated Mala 18 nine pounders, 2

pound ta, April 29th

carronades, and? 160 mm Stof 12 • MY LORD-Being Gor 7 leagues nine pounders ; one of g 2e eighteen to the eastward of Civita Vecchia on pounders, and etwo, 68 pounder carrothe 17th instant, at two P. M. I gained nades; and four of four pounders, and intelligence that a French force was to 1 thirty-six pounder carronade each have sailed that morning from thence, Another letter from Lord Collingwogd and were to proceed to 'Naples. I states, that the boats, of the Renommee crowded a press of sail in the same di- and Nautilus had most gallandy, bearded, rection; and at a quarter past four they carried and brought out from under the were seen from the mast-head near shore. guns of the town ofi'furre deo Vieja, md On closing with them just after sunset, i under the fire of more than 100 muskehad the satisfaction of seeing one ship, teers, a Spanish schooner of 6 guns and three brigs (corvettes), and five heavy 38 men. Toshe was moored with a chain gın vessels, a list of which is-annexed, within þálf pistol shot of the shore ; had formed in compact order of batrle, tvith. boarding heitings up, and was in

every in two leagues of the Tiber, and near à respect prepared to receive the boats, ás dangerous shoal, lying to, with resolu. were also the batteries and musketeers. tion to await our attack. At seven, In the boats,Mr Charles Forbess-mid. within pistol-shot, we commenced firing shipman, and 6 men were woundedos with, vigour from both sides, and couti. The enemy:

y had b19. men svounded; one nued closely engaged with the squadron of them mortally, the others sé verely. for two hours, when the Commodore, in The Gazette of the 15th guy con. the ship) hailed she had surrendered." tains an account of a gallant enterprize His gallant and determined"resistance, performed by the boats of the Minerva together with the dangers of the shore, frigate, in substance as follows : and the crippled condition'of his Majes- ** Learning that there were some ty's ship; (the smoothness of the water lugger privateers in Finisterre bay, up. admitting the enemy to use their guns der tlie protecuion of the fort. Captain with the greatest effect.) prevented me Collier sent the cutter and barge, manfrom pursuing the remainder of the flo- ned with volunteers, under Lieutenants tilla, although several were much dis. Mulcaster and Ogles Moore, and Lieut. abled, and compelled, a short time before Menzies iofs thealmarines, to scour the

, make off. Had it ibeen daylight, I have mounting eight 12 and 24 pounders, no doubt, from the firm and gallant spiked the guns, made prisoners bof a conduct evinced by the officers and part of the Spaitish guard, and brought ship's company, that we should have off in triumph five Spanish luggers, lad, succeeded in capturing more of the e- en with wine, &c. Not a man was. nemy's vessels. I have deeply to la. hurt en either side, although the boats ment the loss of my nephew, the only on their return, during a calm of nearly. officer, and eight seamen and marines, three hours, were exposed to the fire of killed in the above contest, and three a two gum battery from a hith-to the officers and seventeen seamen and ma- southavard of the townst & TUI VETO sines wounded, nine of whom are in a vern The Commerce, Captain Dalrymplem Ty dangerous state. The ship captured from Penang, was totally lost in Madras is called Ła Bergere, mounting eigh Roads; in December fast: Lord George teenlong twelve-pounders, manned with Stewart (who was a passenger) with his one hundred and eighty-nine men, and Lady and Captain Dalrymple, got sale was commanded by Chaney Dulovis, on shore, The ship went in pieces, and Capitairfe of a frigate, and Commodore a number of lives were lost, from the of the flotilla, and belonging to the Le impatience of those who wanted to go gion of Honour. She is a remarkably on shore in the night. All who stayed

with the wreck were saved.


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GENERAL ASSEMBLY. we recognize your Majesty's paternal care Address of the General Assembly of the

for yout people, its calling forth the resour** Church of Scotland to the King:

ces of this fixurishing country to resist the MAY IT PLEASE YOUR MAJESTY,',

repeated agressions of our foe. Far from

murmuring at the sacrifices and burdens 7 €, your Majesty's most dutiful and which the duration of the contest may re

loyal subjects, the Ministers and El- quire, we join the unanimous voice of our ders of the Church of Scotland, niet in the fellow-subjects in applaudirg the promptiGeneral Assembly, beg leave to approach tude and energy of the measures lately tathe throne of our gracious Sovereign with ken for vindicating our just rights in the the unanimous expression of our affectionate North of Europe. And we trust in God, and zealous attachment to your Person and that the wisdom and vigour of your MajesGovernments

ty's Councils, the valour and good conduct The present circumstances of national of your feets and armies, and the firmness, danger unite the exertions of all your Ma- fortitude, and good sense of a loyal people, jesty's faithful subjects; and the immense will enable your Majesty to conduct the accessions of strength acquired by our ene- operations of a vigorous and successful war my on the Continent of Europe, although to an honourable conclusion. contest in which the they increase the ditle sation in the arduous Deeply impressed with a sense of the sa

engaged, in- cred duty which, at such a time as this, the vigorate its our breasts every sentiment of Minister's and Elders of the Church of loyalty and upublic spirit. In the whole Scotland owe to their country, we pledge course of his unexampled career, the pre- ourselves to your Majesty that we will sent ruler of France has never obtained any continue, in our several stations, to exert triumph over Britain ; and he 'has not hi. our influence with alacrity and zeal in chethertó been able even to attempt the exe- rishing those sentiments of public spirit cution of his threats of invasion. The pro- which become a people who know the vatecting arm of Divine Providence has been lue of their unrivalled constitution, and in extended over a nation which has persever- promoting that righteousness which exaled in opposing its influence to the wild pro- teth a nation, which is the best expression gress of inordinate ambition. A succession of gratitude to the God of our Fathers, and of the most brilliant naval victories, cloud- the best encouragement to hope that he ed, alast by the death öf Lord Viscount will continue to bless our land. Nelson, but illumined by the glory of That Almighty God máy give success to many heroes, who: emulate his fame, has your Majesty's arms by sea and land ; that given security to our shores, our colonies, the means employed for the national de and our commerces and the magnanimity fence may effectually defeat the designs of and patriotism with which all orders of our enemy; that peace and truth may men combine their efforts in maintaining meet in our days; that the administration the independence of Britain, have been re of your Majesty's Government may conwarded by its remaining, amidst the wreck tinue to establish your throne in the hearts of nations, a great and powerful State, with of your subjects ; and that the descendants of all its institutions intire, with its spirit unbroken, and its dominions enlarged by the

your illustrious House, forming themselves most valuable conquests."

upon your example, may sway the British

sceptre with justice and renown to the As servants of the Prince of Pegce, we. latest posterity, are the earnest prayers of pray for a termination of the present com- may it please your Majesty, your Majesty's motions of Europe. But beholding with most dutiful, most faithful, and most obejust indignation the growing iniquity of a diept subjects, the Ministers and Elders system, which shakes the stability of all fe- met in this General Assembly of the Church gular Goverments, and reading in the fate of Scotland. of many States on the Continent an awful

Signed in our name, indur presence, and
warning against that unwise policy, which
would seek to escape present danger by

at our appointment, by
grasping at a delusive
peace, inconsistent

WM. TAYLOR Moderator.
with the principles of justice and honour, Edinburgh, 241h May 1806.
Fulfo 1 806.



for a long series of years, and attached to The acquittal of Lord Melville from the you by many ties, we have participated charges of High Crimes and Misdemean: deeply in your feelings on this interesting ours, by the House of Peers, on the cath of occasion. Though our long experience June, has afforded general satisfaction to the of your patriotism and incorruptible intepeople of Scotland On Monday the 16th, grity in the management of public business, several houses and shops were brilliantly give us sufficient reason to be satisfied that illuminated in Edmburgh, the New Town, you were innocent of the charges preferred George's Square, &c. Some of them had against you, yet, when we consider the the words “i, Melville and Innocence" beau weight of talents and authority with which tifully displayed. Though the streets were you had to contend, we could not divest very "rowded with people of all ranks, the ourselves of all apprehension for the safety greatest propriety and decorum prevailed. of

your reputation; and therefore a sen"The popular feeling would no doubt have tence of your Peers, formed on the 'fullest been more generally expressed, but for the investigation, and absolving you completepublication of the following caution by the ly from all the charges' exhibited against Lord Provost and Sheriff'.

you, has communicated to our hearts a “ Information having been received, that sentiment of the most lively joy. many of the inhabitants of this City and The proceedings which this sentence has Suburbs are desirous to testify their joy on terminated, however distressful at the mothe acquittal of Lord Melviile, by illumi- ment, have raised your Lordship's character nating their houses ; but his Majesty's So- in the public estimation, and will, we trust, licitor-General for Scotiand, in absence of have the effect of transmitting it with inthe Lord Advocate, having communicated creased lustre 10 posterity. to the Lord Provost and Magistrates of the Your personal conduct, as the Member City, and Sheriứf of the County,-" Thits of an Administration, which for twenty from information received hy him,, it ap- years upheld the existence and glory of pears that there are appréhensions of riot Britain, has been exposed to a most severe and disturbance in the city, in case of an il- scrut

tiny, and the result, honourable alike luminatiog upon the acquittal of Lord to you, and to the justice of our country, Melville:"The Lord Provost, Magis- has demonstrated, that during the whole trates, and Sheriff, however desirous the ci- course of that period, the splendout of your tizens may be to illuminate their houses on talents have been equalled by the cleanness the above occasion, do hereby recommend to of your hands, and the purity of your prin-, them to abstain from that mode of testify, ciples. ing their joy at this time.

Signed at Edinburgh, in name, and by “ While they congratulate their fellow- appointment of the Magistrates and citizens on the honourable acquittal of that Council, on the 16th day of June, one distinguished Statesman, by the highest thousand eight hundred and six years, Tribunal of the nation, and participate in and the Seal of the City is 'hereto the general feeling of happiness on that affixed. occasion, they trust that nothing will he

WM Fettes Provost. done to injure the property or persons of individuals, which the Lord Provost, Ma- The following Address was likewise votgistrates, and Sheriff are determined to ed to Lord Melville by the Convenery of protect.

the Trades. Council Chamber, June 16th.

To The Right HONOURABLE Same day the Lord Provost, Magis- HENRY Lord Viscount MELVILLE, &c. trates, and Council, unanimously voted the

My LORD, following address to Lord Viscount Mel- the Convenery of the Incorporated ville, which the Lord Provost was reques. 'Trådes of Eliaburgh, heg leave to offer ed to sigu and transmit.

to your Lordship our heartfelt congratuTO THẾ Right HONOURABLE

lations on the honourable result of the trial Henry LORD VISCOUNT MELVILLE, &e.

which you have lately undergone before

the highest tribunal of onr country. Their My LORD,

sentence, acquitting your' of all the charges We the Lord Provost, Magistrates, and brought against you, has' afforded infinite Council of the City of Edinburgh, being satisfaction to us, who have all along had met in Council, beg leave to convey to a deep interest in your feelings on this tryyour Lordship our warmest congratulations ing occasion. on the honourable issue of the soleiro trial From the moment that the Commons to which you have lately been subjected. adopied the resolutions upon which these Connected intimately with your Lordship charges were founded, our firm conviction


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- in the unsullied integrity of your principles, the gratitude and applause of this Compa

left us no other anxi ty, than that an op- ny, in common with every good subject. portunity might be afforded to you of vin- 2. That this Company, with every seritidicating your injured reputation.

The ment of attachment and respect for his finul judgement of the High Court of Par- Lordship, and uuder the grateful recollec. liament, formed on the most deilberate tion of his many and important services to consideration of evidence, and with the aid them, to the city of Edinburgh, and to the of the united wisdoin and legal advice of nation at large, did prticipate most sinthe Judges of the land, has furnished the cerely in those feelings which must have most decisive testimony of the purity of been excited in his breast by the heavy your character. We trust, therefore, that and (as now appears; unfounded charges many years of a life, hitherto so success- brought against bin, originating in a misfully devoted to the service of your coun- apprehension of his character and conduct, try, yet remain"to be employed with equal whereby his Lordship was exposed to a honour to yourself, and advantage to the great degree of obloquy and suffering, bestute.

fore the justice of his country, by which he Signed by the appointment of the Con. was at last protected and exculpated, affor

venery at Edinburgh, the 14th June, ded him an opportunity of being heard in 1806.

bis defence. WILLIAM Wate, Convener. 3. That this Company do most cordially

congratulate Lord Melville and his coun-Tuesday the 17th the 'Lord Provost, try, osi the result of this prosecution, in his Magistrales, and Council gave a grunden. Lordship's complete acquittal, whereby 2 tertainment at Fortune's to a number of

new proof is given of the admirable structhe principal inhabitants, on account of ture and unspeakable value of the British the acquittal of Lord Melville. They al- Constitution, of the dignity and justice of so gave two guineas to the prisoners in the the Supreme Judicatery, and of the protectolbooth, to-drink his Lordship’s health. tion and security enjoyed under them by

The general satisfaction with which the every British subject. honourable termination of the impeach- 4. That a Copy of these Resolutions be ment of Lord Melville has been received, transmitted byuthe Master to Lord Viswas no where niore conspicuously manie count Melville, and that the same be pubfested than in the town of Leith. The lished in the Edinburgh and London NewsOfficers of the Battalion of Royal Leith papers. Volunteers gave an elegant entertainment

R. Scort MONCRIEFF, Master. on the occasion, at Younghusband's Tavern, to the Magistrates and many respectable

The Convention of Royal Burghs, which Gentlemen. At seven o'clock the corps met at Edinburgh the 7th of July, also voparaded in full uniform in Bernard Street,

ted an address in similar terms to Lord and fired three volleys in honour of this

Melville, in answer to which the Lord happy occasion. The men were afterwards

Provost has received the following letter regaled with a plentilul supply of Calvert's

from his Lordship :entire, which was drank with repeated

*** LONDON, 12th July 1806, cheerings to his Lardship's health. After “ My Lordil am this moment iuvoured dinner a number of loyal and appropriate with your obliging litter, conveying to me patriotic toasts were viven. The tavern was the address froniche r prezentatives of the most brilliantly illuminated, and the coni- Royal Eurghs of Scotland. The sent rents pary rose from table at a late hour to wit. it contains ara hizml; hyratifying to ???, not nes: a grand display of fire-works.

only on account of the very respectable boOn the 18th, it very numerous ineering dy from whence they come; but because of the Nierehant Company of Edirburgh I receive them as the general sense of a was held in their hall, irhen the following great class of iny countrymen and fellow resolutions were unanimously voted, viz. subjects. I hrve no words ariequate to ex

1. That the Right Honourable Lord press the deep surise I entertain of the re. Viscourt Melville having, with labour the peated marks of attiment which have most indefatigable, talents the niost splen- been called forch by the recent events so dil, and integrity the most uncorrupted, interesting to my character and feelings. devoted above forty years of his life to the I trust to your Lord'ship's goodness to service of his country, the greatest part of make known to the Meribers of the Conthat time in stations under Government vention the inapress on which their kindthe most exalted and efficient, árid at pe. ness has excited in nry breast; and it shal! riods the niust critical and momentous ; 35 at all times give me infinite sati-faction, he had enjoyed the confidence and highest when I am able, by any exertions of mine, approbation of his Sovereign, is eritled to to contribute to the happiness and pros


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to the


perity of the Royal Burghs of Scotland. 17. At London, Col. Arthur Vansittart, i have the hqpour to be,

of Shottesbrooke, Berkshire, M. P. for With great respect,

Windsor, to the Hon. Miss Caroline Eden,
Your Lordship's most obedient fourth daughter of Lord Auckland..
And faithful huinble servant,

At ditto, Lord Fitzharris, eldest son (toneA MELVILLE. of the Earl of Malmesbury, and god-son of To the Lord Provost of Edįg.:

the late Empress of Russia, to Miss Dash. burgh, Preses of the Conven

wood, niece to the Earl of Effingham, tion of Royal Burghs.

19. At Ditto, Sir William Pratt Callo!

Bart to Lady Louisa Forbes,

Earl of Granard.
The Right Hon. Gilbert Lord Minto -. At Bath, Lord William Stuart, son of
is appointed Governor General of India, in the Marquis of Bute, to the Hon. Geor,,
room of Sir George Hilaro Barlow, who gina Maude, sister of Lord Viscount Ha-
resumes his seat as third Member of the warden.
Council of Bengal.

23. At Dumfries, the Rev, James Rae, The Right Hon. Dupre Earl of Caledon, minister of Kirkgunzeon, to Miss Elizais appointed Governor of the Cape of beth Robertson, eldest daughter of the Good Hope, and Henry Alexander, Esq. late Rev. John Robertson, minister of his Lordship’s cousin, Secretary to the Gork Kirkconnel.

At London, W. Sloane, Esq. to LaThe Right Hon. Thomas Grenville is dy Gertrude Howard, daughter of the appointed President of the Board of Con. Earl of Carlisle. troul for India Affairs, in spom of Lord 798 m. At ditto, Osborne Markham, Esq. Minto.

'son of the Archbishop of York, to Lady The Right Hon. James Earl of Lauder, Mary Thynne, sister of the Marquis of dale, is appointed Keeper of the Greatt Bath. Seal for Scotland, (in room of the Duke of At ditto, the Rev. Charles Richard, Gordon,) and has also been sworn in a Cameron, eldest son of Dr Cameron, of her Member of the Privy Council.

Worcester, to Miss Lucy Lyttleton Butt, The Marquiss of Headfort is appointed youngest daughter of the fate Rev. Dr. a Knight of the illustrious. Order of St. Butt.

3 Patrick.

24. At Edinburgh, Thomas Duncan, Esq. The Hon. Dayid Erskine (son of the sof Demerara, to Miss Helen

Grant, daugh. Lord Chancellor,) is appointed Ambassa. ter of the late John Grant, Esq. of Kinc..., dor to the United States of America. dine O'Neil.

- At Hampstead, Robert Smith, Esgos MARRIAGES.

of Aylesbury, Backs, to Miss Mary Susap. At Bombay, D. D. Inglis, Esq. of the ci- nah Watson, second daughter of Sir James vil establishment, to Miss Money, daugh. Watson, Knt. fate one of the judges of the ter of the late W. Money, Esq. of Wala **Supreme Court of Judicature at Bengal. A thamstow, Essex.

25. At Pirn House, William Scott, Esq.
At Bencoolen, Francis Şalmon, Esq. younger of Raeburn, late of Prince of
Master Attendant at that settlement, to Wales island. to Miss Susan Horsburgh, el.
Miss Ann Salmon, niece of G. Salinons dest daughter of Alexander Horsburgh,
Esq. formerly Governor of Bencoolen. Esq. of Horsburgh.

At Bengal, Captain James Achmuty, of 26, At Bromley, Andrew Wedderburn,
the Artillery, Comınissary of Ordnance at Esq. to the Hon Miss Louisa Eden, fiftli
Cawnpore, to Miss Mary Fearon, late' of daughter of Lord Auckland,

27. At. Woodside, James Crawford, Esq. d. April 28. At Chateau Margo, Philip jun. merchant, Port-Glasgow, to Miss Saa Frederick Tinne, Esq. Secretary for the rah Russel, eldest daughter of Dayid Rus colony of Denerara, to Miss Rose, daugh- sel, Esq. of Woodside, merchant in Glasg ter of William Rose, Esq. of Mountcoffer.

gow. June g. At Strathaird, in the island of July 2. At Alresford, the seat of Lord Sky, Lieut. John Nicholson, younger of Spencer Chichester, the Hon. William Claggin, to Miss Isabella Macallister, Bligh, brother to the Earl of Darnley, to daughter of Alexander Macallister, Esq. of Lady Sophia Stewart, daughter of the Strathaird.

Earl of Galloway. 16. At Aston, Shirley Perkins, Esq. of 3. At London, Sir Wm. Abdy, Bart. to Sutton - Culfield, Warwickshire, barrister Miss Wellesley, eldest daughter of the at law, to Mrs Walker, widow of the late Marquis Wellesley. Capt. William Walker, and eldest daughter

-, William Henderson, Esq. of Charles Sharpe, Esq. of Hoddam Castle, of Newhall, tó Miss Jean Reíd, daughter Dumfries-shire.

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