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Deaths. of the deceased Mr John Reid, merchant in 13. At Denham Green, theo Hob. Mrs Aberdeen.

11,402,1 Erskine of Cardross, a son. July 3. At Edinburgh, H, Davidson, --, At Wester Livilands, Esq. Haddington, to Miss Martha Mary

JILV!94 sida 1. Tuna Chisholm, only daughter of the deceased 15, At Urrafd, Mrs Alston, a daughterato Thomas Chisholm, Esq, ob Amerslaw, Nor- 17. At Inverness, the Lady 3f Alexander thumberland.

Joo Macdonell of Glengary, Esq. a son and heir, $. At Ballantyger, Mr George Brown, 17. At Darnhall, the Hon. Mrs OliLeith, to Miss Jean White, daughter of phant Muarry, a daughter. Mr Thomas White, farmer there. 8. At London, Lord Viscount Milton,

DEATHS. It son of Earl Fitzwilliam, to the Hon. Miss 1805. Aug. 25. Near Seringapatam, Mr Mary Dundas, fourth daughter of Lord Alexander Dalziell Campbell, surgeon of Dundas. The marriage ceremony was per- the 12th regiment of foot, son of the late formed by the Rev. Dr King, in Lord Mr Patrick Campbell, Royal Bank, EdinDundas's house, Arlington street.' burgh.

1 2. "At Dundee, Mr Divid Sandeman, - At Chunar, Captain James Berry, of of the Shore-dues Office, Leith, to Miss the r5th regiment' of native infantry, on. Margaret Baxter, daughter of Mr Thomas: the Bengal establishment. Baxter, baker, Dundee.

At Calcutta, Mr Tho. Doig, youngest .

Two' ghd son of Mr John Doig, merchant, Dundee:

Ad Dinapore, Dr Gardiner, of the
June 13. At London, the Lady of John-Bengal Establishment, and Lieut. Stewart,
Erskine, Esq. a daughter... toidulisa 4io nzd native cavalry.
14. At Cluny, Mrs Colonel Maepheras V. Dec. 19. In India, Capt. John Spink,

it, Fielda taymaster of the atmy under the
William Henry
17. At Long Gardner, son of Adiniral
the Lady of the Hon. . .command of Major-General Jones.

1806. Jan. At Calcutta, after having taLord Gardner, a daughter. tad ken his passage for Europe, Major George

At Beaumont Lodge, Old Windsor, Welsh, of the first reginient of native caViscountess Ashbrook, a son.

valry, an officer who'distinguished himself 5 At Bishop's Court, Exeter, the Hon. 'greatly in the campaign under Gen. Lord Mrs Paget, a son.

Lake. At London, the Countess of Albe-. 5. On his passage from Bengal, Andrew marle, a daughter.

Gardiner, Esq. a senior merchant on chat 18. At Arndilly, the Lady of David establishment. Macdowall Grant of Arndilly, Esq, a son. 15. At Fort William, Mr John M.Dow

19. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Col. all, in the civil service, Ceylon, son of Horner, of Mells Park, Somerset, a daugh James M‘Dowall, Esq Glasgow.

April. 17. At Kingston, St Vincent, 20. At London, the Lady of Charles James Bannatyne, Esq. eldest son of Mr Barclay, Esq. of Harley strect, a son and Bannatyne, Sc Calniac, Isle of Bute. heir.

18. At Kingston, Jamaica, Mr Andrew 24. At Dalkeith House, Lady Caroline Rowand, formerly of Glasgow. Douglas, a daughter.

1 Mav. 5. At Tobago, William Forbes, 26. At London, the Countess Cowper, a Esq. of Culloden estate in that island. son and heir, who will take the titles of 11. At Madeira, James Murdoch, Esą. Viscount Fordwich, Baron Wingham. one of the oldest British merchants resi.

29. At ditto, the Countess of Chiches. dent on that island. ter, a daughter,

118. At Tortola, on his way to Britain for At Edinburgh, the Lady of Maxwell, the recovery of his health, John Brander, Gordon, Esq. writer to the signet, a son, i Esq. of the island of Grenada.

30. Mrs Duff of Hatton, a daughter. 19. At Brimstone hill, St Kitt's, where

Lately, at Paisley, Mirs Fraser, wife of he commanded, Brig. Gen. Sir Richard Mr J. Traser, Manager of the Theatre Basset. ? there, a daughter, being her eighteenth 28. On board his Majesty's frigate Rechild.

nommee, Capt. Sir Thos. Livingston, off July 4i Mrs Duthie of Mount Plea- Carthagena, on the coast of Spain, aged, isa

.:: years, Charles Forbes, midshipman, young7. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Major: est son of Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo, Tulloch, of the Inverness-shire regiment, Bart. of the wounds he received in an aca daughter.

tion in cutting out a Spanish schooner mo9, The Lady of Robert Steuart, Esq. of der the town of Torre de Vieja. "See NaAldersion, a son and heir.

val Intelligence.



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sant, a son.


May 29. Mr Geo. Thompson, of Kilton, 17. At Glasgow, in the 40th year of her near Guisbro', aged 1%, late master of the age, Mrs Elizabeth Muirhead, wife of Mr Glory, of 98 guns. He was in upwards of John Mitchell. 25 engagemeuts in difierent parts of the 17. At Hans House, Chelsea, Henry vorld.

Holland, Esq one of his Majesty's Justices 29. On his passage to St Petersburgh, of Peace for the county of Middlesex, and Mr Andrew Syme, shipmaster in Leith. architect to the East India Company, &c.

29. At Zwoll, in Holland, James Er- 17. At Little Camden house, the Lady skine, Esq

of Major General Harry Calvert. 29. At Madeira, in the prime of life, 17. At Clifton, Miss Charlotte Cumming, Mrs Hoone of Argaty, Lidy of Da- youngest daughter of the late Sir Alexanvid Monro Binning, Esq.

der Penrose Cumming Gordon, Bari. Lately, at his seat, Cornwall, St Eliza- At Dublin, Captain John Kennedy, beth's, Jamaica, James Cooper Wrighi, late of Springhall, District Paymaster in Esq. much lamented.

Dublin. Suddenly, the Hon. Edvard Shippen, At Pitkaithly Wells, Mír Janies Chief Justice of the Sapreme Court of White, merchant in Glasgow. Pennsylvania, in the 78th year of his age. --. At London, Mrs Goodenough, relict

June 4. Robert Stevenson, Esq. of Alleys of Dr Goodenough, and sister of Lord Visank, Rutherg!en.

count Sidmouth. 4. At Stirling, Mrs Susannah Graham, 19. At Struy, Hugh Fraser, Esq. of wife of Capt. Edington, ist Royals. 3truy.

10. At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Pater. 20. At Kentish town, near London, Dr son, youngest daughter of the date Rev. Samuel Irving, physician on the Staff. Robert Paterson, Biggar.

20. At Dunse, aged 78, Mr Robert John. 13. At Aberdeen, in the 75th year of his age, Mr William Littlejohn, merchant, and 20. At Montrose, Mrs Catharine Chris. late one of the Magistrates of that city. tie, spouse of the deceased Alexander Chris.

14. At Aberdeen (where he had gone to tie, Esq. merchant there. enjoy the benefit of his native air,) in the 20. At West Fortune, in the 84th year of 27th year of his age, and 3d of his ministry, her age, Mirs Beatrix Jonkieson, relict of the Rev. James Smith, A. M. minister of the late Mr Patrick Dudgeon, farmer at the Associate congregation, Bolton. Drem, near Haddington.

14. At Cheltenham, in his 43d year, Sir At Brighton, Richard Allen M. D. Wilfred Lawson, Bart. of Brayton House, 21. At his seat in Kent, Lord Sondes, in and Isell Hall, both in Cumberland.; the his 53d year. last of the male line of one of the most an- 21. At Dresden, in his 76th year, his cient families in that county.

Royal Highness Francis Xavier, Prince 14. At Newcastle, aged 81, Mr Ninian Royal of Poland, Duke of Saxony, and Walker, a truly honest and independent uncle of the reigning Elector; during whose minded seaman, who had visited most parts minority he actedas Regent of the Elecof the globe, and had been engaged in toral States. many perilous adventures. He was a native 22. At Borthwickbrae, Catharine, the inof Fifeshire; was pressed in 1745; and on fant daughter of William Eliott Lockhart, board the Happy Janet, of 20 guns, was in Esq. of Borthwickbrae. pursuit of the Pretender in most of the creeks 24. At London, of a few days illness, of Scotland. He afterwards served on board aged 20, the Lady of Robert Pringle, Esą, the Cambridge 8 years, without ever being younger of Stitchel, rand daughter of the on shore; was at the capture of Guadaloupe late Lieut. Gen. Macleod of Macleod. in 1758, and at the memorable siege of the The untimely fate of this truly amiable Havannah in 1764, when the Cambridge young lady, cut ok in the bloom of youth lost 125 men in 20 minutes before the Mo- and beauty, is deeply lamented by all who ro Castle. He had the yellow fever with knew her. several other's of his ship, and was the only 25. At St Andrew's, Joseph M'Corone that recovered.

mick, Esq. Advocate. 15. At Binny, Miss Magdalen Stewart, 25. At Gala House, John Jameson, Esq. daughter of the deceased Robert Stewart, late merchant in Leith. Esq. of Binny.

26. At Wemyss hall, James Wenyss, 15. At Falkirk, Mrs Robina Henderson, Esq. of Winthank, in his 85th year. relict of the late Mr Peter Henderson, 26. At Manse of Tongland, aged $3, writer there, in the 85th year of her age. the Rev. Alexander Robb, minister of that i 16. At Edinburgh, Miss Katherine Don, parish. daughter of the late John Don, Esq. and 27. At Warriston, Thomas Mure, Esq. sister of Lieut Gen. George Don.

of Warriston.

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28. At Bogr.or Rocks, Sussex, Stephen States of 1 anguedoc, and Commander of the Cossar, Esq. of Millbank street, Westmin- Order of the Holy Ghost. ster, only son of the late Walter Cossar, 5. Ac Elgin, Alexander Brodie, M. D. Esq. Comptroller of Excise in Scotland. a gentleman equally distinguished for his

At London, Samuel Bosanquet, Esq. prøfessional know edge, literary acquire. Deputy Governor of the Levant Company, ments, and urbanity of manners. and a Director of the Bank of England. 6. At Paisley, Mrs Isabella Dods, wife

At Honiton, in the 81st year of his of Mr Alexander Davidson, lecturer in naage, Mr Francis Aberdeen, late of Lancas. bural philosoplay. ter court, London.

6. Āt Clifton, Mrs Carnegie Fullerton -. At Aberdeen, Mr Murdo Downie, of Kinnaher: late Master in the Royal Navy.

7. At Gribton, Miss Goldie, daughter At Kentu e, in the island of Islay, of the late John Goldie of Craigmuie, Esq. Mr Archibalu M'Duifie, late of the island 7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Colquof Jamarca,

houn, relict of General John Campbell of july 1. At London, the Lady of Hugh Barbreck, and aunt of Sir James Colqu. Stuart, Esq. son of the late Sir John Stuart houn of Luss, Bart. of Allanbank, Bart.

7. At Sanson House, Miss Mary Dun1. At Edinburgh, Mr John Clopper. das, eldest daughter of Lieut. Gen Francis ton, writer, second son of Mr Geo. Clap-' Dundas. perton, writer to the signet.

9. At Edinburgh, Miss Elizabeth Hun2. At Arngibbon, Perthshire, in the ter, daughter of the late Dr Hunter, one 77th year of his age, Mr Thomas Forres- of the ministers of St. Andrew's. ter of Arngibbon.

10. At Dunse, aged 81, Mrs Janet Nis2. At Libberton, aged 17 years, James bet, relict of Mr John Mein, surgeon there. Ruthven, only son of Mr Robert Ruthven, 11. At Ayr, in the 85th year of his age, merchant, Edinburgh.

Mr William Murdoch, merchant. 2. At Perth, aged 76, James Stewart, 11. At Leith, Mr George Harper, mer. Esq. late of Derculich.

chant. 2. At Poyntzfield, Cromarty shire, Geo. 12. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Miss BarGun Munro of Poyntzfield, Esq. niuch and bara Gray, sister of Lord Gray. generally lamented.

13. At London, Major General James 4. In the blo'm of life, on his passage Bannatine, of the Bombay establishment. from London to Leith, and when within 13. At Dumfries, Miss Mary Dennisthree hours sail of that place, Lieut. Colin ton, eldest daughter of Mr John Dinniston. Thompson of the 61 regiment. He was At Mansfield House, New Cumnock, interred at Leith with military honours. AI Thomson, Esq. Mansfield and

5. At London, aged 8ç, Arthur Richard Castlemains. Dillon, Archbishop and Duke of Narbonne, 19. At Innerkeithing, aged 23, John Primate of the Gauls, President of the Cunninghame, Esq. of Balbougie, advocate.

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Prices of Out, Pease, and Barley Meal, in
Edinburgh Market, per Peck.

Pease & Barley 38c6. Oatmeal.

Meal. Bolls." Price. Bolls. Į Price. d. d.

d. d. July ). 260

60 13 1 2 S. 340

13 IZ S. 280 18 19

It 18 171 so

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16 15

17 16

4. 74 84 | 30 36/2; 32 | 46 56 II. 76 90 32 37

23 30 | 60 66 18.176 90 / 32 38 23 31 | 38 64 25.1 74 89 | 32.37 | 24 35 60 65

56 58


It 29. 280

1751 57 I 2



A most extraordinary pamphlet has just appeared, from the pen of our corres

pondent who signs himself Thule, in which he grievousiy complains. of our conduct, as editors, towards him.--A very few words will be sufficient to justify us, and to shew that he has been treated with a degree of indulgence, beyond what could reasonably be expected. His charges are three, i. Our reluctance in receiving his first communication. 2. Our absolute rejection of his

last. And 3. Our having called him a Zetland landlord. As to the first paper he sent us, we do not hesitate to say, that in suppressing it,

we were doing a favour not only to the public, but to Thule himself. Nothing resembling it, we are persuaded, was ever written since the creation of the world ; for, besides being wholly devoid of common sense, it bore no relatioa whatever to the subject in question, nor seemingly to any subject *. All we could make out was, that it contained a most vehement and abusive attack, against certain mysterious characters, who were accused, not as might have been expected, of calumniating the Zetland Landlords, but of other crimes the most dreadful and diabolical that human imagination can conceive. There run through it indeed a sort of wild poetical imagination, which rendered it some hat amusing ; but we could not venture to amuse our readers at the expence of real and living characters. On our returning these effusions, which seemed written too much under Lugar influence, an offer was made to write another paper, which the respectability of the channel through which it came, induced us to accept, though we had strong reason to suspect,

that confinement and low diet would have formed a more salutary regimen. But we then distinctly stated, and repeated in every successive stage of the business, as our decided principle, That all counter-statements upon matters of fact which appeared to him misrepresented, would be readily admitted; but that there must be no personal abuse. Yet upon this ground we were obliged to reject another paper. But when a third was presented, containing some portion of common sense, and matter of fact, we not only received it, but were at great pains in correcting the

grammar and spelling, so as to make it fit to appear before the public. 20 We rejected his last. And for this no apology can be necessary to any one

who can take the trouble to read a few pages, keeping in mind the principle which we have stated above. It is somewhat singular, that the only motive which Thule can contrive for our supposed maltreatment of him, is the desire of filling our pages with any kir ,l of matter, however indifferent. Now there is no doubt that, had we allowed the controversy to go on, we might, for months to come, have filled with it the whole correspondence part of our magazine, with

great ease to ourselves, though to the infinite annoyance of our readers. 3. We have called him a Zetland Landlord. We certainly had reason to think

him so, and in hastily making up the title, it struck us as tending both to make the communication more respectable, and to authenticate the facts. It offered also a kind of excuse to the public for the insertion of so singular a communication. Nor did it ever occur to us as possible, that, by the writer of the article, this

could be considered as such an injurious appellation. We can most decidely deny his ridiculous allegations of a concert between us and

P. N. The present editor, though he esteems that gentleman's talents, has no personal acquaintance with him beyond a few accidental meetings. As to any accidental delays, they have been entirely owing to the great extent and variety of business carried on by the publishers; or to the necessity of occupying the Magazine with more important matter.

* If Thule considers himself as injured by this representation, he has an easy mode of justifying himself, by favouring the world with a perusal of these curious and original effusions.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. J. H. M., A. H., F., Dr Couper's poem, Daphnis., W. H., J. A., Specimen

of Anacreon, C. 2., Mentor, L. are received.

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