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sides, the enemy being completely pre- A letter from Captain Hawker, of
pared, expecting the attack. Lieut. the Tartar, announces the capture
Sibley received seven severe wounds, by that ship, of the Observateur Fiench
but none of them mortal. The French corvette, of 20 guns and 104 men,
Caprain was killed, and the slaughter on victualled and stored for four months.
board his ship was great. The greater - The prize was instantly manned and
part of the boats were either shot dispatched in quest of a French brig
through, or so badly stove, that they of war, which sailed from Cayenne in
were swamped, and obliged to be cut company with her, and was to cruize
adrift from the prize. The Revenge's for four months near Bermuda.
buat, officer, and crew, are missing, The Gazette of the 12th of August
but are believed to have been taken, as contains a letter from Capt. Stiles, of
accounts had been received of 16 Eng. the Adamant, in substance as follows:
lish prisoners having been marched On the 5th May, four days after part-
into Rochefort from Bourdeaux. Lieut.. ing with the East India Convoy, Capt. $.
Parker, of the Indefatigable, is highly fell in with and captured the Spanish ship
praised for his cool and intrepid con- Nostra Senora de los Dolores, of 30 guns
duct in bringing out the prize, under a and 315 men, a strong well-built vessel,
constant cross fire, for two hours, from coppered, and which, from her force
the batteries and the other corvette. and maguiiude, might have done much
The convoy all cut their cables, and mischief on the African coast, The
ran up the river, on the first attack. crew were a desperate set of French,
Our loss was, Mr Helpman, Master's Spaniards, Portuguese, and Americans
Mate of the Conqueror, and five sea- the principal officers French. She
men and petty' oficers killed; Lieut. was from Rio de la Plata, had authority
Sibley, and 35 seamen and petty officers from the Viceroy to wear the Spanish
wounded ; 21 missing. The 'Cæsar is colours, and had a company of Spanish
a fine vessel, and fit for his Majesty's infantry on board.
service. The enterprize was admirably

planned, and would have completely
succeeded, but for the untoward cir- We can now with certainty announee,
cumstances above mentioned.

that a negociation for Peace with France A letter from Capt. Collier, of is bezun, and with hopes of a speedy the Minerva, announces the cap- conclusion. For several months past a ture, toy his barge, of a Spanish pri- very active correspondence has been vateer, one of those, (though insignifi. kept up between M. Talleyrand, the cant in herself,) which have done so confidential Minister of Bonaparte, and much mischief tothe British Oporto tra- Mr Secretary Fox, the subject matter ders. She was armed with one g-pound. , of which is known only to the Cabinet er, blunderbusses and mueketry, man- Ministers, the profoundest secrecy hav. ned with 26 of the Guarda desperadoes, ing been observed. In the beginning and capable of rowing 20 sweeps. She of June, the Earl of Yarmouth, who made a desperate resistance, having been had been detained in France since the apprised of the approach of the barge, commencement of the war, arrived in which advanced under a discharge of London, and, after having several congrape shot from the prow gun. The ferences with his Majesty's Ministers, crew afterwards defended themselves returned again to Paris, where he arriv: with the sabre and pistol, but they were ed on the 18th of the same nionth. soon overpowered. One Spaniard was Since that time, we understand his killed, and the Captain, two Officers Lordship has had almost daily interand two seamen, mortally wounded. views with M. Talleyrand, and has also We had not a man hurt. Capt. C. hopes made repeated communications to the that this check may tend to destroy British Ministers. ihat spirit and enterprise which has so On the ist of August, a Mr Charles long marked the inhabitants of Guarda. Goddard, an intiinate friend of Lord The Minerva's boat was under the di. Yarmouth, and who has likewise been rection of Lieut. Mulcaster, and Lieu. kept a prisoner in France, arrived in tenant Menzies, of the marines, who so London with dispatches from his Lord. recently distinguished themselves in a ship, and with passports for an English similar case.

Minister to proceed to Paris. A Cabi.


dispa Lords secrec their Lords send tersb wou!

In thi tion that since the 2

The forded the fu ardsoc negocia an ami

have be house, t is prelitz ed on or

This ed on a the actud between 6th of s Russian been for in Paris, peace was

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net Couacil was held the same evening, Clarke, Counsellor of State, and of the at which it was resolved to send an ac- Cabinet, on behalf of the French Empecredited Minister to France, to receive ror, who, we are told, ratified the treaty and discuss proposals for a treaty of six hours after. This peace was anipeace. The Council at the same time nounced on the 22d by the French Mi. fixed upon the Earl of Lauderdale to be nister of marine, in a circular letter o the negociator. His Lordship accord. all the ports, with orders to the Admiingly attended next day at Lord Gren- rals and Commandants, to treat all Rusville's office, to receive his instructions, sian ships as friends. On the 22d of and where he continued three hours. July, M. D'Oubril left Paris for St PeAt five o'clock the same evening, Sa. tersburgh, with a copy of the treaty for turday Aug. 2. his Lordship left Lon. the Emperor Alexander's ratification. don, accompanied by Mr John Maddi. No particulars of this treaty have transson, of the Foreign Department of the pired, though we understand the Brio Post office, who is to act as his Lord. tish Ministers know every thing respecship's private secretary, and Professor ting it, from communications by Me Dugald Stewart of Edinburgh. They ar- Adair, our lately appointed Ambassador rived at Doyer about five on Sunday at Vienna. It is with this knowledge morning, when his Lordship and suite that our Ministers determined to send immediately embarked on board the a negociator to France. Whatever may Clyde frigate, then lying in the Downs, be the result of this pacific overture, from which they were safely landed at we learn from the French Journals, Calais about ten o'clock.

that at Paris peace with Britain is cone His Lordship reached Paris on Tues. 'sidered as almost certain ; and throughday evening the sth, and according out all Holland so general is the conf. to the French prints, had an interview dence of its taking place, that the fleet with M. Talleyrand next day. Two at the Texel is begun to be laid up. dispatches have been received from his Notwithstanding, however, t


appeLordship by Ministers, but the strictest rent confidence, a considerable reinsecrecy has been observed respecting forcement to our army in Sicily sailed their contents. Report states, that his from Portsmouth on the 8th of AuLordship considered it necessary to

gust. It amounted to about 4000 men, send an English messenger to St Pe. (of these 800 of the Guards,) under the tersburgh, and that, at all events, he

command of Gen. Oakes, and convoyed would remain in Paris till his return. by several ships of the line under Admi. In this state of the negociation, specula. ral Sir John Duckworth. On the same tion would be vain. We can only add, day, a reinforcement for the Cape of that stocks have fallen considerably Good Hope, amounting to 2500 men, since the receipt of the last dispatch, on sailed from Ramsgate, with Gens. Sir the 23d of August.

Samuel Achmuty, D. D. Wemyss, and The prospect of peace being thus af- ' Spencer, and a considerable médical forded by the opening of a negociation, staff. Gen. Sir Hew Dalrymple emthe funds at first rose considerably, barked at the same time on board the andso confident are many persons that the Ganges man of war, 74 guns, for Gibnegociation is already far advanced to raltar, where he is to take the coman amicable termination, that policies inand, in room of Gen. Fox, who left have been opened at Lloyd's Coffee. that garrison on the sagth of June, to house, to give 30 guineas to receive ico take the command of the British army

preliminaries of peace should be sign. in Sicily. d on or before the 1st of September. At this highly important crisis of the This confidence seems to be ground national affairs, a circumstance has oc

on a very unexpected event, viz.. curred, which has excited general anxie. e actual conclusion of a separate peace, ty and regret; we mean the severe inween Russia and France. On the disposition of Mr Fox, the Secretary

of July, M. D’Oubril, the former for the Foreign Department. He has Esian envoy to France, and who has for a considerable time laboured under

for some time at Vienna, arrived a dropsical complaint, which, in spite of aris, and on the. 2oth, a treaty of the first medical assistance, shewed no e was signed between him and Gen. symptoms of abatement. About the

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middle of June, the malady bore such age the Pms of Ws, whose sita. cians declared it necessary that Mr Fox gaged

bene excited the interest, andrems should refrain from business. The dis- bosom in the British Empire. Ru. ease still went on rapidly, and the last mours of an afflicting nature had reachremedy of tapping was finally resolved ed the Röyat ear, and his Majesty con

On Wednesday, Aug. 7. this ope- sidered them of such a complexion as to ration was performed by Mr Cline, with require a strict investigationesThis delisingular ability, when about 16 quarts cate business was confided to the Lord of water were drawn off. Mr Fox expe- Chancellor, Lord Grenville, and Lord rienced from the operation an imme. Spencer. And a


inguor which has accompanied the pro- formed, bears date the 14th of July, tho' gress of the disorder, and the strongest copies were not delivered to the il. hopes are entertained of a speedy and lustribus Lady and her husband till the complete recovery. The Prince of Wales 11th of Augustuisi, nosM 1-9811 came up from Brighton, and visited Mr". The examinations Twere conaned to Fox the day after the operation took two points the first respecting the place. His Royal Highness 'expressed birth and parentage of dat childrotsfour the highest satisfaction at the favour years old, educated under the immediable change that had followed. In the ate protection of the Royal person in mean time the Earl of Moira continues question. The infant is ascertained, by to transact, with great assiduity, the reference to the registry, and to its paroutine business at the Foreign Office. : rents, as well as by the concurrent

A serious misunderstanding has arisen testimony of every person examined on between the Ministry and the Directors the occasion, to be the child of persons the appointment of a Governor Generalford, and to have been maintained and of India. The former proposed the educated by the Princess on the purest Earl of Lauderdale, and pressed the ob- and most amiable principles of charity ject of their choice much upon the Com- and benevolence v ATC SAT pany. The Directors, however, have at The second point alledged a general several meetings strongly opposed his impropriety of conduct, which after Lordship's nomination, and insist u. the minutest scrutiny, dwindles into pon the continuation of Sir George Hi some trifling and innocent levities, from laro Barlow, who as first member of the which almost no woman in the land is Council of Bengal, 'succeeded ex officio free. The whole proceedings are stat. to the Marquis Cornwallis, and who has ed to be grounded on the depositions been 34 years in India. Out of the 24 of a Scots Gentleman (Şir John Dou. Directors, Lord Lauderdale has only glas) and his Lady (formerly a Miss the support of Mr Elphinston the chair. Hopkinson,) and somo menial servants man, Sir Francis Baring, Sir Theoph. belonging to Carleton House. The Metcalf, and another. The ministers material part of the evidence is sub. have therefore at length yielded to the joined to the report, and the whole is inclinations of so great a majority of the expected to be laid before the public

. directors, and have proposed Lord Min- Without a husband to support, with. to, who has accepted the office, with the out a child to comfort, without a mo. consent of all parties. By a statute in ther to advise, surrounded with the 1783, his Majesty has the power of va- worst of sycophants, those who are precating the Government General of India pared to seduce for the purpose of be, at pleasure, but the Directors have a traying, what but the most uncxampled joint right in the appointment.


could have preserved a conduct, DELICATE INVESTIGATION,

the whole-series of which, for above ten
years, on the strictest investigation, af

. - An enquiry of a most important na. fords our most rigid moralists no ground ture has been discussed in the public whatsoever of censure, and nothing to prints, under the above title. It regards notice in the way of admonition but a the conduct of that illustrious persone few trifling levitics.

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land. August

Scottish Chronicle.



LORD NELSON'S MONUMENT. The procession was closed by the Glas..

gow Highland regiment of volunteers, and Friday, August 1.

the streets were lined by the Trades corps,

the 'sth Lanarkshire volunteers, and the THE foundation stone of the monument Anderston and Canal volunteers. to be erected in the Green of Glasgow

The length of the procession was consito the memory of Lord Nelson, was this day

derably more than a mile. On reaching laid by the Most Worshipful Sir John Stuart the Green, the troops were formed into a of Allanbank, Bart. Provincial Grand hollow square, within which another square Master Mason of the Under Ward of

was composed of the masonic and other Lanarkshire. The Members of the pro- part of the possession; the Grand Master cession, together with a

and his suite having taken their station on semblage of Ladies and Gentlemen, met in the site of the obelisk, a most impressive the High Church at twelve o'clock, where

prayer was delivered by Dr Ritchie. a very excellent and appropriate sermon The Grand Master then addressed the was preached by the Rev. Dr WILLIAM Magistrates and Lodges as follows: RITCHIE of St Andrew's Church, from My LORD Provost and GENTLEMEN, Rom. xiii, ver. 7. Render therefore honour “Before proceeding to the interesting ceto whom honour is due. After the sermon

remony for which we are now assembled, the procession moved in the following or- permit me, in name of the Grand Master, der :

to express his regret on account of his inaThe Glasgow Troop of Light Horse, bility to be present on this occasion. As His Majesty's 71st Regiment,

his representative, I beg leave to acknowThe Lord Provost and Magistrates car- ledge the high honour conferred on me in rying their Staves of Office,

being called

upon to lay the foundation of The Town Council,

a monument to the memory of so illustrious The Gentlemen of the Committee of a hero. And I regret the less my inability Management,

to do justice to the merits of the departed The Subscribers,

warrior, and the patriotism of the inhabiThe Dean of Guild, and Members of the tants of this city, when I recollect the very Merchants House,

excellent eulogium on both which you have The Convener of the Trades, and the already heard. Members of the Trades' House,

“ That pre-eminent height to which his The Commissioners of Police, with their genius raised the already elevated naval Staves of Office,

fame of Britain; that terror of his name The Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, by which he so opportunely protected the The Faculty of Procurators.

great commercial interests of his country, Two Naval Officers, heading a Detach- justly intitled Lord Nelson to monuments ment of Sailors who had served under of public gratitude, local as well as national. Lord Nelson-they carried a model “When I contemplate this truly respectaof a Ship of War, from which they ble assemblage-- Magistrates, public bodies, fired, at intervals, during the procese individuals, masonic associations, contribut. sion; also the Union Flag, and an En- ing by official rank and influence, by wealth, sign with the following inscription, by demonstrations of brotherly love, to “We Fought and Conquered under confer honour on the memory of the hero Howe, Jervis, Duncan, and Nelson.” who died in conquering for his country The different Mason Lodges, upwards of methinks his spirit hovering near, rejoices

30 in number, in the order of their in your appropriate obedience to his last seniority,

signal"Every man of you has done his The Most Worshipful Sir John Stuart, duty.”

Grand Master ; Boyd Alexander, Esq. The Grand Master, assisted by the freeMember of Parliament, and a number men of St John's Lodge, Glasgow, then laid of other Gentlemen, wearing the in- the foundation stone with the usual solemsignia of the Grand Lodge of Scot. nities. On the stone was the following inland.

scription : August 1806.

By 10

By the favour of Almighty God,


*On Thursday, July 17. came on the trial Provincial Grand Master Mason of Robert Johnston, for breaking into the

Of the Under Ward of Lanarkshire, shop of Messrs Dicksons and Co.,on the Laid this Foundation Stone of the Monu- 16th of May and stealing therefrom about ment,

351. in bank notes, and a quantity of half. Erected by the Inhabitants of Glasgow, pence, &c. The manner of his detection was Lo grateful remembrance of the eminent curious he had carried home the potes, services

but had hid the half pence in a ditch near Of the Right Honourable

the Calton-hill, and left a pocket: book he HORATIO LORD VISCOUNT had also taken a little way off. A person, NELSON,

finding the pocket book, traced the perDuke of Bronte in Sicily,

son's footsteps on the ground, which was Vice Admiral of the White Squadron covered with dew, to the place where the Of his Majesty's Fleet, &c. &c. - half-pence were concealed.

Some men Who, after a series of transcendant and were sent next night to watch the place, heroic Archievements, feli gloriously in suspecting he would return for the halfthe battle off Cape Trafalgar,

pence. Their patience was nearly exOn the 21st October 180s.

hausted, and they were going away, when This Stone was laid on the 1st August, they saw him come early in the morning

In the year of our Lord 1806, to the place and seized him. Upon being Æra of Masonry 5806, and 46th year of the carried to the Guard-house, the prisoner Reign of our most gracious Sovereign confessed the robbery; and told where ha George the Third,

had 'left the notes at his lodgings, which In presence of John HAMILTON, Esq. were found accordingly. The Jury, una

Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow, nimously found him Guilty, but recomAnd of the following Gentlemen, Members mended him to mercy, on account of his

of the Committee of Subscribers to the former good character, and his candid con. Monument, viz.

fession of the crime. The Lord Justice. John Hamilton, Cunninghame Corbett, Clerk, after a very impressive address to the Robt. Dennistoun, David Čonell,

prisoner, pronounced sentence, that he be
Henry Monteith, Kirkman Finlay, executed at Edinburgh on the 27th of
Henry Glasford, Archibald Campbell, August.--He has since received his Majes.
Gilbert Hamilton, William Penny ty's free pardon, on condition of serving in
James Ewing, John Craig,

Thomas D. Douglas, William Dunlop, and On Thursday July 24. came on the trial
James Corbett, Colin Dunlop Donald, of Catherine Robertson, otherwise, Cathe-
Robert Bogle,

Esquires. rine Stewart, from Dundee, and George Which undertaking may the Supreme God Bachelor, surgeon in Cupar Angus, accuse proaper.

ed of occasioning abortion in a young wos The ceremony was closed by three times From the nature of the investigathree cheers from the immense crowd, who tion strangers were excluded. The Jury were very strongly interested by a charac. delivered their verdict next day, unaniteristic trait of the sailors, who rushed in, mously finding Robertson Guilty, and Baand kneeling, kissed the foundation stone chelor Guilty actor art or part in the crime with every mark of affectionate regard for libelled. Lord Dunsinnan and Lord Mea. their lamented illustrious Commander. dow hauk delivered their opinions in very

During the procession the vessels in the excellent and pathetic speeches. The Lord river, at the Broomielaw, displayed their Justice Clerk addressed the prisoners in a flags; and the Harmony. of Liverpool, Capt. very energetic and pathetic speech, and Wilkie, fired 47 guns, being one for every pronoanced the sentence of the Court, year of Lord Nelson's age at the time of which was, that both the prisoners be his d-ath. When the foundation stone was transported beyond seas for seven years. laid, Captain Wilkie also fișed a royal salute Monday, July 28. came on before the of 's guns. Notwithstanding the immense Court, the trial of John Hannah, from concourse of spectators, supposed altogether the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, accused of at upwards of de,000, the greatest good or- the murder of Marion Robson, on the 20th der was preserved, and no accident happen- of March last. The libel states, that this ed. In the afternoon, the Lord Provost "unfortunate girl was with child to the pri. and Magistrates, and the Committee of soner, who wished her to give it to some Management, gave an elegant entertainment other person, which she repeatedly refused to Sir John STPAYT and his site in the to do, and urged him to marry her. That Tontine. The collecrion at the Churub a- being unable to prevail op her to deny the mourred to abgpotol.


child she was wi her to meet him on the 26th of M plied with; and, out-house till bed prisoner to the pl they remained to of the night. 'I they left the ma in a field belongi Nunland, near th ed's mother resic ed her, by stras kerchief, or somher neck, or by his hands, &c. Guiley.' The to tesses were exfrom the evide girl,that there w ment, the fath who was stated nominated a ur a trilor: The contended, that The Court imme directed the Jur upon this indica to the robing ro ed with a verdic prisoner Not Gu jun Robson, da wright, as libel ter.

army abroad.


which the prisor

The Counsel a new warrant prison, for the or Robertson, or Robertson, and the prisoni indictment, to

The second that day, whe tended with m that he could same offence, mitted to the 1 had acquicted count of the i ordered memor on the 3d of N

Thursday Ju Janet Hamilton farmer in Nort Campbell, tailo Craig, sen. farr

having precon and of having maiiciously se: whereby the c dwelling-house were complete bath red suit

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