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child she was with being his, he invited confession and acknowledgment of their her to meet him near his master's house, guilt in presence of the Court and Jury, on the 20th of March last, which she com- who, all in one voice, found the prisoners plied with; and, after being hid in some guilty of the crime libelled. The Court out-house till bed-time, she went with the passed sentence of death on both the priprisoner to the place where he slept, where soners, ordaining them to be executed at they remained together a considerable part Edinburgh the oth of September next; of the night? That early next morning but they have both been pardoned, on conthey left the master's house together, and dition of being banished to Botany Bay for in a field belonging to John Clark, Esq. of seven years. Nunland, near the place where the deceas- On Monday Aug. It came on the trial ed's mother resided, the prisoner murder: of John Thonison, mason, lately residing ed her, by strangling her with her hand- at the foot of Leith Walk, and John Nila kerchief, or something pulled strait about son, otherwise. John Nelson, labourer, lateher neck, or by squeezing her throat with ly residing in South Leith, accused of forhis hands, &c. The prisoner pled Not gery, and of fraudulently uttering and ven.' Guilty. The trial proceeded. Some wit: ding forged guinea notes of the Bank of nesses were examined, when it appeared Scotland, knowing them to be forged. The from the evidence of the mother of the prisoners pled Not Guilty. The Jury unagirl,that there was a misnumer in the indict- nimously found both prisoners guilty. The ment, the father of the young woman, Counsel for the pannels pleaded in arrest of who was stated to be murdered, being de: judgment, that no sentence could pass on nominated a wright, when in fact he was the verdict, in respect that one of the Jurya trilor: The counsel for the prisoner men had gone out of Court after they were contended, that this was faral to the trial. ordered by the Court to inclose, but before The Court immediately stonthe trial, and they actually were inclosed. directed the Jury to acquit the prisoner The clerks of Court, and the juryman upon this indictment. The Jury retired himself, were examined on oath, relative to the robing room, and soon after returpe to the circunstance. It appeared that the ed with a verdict, tinanimously finding he trial lasting tilt eight o'clock at night, the prisoner Not Guilty of the sourder of Ma- juryman found himself faint, and took the rion Robson, daughter of John Robson, opportunity of the interval to go out to a, wright, as libelied in the indictment, on public house to get some refreshment. which the prisoner was assoittied simplici- He staid about 18 minutes. The Court

adjourned the consideration of the objection The Counsel for the Crown applied for till Friday the 15th, when Mr Henry a new warrant to commit him again to Cockburn and Mr David Cathcart were prison, for the murder'of Marion Robson again heard in support of it, and the Lord or Robertson, daughter of john Robson Advocate and Solicitor general in reply or Robertson, tailor, which was granted, The Court considered the objection of and the prisoner was served with a new such material import, that memorials on indictment, to stand trial on the 13th. the point were ordered to be given in, to,

The second trial accordingly came on be taken into consideration on the 3d of that day, when the pannel's counsel con- November next. tended with much ingenuity of argument, On Friday, Aug. 15. Henty. Macgregor, that he could not be tried agaili for the in Spittal, and Janet Macgregor his daughsame offence, which had already been re- ter, accused of theft, were brought to the mitted to the knowledge of an assize, who bar, and, on their own petition, sentenced had acquitted him. The Court, on ac- to be banished forth of Scotland for life. count of the importance of the question, ordered memorials, which are to be advised... Lord Melville arrived at Edinburgh from on the 3d of November.

London on the 28th of July. On WednesThursday July 31. came on the trial of day the 30th, his Lordship waited on the Janet Hamilton, wife of Robert Paterson, Lord Provost and Magistrates mer in farmer in North Commonside,' and Janies Council. His Lordship, in an impressive Campbell, tailor in Wheelburn, accused of speech, addressed them on the subject of his having preconceived malice against Wm. late prosecution; and warmly thanked them Craig, sen. farmer in South Commonside, for the kindness and attachment they had and of having, on the 13th of April last, shown on the occasion. He had suffered maliciously set fire to his farm steading, much; but the strong expressions of re. whereby the cart-house, stable, byre, and gard'evinced by his countrymen in generale dwelling-house of the said Wm. Craig, was a sufficient compensation for all he had were completely destroyed. The pannels endured. both pled guilty; and -sábscribed a judieiat Lord Melville arrived as Ctieti'on the



5th of August. The populace were so phere by the quantity of dust it hurled much elated at the joyful return of his into the air. The morning was very sulLordship, that they took his horses from try, and the Thermometer stood at 73 in his carriage, and drew him for about four the shade.. miles, amidst unbounded huzzás.

During the storm a most violent squall On Monday, Aug. 11. the annual exa- of wind arose from the south-west, which mination of the High School of Edinburgh overset and sunk a pleasure boat belongtook place. The young gentlemen in the ing to a gentleman in South Queensferry, different classes went through their exerci- then near the island of Inchcolm. The ses, in a manner that did great honour to owner of the boat, his servant, a skipper, themselves and their Masters. The Gold and two tradesmen, all residing in QueensMedal, value 10 guineas, the gift of the ferry, were on board, and all unfortunatelate Colonel Peter Murray, was adjudged ly perished. On Sunday different boats to Mr Hefry, Biggar, son of the late Met and expresses were dispatched froin Queens. Robert Biggar, Sciennes, Dux of the high. ferry in quest of them. The Ferry Cusest class.

tomhouse boat found one of the oars, the

water ballast-box, and two deals, used as THUNDER STORMS.

tables.., A vessel off St Abb's Head had A severe thunder storm was experienced her mast shivered. in East Lothian in the forenoon of Satur- The storm throughout Etrick Forest day August 2. The morning was remark- was awfully grand and terrific. In the ably fine, but betwixt ten and eleven the town of Selkirk the rain descended in torsky became very dark and stormy, and rents, and rushed down the streets with irsoon burst into loud peals of thunder, pre- resistible violence,carrying everything beceded by flashes of lightning uncommon- fore it. On the road along Gala river, a lý vivid. The lightning broke upon the man riding in a cart had his horse killed in manse at Gladsmuir, and in an instant an instant, but he himself escaped unhurt. struck dead a female servant who was In the Inn at Bankhouse, a servant maid crossing the lobby of the house. No other was rendered for some time insensible by person was in the least degree hurt, al- the events of the lightning though the greater part of the family were At Kelso the storm was tremendous, within a few yards of the place where thefa- and the fall of rain was so violent as to tai event happened, and witnesses of the me- cause the rivers Tweed and Teviot to overlancholy scene. The lightning struck up. flow their banks, with almost unexampled on the ridge of the roof at the west end rapidity. Much damage has been sustainof the manse from thence it descended ed in the corn fields, on bauks of these down the lead, and entering the corner of rivers ; a respectable farmer on Teviot-side a bed-room, ran along the bell wire, melt- lost eight score sheep, which were carried ing it all the way, and dissipating it into away by the rapidity of the current. vapour. It descended with the wire to the bridge near Birkhillside was destroyed. lower story, and continued following the A new kiln at Newtown, near Melrose, wire till the unfortunate young woman was swept away, and the mill materially who suffered came within its reach ; it damaged. Lord Minto's house at Minto, then deserted the wire, tearing out the has likewise experienced considerable inholdfast and scattering the plaister, and jury from the overflowing of a rivulet struck the poor girl on the head, where near the house. We have also heard of the hair was burned on a space about the the destruction of several cottages, and a size of a crown piece. The manse was for great many trees have been torn from the some tine filled with smoke and sulphur, banks, and carried away. The same evenbut no other damage happened to it than ing, A. Kennedy, the Berwick carrier, in the falling of some slaces from the roof. returning to Kelso with his cart, was pear

A storm, exceeding in violence, perhaps ly lost at the mouth of the Eden." any thing in remembrance, was experienced The storni was very severe in the West. at Edinburgh and the neighbourhood, on It was particularly felt in the vicinity of Saturday Aug. 2. The thunder and light- Kilsyth. At 2 o'clock of August 6. the ning continued, without internrission from house of Mr Corbet, at Bar, was struck two o'clock in the afternoon, till past eight with lightning. It penetrated almost every o'clock in the evening. The lightning corner and crevice of the building. The was forked and extremely vivid, and the north gavel was shaken to its foundation ; peals of thunder tremendously loud. The the south was overset in part;' and both rain fell in torrents, and continued to fall the front and back walls, as well as every till 5 o'clock on Sunday morning. The partition, and the roof; were dreadfully storm was preceded by a heavy gust of torn. Large stones in the corners of the wind, which seemed to darken the atmosó building are burst asunder, and every pane


n the


of glass is shivered to pieces; the dining On the 13th of April, the cart house on room was on fire, and was with difficulty the farm of South Commonside, in Renextinguished amidst the confusion and dis- frewshire, possessed by William Craig, sen. may which seized every member of the was wilfully set on fire, whereby the cart. family. It is truly wonderful, that they house, stable, byre, and dwelling house adall escaped alive. Although they were joining, were completely destroyed, witli. stattered through the apartments of the several carts and farm utensils, and varihouse, and although the dreadful effects of ous articles of household furniture.-Two the lightning were seen in the rents of persons have been apprehended, tried, and the walls, within a few inches of che place convicted of the above crime.-dee Court where they sat, all have escaped without of Justiciary: any material injury. Two of the servants Early on the morning of the 21st April complain of pain in their head, and they a fire was discovered in the barn yard of are both deaf of one ear, but this is all the the farm of Tirryvale, in the parish of injury they have suffered - The shock was Skene, Aberdeenshire. A number of peoso great, that it was felt at the distance of ple soon convened, who were extremely two miles. The houses were shaken; some active in extinguishing the fire, which had doors were thrown open; and the slates of broke out in two hay stacks; but the the roofs clattered as in a tempest of wind. flames had got to so great heighi, that one The ground was torn up in several places of them was burnt to ashes, and the other in the neighbourhood of the house. nearly destroyed. At same time, a fire

On Friday morning, July 11. there was was discovered in the inside of the dwel. a violent storm of thunder and rain at

ling house, and it was found that the house K so, which continu-d for several hours. itself had been also set fire to in three or A woman in the village of Hilton had a four places, and in different apartments narrow escape from the lightning, wlich Froin these circumstances there remains broke on the spindle of the wheel upon little doubt of the whole being wilfully which she was at work, and singed the done. lint on the rock, without injuring her. A On the 26th April an alarming fire woman in the village of Hadden was struck broke out at Ruthven in Badenoch, by by the lightning, and much injured. which several houses were totally con

Same day at Dunning and the neighbour- sumed. hood, there was a violent thunder storm. On the 3d.of May, a fire broke out in a A house in Newton of Condie was struck thatched house in the Bridgerd, Dumfries, with the electric fiuid, and the walls and and communicated to a chair-maker's work floor considerably damaged. A vast quan- shop adjoining; and though immediate astity of water gushed up through the chasms sistance was procured, both houses were in the earth, happily however, no person consumed in a very short time. was hurt.

On the 29th of May a very alarming FIRES.

fire broke out in the stables of the Saluta. Several very destructive fires have hap.. tion Inn at Perth, but which was fortupened within these few months in Scot- nately got under, after destroying a quanland. On the sth of December last, the tity of hay, oats, and biscuit. Two barrels of fine new inn at Uphall, (built a few years gan powder in cartridges happened to be ago by the Hon. Henry Erskine, and poso: lodged in the hay loft at the time, which sessed by Thomas Ramsay,) was totally were removed, with much alacrity and consumed in a few hours, with all the fur- courage, by Robert Fenton, butcher, just niture, linens, &c. of considerable value. when the fire had catched the hoops of the The fire happened in the night time, and barrels. the family, and several lodgers narrowly es- On the rith of July, a fire broke out in caped with their lives. -On the 14th of à close in the Calton, Glasgow, which enthe same month, the cotton mill of Gar- tirely destroyed a thatched house of two hew near Bulfron took fire, and was redu- stories, and damaged two others. Eleven ced to ashes in the course of an hour.-On families were burnt out. the 24th, a fire broke out in the stables of On Monday July 1 4. the First Regiment John Ettles, inn-keeper ii Inverness, by of Royal Edinburgh Volunteers, coninand which several horses unfortunately perishe ed by the Right Hon. Colonel Charles ed, and considerable damage was done to Hope, (Lord Justice Clerk,) went upon the buildings. On the 27th of the same permanent duty. There were upwards of month, the flax mill at Ayr was consumed; soo men in the field. The permanent duty by fire, with all the stock and materiais.-- continued ten days. On the 24th of January, three thatched A new bank has just been established at dwelling houses near the lint mill of Castle Douglas, under the firm of “The Wooden in Roxburgh-shire, were burnt Galloway Banting Company.” The partdown.

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ners are declared to he, Sir William Dou. 31. At London, Lieut. Col. Broadhead,
glas of Castle Douglas, Bart. James Han- to Miss Ross, daughter of the late Major-
nay of Blairinnie, Wm. Douglas of Almor- General Patrick Ross.
ness, advocate, and John Napier of Mol- Augi't. At Dunglass, the seat of Sir Jas.
lance (manager.) The Notes bear date Hall, Bart. Sir James Montgomery of Stan-
June 19. 1806.

hope, Bart: to the Right Hon. Lady ElizaThe lands and estate of Lethindy, in beth Douglas, daughter of the late Earl of Perthshire, were lately sold by public auc- Selkirk.

.!nn : tion in three lots, for the sum of 1.57,250. 4. At Irvine, Robert Thomson, Esq. of

Seven farms, all the property of one Daljarrock, to Miss Elizabeth Crawfurd, Nobleman, consisting of 2203 acres, Scots sister of the late Moses Craufurd, Esq. of measure, were lately let in Galloway for Newfield. the sum of 74401.

8. At Leith, Mr George Butterworth, E

dinburgh, to Miss Elizabeth White, youngCIVIL APPOINTMENTS.

est daughter of Patrick White, Esq.m Dr Warburton to be Bishop of Limerick, 17. At Bayle Farm, near Kingston, Lord in the room of the deceased Dr Barnard; Foley, to Lady Cecilia Fitzgeraid, daughter and William Fletcher, Esq. to be one of of the late Duke of Leinster, the Judges of the Court of Commún Pleas, At Berwick-upon Tweed, John Kings, in the room of Judge Johnson, resigned. ley, Esq. Ensiga in


8th regiment of The king has presented the Rev. John foot, aged 17, and a ward in Chancery, u Ross to the church of Crawford, vacant by Miss Maria Taylor, a young lady about the , the death of Mr J. M'Conochie.

same age, daughter of Mr J, Taylor, bookThomas Thomson, Esq. advocate, has seller. been appointed Deputy Clerk Register of 18. At Kelvin Grove, Colin Campbell, Scotland, and was on July 10 admitted by Esq. youngest son of Archibald Campbell, the Court of Session, and took the oaths Esq of Jura, to Miss Dennistoun, eldest accordingly.

daughter of Richard "Dennistoun, Esg. mer

chant, Glasgow. MARRIAGES.

- Mr John M'Kerrell, of Paisley, to D. Oliphant, Esq. Second in Council at Miss Helen Stewart, daughter of the hace Prince of Wales's Island, immediately af- Mr Archibald Stewart, of Greecock, is eft ter landing there, to Miss Wedderburne,

Iv 229012 daughter of Sir David Wedderburne, and

BIRTHS. sister to the Lady of Philip Dundas; Esq. July 22. At Appin House, Mrs Robertthe Governor,

son Macdonald of Kinlochmoidart, a sont July 21. By special licence, by the Bishop Aug. 1. At Gordon Lodge, the Lady of of London, in his Lordship’s chapel at Ful- Brigadier General Gordon Cuming, of Pics ham, the Right Hon. Nicholas Vansittart, lurg, a son. Secretary of the Treasury, to the Hon. 1. At Chapel House, near Faversham, Miss Catherine Eden, second daughter of Lady Annabella Macleod, a son. ? Lord Auckland.

3. At London, the Lady of the Hon.. 21. At his Grace the Duke of Devon- Brigadier General Stewart, a son, shire's house, London, Lord Viscount Os. 3. At Dalhousie Castle, the Countess of sulston, son of the Earl of Tankerville, to Dalhousie, a son: Mademoiselle De Grammont, eldest daugh- 4. At Edinburgh, Mrs William Gordon ter of the Duc De Grammont, and grand M‘Crae, à son. daughter to the Duc De Polignac.

4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Fergusson of Bab 30. At London, Rear Admiral John Mac- youkan, a'son Dougall, to Miss Wright, only daughter of 6. At Ditto, Lady Frances Buchanan RidRichard Wright, Esq, East Hurling Hall, del, a daughter. Norfolk.

7. At Largie House, Lady Macdonald -. At ditto, Lord Walpole, to Mrs Lockhart, a daughter, Chamberlayne.

8. At Opisdale, Mrs Gilchrist, a son. At Lochend, Lieut. Col. Dalrymple, 10. At London, the Lady of Sir John of the 10th foot, to Miss Warrender, only Kennaway, Bart. a daughter is har daughter of the late Sir P. Warrender; -. At Bemersyde, Mrs Haig of Bemerd Bart. of Lochend.

syde, a daughter. 31. At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Lord 16. At Preston, Mrs Bacon Seton of Elphinstoun, to Lady Carmichael, relict of Preston, a son, Sir John Gibson Carmichael, Bart. and Lately, at Eccles, the Lady of John daughter of Cornelius Elliot, Esq. writer to Maitland, Esq. of Eccles, Sheriff of the

county of Wigton, a daughter.



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the signet.

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his age.


Shields, George Wakefield, Esq. a partner At Wynoud, in summer 1805, Captain in the Northumberland Bank. Two days Thomas Dickson of the Hon. India Com- before, he was confirmed by the Bishop, pany's service.

, with his children, having recently left the 1805. Aug. 14. At'Bombay, Mr J. Skene, Society of Quakers, and joined the Estabsurgeon, on the Bombay establishment, and lished Church. third son of the late Captain James Skene 22. At Yarmouth, Hector, the eldest of Aberdeen

son of Major Alexander, a fine spirited Oct.272 At Arcot, in the East Indies, youth of 13. The accident which caused Cornet David D. Hamilton, of the sth re- his death is shocking to relate : On Friday giment of native cavalry, son of Johu Ha- the rith, he went on board the Resolumilton Dundas, of Duddingstoun, Esq. tion, at Yarmouth, for the first time, as a

Nov. 7. In his command at Banga. midshipman; and eager to display an equalore, Major James Wilson of the Ist bat. lity of courage with his new associates, he talion 4th regiment native infantry. mounted the rigging, and fell from a consi

Dec. 18. At Calcutta, Major George derable height on the deck, fractured both Foulis, 4th regiment native infantry. his arms, and one thigh, and received a

1805. Feb. In ludia, Lieut.-Col. P.Dallas, violent contusion on the head. of the Hon. East India Company's service. 22. At Edinburgh, Mr James Moir,

May. At Petersburgh, Mr Thomas Gor- teacher of languages, in the 93d year of don, merchant.

July 10. At London, the Lady of Sir 23. At Leith-fort, suddenly, Col. W.P.
Matthew White Ridley, Bart.

Smith, commanding the Royal Artillery in
14. At Ayr, Miss Jean Maria Barton, Scotland, an excellent officer, and an ac-
daughter of John Barton, Esq. late mer- complished gentleman.
chant in Jamaica,

25. At Newlands, Mr James Hutton, 15. At London, after a painful illness, merchant, Glasgow; and on the 26th, at the Right Hon. Lady Mary Duncan, re. the same place, Mrs Catharine Livingstone lict of Sir William Duncan, Bart. aunt of his wife. the late Viscount Duncan, and eldest daugh. 25. At Edinburgh, Daniel Scott, Esq. ter of Sackville Tufton, seventh Earl of youngest son of the late Walter Scott, Esq. Thanet, and Mary Saville, youngest daugh- writer to the signet. ter and co-heiress of William Marquis of 26. At ditto, Mrs Mary Mitchelson, reHalifax.

lict of James Home, Esq. clerk to the sig. 15. At Dumfries, MrJohn Aiken, writer. net, and one of the depute clerks of Seso

16. Al Inveresk, George Buchan Syd- sion. serfi, second son of F. B. Sydserff, of Ruch. -26. Ht Portobello, Mrs Janet Stirling, law, Esq.

relict of the late George M'Queen, Esc. 17. Ai Mapse of Strichen, the Rev. Mr Collector of the Cess for the city of EdinWilliam Anderson, minister of the gospel burgh. of that parish, in the 49th year of his age, 27. At Southfield Grove, near Edinburgh, and 21st of his ministry.

William Inglis, Esq. of Harden Green. 17. At Leith, Mrs Helen Neilson, spouse 28. The Rev. Alexander Grant, minister to Mr Thomas Gladstone, merchant, aged of Glenrinnes.

28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Bin. 58. At Southfod, Miss Marion Aitken, ning, daughter of the late Charles Binning: daughter of Mr Alexander Aitken, Leith, Esq. of Pilmuir.

18. 'At Kemnay House, in the 19th 29. At Edinburgh, the Reverend James year of her age, Miss Elizabeth Burnett, se. M'Conochie, minister of Crawford. cond daughter of the late Alex. Burnett . In Saxony, Prince Lewis Charles Free of Kemnay, Esq.

deric of Saxe Cobourg, Lieutenant-General 78. At Musselburgh, Capt. Thomas Stu- in the service of the Emperor of Ausa art, late of the 18th regiment of foot. tria, in his 53d year.

19. At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Lun. At her house in Kensington Gore, in die, daughter of the late Dr James Lundie, her goth year, the Hon. Mary Leigh, only physician in Haddington.

surviving sister and heiregs of Edward Lord 19. At Ashurst, Mr Henry Spottiswoode, Leigh, of Stonleigh Abbey, which title be: youngest son of the late John Spottiswoode, came extindt at his death. By her demise, Esq. of Spottiswoode.

one of the finest estates in England comes, 19. At Greenock, in the 67th year of to her hein at law (to whom is not yet her age, Mrs Elisabeth Morrison.

known, but it is believed to Lord Craven,) 21. At Luncarty, near Perth, Mr Wil. not less, at the present rents, than 17,0pol. liam Morrison, bookseller

in Warwickshire, Staffordshire, and Che. At Wakefield House, near. North shire. But what makes this estate of im.


66 years.

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