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beyond a doubt the total insufficiency Baron Rechberg, Privy Councillor of the former constitution. Under the to the King of Bavaria. impression of these weighty considera- Baron Seckendorf, Minister of tions, the Sovereigns and Princes of State to the King of Wurtem. South and West Germany have been burgh, moved to conclude a new league suited Baron Albini, Minister of State, to the existing circumstances. When and Directorial Ambassador from they absolve themselves by the present

the Electoral Arch-Chancellor declaration from their former alliance

of the Empire. with the Germanic Body, they merely

Albert, Baron Seckendorf, Ambasfollow the system, established by the sador from the Electoral Prince most ancient precedents, and sanction

of Bauen. ed by the declarations of the powers of Baron Turkheim, Ambassador from the empire. They might indeed have the Landgrave of Hesse-Darmpreserved the empty appearance of the

stadi. extinguished constitution, but they con- Edmund, Baron Schmitz Grollensidered that it would be more consistent

burg, Ambassador from his with their duties and the purity of their Highness the Prince of Hohenmotives, to publish a candid and free zollern-Hechingen and the unitdeclaration of the resolutions, and the

ed House of Hohenzollern. grounds upon which they have conduc- Bishop and Arcaideacon Wolf, ted themselves.

Comitial Ambas: from the But in vain would they have flattered Prince of Saim-Kyrburg. themselves, that they had obtained the Von Molienbec, on the part of his wished-for object, if they had not been, Highness the Prince of Isenburg. at the same time, assured of a powerful Ratisbon, Aug. 1. 1806. protection, by which they are now for Full and Authentic Extracts of the ever united with that Monarch, who Treaty of the Confederation of the has evinced such strong intentions of Rhine, signed at Paris, July 1 2. and agreeing in every thing tending to advance the true interests of Germany.- Since experience has shewn that the So powerful a guarantee is to be regard- German Constitution is by no means ed in a double point of view. It con- sufficient for securing foreign and dofirms the security that his Majesty the mestic peace to the South of Germany Emperor of France, both on account of —therefore the following high contrachis own immortal glory, as well as on ting parties, viz. France, on the account of the proper interest of the one part, and on the other Bavaria, French Imperial States, will use every Wurtemburgh, Baden, Cleves and Berg", exertion for the maintenance of the new Hesse - Darmstadt, Nassau - Weilburg, order of things in Germany, and the and Usingen; Hohenzollern, Hechingen establishment of foreign and domestic and Seigmartingen; Salm-Salm ; Salmpeace.

Kyrburg, Isenburg, Aremberg, Lichten. As this inestimable state of peace is. stein, and the Count of Leyen, have athe great object of the Confederation greed upon the articles of Confederation, of the Rhine, therefore the former as follows! German Imperial Allies of the Sove- Article 1. The above German reigns in whose names the present de- Powers separate themselves for ever claration is made, are hereby clearly in. from the League of the German Emformed, that each of them whose situa. pire, and form an union by the name of tion renders a share in that Confedera. the Confederation of the Rhine. tion desirable to them, may be received II. All proceedings of the Empire as Members thereof, and the same is are henceforth pull and void, in so far left open to them.

19. 1806.

as respects the above parties. As we are hereby released from our III. They renounce all the Offices high and important negotiations, it' on- and Titles of the Empire. Declare ly remains for us to add the assurances their separation as from the 1st of of the high consideration and respect August, at the assembly of the Empire with which we have the honour to be, at Ratisbon. &c. &c.

IV. The Electoral Arch.Chancellor Sept. 1806.


receives a new title, “ Prince Primate and Wurtemburg; the Taxis country and Most Serene Eminence."

under three, and Furstenberg under V. The Electoral Prince of Baden, four different sovereigns.] the Duke of Berg and the Landgrave .XXV. Also, all possessions of Knights of Darmstadt, receive the titles “Grand companions of the Empire are over. Duke and Royal Highness,” accompa- thrown. Should there be any property nied with royal honours.

lying in the middle between two of the VI, Frankfort on the Mayne is the confederate states, such property is to seat of the Confederation.--The Mem- be divided into two equal halves between bers form two Colleges, the one Royal, the two sovereigns. and the other Princely.

XXVI. Definition of the rights of VII. The Members, in order to sovereignty. They comprehend the lebreak off a dependence upon Foreign gislation, the highest jurisdiction, civil Powers, shall not remain in any foreign policy, military conscriptions, and conservice. Whoever will not renounce tributions of the sovereignties. auch foreign service or dependence, XXVII. The deposed Princes and shall deliver up his States to one of his Counts retain their domains' and their children.

rights as landlords, &c.
VIII. No one can alienate his Sove. XXVIII. They shall retain, in crimi.
reignty in any other manner than as a nal cases, the privilege of the Austrega!
confederated one.

Instanz for their persons.
IX. All quarrels shall be decided by XXIX. The expences of war shall
the meeting of the Confederation at be proportioned among the Confede.

rates, according to circumstances.
X. The Presidency thereof helongs XXX. The new Sovereigns shall
to the Prince Primate. When divided take upon themselves a certain part of
into two Colleges, he shall be President the debts of the deposed Princes and
of the Royal one, and the Duke of Nas- Counts.
sau of the Princely.

XXXI. Every Member must reside XI. Four weeks after the declara. within the confines of the confedera. tions at Ratisbon, the Prince Primate ted country. shall propose a Constitutional Statute, XXXII. The Officers of State, if not which shall fix the time and manner of retained by the new Sovereign, shall the Convocation, the order of the Deli. be pensioned. berations, and the form of the Assembly. XXXIII. Members of Military or

XII. The Emperor Napoleon shall Spiritual Orders, who lose their posses. be proclaimed Protector of the Confe. sions, shall receive a yearly pension, deration. In this quality he shall ap- according to circumstances, during life. point the successor to the Prince Pric XXXIV. The Confederates renounce mate as often as one dies,

all pretensions to the possessions of XIII. to XXIII. inclusive, point out their fellow Confederates, the eventful the cessions and acquisitions of the Con. right of succession always excepted. federates. Thus Nassau cedes to Berg, XXXV. Between the French Emthe town of Deutz and its territory. peror and the Confederates, as well Bavaria acquires the Imperial City.of jointly as singly, an alliance is formed, Nuremberg and its territory. Darm- in virtue of which, tvery Continental stadt acquires the Burgh of Friedberg. war, in which either of the two parties The Prince Primate the Imperial City shall engage, shall become general. of Frankfort.

XXXVI. Should a foreign or neighXXIV. The Members of the Confe- bouring power take up arms, the conderation shall divest of their sovereign- tracting parties shall arm also. The ties all the Princes, Counts, and Lords, invitation thereto shall come from the in the district of the confederated coun: Emperor Napoleon. The contingent try: [Here follows the detail of the di supplies of the allies shall be divided invisions, by which several of the consi. to four parts. The Assembly of the derable principalities are to be parcelled Confederates shall determine how much out, under two, three, and more new of the contingency shall be put in mosovereigns. For instance, the Hohenloe tion. country is parcelled out under Bavaria XXXVII. Bavaria binds herself to


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fortify Augsburg and Lindau, and in ing the subject against the Prince, and both places to keep depots of artillery, compelling him to bow the neck to arms, and ammunition, as well as field Bonaparte. There is, however, one equipage.

clause in the treaty in which harmony XXXVIII. The contingencies are in the families of the confederated Prinfixed in the following manner :

ces is happily preserved, by a stipulation France furnishes

for a Prince's resignation of the States Bavaria ...

30,000 to one of his children, if he does not reWirtemberg

I 2,000 nounce all other kinds of service except Baden.

8,000 with States in the Confederation. Berg


The first and immediate effect of this Darmstadt

4,000 new confederation, is the downfal of the Nassau, Hohenzollern,

House of Austria. Whether compelled and others.

4,000 by the threats of Bonaparte, or chagrinXXXIX. The contracting parties ed at the defection of so many of the will accept of the concurrence of any high co estates of the Empire, the Emother German Princes and Powers to peror Francis has renounced the high the Corfederation, if not found to be office of Emperor of Germany, which contrary to the general interests of his family has held during eighteen reigns. those already confederated.

- On the 7th of August his Majesty is. XL. The ratification of these treaties sued the following affecting Proclamashall be exchanged on the 25th inst. at tione Munich.

IMPERIAL PROCLAMATION, Paris, 12th July, 1806.

* We, Francis Second, &c. Subscribed by the Plenipotentiaries, “ Since the peace of Presburgh, all TALLEYRAND. CETTO

our attention and all our care has been WINZENGERODE. REITZENSTEIN. employed to fulfil with scrupulous fideSCHELL.

PAPPENHEIM. . Jity all the engagements contracted by GAGERN.

Fischer. that treaty, to preserve to our subjects GRENHEIM. DURAND ST ANDRE. the happiness of peace, to consolidate The act of ratification of the Empe- every where the amicable relations hapror was signed by the Emperor at St. pily re established, waiting to discover Cloud, on the 19th - July. It is coun- whether the changes caused by the peace tersigned by Talieyrand and the Secre. would permit us to perform our importary of State Maret.

tant duties, as Chief of the Germanic

Empire, conformably to the capitula, By this new treaty of confederation, tion of election. it appears, that Austria, Prussia, Swe- “ The consequences, however, which den, the Electors of Saxony, Hanover, ensued from some of the articles of the and Hesse, are put entirely out of the treaty of Presburgh, immediately after pale of the new Constitution. All the its publication, oud which still exist, rest of the co-estates have renounced and those events generally known, their allegiance to the ancient head of which have since taken place in the the Empire, and sworn fealty to Bona, Germanic Empire, have convinced us parie. A door is left open for the ad. that it will be impossible, under these cirmission of the other States into the cumstances, to continue the obligations Confederacy, and Bonaparte has adop- contracted by the capitulation of elec. ted a most effectual mode of compelling tion; and even if, in reflecting on these the minor Princes to claim the benefit political relations, it were possible to of being admitted into his league. None imagine a change of affairs, the convenbut those who adhere to it, are to enjoy tion of the 12th of July, signed at Paris, the least authority in their respective and ratified by the contracting parties, territories. They can neither strike a relative to an entire separation of sevefew copper coins, maintain a few soldiers ral considerable States of the Empire, for the purpose of preserving their po- and their peculiar confederation, has enlice, nor appoint magistrates for the ad- tirely destroyed every such hope, ministration of justice.—Thus the wild. Being thus convinced of the impos. est anarchy is established in these petty sibility of being any longer enabled to Sovereignties, for the purpose of excit. fulfil the duties of our Imperial func

tions, we ove it to our principles and not suppressed. Count Stadion, the to our duty, to renounce a crown which Austrian Minister, seemed to be parti, was only valuable in our eyes, while cularly obnoxious to Napoleon, and the we were able to enjoy the confidence Emperor of Germany was called upon, of the Electors, Princes, and other in the most peremptory manner, to disStates of the Germanic Empire, and to miss him from his service. Whether the perform the duties which were imposed Emperor Francis has been able to conci. upon us.

We declare, therefore, by liate the wrath of Napoleon on the point, these presents, that we, considering as we are yet to learn ; but we find that extinguished by the confederation of Count Metternich, the Austrian Amthe States of the Rhine, the charge in bassador, had an audience of Bonaparte chief of the Empire ; and that we con- on the roth August, and delivered his sidering ourselves thus acquitted of all credentials. It is worthy of remark, our duties towards the Germanic Em- that the Moniteur only calls him Ambaspire, do resign the Imperial Crown, and sador of the Emperor of Austria. the Imperial Government.

It is stated in the French journals, “ We absolve, at the same time, the that the King of Prussia has recognized Electors, Princes, and States, and all the Rhenish Confederacy, but has reser. that belong to the Empire, particularly ved to himself the right of forming a the Members of the Supreme Tribunal, counter confederation in the north of and other Magistrates of the Empire, Germany. That such a confederacy from those duties by which they were will be, perhaps has been, formed, all united to ųs as the legal Chief of the the private letters agree in stating; but Empire, according to the Constitution. that it could at the present moment

«« We also absolve all our German turn the tide of events, it would be idle Provinces and States of the Empire from to suppose. Yet, though the policy their reciprocal duties towards the Ger- which Prussia has pursued, and the premanic Empire, and we desire in incor- sent situation of Austria, make it dif'porating them with our Austrian States ficult to believe that they will take up as Emperor of Austria, and in preserving arms at present, Bonaparte seems to thein in those amicable relations subsis- suspect that their intentions are hostile, ting with the neighbouring Powers and and has taken positions to enable him States, that they should attain that to act immediately against either, or height of prosperity and happiness which buth. A considerable army is advan. is the end of all our desires and the ob- cing to the Inn; the troops in Holland ject of our dearest wishes.

marching towards the Ems and “ Done at our residence, under our Westphalia ; and numerous corps are Imperial Seal.

“ Francis.” taking up positions on the verge of the Vienna, Aug. 6, 1806.

Electorates of Saxony and Hesse. The above Paper is followed by an The latest accounts from the ContiADDRESS ; in which the Emperor ex- nent are of the most warlike complex. presses his hope that the persons hither- ion. The following is an outline of the to employed in the general service will intelligence received, down to the 6th be continued in their situations; and of September. adds, that his Majesty will preserve the Austria, unable longer to bear the appointments to those who have hither. accumulated insults and vexations to to drawn their salaries from the Impe. which she has so long submitted, has rial Chamber.

burst her fetters, and recovering her Previous to this avowal of weakness, antient spirit, has joined the alliance Bonaparte seems to have been by no with Russia and Prussia. The military means satisfied with the Cabinet of preparations throughout all the Austrian Austria, and a very heavy complaint states are reported to be on a most ex. was made in one of the French papers, tensive scale. of a number of libels which have been

The King of Prussia seems determincirculated in Suabia, and which were ed to try his strength with France. His alledged to have been sent from Vienna. field equipage had been got ready, and The Emperor was threatened, in the he was preparing to set out for the most unequivocal manner, with the ven- army. All the troops have left Berlin. Seance of Bonaparte, if the libels were The citizens were doing military duty,





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and the whole country was animated “« M. d'Oubril took upon himself to with the most hostile spirit towards the sign a definitive treaty with the French French. Gen. Blucher has published Government. But that act, far from a proclamation to his troops, exhort. fulfilling the magnanimous intentions of ing them to increase, in the approaching his Imperial Majesty, is entirely contrary conflict, the honour of the Prussian to the orders and instructions which M.

d'Oubril had received. In consequence The Elector of Saxony has signed the of this consideration, his Imperial Matreaty for the northern confederation, jesty has not thought fit to ratify the by which, besides the 30,000 men whom treaty. Yet, in order to leave no pos. he now sends into the field, he under sible means of restoring peace and ge. takes to form several large corps of re- neral tranquillity untried, the Imperial

A treaty of alliance between Ministry has received orders to make Prussia and Hesse Cassel was signed on known again to the Cabinet of the the 21st Aug. All the Hessian fortres. Thuilleries, the basis on which his Imses are in a state for holding out a siege, perial Majesty will be ready to renew and the whole army is on the war estab- the negociations ; so that it will still delishment. The emperor Alexanderis said pend upon the French Government to to have signed the same treaty, and in- accept or decline the equally just and tends again to visit Berlin. The Russian moderate proposals which are made to troops ready for the field, on the fron- it.” tiers of Germany and Prussia, amount The rejection of this treaty has excit. to 200,000 men.

ed much speculation at the different The Bavarian troops have taken for- Courts in Germany, and not a little cible possession of the Prussian towns consternation among the politicians of of Iphosen, Market, and Bibert. The Paris. It is conjectured to have been states of the new Rhenish Confedera- particularly inimical to the interests of tion have received orders from Paris, to Prussia, to whom, it is also said, the get ready their contingents immediately, Emperor Alexander has very candidly and Bonaparte was expected at Frank- made a communication respecting it. fort early in September. Augereau has This circumstance is said to have again commanded the Senate of Frankfort united these Courts in bonds of amity, to give him the names of those persons and reciprocal assurances of friendship who lately issued the proclamation, dis. have been exchanged between them. approving of the change in the consti. The mediation of the Emperor Alextution. The Senate, with unexpected ander betwixt the Kings of Sweden and firmness, declared it to be the work, not Prussia has been at length successful, of some of their members, but of their and their differences have been amicably whole body!

adjusted. The Swedish frigates have We have already stated (p. 639.) that been removed from before the Prussian the Russian envoy at Paris had conclu. ports. The Prussian troops have been ded a treaty of peace with France. The withdrawn from the duchy of Lauen. French official Journal announced with burgh, which is again occupied by the singular confidence i hat this treaty would 'Swedes. And it is generally rumoured be ratified at St Petersburgh on Napoleon's on the Continent, that Sweden will join Birth Day, August 15th.--It may seem Prussia in the Northern Confederation. therefore somewhat extraordinary, that The King of Sweden has taken poson this very day, the treaty was actu- session of the Government of Ratze. ally laid before a grand Russian Cabinet burgh, in the name of his Britannic MaCouncil, at which the Emperor himself jesty, as Elector of Hanover, and the presided. But no ratification took place, Royal Arms have every where replaced as the French editor vainly predicted. the Prussian Eagle ! On the contrary, the treaty has been The Porte, alarmed at the operations rejected in toto, and his Imperial Majesty of Russia, is making great preparations announced his refusal in a circular note, for war. All Russian subjects have been addressed to all the foreign ambassadors ordered to livld themselves in readiness at Petersburgh, which contains the fole to quit the Turkish dominions. lowing paragraph :

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