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this port.

Extract of a dispatch from Major General enemy's rear, and this his sole remain

Sir John Stuart 10 Hugh Elliot, Esq. ing depot, would induce him to divide

dated Messina, 3d August, 1806. his force, and of course make it so much Having occasion to send an express the more easy for the Chiefs of the to my Aid-de. Camp, Capt. Bulkeley, Masse to succeed in their projected atat Palermo, I avail myself of the oppor- tacks on his position at Catanzaro. tunity to acquaint you with another for- The fleet got under weigh accordingtunate result of our auspicious day at ly at eight o'clock, P. M. and the followMaida.- Cotrone, with all its stores, ing morning (although a considerable inagazines, &c. and 600 troops (now distance from the shore) I had the satisprisoners), capitulated on Wednesday faction to observe the French army in evening last, to the land and naval for- full retreat towards Cotrone. As their ces of his Britannic Majesty, under route or road appeared to run nearly Lieut. Col. M.Leod, of the 78th re- parallel to, and within gun-shot of the giment, and Capt. Hoste, of his Majes. beach, and to be bounded on the oppoty's frigate Amphion, who werea ssisted site side by a chain of mountains, no in their operations against that place, better opportunity could be offered, apand upon the adjacent coasts, by the parently, for an effectual co-operation gun-boats of his Sicilian Majesty. Three with the Masse. With this view Capt. hundred prisoners, who prove to be sure Hoste made a prompt disposition of his vivors of the wounded, after the action frigate and small craft, while the transof the 4th ult. are already arrived in ports were directed to make sail to

wards a point considerably in front of Gen. Regnier, who had endeavoured the enemy's column, and to make a deto hold his position, under much embar- monstration of landing there. This aprassinent for some time past, between pearance occasioned, in the first instance, Cotrone and Catanzaro, has retreated a halt of the enemy's column ; and in precipitately towards Tarento; and it the next, a change of its direction to. was reported when the transport left wards the mountains. Capt. Hoste was Cotrone, that he had been attacked by enabled, however, to open a brisk canthe masse, and lead lost 6 or 700 of his nonade on his centre and rear, which flying people.

appeared to be immediately affected by I am now to congratulate you on the to. it; and in an hour's time, occasioned talevacuation of Calabria Ultra, in which those parts of his column to break and single province, previous to the action disperse in the mountains. of the 4th, we have every certainty that The enemy's loss in this affair amoun. the enemy had a distributed force of at ted to about 50 or 60 wounded, who least 9000 men ; of these, when Gen. were brought in waggons to Cotrone Regnier quitted his position near Cot- this morning. After the dispersion of rone, certaicly not 3000 remained. The the enemy in the mountains, the fleet losses of the French in upper Calabria made sail towards this place, his suphave also borire a proportion).

posed destination, where the frigate and A great deal of heavy ordnance, late. transports came to an anchor, after exly transported by the French to Cotrone, changing a few shot with the citadel, besides what was found mounted on the at eight o'clock in the evening. In the Castle, amounting in the whole to about morning we discovered that the eneforty pieces, have fallen into our hands. my's army had not yet arrived, but unExtract of a Letter from Lieut. Col. Mac- der an anxious expectation for their ap

Leod, to Major General Sir John Stuart, pearance, a disposition was made with dated Amphion Frigate, off Cotrone, 27th the transports and men of war to give July, 1806.

him every possible annoyance; and acBy the letter I had the honour of ad. cordingly, having permitted him quieta dressing to you on the 24th inst, accom- ly to take up his position within gun. panying the duplicates of my letters of shot, the frigate's broadside was brought the preceding evening, you will be a. to bear upon him, and, in the space of ware that it was my intention to move half an hour, completely dislodged and in conjunction with Capt. Hoste's squa- obliged him to take up a new position dron, to this place on the following day, without the range of her guns, in the under an impression, that a feint on the mountains. Sept. 1806.




Amphion Frigate, of Cotrone, 6 P. M. The number of prisoners and deser-

this fleet amount to aSeveral appearances in the 2000

bout soo, of which number one half and campment, concurring with other infor- upwards are sick and wounded. mation I had received on the evening The enemy being, I believe, now com. of the 27th, that the enemy meditated a pletely driven from the Lower, if not move, I thought it proper to detain a both Calabrias,' I cannot resist this opcommunication I had prepared for you portunity of offering my conigratulations on that day, until I could convey more on gwbrilliant a result to the expedition decided intelligence on this important undertaken by the army under your im. subject. I have now the utmost satis- mediate command, which cannot fail to faction in acquainting you, that the be recorded in the British annals as an greatest part of the French army retreat. archieveinent of the frst order. I have .ed in a northerly direction from Co- the honour to be, &c. P. M'LEOD. trone, just before daylight on the morning of the 28th ult.

After the defeat of the French army, Immediately on obtaining this infor- Sir John Stuart issued a sedond promation, I dispatched expresses to the clamation, to the following effect : different Chiefs of the Masse, requiring Aftersannouncing the victory, he holds them to concert arrangements for a out the example of such happy success close pursuit, and pointed out the'r

as a farther incitement to the

Calabriars advantages they must consequently have to join in establishing the authority of over a flying and dispirited enemy in their legitimate Sovereign: he offers their mountains.

them arms and ammunition, not to be Our information of yesterday stated used for private vengeance, but against that 1000 men had been left to garrison the common enemy; and while the brave the town and city of Cotrone. But seve- General congratulates them on the forral deserters, who joined us this morn. tunate success of the British arms, he ing, having mentioned that the greatest expresses his anxiety that humanity part of this force had marched to join should accompany their progress.

5.12 their army in the course of the night, “ Above all," says he, * charge you to Capt. Hoste agreed with myself in the treat the prisoners, that may fall into propriety of summoning the town and your power, well. I further command citadel to surrender to the forces under you to send out constant parties of paour orders, conceiving that the immedi. trolės, to collect the stragglers and ate possession of what we understood wounded in your mountains and forests. to be the enemy's sole depot, and der. For every prisoner that you couduct in nier resort in Lower Calabria in point safety to the British army you shall be of position, together with the removal rewarded. I promise to give youi six of his stores, &c. might contribute to ducats for each private, and twenty du. prevent his attempt to enter the Pro. cats for each officer."! vince.

In order to påt a stop to the barbari.. I have now the pleasure to inclose ties txercised by the French upon the copies of the summons, and of the terms Calabrian royalists, Sir John issued a of Capitulation finally agreed upon. third proclamation on the 18th July, in

I shall find it however necessary to which, after a fair statement of facts, he disembark a considerable part of my reminds the French Commanders, that battalion this day to cover the evacua- not only many of their declared and tion of the town and citadel, and to known partizans were in his power, but superintend the completion of the other that the signat success of the army "unArticles of the Capitulation. After which der his command had placed in his hands I shall immediately re-embark, and pro. above three thousand prisoners. If, pose to make the best of my way to therefore,” he concludes, such violence Messina on the 2d or 3d of August, un- is not put an end to in future, I shall less previously I may receive such in. not only deem myself justified, but even formation as may alter my opinion, that compelled by my duty, to have recourse the French bave completely evacuated to the severe, but indispensible law of Lower Calabria for the present.



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improvement and prosperity of the coun.
CHE harbour of Ardrossan, on the west try, on plans by Thomas Telford, Esq.

coast of Ayrshire, calculated as a port engineer. William Blair, Esq. of Blair, for a canal which is to pass from thence thro?

Grand Master Mason, of the ancient moPaisley, to Glasgow, ( as well as the çanal) ther lodge, Kilwinning, laid the Foundahas been brought forward entirely under

'tion Stone of these works, on the 31st the patronage of the Earl of Eglinton. The day of July, 1806, and of the Æra of 31st of July was fixed on for the founda- Masonry, 5806. May Almiyhty God, tion stone being laid, it being the birth-day

& the Grand Architect of the Universe, of Lord Montgomerie. On the sumınit of bless and prosper the undertaking, and the rocks Lord Eglinton caused tents to be protect to the latest ages the name of erected, ið one of which were tables for : Montgomerie." 300 persons there was also an elegant fent for the reception of the Ladies.xs 9.

The Earl of Eglinton addressed The Frge Masons of the ancient mother pany present in a very neat speech, in which lodge, Kilwinning, with their Grand Mas, his Lordship stated, " that though in the ter, William Blair of Blair, Esq. and a par.

course of nature he could not expect to see ty of the Saltcoats volunteers, with the

these works at the sumniit of their prosband of the Airshire rifle battalion, pro perity, he had no doubt that long after he ceeded from the town of Saltcoats, along the and many of those who had given aid to shore to Ardrossan. Before the procession the measure were gone, the country would arrived at the harbour, they were joined by reap the advantages of them, and estimate the Earl of Eglinton, ac ompanied by a

their true value." Thereafter a very imnumber of the most respectable Gentlemen pressive and suitable prayer was given, by of the county and neighbourhood, by Mr

the Rev. Mr Duncan, minister of ArdrogTelford the engineer, &c. At the moment san, and immediately on a flag being hoistthe procession, amidst crowds of spectators, ed in the adjacent mason's shed, where the arrived at the pier, the Countess of Eglin.

stone had been prepared, a round was fired ton, attended by Lady Montgomerie, and from eight field pieces, placed near the old above fifty Ladies of the first rank and dis Castle, and returned from two of his Matinction in the county, appeared on the jesty's cutters which were stationed in the point of an eminence, near the old castle of Bay, with 21 guns. Ardrossan, which overlooks the bay. At,

Two tables, each 120 feet long, were laid, three o'clock the principal foundation stone,

and upwards of 200 persons sat down to a at the point where the pier is connected splendid dinner, with choice wines, and with the shore, was laid by the Grand Mas. every fruit of the season, provided by the ter, with the usual solemnities. In this Earl of Eglinton. After dinner several loya stone were deposited, one bottle containing al and appropriate toasts were given. A. çoins of his present Majesty ; also another

bout seven o'clock, the Earl and his Counbottle, containing a list of the names of the teps proceeded to Eglinton Castle, where a subscribers, and the acts of Parliament un. splendid ball concluded the evening ; ac der which it is to be executed.

Saltcoats also, various parties spent the eve

ning in dancing and festivity: INSCRIPTION.

It must give great pleasure to every “ In the Reign of the most Gracious Save. friend of his country to see, during a most

reign George III. the Right Hon. Hugh, expensive war, extensive works, of the
twelfth Earl of Eglinton. Lord Montgo- greatest public utility, every where carried
merie and Kilwinning, Baron Ardrossan, on with a spirit and energy, as if the nation
Lord Lieutenant of the county of Ayr, was in profound peace.
first suggested the formation of a var-
jour and wer DOCKS at this place, to LORD Nerson's Tower. The Gen-
be connected with a canal to Paisley and tlemen in the vicinity of Forres having
Glasgow; and afterwards, under the pa- raised a liberal subscription for erecting a
tronage and patriotic exertions of his Monument to the memory of the immor-
Lordship, two acts of Parliament have tal Nelson, and his brave companions, who
been passed, for carrying into execution fell with him in atchieving the glorious
these works, so well calculated for the victory of Trafalgar, the foundation stone

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of the edifice was laid on the 26th August chair. Upwards of 500 persons sat down by James Brodie of Brodie, Esq. M.P and to table, anong whom were the Earls of Provincial Grand Master Mason. It is an Haddington, Moray, and Dalhousie, Lords Octagon Tower, 24 feet in diameter, and Napier, Elibank, Downe, and Elcho, Lord 75 in height, conformable to a plan furnish- President, and several of the Judges, and ed by Mr Charles Stewart, Architect a great number of Gentlemen of rank and at Darnaway Castle. The scite of the distinction from all quarters of the country. building is the summit of the Cloven Hills, The entertainment was in the highest stile in the immediate vicinity of Forres, com- of elegance, and was conducted with a demanding a view of the Murray Firth, and gree of regularity and good order, that did eight surrounding counties.

much credit to the six gentlemen who had

been previously appointed Stewards for LORD MELVILLE.

the occasion. Many loyal and appropriate

toasts were drank, and several excellent In addition to the addresses voted by different bodies to Lord Melville on his and joy prevailed till a late hour, when the

songs were given. The utmost harmony acquittal (as given in our Mag. for July,) we insert the following from the highly

conipany broke up Near 600 tickets were

issued by the Stewards, at one guinea' and respectable Society of Writers to his

a half each. In the evening there was a Majesty's Signer, which was voted at a general meeting of the Society held in the drew's square.

brilliant display of fire-works in St. Ans
Signet-hall on the 24th of June, on a divi.
sion 120 against 38.

LEITH Races.-Began on the 4th Au.

gust. Monday, the City of Edinburgh's MY LORD-Among the numerous con- purse of so guineas was won by Mr Lonsgratulations which you are now receiving, dale's grey horse at three heats, beating permit us, the Writers to his Majesty's three others. Tuesday, the King's purse Signet, to express our sincere joy at the of 100 guineaś was won by Mr Hodgson's issue of the solemn trial which you have grey niare Priscilla, beating two others. lately undergone.

Wednesday, Mr Hodgson's bay mare Lady “ From our long and intimate knowledge Mary walked the course for a subscription of your Lordship's character for a period purse of 50 guineas. Thursday, the Hunof nearly thirty years, during the greato ters' purse of so guine as was won by Mr er part of which you presided over Baird's mare by Toby, beating Mr Baillie's this Society, we were littie afraid of the horse Toby, who unfortunately foundered result of an investigation which affected the third round of the second heat Friyour honour; and the decision of the High dny, Mr Hodgson's bày mare Lady Mary Court of Parliament has proved that our again walked the course for the Ladies confidence was well founded.

purse of 50 guine'as. Saturday, a purse Considering the intimate connection for the beaten horses of the week was won which the Society now has with your Son, by Mr Best's bay mare' Fairy, beating a. we cannot refrain from taking this oppor

nother. There were several matches betunity of also congratulating your Lord- twist some officers of the rst dragoons, and ship, upon his manly and able conduct in some hack races, none of which, more the late trying situation in which he was than the principal races, afforded any sport. placed; and we sincerely hope, that both There were few equipages on the sands, your Lordship and he may long live to en- and seldom so thin an attendance of per joy these honours, which, for your faith- sons of rank and fashion. ful services, our most gracious Sovereign On Saturday the 28th June, the Royal has been pleased to bestow upon you.

Company of Archers shot for the Edinburgh We have the honour to be, &c.

Silver Arrow, which was gained by Chas. Signed in name of, and by appointment Cunningham, Esq. And on Saturday the of the Society, by

12th July, the King's Prize was shot for Hugh WARRENDER." on Burntsfield Links by the Royal Com

Det. Keeper, pany of Archers, and gained by John RusAddresses, in similar terms, have also sel, Esq. clerk to the signet, been voted to his Lordship by the Society The Silver Club, given by the City of of Solicitors at Law in Edinburgh; by the Edinburgh to the Hun. Society of Golfers, hurghs of Dumfries, Länark, Stirling, Had- was played for over 1 eith Links on Saturdington, North Berwick, Kinghorn, and a day August 2. and won by James Scott, reat many others.

clerk to the signet. On Friday June 27. a large company During the vio ent thunder storm on the of Lord Melville's friends dined together 9th of August, a pleasure boat overset off in the Assembly Rooms, Georg Street, Inchcolm, and Mr Crawfurd, son of the Edinburgh ; the Earl of Haddington in the late Capt. Crawfurd of Carronbank, and


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four men belonging to Queensferry, were say, Esq. late of the Island of Barhaidoes, all unfortunately lost. One of the bodies.

now Sir James Ramsay, Bart. i 3. imiin, was cast ashore at Portobello, and another was, by the unanimous verdict of a respecnear Queensferry, some 'weeks after, boch table Jury, consisting chiefly of Gentlemen in a mucilated state.

of the law, served heir male to Sir Gilbert

Ramsay, first Baronet of Balmain:
The Hon. Frederick Eden (son of Lord

Auckland) is appointed one of the tellers June 26. At Crichton House, Hugh
of Exchequer, vice Lord Thurlow deceast. Broughton, Esq. deputy cashier of Excise,

Col. Robert Anstruther is appointed to Miss Mary Wardrop, daughter of Jamies conjunct Clerk of the Bills in Scotland, in Wardrop, Esq. late of Iorbanhill. fpom of his father Sir Robert Anstruther 30. At Edinburgh, Lieut. Col. H. Beck. of Balcaskie, Bart. who has resigned. with, assistant Adjutant General at Kilken

The couries of Caithness and Sutherland ny, to Miss Sophia Irving, youngest daughare now divided into separate sheriifdoms, ter of the late Lieut. Col. Irving, of the and James Trail Esq; is continued Sheriff- 70th regiment. depute of Caithness, and George Cranston Yuty 21. At Cunninghanhead, Ayrshire, Esq. advocate is appointed Sheriff depute of Lieut-Col. Reid, of ihe East India ComSutherland

pany's service, to Miss Christina Snod. The King has presented the Rev. Ro- grass, eldest daughter of Neil Snodgrass bert Lunan to the church of Kinnertles, Esq. of Cunningham head. vice the Rev. David Ferny, deceast. The 23. At Lambeth church, Col. Thornton Rev. Thomas Brown to the church of of Thornville royal in Yorkshire, to Miss Tongland, vi e Mr Robb, deceast. The E, Cawston of Munden, in Essex. Rev. Andrew Burns to the church of Glen- August 19. At Londori, Major John ila, vice Mr Peat, deceast. And the Rey. Malcolm, of the Hon. East India ComDavid Inglis to the church of Lochlee, pany's Bengal establishment, to Miss Eledyice Mr Perse, deceast.

nor Todd, of Darlington. The Rev.: John Dick has been elected 22. At Brechin, the Rev. George Whit. minister of Rutherglen by the Town Coun- son, one of the ministers of Brechin, to cil, in room of Mr Forlong, deceast. Mi-s Mollison, daughter of the late Prue

John Græme, Esq. of Eskbank, has pre: vost Mollison of that place. sented the Rev. Robert Haldane to the .2 3. At Easingwold, w. Oglevý Frazers Church of Drumelzier, vacant by the death Lieut. Royal Navy, to Miss Preston, daughof the Rev John Weishi.

ter of Wm. Preston, Esq. of the above place. June 24: The Senatus Academieus of 27. At Castle Huntly, Perthshire, Lieut the University of Edinburgh conferred the Coi. Thomas Inglis, of the Edinburgh midegree of Doctor in Medicine on the fol. litia, to Miss Charlotte Elizabeth Ainslie, lowing Gentlemen, after the usual examina. second daughter of the late Sir Philip Aintions :

slie of Pilton. Of Scotland.-john Hastie, Andrew Hal- 28. At Lennel House, Roxlurghshire, the liday, Alexander M·Donald, David Mar- Hon Gilbert Elliott, eldest son of the Right cin, and Wm. Thomson. From England Hon. Lord Minto, to Miss Mary Brydone, -Henry Herbert Sou;hey, John Thatcher, eldest daughter of Patrick Brydone, Esq. Wm Winstanley, and John B. Freer. and grand-daughter of the late Principal From Ireland. George Clarke, John Mor- Rohertson. rison, James Brown, Matthew Quinian, 28. At Edinburgh, Lieut. Henry Spry, Samuel Ferguson, 1 homas Hancock, Richa Royal Marines, to Miss Fullertona Frances ard Hanly, and Luke Burne. From America Craw, youngest daughter of the late John -John Wragg, and John Taylor

Craw, Esq. of Haddingtou. Sept. 12. The Senatus Academicus also 29. At ditto, Capt.- Macarthur, to Miss conferret the degree of Doctor in Medicine, Elisabeth Wemyss, daughter of David on the following gentlenien :

Wemyss, Esq. of St Andrew's. From Virginia,John Wharton. From 30. At Bernard Bower, near Edinburgh, Geneva-Peter Marignac. From England Robert Gordon, Esq, younger of Edintore, -William Bealy, Richard Byam Dennison, writer to the signet, to Mrs Burnet, widow John Eyre, Jonathan Roger Stokes. From of Arch, Burnet, Esq late of Bengal Wales Wm. Mason. From Ireland-Jere- . In Hertfordshire, George Frere Esq. niiah Curtayne, Thomas Doxey, Henry of Lincoln's Inn, to Miss Giant, sister of Edgeworth, Patrick Fleming, Timothy Ke- John Peter Grant, Esq. of Rothiemurchus. rin, Samuel L'Estrange, James Ogilby. Of Sept. 1. At London, the Hon. George Scotland-- Robert Briggs, Archibald Camp. Herbert, son of the Earl et Caernarvon, to bell, Alex. Gardner, and Robert M.Lean. Miss Head, daughter of the late Francis የ። the 230 June, at Edinr. James Ram- Head, Esq. of St Andrew's Hall, Norfods.


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