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Sept. 2. At Jedburgh, William Somerville, Tt. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Major
Esq. Deputy Inspector of Hospitals, to Miss James Cunninghame, a son.
Rutherford of Knowsouth.

- Mrs Falconer of Brightmony, a
3. At St Pancras, Lieut. George Rudall, daughter.
of the South Devon militia, to Miss Louisa At Kelly, the Lady of the Hon. Ma-
Dunbar, daughter of Sir George Dunbar jor Ramsay, a daughter.

13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Paterson of Car.
At Ballater, Thomas Burnett, Esq. pow, a son.
Advocate in Aberdeen, to Miss Mary -. At Delvin House, Lady Muir Mac.
Garden, daughter of the deceased Peter kenzie, a son.
Garden, Esq. of Delgaty.

14. At Linlithgow, Mrs. Liston, a daugh.
- At Bath ,Peter Latouche, jun. M. P.
for Leitrim, to the Hon. Miss Caroline 17. At Camis-Escan, Mrs Hamilton
Maude, daughter of the late Lord Viscount: Dundas, younger of Duddingston, a son.

18. At Edinburgh, the Lady of the Hon. 11. At Edinburgh, James Skene, Esq. of Archibald M.Donald, a daughter. Rubislaw, to Miss Jane Forbes, daughter 23. At Airds, Mrs Livingston of Airds, of Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo, Bart. a daughter.

13. At Coldstream, Ensign Aaron Reid, of 24. At Mamhead House, Devonshire, the
the ad battalion 72d Highlanders, to Miss Hon. Mrs Dundas, of Arniston, Lady of the
Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of Archibald Lord Chief Baron, a daughter.
Douglas, Esq. of Adderstone.

15. Ac Danevale Park, Mr John M'Intyre, merchant in Glasgow, to Miss Eliza

Anna Ferrier, fourth daughter of Major- Feb. 4. On his passage from India, the
General Ferrier of Bellside.

Hon. Col. Carleton, 25th light dragoons,
22. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Thos. Wil- eldest son of Gen. Lord Dorchester.
Jiams, Horsham, Sussex, to Miss Graham Marcb, At Madras, Erskine Nimmo, Esq.
Playfair, daughter of the late Mr James April 12. On the coast of Timor, Capri
Playfair, architect, Russel Place, London, Alexander Law, of the ship Greenwich

24 Of St Domingo, Mr William W.

Houston, midshipman on board the Atlas, Yune 21. At Dallers house, Mrs Camp- son of the late Andrew Houston, Esq. of hell of Skerrington, a daughter.

Jordanhid. -. At London, the Hon. Mrs Ferguson, May 19. At Jamaica, of the yellow fever, sister of Lord Duncan, a son and heir. Capt. Philip Armstrong of the royal artil

Aug. 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Hawthorn lery, son of Dr Armstrong of Doncaster. of Castlewig, a son.

31. At St Vincent's, Crie Meek, Esq. 23. At Culter, Mrs William Wilson, of June 1. At Grenada, the Hon. Alex. Scott, Wilsonton, a son

a Member of his Majesty's Privy Council 23. At Southampton, Lady Charlotte for that colony. Howard, a son.

9. At Water Valley, Jamaica, Tho. -. At Dublin, the Countess of Belmore, mas Nasmyth, Esq. M. D. of Rhodes Hall. a daughter.

10. On board the Ann, Capt. Thom- At London, Viscountess Acheson, son, on the passage from Jamaica, Mr a son and heir.

Alexander Willis, fourth son of the late At Kirkdale, the Lady of Sir. Wil. Mr Robert Willis, Dunse. liam Loraine Bart. a son.

25. At his estate of Whitehall in JaLately, at Forres, Mrs Grant of Auchar. maica, George Napier Esq. one of the oldnick, a daughter.

est residents in Clarendon parish. Sept. I. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Ad- 26. At Briscol, in the isth year of his miral Duddingston, a son.

age, John Paterson, Esq. of London, and 3. The Lady of Peter Miller, Esq. youn- of Carmacoup, in the courty of Lanark ; ger of Dalswinton, a son.

one of the oldest merchants in the Canada 3. Mrs Hamilton, younger of Sundrum, trade.

- At Jamaica, Mr Gillespie, surgeon 4. At Meggetland, near Edinburgh, Mrs of the Morne Fortunee sloop of war. Stewart, a son.

July 5. At Baltimore in Maryland, 4. At Barrock-house, the Lady of John James Somerville Esq. merchant, much laSinclair, Esq. of Barrock, a daughter. mented.

s. At Thorndon Hall, in Essex, Lady 17. At Nassau, Bahama, Mn Powell, sure Petre, of two sons; the youngest survived geon of his majesty's brig Port Mahon, only a few hours.

He died of his wound received in a duel ş At London, Lady Charlotte Gould, with Mr Conrade Coakley, who fell on the daughter.



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July 17. At Jamaica, Capt. Sohn Seater, 36. At Hawick, Mr James Inglis, school of the Mediator frigate.

and post-master, in the 84th year of his 24.At Leith, suddenly, Mr Robert Jopp, age. merchant, much and justly regreted.

26. At London, Mr James Robson, an 31. At Lisbon, of a decline, Signor Lu- eminent bookseller. nardi, the celebrated aeronaut.

17. At Leith, Mrs Henson, widow of Lately, Alexander Drew, Esq. of Craig- John Henson, Esq. of Islington. encallie.

28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Carre, relict of Aug. 1. In Russia, Charles Gascoigne, the late John Carre, Esq. of Caverse, and Esq. formerly one of the original partners sister to the late Sir John Riddel of Ridof the Carron Company in Scotland. He del. was actual Counsellor of State to his Im- 28. At Strachur-park, General John perial Majesty, and Knight of several or- Campbell of Strachur, Coionel of the 57th ders.

regiment of foot. Aug. 1. On board his Majesty's ship Sa- 29. At Stirling, Mrs Helen Glasford, turn, off Cadiz, Lieut, James Flint, son of sponse of Mr Robert Carrick merchant the late Lieut. Col. Flint.

there. 8. At the Hotwells, Bristol, Patrick O'- At Dundee, Mr James Ballingall, Brien, the Irish giant. This extraordinary merchant. man, whose height exceeded eight feet, . At the Countess Dowager of Erroll's, was born at Kinsale, in Ireland, and had in Queen Street, Edinburgh, aged 33, Lady long been the wonder of the age. He was Frances Hay, seventh daughter of the interred at the Catholic chapel in Trench- late James Earl of Errol." She dropt down ard-street, Bristol. The stupendous coffin, suddenly in a fit while entering her bed for this a remarkable personage, was in chamber after supper, and expired in a short length nine feet five inches; and five inen got into it with ease, and had the lid placed Sept. 1. At Chelsea, Edward Nairne, upon it. The brass-plate contained the fol. Esq. F.R.S. in the 81st year of his age, lowing inscription : " Patrick Catter 0's formerly optician to his Majesty, in Corrie Brien, of Kinsale, Ireland, whose stature hill, London. was eight feet one inch. Died September At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Gordon, 8, 1806, aged 46 years." There were widow of the deceased Mr Nathaniel Macemblems on it, denoting the deceased to kie, minister of Balmaclellan, and eldest have belonged to the Masonic Order of daughter of the late Alexander Gordon, Knights Templar.

Esq. of Carleton. 9. George Crawford, Esq. only surviving 3. At Dundee, Mrs Ann Graham, rechild of the late Captain David Crawford lict of the late Robert Fletcher of Ballinof Carronbank. He was unfortunately lost shoe, Esq. and daughter of the late Robert in a pleasure boat off Inchcolm in the Frith Graham of Fintray, Esq. of Forth, during the violent thunder storm 3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Agnes White, rein the afternoon of that day.

Tict of Mr David Murray, one of the De17. At Tunbridge Wells, Sophia, Coun- pute Clerks of Session. tess of Mount Edgecumbe, third daughter 4 At Brunstane House, Mrs Anne Macand co-heiress of John Earl of Bucking- kenzie, spouse of Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. hamshire.

writer to the signet. 17. At Liverpool, James Jackson, M.D. 5. At Hull, Miss Jane P. Bertram, only of Manchester, and son of Mr John Jacke daughter of Dr Bertram physician there. son, West Caider

At Jersey, in the 95th year of his 18. At Burnbank, Charles Campbell, Esq. age, still possessing his faculties in a very of Leckuary, merchant in Glasgow. eminent degree, Charles Lampriere, Esq.

19. At Stirling, Mr James Millar, ar- of Rosel, many years Chief Magistrate of chitect, in the 38th year of his age.

that island. 20. At Hawick, Mrs Martha Ogilvie, m. At London, Lachlan Maclachlan, wife of Thomas Turnbull, Esq. of Fen- Esq. aged 44 years, late Lieut. '- Colonel wick.

of the roth regiment of foot. 22. At Perth, aged 23, Mr William Au- 9. At Edin. Mrs Isabella Mary Gor. gustus Demaria, Assistant Surgeon of the don, daughter of the late Col. George Gor67th regiment of foot.

don, of the Scots Brigade, and spouse of 23. At Worthing, suddenly, the Hon. W. Dr James Macneil of Stevenston. H. Bouverie, brother of the Earl of Radnor. 10. At Edinburgh, aged two years, Wil. He married Lady Bridget Douglas, sister liam Dundas, second, son of Lieut. Gen. of the Earl of Morton.

Francis Dundas. 24. At Musselburgh, after a lingering 10. At Plymouth, Mr Thomas Maitland, illness, Mrs Elizabeth Whyte, spouse of eldest son of Capt. F. L. Maitland, of the Mr John Grant, merchant in Leith.

Loire frigate.


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Sept. Ir. At his house of Greenlaw, aged solicitation of the Duke of Devonshire, 84, Charles Ross, Esq.

Mr Fox consented to remove from his 12. At his seat at Dulwich, in his 71st house in Patace-yard to the Duke's seat at year, the Right Hon. Edward Thurlow, Chiswick, to try the effect of a change of Lord Thurlow of Ashfield in Suffolk, one air. The alarming symptoms, however, aof the Tellers of Exchequer, a Privy gain recurred, and a repetition of the operaCounsellor, and formerly Lord Chancellor tion became necessary, which was accorof England. His Lordship's illness was dingly performed by Mr Cline with much

The day before he died, he skill on the 31st of sugust, when about was in his ordinary health, but towards the seven quarts of water were drawn off, and evening complained of an uncommon chill- next day nearly the same quantity. Mr ness; and, by advice of his friends, took Fox again obtained some relief by these a warm drink on retiring to rest. In the operations; but in a few days, a languor and morning his servant found him dead and general debility of the intestines ensued. cold. His Lordship never was married ; He became gradually more weak and lanthe citle (being to his own issue male) is guid, till Saturday the 13th, at six o'clock thus extinct. He is succeeded in his estate in the evening, when he expired without by his nephew Edward Thurlow, Esq. son a struggle.' (A sketch of the character of of the late Lord Bishop of Durham. His this illustrious Statesman is given in this Lordship was an able lawyer, and a bold Number, p. 651.) and forcible pleader. His reputation as a 14. At Glasgow, Walter P. Meikleham, Judge stood likewise very high; and tho' youngest son of Dr Meikleham, Professor his manner was often rough, yet his talents of Natural Philosophy in the University of commanded the respect of his country. Glasgow

13. At Chiswick-house in Middlesex, the At Edinburgh, Mrs Henrietta Sinseat of his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, clair relict of Captain Benjamin Moodie of the Right Hon. Charles James Fox, his Milsetter. Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign 15. At Edinburgh, Mrs Stewart, spouse Affairs. Mr Fox's complaint was the drop- of David Stewart of Stewarthall, Esq. wrisy, which baffled the skill of the most emi. ter to the signet, and daughter of Robert nent physicians. The first operation of Ramsay, Esq. merchant in Leith. tapping, on the 7th of August, afforded 16. At Montrose, Alexander Smith, some temporary relief; and at the pressing Esq. late of Rosebank.


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Price of Stocks,

Prices of Grain at Haddington.

3 per cent


Wheat. Barley. | Oats. 1806. Stock. Omnium. Consols.

s. d.

S. d. , તે. Sept. 5. 51 O

28 o 26 o 20 Sept. 1. 221 ; 16; 7 pr. 162


12. | 48 o 29 O 27 | 20 o 8. 17

19. 47 0 29 O 27 O 21 O 15.220 1 71 8

26. 48 o

20 22.) 6 중

Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in Prices of Grain per quarter, Corn Exchange,

Edinburgh Market, per Peck.

Pease & Barley 1806. Oatmeal.

Meal. 1806. Wheat. Barley | Oats.


Bolls. ! Price. Bolls. Price. d. d.

d. d. Sept. 1. 70 84 36 42 45 60 Sept. 2. 240

40 13 II 8. 70 80 / 36 43

20 24
40 56
9. 154


13 II IS. 70 84 38 45 22 29 | 44 57

16. | 240

20 13 22. 1 70 82 | 38 44 | 22 29 1 44 56 23. 234

13 30. 288

18 1711 38 13

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22 31

18 171 18 176 18 171 18 17

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TO CORRESPONDENTS. Dr Macleay's Communication, and Malcom M Dominie, will appear in

our next. Crecto, and J. M. will not suit our Miscellany.

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