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Scottish Chronicle.

Highland Society of Scotland.

country becoming officers of rank in the

navy, would be an inducement to the peo. ON Tuesday Jan. 14. this Society held ple of the Highlands and Islands to en. their half yearly general meeting, in terms gage in the service as seamen, where, as in of their chárter, at their hall in Edinburgh, the army, they would have an opportunity when upwards of 100-members attended. of being under the command of those to The Earl of Dalhousie, Vice President, in whom they felt a natural attachment.--the chair. Lord Primrose, Lord Glenber- The Society expressed, in the strongest vie, and 28 gentlemen were admitted terms, their approbation of his Grace's limembers. Sir John Sinclair stated, that berality and patriotism, sowell becoming his he had had the honour of receiving a leta high rank and dignity, and so consonant to ter from his R. H. the Duke of Sussex and his uniform conduct :- And directed the Earl of Inverness, approving in high terms noble Chairman to write a letter to his of the institution, and wishing to be ad. Grace, thanking him for his munificent domitted a member. The Society according- nation, and expressing a hope that an exly elected his R. H. an honorary member ample so truly praise worthy would be folby a shew of hands, and ordered his name lowed by many other Noblemen and Gento be put at the head of the list. The tlemen of the Society, so that the instituRt Hon. George Rose was likewise elect- tion now so nobly founded by his Grace, ed an honorary member. Thereafter the would not only be useful to those who Duke of Argyll was re-elected President, were the objects of it, but would ultimateand the Marquis of Lorn, the Earls of ly prove beneficial by adding to the naval Dalhousie, Moira, and Mansfield, Vice strength of the empire. The Society rePresidents for the current year.

Donald mitted to the Directors, to consider and arM'Lauchlan, Esq. Secretary.

range a plan for the management of the The Board of Directors' report for last Fund, and for promoting its increase. year was then read by the Secretary, by Sir John Sinclair then rose, and expres which it appeared that a number of essays, sed the satisfaction he felt at being able to had been received, (for which premiums lay before the Society, the printed sheets had been adjudged) containing much use

of-the Poems of Ossian, in the original fal information on different subjects, parti. Gaelic, with a Latin translation; the cularly on the species of our native plants whole of which work would be completed and grasses most proper for cultivation, in about three months. This publication he the properties and uses of peat moss, and was persuaded would not only remove the these to be published in the yd vol. of ing the authenticity of these poems, but their transactions. On hearing the report would also tend to excite a greater desire, of the Treasurer's accounts, the Meeting than had lately prevailed, to be acquainted was gratified to find that the funds were with Gaelic literature, with the music by 50 considerably increased, that a larger sum which the Gaelic Poetry was generally accould be voted this year for premiums than companied, and with the language which on any former one.

contained those ancient effusions of natural The Treasurer then stated, that their feeling and genius. He would therefore noble President, the Duke of Argyll, ac- submit the following motion, tuated by a truly patriotic spirit, and in “ That this General Meeting do instruct pursuance of his intention formerly an- the Directors to take under their consinounced, had lodged with him the sum of deration the most effectual means of col1000l, for the purpose of beginning and lecting and of preserving what yet remains establishing a fund under the patronage and of Gaelic literature and Music; and also management of the Society, for the educa- take such steps, as may seem most advisation of the younger sons of Highland gen- ble, for preparing and publishing a Gạelic tlemen for the navy : That his Grace Dictionary: --- That a general subscription had been induced to make this generous

for defraying the expence be opened among donation, from observing that coniparative- the Members of the Society, avd other ly few gentlemen from the Highlands en- friends of literature, both at home and atered into this honourable profession, broad, and that the Directors are hereby which his Grace attributed to the expence authorised to subscribe One Hundred Guiof the necessary education, and their neas in the name of the Society maintenance while midshipmen. His Sir John MacGregor Murray stated his Grace considered that gentlemen of that conviction, that the object of it was of


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great national importance ; that he was Cultivation of Moss Earth," which he stasatisfied a store of music, with some valua. ted to possess great merit, and would prove ble gleanings of Gaelic literature, might part cularly useful to practical farmers : still be collected.

it had been read by many Members of the “ I am old enough,” said Sir John,“to Society, and others, who understood the have be-n delighted in successive seasons, subject, and was generally approved of': before any translation was heard of, with That this subject, being one to which the many of the poems, which have been the Society had pirticularly directed its attensubject of so much discussion, and I am tion, and had offered high premiums; he happy to find that the publication of them submitted to the Society the propriety of in the original Gaelic, is now in such for taking some notice of the author, and wardness. Without pretending to be a recommending the work to public attencritic in Gaelic, I know so much of it as to tion. enable me, if necessary, to shew that in General Dirom, Mr Hagart of Cairnvery many instances, even the talents of muir, and other Gentlemen, having expresMr MacPherson had proved unequal to do sed their conviction of the utility and me. justice to his original. I believe no gen- rit of Mr Aiton's essay; the Meeting tleman will be found, who is enabled, authorised the Directors to afford such enfrom a proper knowledge of the Gaelic lan- couragement for the publication of a second guage, fully to perceive and enjoy the in

edition as they should think proper. comparable beauties of these poems in the The Secretary stated that General Valoriginal, and has compared them with lancy had lately transmitted to the SocieMacPherson's translation, who is not con- ty some additional publications of the Dubvinced that he was not the author of that lin Society, with others of his own. The original. I'am most anxious that the Gaelic Society expressed their acknowledgements language, which possesses so much energy to that respectable and learned Gentleman and excellence, should be preserved, and I for his continued attention, and recomthink the publication of a proper diction- nended to the Secretary to communicate ary will contribute greatly to that ob- to him any additional publications made ject.”

by the Society. Sir J. M. Murray concluded by giving In the afternoon, about fifty of the the motion his most decided support; Members, attended the anniversary Dinwhich was unanimously approved, and the ner, at Fortune's Tavern, Sir John SinDirectors instructed accordingly.

clair, Bart. in the Chair, when many loyal, The Secretary stated, that a Committee constitutional and appropriate toasts were having been some time ago appointed for drank. collecting the ancient Scottish music, Ge

COURT OF JUSTICIARY. neral Robertson of Lude had, at the request of the Committee, sent to the Socie- Monday Dec. 2 3. came on the trial of ty two Harps, long preserved in his fami- Andrew Belch, banker and merchant in ly, one of them brought from Argyleshire Glasgow, accused of forging indorsations in 1460, the other a present from Mary on several bills, at the instance of Mr Queen of Scots to a Lady of the family of James Dundas, accountant in Edinburgh, Lude. That Mr Gun, of Edinburgh, who trustee on the sequestrated estate of the had turned his attention much to the sub- Merchant Banking Co. of Stirling; when ject of our ancient music and musical in- objections were stated to the relevancy, struments, besides being a general scholar, and to the title to pursue, upon which the had, at the desire of the Committee, drawn Court ordered informations upon these up a paper, which threw much light upon points. On the 3d Jan. the Court advised the objects of their enquiry, and containing the informations, and unanimously found a description of these harps.

Mr Dundas had no sufficient title to purThe Meeting voted their thanks to Ge- sue the action, upon the facts charged in neral Robertson, for his ready attention to the libel, the same being only with the the request of the Committee; and recom- concourse, and not at the instance of his mended to the Directors to have Mr Gun's Majesty's Advocate, and therefore dismispaper, with proper drawings of these harps, sed the complaint, and the pannel from the published in the Society's Transactions, and bar, and found him entitled to expences. empowered the Directors to give a suitable Mr Belch was, however, recommitted on a recompence to Mr Gun for his ingenious charge of fraudulent bankruptcy, and subtreatise.

ornation of perjury, but was afterwards Mr Stewart of Allanton called the at- liberated on bail. tention of the Society to a treatise lately Thursday the 9th Jan, came on the trial published by Mr Wm. Aiton, Strathaven, of Joseph Tod, labourer, for horse-stealing entitled, “On the Origin, Qualities, and and highway robbery, when the pannel

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having pleaded guilty, the Jury found him be admitted as some excuse for their having guilty accordingly, and the Court ordained recourse to such a mode of justifying hasty him to be transported beyond seas for life. words or actions. But in the civil lines of

Friday the 10th, Thomas Watling, some life, the practice has met with just and getime painter in Dumfries, was tried for neral condemnation. forging and uttering or vending, notes in On Thursday Jan. 9. a duel was fought imitation of the five pound notes of the on Portobello Sands, between Major Tubo Bank of Scotland. The prisoner pled not loch and Capt. Mackay, both of the icth guilty. After two or three witnesses had or Invernessshire regt. of militia, when the been examined, the Lord Advocate intima- Major unfortunately received a ball in his ted, that he believed he could not bring thigh, which had nearly proved fatal,---as home the crime of uttering to the pannel; notwithstanding the assistance of the most he therefore declined proceeding farther in skilful surgeons, it was not extracted till the cause. The Lord Justice Clerk then the fifth day after. The Major is now in a shortly addressed the jury, who returned a fair way of recovery. The cause of the verdict finding the libel not proven, on quarrel was some hasty expressions by the which the pannel was dismissed from the Major to Capt, Mackay, which the latter bar.

considered as reflecting upon his character John Binns, soldier in the 2d West York as a gentleman. regiment of militia, who was indicted to On Thursday Jan. 16th, another duel stand trial before the High Court of Justi- was fought on Musselburgh Links, be ciary, for a rape on Jean Eason, near More- tween two young gentk men, merchants ham, on the 23d September last, was mar- in Leith, when, after exchanging two ried to her on the roth by a Magistrate, rounds without effect, the seconds interand has since been set at liberty.

fered, and the matter was adjusted. The Wednesday January 8, the I own Coun- cause of this quarrel was a dispute at a cil of Edinburgh unanimously elected Ar

game at cards. chibald Campbell, Esq. to be City Treasu- On the 20th Dec. a meeting of the same rer, vacant by the death of James Dewar, kind took place near Liverpool, between Esq.-and also elected John Fairbairn, Esq. Col. Bolton of a Volunteer Corps, and to be a Councillor, in character of fourth Major Brookes of the Liverpool Fusileers, Old Bailie of said city.

when the latter was shot through the On Thursday Jan. 2d. the Town Coun- head at the first fire, and died on the spot. cil of Edinburgh unanimously elected Mr.It was an old quarrel

, and they had been Carson, Rector of the grammar school of bound over to keep the peace, and their Dumfries, to be one of the Masters of the bond only expired the day of the duel. High School, in room of Mr Christison. On the 1st of January, another meeting

The Society in Scotland for propaga- took place near Nottingham, between ting Christian Knowledge held their an- Ensign Butler of the 36th regt. and Ennual meeting on the ed jan. when the Rt. sign Brown on the recruiting service, when Hon. Lord Napier was re-elected Presi- the latter was shot through the heart, and dent, Alexander Duncan, Esq. W. S. Trea- instantly expired. surer, and the Rev. John Campbell, one of A melancholy accident happened near the Ministers of Edinburgh, was elected Queensferry, on Tuesday evening, Jan. 7. Secretary of the Society.

A King's boat having gone out with Mr The Committee for managing the sub- Petrie, the Surveyor, and the following scriptions have remitted to the Patriotic seamen, viz..Wm. Annan, James DavidFund in London, Six Thousand Pounds, son, Wiliam Neil, Thomas Neil, and James in part of the sums already collected. Muckle-they were out for some time,

The Committee for the erection of Lord when Mr Petrie went ashore on business, Nelson's Monument are taking every ne

but ordered Mr Annan, his depute, to go cessary step to forward this measure. Mr

and visit a sloop; they had not proceeded Nasmyth has made a drawing of the in- far, when a sudden squall came on, which tended Monument on the Caltonhill, as upset the boat, when all on board perished. well as a sketch, exhibiting from Prince's except Thomas Neil, who was picked up Street the grandeur of its effect, and which by the sloop they were going to visit. the Sub-Committee have ordered to be en- They have all left large families to lament graved, for the general inspection of the their loss. A subscription was immediately public.

opened for their wives and families. We regret to find, that notwithstanding The Life Boat procured for Fraserburgh, the penalties of the law, and the universal by subscription, is safely arrived there. It public reprobation of duelling, the practice was on Monday the 20th December during still continues as frequent as ever. Among a severe gale, launched, and without the military men, the nice point of honour may least hesitation manned by Mr John Dal.





rymple, shin-builder in Praentsburgh, and Aug. 10. At Berbice, Patrick Keith, Esq. ten seamen belonginn to the pot, Wil), eldest son of the Rev. Mir Keith, Golspy, for experience sake, and mu toh ir cre- Sutherlys ishire. dit, rowed some considerable distance 2- At Charlestown, South Carolina, Mrs mong the hrtakers; and alchough the sea Haig, wife of Mr David Haig. ran very high, they returned without ship- At New York, aged 83, Israel Wilkes, ping a single sea ; full of confidence from Esq. brother of the celebrated John Wilkes, the security which they felt in the boat. On this occasion, no other boat would have At Antigua, of the yellow fever, Capt. lived in the sea; and at a place where so T. Henry Gray, of the gith regiment. many wrecks happen, it is to be hoped this Oct. 11. At St Helena, Mr Benj. Mason, ingenious invention may be the means of sen. aged 8r years, the oldest inhabitant of saving many valu ble lives.

that island. On Saturday the sth January, a boy, with Oct. 13. At his estate of Argyll, Tobago, a horse and cart, in crossing the water of aged 69, James Campbell, Esq. President of Leith, at the ford below Stockbridge, was the Council of that island. carried down by the violence of the stream, 16. At Jamaica, 'C. Scott Esq. third son and unfortunately drowned. The horse got of the late Francis Scott Esq of Harden. out alive.

Nov.18. At New York, Mr Francis Kerr, Early on Thursday morning the gih, second son of the late William Kerr, Esq. John Thomson, driver of the Carlisle long Surveyor General, Post Office, Edin. coach, on the way from Cumnock to Kil. Nov 18. At Greenock, Miss Elizabeth marnock, fell off and was killed on the spot. Campbell, and on Dec. 5. Miss Susanna The guard, owing to the inclemency of the Campbell, both daughters of Alex. Campweather, having gone inside, the horses bell, Esq. at Dallingburn. ran near two miles before he was missed. 31. Mrs Heard, of High-street, (New

Radford, after lying apparently in a trance

for 8 days and 9 nights; at the expiration MILITARY APPOINTMENTS. of which period, she recovered the use of

her faculties, but shortly afterwards gave up Major-General the Marquis of luntly, the ghost is appointed Colonel of the 42d regiment - At Thurlow, in Suffolk, at the adof foot, in room of Sir Hector Monro de

vanced age of One hundred and twenty-five, ceased; Major General the Hon. John Mt Crick, who had been upwards of 83 Hope, Colonel of the 92d, and Lieut.-Gen.

years a schoolmaster in that parish. Napier Christie, Col. Com, of a battalion

Suddenly, aged 55, John Pearce, Esq. on of the both.

of Standen Hussey, near Hunger ford, Capt, Lieut. Gen. Geo. Nugent to be Col. Com. of the Hungerford Volunteer Caval. of the 62d regiment, vice Gen. Mathew

ry; a gentleman universally esteemed; but deceast, and Lieut. Gen. Sir Charles Ross

a nervous affection had brought on a deto be Col. of the 86th regt. vice Nugent. spondency, and, tho' he was possessed of

Gen. Sir Geo. Prevost is appointed Lieut. 40,000l, he thought that he should become Governor of Portsmouth, in room of the a parish pauper. Hon. John Hope, appointed to a command Dee. 10. At Chertsey, Surry, in the 21st on the continent.

year of his age, Mr Tho. Love jun. master

in the Navy, who lost his leg on board his DEATHS.

Majesty's ship Prothee, (commanded by

Admiral Buckner) in the glorious action of 1804, dug. 21. Of the wounds he received

the 12th of April 1782, under Lord Roda in the Hon. Col. Monson’s retreat, John ney. He was the last of those officers who Burgh, Esq. of Eastmiln, surgeon to the sth had received pensions for their services on regt. of native infantry, Bengal: And soon that memorable day. thereafter his brother, Capt. A. Burgh, of 14. At Kildonan, Rosshire, Mrs Mackenthe 8th regt of native infantry Bengal. zie of Kildonan, at the advanced age of 109

Dec. 24. At Kotch, in Bengal, Lieutenant years, who retained her faculties till the Robert Davidson, of the 12th regiment of last. Native Infantry, eldest son of Robert Da- 19. At Kirkaldy, Mr David Anderson, vidson, Esq. of Pinnacle-hill.

writer. 1805. July 9. At Calcutta, Capt. Robert 20. At Tullybelton House, Rob. RobertBrownl

, of the Bengal artillery, son of the son, Esq. of Tullybelton. late Mr John Brown, merchant in Glasgow. 20. At Totteridge, Hertfordshire, the

July is. At Delhi, Capt. George Carne- Hon. Mrs Maitland, spouse of the Hon. gie, fourth son of the late George Carnegie, Gen. Alexander Maitland Esq. of Pittarow,



for 54 years:

21. At Canongate, after a long illness, ---. At London, Robert Lambert, Esq.
Mr William Purcell, late clothier at Wa- Commissioner of the Navy,
ter of Leith, much regretted.

At ditto, Thomas Knox, Esq. late
Dec. 21. At North Queensferry, Mr Lieut. Col. of the jst Foot Guards.
Alex. Greig, Superintendant of Quarantine, 29. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Vere,

relict of Richard Fisher, Esq. of Holbeach. 21. At Annan, Andrew Johnstone, Esq. 29. At ditto, Mrs Janet Home of Homeof johnstone Field.

bank, relict of James Smith, Esq. of Lon24. At Forfar, Mr John Barry, manufac- side. turer there.

30. At Edinburgh, in the 85th year of 24. At the Manse of Sorn, the Rev. Geo. her age, the Right Hon. Lady Janet DunGordon, minister of that parish, universaliy das, relict of Thomas Dundas of Fingask, regretted.

Esq. and daughter of Charles Earl of Lau24. At Edinburgh, in the fourteenth derdale. year of his age, much and justly, regretted, ---. At Lisbon, Mr Charles Hope, second Henry Francis Duncan, youngest son of Dr son of Charles Hope Esq. commissioner at Duncan, sen. physician in Edinburgh. Chatham.

24. At ditto, Mr James Dewar, merchant, At Dublin, Mrs Heatly, relict of and late one of the Magistrates of the city. William Heatly, Esq. first cousin to his

25. dt Glasgow, Grizel Dick, daughter Grace the Duke of Argyll, and daughter of of the late Dr Rob. Dick, Professor of Civil William Montgomery, Esq. of Rosemount, Law in the University of Glasgow.

by whose decease, without issue, the Earl25. At London, the Hon. John Scott, son dom of Mount Alexander becomes extinct. of the Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor of Jan. 1. At Edinburgh, David Simpson England, and Member for Boroughbridge. Esq. of Teviotbank. Mr Scott was one of the most amiable men At Dunse, Mrs Cunningham, spouse of the age ; his manners were engaging, of the Rev. George Cunningham minister and his talents of a superior order. He of that parish. had an unfortunate hesitation in his deli. 2. At manse of Kirkoswald, the Rev. very, which would have prevented him Mathew Biggar, minister of that parish from shining in public, but his attainments and judgement made him truly dear to all 3. At Leith, Mrs Ramsay, wife of Mr who knew him. Mrs Scott (the only MẠNaughton Ramsay, shipmaster. daughter of Sir M. W. Ridley, Bart.) to 4. At Dublin, Thomas Needham Esq: whom he had not been married twelve banker. months, was delivered of a son but a few 6. At Benham in Berkshire, after an ill. days previous to this melancholy event. ness of tbree days, his Highness the Mar.

25. At Finnich Malice, parish of Dry- grave of Anspach. He has left his lady, men, in her 93d year, Mrs Ann Stewart, (formerly Lady Craven) 150,000l. relict of Mr John Smith, late one of the At Novar heuse, Rossshire, aged 80, Commissioners of the Duke of Montrose. Gen. Sir Hector Munro, K. B. and Col. of She was the last of four sisters, whose ages, the 42d or Royal Highland Regiment. taken together with that of their father and 6. At Dumfries, after a short illness, the a brother, amounted to 537 years.

Rev. Dr Wm. Burnside, minister of St 25. At Edinburgh, John Carnegie Ful- Michael's Church. His elegant taste, culjerton, Esq. of Pittarrow.

tivated talents, and impressive manner, ren26. At Clanville Lodge, in Hampshire, dered him, as a minister of the Gospel, aged 78, after a few days illness, General highly useful and acceptable to his flock. Edward Mathew, Col, of the 62d regt. of His virtues as a man, his warmth of heart, foot, many years Governor of Grenada, his cheerfulness, vivacity, a:id information, and Commander in Chief in the West In- as a companion, in a particular manner endies.

deared him to his friends and acquaintance. 26. At London, the Hon. Mrs Erskine, -As he was thus eminently esteemed and wife of the Hon. Thomas Erskine, M. P. loved, his death is therefore the subject of an eminent counsellor.

general and deep regret. 27. At Riga, Mrs Ouchterlony, widow 6, At Musselburgh, Mr George Grinton of John Ouchterlony, Esq. of Gwynd. merchant.

27. At Edinburgh, Robert Monteith, Esq. 6. At Clifton, Miss Agnes Mackinlay, of Rochsoles.

only child of Mr Archibald Mackinlay, 28. The Rev. Mr James Sands, minister *merchant, Edinburgh. of Ting wall, Zetland.

- At Dublin, Lady Carberry. 28. At Totness, Capt. R. Cuthbertson, of - At North Shields, Wm. Lamshaw, his Majesty's royal marine forces.

bagpiper to the Dutchess of Northumber30. At Musselburgh, Mr Patrick Gardland, and the most famous performer in all ner, late of the Excise.

England on the small pipes.


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