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New Works published in EDINBURGH. ly completed, and its publication ORIGINAL Memoirs written

may be expected in January or Febduring the great civil war ; be- ruary next.

It will be construct. ing the Life of Sir Henry Slingsby,

ed from original materials, to which and Memoirs of Captain Hodgson,

he has obtained access by means of with notes, &c. Edited by Walter

the parliamentary commissioners for Scott, Esq. 8vo. 128. I. p.

11. 7s.

making roads and building bridges Pirie's Miscellaneous Works, 6 vols.

in the highlands of Scotland. 8vo. 11. 45. (Perth.)

The elaborate military survey of the Count Alfieri's Italian Tragedies, mainland of Scotland, made in the with two others, by Marquis Maffei,

middle of the last century, and preand Abati Monti. To which are

served in his Majesty's library, has added, Biographical and Critical ac- been copied and reduced for the precounts of the Life and Writings of sent map, and the several proprieAlfieri. By Antonio Montucci,

tors of the western islands have comSanese, L.L.D. 8vo. 11. ls.

municated all their surveys, most of A Treatise on the Varieties and which have been recently executed. Consequences of Ophthalmia. By In addition to the astronomical obser. Arthur Edmonstone M. D. 8vo. 75.

vations heretofore known, many laReflections on the Administration of titudes and longitudes have been Civil Justice in Scotland, 8vo. 2s.6d.

purposely ascertained for this map, An Attempt to delineate some of

as well as a considerable number of the public services of Lord Mel. magnetic variations. ville, a poem, 8vo. ls.

The map is to be accompanied by a Extraits des Meilleurs auteurs Fran. memoir, explanatory of the several

documents on which it has been çois en prose & en vers, par M. Hallard, 12mo. 6s.

constructed. The British Indian Monitor; or Sub- Proposals have been circulated for stance of different works on the publishing, by subscription a cataHindostanee language. By the au.

logue of plants growing in the liberthor of Hindostanee philology, &c.

ties of Berwick, and the adjacent vol. 1, 8vo.

parts of the country on both sides A system of practical Book-keeping,

of the Tweed ; arranged according by C. Buchan, 8vo. 78.

to the system of Linnæus, including The Edinburgh Review, No. 17.

their English as well as systematic This number contains Barrow's voy

names, and the several places of age to Cochin China.—Sir James

their growth. It will be printed in Hall on the effects of heat and com

an octavo size, so as to correspond pression.-Willan, Mosely, Moore,

with the History of Berwick. The and Squirrel on vaccination. Jour.

price will be 3s. No more copies will nal des mines.-Craig's life of

be printed than are subscribed for. lar.-Asiatic researches.- Foster on

A second volume of the Indian Moni. exchanges.- Memoirs of Dr Priest- tor will appear in the course of the ley.-Mrs Trimmer on education. ensuing month. -Miseries of human life.--Helme's Mr Graham, minister of Aberfoyle, Travels from Buenos Ayres, &c.

is publishing a work on the authenThe Medical Journal, No. VIII.

ticity of Ossian. Mr Graham has

obtained acknowledgements from Scottish Literary Intelligence. Smith and Kennedy of their poems Mr Arrowsmith's New Map of Scot. being in a great degree sophistica.

land, to which we alluded in our ted, but expects to be able to prove Number for November 1805, is near. that Macpherson's were all genuine. 08. 1806,



LITERARY INTELLIGENCE, ENGLISH shall practise midwifery without a cer. and FOREIGN.

tificate of fitness and qualification from

some regular practitioner or practitionNEW and entire edition of the liA

ers in that branch. terary, moral, and medical writings No person shall follow the business of of the late Thomas Percival M. D. F. R. a retail chemist or druggist, unless he S. A. s. is now in the press; to which shall have served an apprenticeship of will be prefixed, memoirs of his life and five years to that art. writings, by his son, and a selection None of these restrictions to be confrom his literary correspondence. It is strued to affect persons at present regu. the editor's design to comprise the work larly practising, in the different branin four octavo volumes, in such a manner ches of medicine. as that the literary and medical parts A register shall be kept of all medical may be had either separately or to. practitioners in the united kingdom, gether.

and every person in future entering upThe following plan for restoring the on the practice of any branch of the dignity and character of the medical profession shall pay a fine on admission. profession, will be submitted to the The names of the committee for carlegislature, in the ensuing session of rying the plan into effect are; Sir John parliament ;

M. Hayes, Bart.; Sir Walter Farquhar, No person shall practise as physician Bart.; Drs Blackburn, Harrison, Garthunless he be a graduate of some univer- shore, Pearson, Stanger, Willan, Cluttersity in the united kingdom, and has at- buck, and Secretary, tained the age of twenty-four years.- The Rev. Edward Forster has an. He shall have studied the different nounced his intention of publishing a branches of physic in an university, or splendid work, to be entitled The Bri. other respectable school or schools of tish Gallery of Engravings, from pice physic, during the space of five years, tures of the Italian, French, Flemish, two of which shall have been passed in Dutch and English schools, now in the the university where he takes ris degree. Possession of the king, and the noble.

No person shall practise as surgeon men and gentlemen of the united king. under three and twenty years of age, doms; with some account of each picnor until he has obtained a diploma or ture, and a life of the artist; and also a licence from some one of the royal col. short history of the arts of painting and leges of surgeons, or other chirurgical engraving, including the rise and procorporations of the united kingdoms.-- gress of those arts in Great Britain. He shall have served an apprenticeship The work will be published in numbers, of five years to a practitioner in surgery, containing four plates each, as frequent. and afterwards have spent at least two ly as a proper attention to excellence years in the study of anatomy and sur- will permit; and it is understood, that gery in a reputable school or'schools of the intervals will not be very great. It physic.

will be in imperial folio, and the plates No person shall practise as an apo. will be of a size properly adapted to the thecary, until he shall have served an different pictures, but will vary!accordapprenticeship of five years to some re- ing to the nature and fullness of the gular apothecary, or surgeon practising subjects; the largest will be twelve in. as an apothecary ;-he shall have studi- che's by nine, and the smallest six inches ed the different branches of physic in by four. Every plate will be finished some reputable school or schools during in the very best style, and they will all the space of at least one year, and shall be engraved in the line manner, by arhave attained the age of twenty-one tists of the first abilities in this country. years.

Mr Forster has already obtained perNo man shall practise midwifery, une mission to have engravings made from less he has attended anatomical lectures the pictures in the several collections of twelve months, and received instruc- his Majesty ; of the Dukes of Bedford tions for the same term from some ex. and Devonshire; of the Marquisses of perienced accoucheur, and shall have Stafford and Thomond; of the Earls of assisted at real labours.And no female Suffolk, Dartmouth, Stewart, Cowper,


Warwick, Egremont, Grosvenor, and new publications of merit. The books Carlisle ; of Lords Yarborough and Rad. will be circulatory to subscribers at stock; of Sir George Beaumont, Sir their own houses, and the library will Francis Baring, Mr Coke, Mr Coxe, also be open for resort and reference. Mr Hibbert, Mr Henry Hope, Mr Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, &c. Thomas Hope, and Mr West. Several will be amply provided. The price of pictures have been some time in hand, shares to a limited number of early suband the first and second numbers may scribers will be six guineas, with an an. be promised in the course of next sea- nual contribution of two guineas. Per. son; and the publisher, Mr Miller uf sons making liberal donations may be Albemarle street, has pledged himself elected by the trustees life members. that the strictest attention shall be paid The situation of the library will be cho. to the delivery of the numbers in the sen as centrical as possible to South. exact order in which they are subscrib- wark, Bermondsey, Newington, Waled for. The letter-press will be in the worth, Camberwell, Kennington, StockEnglish and French languages.

well, Clapham, Vauxhall, Lambeth, and Ďr Mavor is preparing for the press Blackfriars. At present, Newington a new and much enlarged edition, being Causeway is contemplated as the most the third, of the British Tourists, inclu. eligible scite. The government will be ding the mos: celebrated recent tours in vested in open committees, to be held the British Islands.

quarterly ;--the ostensible and financial The same author has just completed, management in the president, the vice. at press, a new and improved edition of presidents, the treasurer, and the trusHolme's Rhetoric, which has long been fees;--the local direction and efficient out of prin:.

superintendance in a librarian, actuary, Dr Jones, master of the Kentish Town and accountant, (in one person) with academy, proposes to publish by sub- requisite assistants. The first president scription a select number of the most is Lord Grantley, and the vice presi. admired Orations of Cicero, translated dents consist of the county ana borough into English from the best Latin edis members, Lord Leslie and Robert Bar. tions.

clav, Esq. The shares are to be proMr Cuthbertson, of Poland-street, has prietary; also inheritable, deviseable, in the press a work on Practical Elec. and transferable. Subscriptions are re. tricity and Galvanism, being a transla- ceived by the treasurer, Sir John Pin. tion of the most interesting experi. hom, Southwark Bank ; where the staments, contained in a Treatise published tutes and regulations at large are ready by him during his late residence in for delivery to subscribers. Holland, with the addition of all such Mr Beaty, surgeon of the Victory, in as have since been invented by himself the battle of Trafalgar, is about to puband others.

lish a narrative of the most interesting Mr Rannie has in the press a volume occurrences on board the Victory, from of plays and poems, which will be pub. her leaving Portsmouth till the day of lished in the course of a month. He battle inclusive; with the particulars of has also in preparation a third edition Lord Nelson's death, &c. &c. of his first volume of poems, with addı- A new edition of Holinshed's Chro. tions.

nicles is in the press, and intended to be Some principal inhabitants of that the first of a series of the old English vast suburb of the metropolis situated chronicles. on the southern banks of the Chames, A collection of important facts on the have determined to set on foot a new navigation system of Great Britain will public literary establishment, to be call. be speedily laid before the public. ed the Surry Library Institution. The The Rev. W. L. Bowles has underbasis and primary object of this excel. taken a new edition of Pope's Works, lent design will be to collect and accu including many unpublished letters, and mulate a valuable and extensive library a new life of the poet. It will appear of general literature, in the works of the early in the winter, and be embellished best English authors of the past and with numerous portraits. present day, particularly including all A new history of Northumberland

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will be shortly pav snid, under the di- the basis of his calculations. However, rection of Mr Hutchinson, of Bernard adopting this cycle, either by accident, Castle.

or, more probably, in consequence of The Rev. Wm. Bawdwen is about to previous calculations, which are, un. publish a translation of the Domesday doubtedly, lost, he found that during Book, so far as it relates to the county this period of 280,000 years, the planets of York, and a certain district of Lanca. of our system will revolve round the shire, with an introduction, notes, and a sun, glossary.

Times. The Russian is one of the least diffu

Mercury 1,162,577 sed of the European languages. Its li


455,122 mited currency has occasioned nume

The Earth

280,000 sous errors in the orthography and pro


148,878 nunciation of words, and especially of

Jupiter 23,616 proper names. This has been remark.

Saturn ed for some time in the German jour. M. de Lalande has found these revolunals, in which Russian proper names tions to be perfectly accurate. He could have been strangely disfigured. This scarcely believe that they all begin anew dangerous innovation has engaged the at the end of 280,000 years; but he has attention of the Academy of Sciences of convinced himself that the author is Petersburgh, and has probably induced right. it to hasten the publication of the plan The Society of Gorlitz has offered a of a “ Rule for the Manner of writing prize of 30 crowns for the best solution Russian Words with foreign Characters, of the following question: " In cloudy and foreign Words with Russian Cha- weather it never freezes but when Reauracters." This vocabulary, prepared by mur's thermometer has descended to zea committee of that Academy, is com- ro, or at least very nearly to that point, posed of two alphabets, German and Why, then, does it freeze, in serene French, by means of which the pro. weather, when the same thermometer per orthography and pronunciation of stands at three or four degrees above words in the Russian language is ren- zero." dered intelligible to foreigners.

The Royal Bohemian Society offers A German, having devoted himself 700 ducats for the best answer to the to the study of astronomy and mathe, following question : “ By what method matical geography, made a calculation, can the various adulterations of the diffifty years ago, with a view to deter- ferent necessaries of life be best ascermine the courses of the planets round tained or lessened, by radical examinathe sun, which he considered as the ex- tion or otherwise ?" act solution of the great problem of the Messrs. Lacepede and Cuvier have Cyclic or Platonic year. The author of been elected members of the Royal So. this hypothesis supposed that the six ciety of London. This nomination was planets, known at that time, finished announced to M. Delambre, one of the their courses round the sun,

perpetual secretaries of the class of Ma. day! b.

1. II. thematical and Phyfical Sciences of the Mercury in 87 23 14

Institute, by a letter from Sir Joseph Venus

224 17 24 Banks, President of the Royal Society, The Earth 365 5 49

to the following effect :--- Sir Joseph Mars 686

50 expresses to his new colleagues the Jupiter 4330 47 33 pleasure he feels in announcing to them Saturn - 10746 36

the choice made of them by the Royal This being supposed, he made calcula- Society. He considers this nomination tions to find in how many of our solar as a striking testimony of the profound years all the planets of our system will respect of the Royal Society for the In.. have finished the great solar cycle, so as stitute of France, and of the good will to have all arrived at once at the points which unites the members of the two sofrom which they began their respective cieties--a sentiment which he hopes courses. It is impossible to state the mo. will never be disturbed by any political tives which induced him to adopt the quarrel between the two nations, por cycle of 280,000 of our solar years for weakened by any other circumstance."


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The Society of National Industry at at Venice by Don Alb. de Megninos Paris has offered prizes for the best the Spanish Consul.

The author protheans of sizing paper, and for the fabric poses means to preserve the lives of *cation of cinnabar, equal to that called 500,000 individuals, wlio annually peChinese vermilion. Also for the encou. rish in the houses for the reception of ragement of engraving in relief, or pro- orphans, in the prisons, &c. The numducing blocks for printing.

ber of children who die every year ia The Society of National Economy of the orphan-houses is about 20,000 ; bethe Netherlands, on the invitation of the ing in the proportion of fifty to every National Assembly of the Batavian Re- hundred admitted into them. public, proposed the following ques. tion: “What are the means of convert. 'ing spoiled, putrid, and stinking water into a wholesome and agreeable heve.

CELESIAL PHENOMENA for November rage? Thirty-eight memoi-vere sent

to this competition. At the general
meeting, in June, last year, the prize

Saturday, November 1st.
was adjudged to one of these memoirs

, THE planet MERCURY is situated by Dr A. VAN STIPRIAAN LUISCIUS, in longitude 73..17°..15', and la. lecturer on medicine and chemistry at titude 48 minutes South. His decliDelft. The prize was fixed at 6000 flo- nation is 179..46' South, and he rins. Having previously ascertained the souths about 15 minutes after noon. accuracy of the results stated by the author, the Society transmitted him 2000

Tuesday, November 4th. florins; and he will receive the other The Third satellite of Jupiter will two-thirds of the prize when the neces. immerge into his shadow at 42 misary experiments have been made in nutes and 4 seconds after 5 o'clock different climates, that the Society may in the evening. The emersion is inbe absolutely certain that the author's visible, as Jupiter is below the horiprocesses are applicable to every country and every season.

zon when it takes place.
The knowledge of hydraulics is in no Friday, November 7th.
country of greater importance than in The longitude of VENUS is at pre-
Holland. M. Christian Brunnings, Di. sent 6'..24° 22', and her latitude
rector General of the river and sea.

1°..21 north.
works of the Batavian Republic, re-
cently deceased at Haarlem, rendered

Thursday, November 13th.
· for a long series of years inappreciable Mars is at present situated in lon-
- services to his country in that line. gitude 5%..0°..40', and latitude 10..52%
The Batavian Government, desirous to North. His declination is 12°..59'
do honour to his memory, has ordered North, and he comes to the meridian
a monument of white inarble to be about 7 o'clock in the morning.
erected to him at the public expence,
in the principal church of Haarlem, and Friday, November 14th.
promised a gold chain and a medal of The Moon will be in conjunction
the value of 200 ducats, or the same with the planet Jupiter at 15 minutes
sum in money, to the author of the best after 7 o'clock in the morning, in
memoir or eulogy on that excellent ci- longitude 98..70..14..8". The diffe-

rence of their true latitudes at the The Society of Haarlem has offered the prize of a gold medal, value 400

time of conjunction is about 1o. 41', guilders, for the best answer to the fol- and the Moon will pass to the North lowing question : “ What do we know of the planet. historically of the alterations which the

Monday, November 17th. earth lias undergone in consequence of

All the satellites of Jupiter are sithe flood, and of the variety of causes which occasioned these alterations ?

tuated on the Western side of his disc, A Spanish work, on the Increase of the first being nearest and the fourth Population in Spain, has been published farthest from the planet.




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