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Knights Companions of the order of the 22. At Glasgow, Mr John Walker, mano. Bath; and has also granted his royal per- facturer, to Miss Margaret Graham. mission that he may accept of the title of 25. At Bathgate, the Rev. Mr William Count of Maidı, conferred upon him by his Fleming, to Miss Janet Dick, eldest daughMajesty Perdinand King of the Two Sicilies. ter of Mr John Dick, merchant there.

Henry Brougham, Esq. is appointed En. At London, Dr M. H. Kennedy, to voy to the Court of Lisbun.

Miss J. Court, youngest daughter of the Robert Fergusson, Esq. of Craigdarroch, late Jonathan Court, Esq. is appointed Secretary to the embassy to 26. At Windsor, William Burnie, Esq. America.

of Russel-square, to Miss A. Lind, daughOct. 7. Earl Percy was elected M. P. for 'ter of Dr James Lind, physician, of Wind. Westminster, in oom of the late Mr Fox, without opposition. Sir F. Burdett, Mr - At Portsmouth, Major Duckworth, Whitbread, and Mr Sheridan, were request- only son of Admiral Sir J. T. Duckworth ed by parties of the Electors to stand can K. B. to Miss P. Fanshaw, daughter of didates, but all of them declined.

Rich. Fanshaw, Esq. Commissioner of his A court of Proprietors of the East India Majesty's dock-yard at Portsmouth.. Company have appointed Sir Edward Orms. - At London, the Rev. George Moore, by, Recorder of Prince of Wales's Island, eldest son of the late Archbishop of Canterwith a salary of 3000l. a-year.

bury, to Miss Mary Bridges, youngest The King has been pleased to institute a daughter of the late Sir Brook Bridges Professorship of Military Surgery in the Bart. University of Edinburgh, and to appoint to At ditto, Chevalier Dosterval, a that chair' Mr John Thomson, Professor of French Emigrant, to Miss Parry, with Surgery to the Royal College of Surgeons. fortune of 20,0001.

The King has presented the Rev. John Oct. 3. At Edinburgh, Mr Wm. Aler. Martin to the church of Kirkcaldy, in room Martin, writer to the signet, to Miss Mar. of Dr Fleming, removed to Edinburgh. garet Davie, youngest daughter of the late

His Majesty has granted his Royal Per John Davie of Gavieside, Esq. mission to Lady Augusta Murray, second 21. At Leith, William Ker, Esq. of Li. daughter of the Earl of Dunmore, to use verpool, to Miss Jane Martin, daughter of the surname of De Ameland, in place of Ellis Martin, Esq. Leith. Murray, out of respect to her descent from 22. At Coylton, Ayrshire, George Joseph chat family,

Bell, Esq. Adyocate, to Miss Shaw, eldest MARRIAGES.

daughter of Mr Shaw, Ayr.

23. At Thurston House, Peter Sandilands Sept. 13. At Freeland House, Perthshire, Esq. of Barney Hill, to Miss Hunter, daugh. Walter Hore, Esq. of Harperstown, Wex ter of Robert Hunter, Esq. of Thurston. ford, to the Hon. Mary Elizabeth Thorn . At Dublin, Lieut. Col. Mackenzie, of ton Ruthven, daughter of the late James Wrighton, to Miss Hay, daughter of Major Lord Ruthven.

David Hay, of the late Angus-shire Fer. At St Pancras, James Hamilton, Esq. cibles. of his Majesty's ship Excellent, lately re At Drongan, David Limond, Esq. turned from Naples, to Miss Hornby, lately from India, to Miss Marion Smith, daughter of the late Capt. Hornby. daughter of Mungo Smith, Esq. df Dron

18. At Greenwich, Captain Knox, of the gan. Royal Artillery, to Miss Mary Rocke of

BIRTHS. that place.

Sept. 19. At Hundalee, Mrs Elliot of Har. 20. At Ipswich, Captain Şeton, of the wood, a daughter. 92d regiment, eldest son Sir William 25. At Clydeville, near Lanark, Mrs Seton, Bart. to Miss Frances Coote, eldest Cochrane of Kirkfield, a son. daughter of the late George Coote, Esq. 26. At London, the Hon. Mrs Montgoof Ipswich, and grand niece of the late merie Stewart, a son, Sir Eyre Coote, K. B. Commander in 26. Mrs Johnstone of Alva, a son. Chief in the East Indies.

Lately, at Logie, the Lady of Robert 20. At Montrose, Colonel John Hope, of Cumming, Esq. of Logie, a daughter. the Goth foot, to Miss Scott of Logie. Oct. 1. At Luss, Lady Colquhoun of

20. At Winchester House, Chelsea, Wil Luss, a son. liam Gosling, Esq. of Roehampton, to the 2. At Carnoch, Mrs Stewart Nicholson, Hon. Charlotte Pe Grey, second daugh- a daughter; ter of Lord Walsingham

6. At Countesswells house, the Lady of 2). At Deptford, Francis Atkinson, Esq. John Burnett, Esq. a daughter. to Miss Ferguson, only daughter of Char, 7. At London, the Countess of Cork, a Jes Ferguson, Esq. of Deptford.



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Oct. 9. At London, the Right Hon. Lady At Ramsgate, William Holwell Carr, Charlotte Lennox, a son, being her thir. Esq. of Etall House, only son of the Rev. teenth child.

William and Lady Charlotte Holwell Carr, 9. At Netherby, the Right Hon. Lady and grandson of James Earl of Errol. Catherine Graham, a daughter.

17. At Linthaughlee, near Jedburgh, 10. At Hilton, near, Edinburgh, the Lady Lieut. Col. Thomas Currie, of the Royal of William Boswell Esq. Advocate, a daugh- Marines, aged 74. ter.

At Glasgow, the Rev. Wm. Graham, 12. At Edinburgh, the wife of Thomas minister of the Associate Congregation of Allan, Esq. banker, a son.

Carluke. 12. At Letterfoury, the Lady of Sir 20. At Arbroath, Captain James Stuart, James Gordon, Bart. a daughter.

of the Royal Navy. 26. At Stirches, Mrs Chisholm of Stir. 21. At Glasgow, Alexander M'Caul, Esq. ches, a daughter.

merchant. 27. At Callender House, the lady of 22. At Lauriston, Mr John Bell, bookWilliam Forbes, Esq. of Callender, a son seller, a gentleman for nearly 50 years of and heir.

the highest respectability in his profession. DEATHS.

22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Alison RuddiDec. 16. At Gooty, in the East Indies, man, daughter of the late learned Mr aged 32, Captain Robert William Davis, Thomas Ruddiman, and widow of Me of the 19th regiment of native infantry. James Steuart, writer in Edinburgh, in

Yuly 28. At Messina, Col. Geo. Johnstone, the 76th year of her age. of the 58th regiment, after an illness of ten 24. At Edinburgh, in the 83d year of her days, of a fever, brought on; by excessive age, Miss Eliz. Dall, niece of the late Me fatigue whilst in Calabria. He was an of- Charles Guthrie, writer in Edinburgh. ficer of great experience, 38 years


age, 24. At his seat near Crickhowell, of an had served 23 years in various climates, apoplectic fit, John Gell, Esq. Admiral of was wounded in the West Indies, and, at the White. the battle of Alexandria, being Major of 25. At Hereford, Alexander Hay, Esq. the 44th, took the command of that regi- late Captain of the 7th regiment of drament in the field, Lieut. Col. Ogilvy being goons. killed, and Colonel (now General) Tilson 26. At Brunswick, suddenly, of a nervous being wounded.

cholic, in his 41st year, the Hereditary At ditto, Captain Tomlin, of the Prince Charles George Augustus of Bruns35th regiment, of a similar fever.- Both wick, nephew of his Britannic Majesty. these officers are deeply lamented.

26. Ai Todlaw, Dr Robert Lindesay, - At Hopewell Estate, in the island of physician in Jedburgh. Jamaica, in the 76th year of his age, Alex. 27. At Brighton, aged 70, the Right Rev. Fullarton, Esq. many years a Member of Dr Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St Asaph, the Assembly of that island.

His Lordship was seized, a few days before, Sept. At Cheltenham, Dr Archer, with a bowel complaint, which baffled all husband of Lady Colnbrooke.

medical skill, and deprived the world of Captain Colnett, late Commander of

one of its remaining luminaries in religion his Majesty's ship Glatton.

and learning His Lordship was a man of Lately, at Paris, M. Retif de la Bretoune, strong mind, and an excellent public speakin the 720 year of his age. This copious He has left a disconsolate widow to laauthor wrote more than 100 volumes, ment his loss. which met with success. He had been a 27. At Dunbar, Mr Jokn Melville Rose, journeyman printer, and it is said he set up son of the late Lieut. Arthur Rose of the one of his works without having ever writ Invalids. ten it.

28. At Tyningham, the Hon. Colonel 12. At London, Col. William Skyring, Charles James Hamilton, uncle of the Earl of the Royal Artillery.

of Haddington, and Governor of Blackness 13. At Glasgow, John Leitch, Esq. mer Castle. chant.

28. At Edinburgh, Mr Archibald Crau14. At London, Mrs Frances Livingston, fuird, Writer to the Signet. aged 37. She was in perfect health at -. At Rumsey, suddenly, Samuel Locka eight o'clock in the morning, and a corpse hart, Esq. at ten in the evening.

- William Wilson, Esq. of Ayton. 14. At Thornton, John Aitken, Esq. of - Miss Helen Tod. Thornton.

Miss Anne Lindsay, second daugh. 17. At London, James Galloway Esq. ter of James Lindsay Esq. of Merton, Sur.

17. At her lodgings at Haworth Grange, rey. near York, the Right Hon. Lady Semple. Suddenly, the Rey. John Brand, Rec



tor of St Ivy at Hill, and Secretary of the cousin. of the present Earl, and maid of hoAntiquarian Society at Somerset House. nour to the Princess of Wales. She was un

Sept. 29. At Hampstead, aged 85, Mrs fortunately killed by the oversetting of a Baillie, widow of the Rev. James Baillie, carriage while riding with her Royal HighD. D. Professor of Divinity in the Univer ness. (Sec page 800.) Miss C. was about sity of Glasgow, and sister of the late Dr 53


of age, a lady of high accomplishWilliam Hunter, and John Hunter, Esq. ments, and justly and generally esteenied.

-. At Glasgow, Mr Joho Buchanan, a. 3. At Fountainbridge near Edinburgh, gent for the Sun Fire Office.

the Rev. Charles Lorimer, aged 84. -. At Chelsea, Colonel James Chalmers. 3. At ditto, Mrs Campbell, widow of the

- At Dublin, Hector Graham, Esq. Rev. Mr Alexander Campbell, minister of Register of the Court of Common Pleas, Ardnamurchan. and father in-law of Lord Chief Justice 6. At the Government House, PortsNorbury.

mouth, aged 89, Town Major Grant, of - At Dublin, John Wallace, Esq. one of that garrison. This old veteran served his the oldest barristers at the Irish bar. country, with honour and credit to himself,

30. At Brighton, aged 76, the Right Hon. nearly 60 years. He was a native of loverWilliam Henry Fortescut Earl of Clermont, nessshire, and of a very respectable family

. Knt. of St Patrick. His Lordship married 9. At Edinburgh, of a sudden illness, the in 1752, Miss Murray, daughier of Col. Hon. Mrs Hunter of Barjarg, eldest daugh, Murray, who now survives him, but has ter of the late William Lord Napier, and left no issue. He is succeeded in his title wife of the Rev. Andrew Hunter of Bar. and escate by his nephew William Charles jarg, D D. Fortescue, Esq.

9. At Carstairs, House, William Fuller. Oct. 1. At Paris, Alexander John Baptist ton, Esq. of Carstairs. Marie Bernier, late Bishop of Orleans, and 9. At London, on his arrival from India, formerly one of the most formidable Chiefs Major John Reid, son of the late Mr Roof the Chouan army.

He was consecrated bert Reid, writer to the signet. on the 11th of April 1802, Bishop of Or. 10. At Ninewells in Berwickshire, John leans, after having, according to conven Hume Esq. writer to the signet. tion, dishanded the rebel royalists who ser 10. At Dumbaray Manse, Alexander ved under his command at the time the Beatson, Esq. writer to the signet. unfortunate Georges, conjointly with him. 10. At Craighall, aged 92, Charles Dun. self, was in the zenith of his celebrity. can, Esq. late merchant in London.

1. At Fisherrow, Miss Margaret Stew. 10. Miss Jane Blair, daughter of the late art, eldest daughter of John Stewart, Esq. John Blair, Esq. of Balthayock. of Blairhall.

-, At Farnham, the Right Hon. Lad 2. At Leather head in Surry, Miss Har. Amelia Gamon, wife of Sir Richard Go: riet Maria Cholmondely, daughter of the mon, Bart. M. P. daughter of the late Duke late Hon. and Rev. Robert Cholmondely, of Athol, and sister to the present Duke

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