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PHIS view represents the monų. gagements, so as to perpetuate the

meot which is to be immediately memory of the brilliant atchieve.
erected on the Calton - hill, Edin- ments of our illustrious Naval He-
burgh, to the memory of Lord Nel- roes.
son. The point of view is from Prin- Another plan, which has met with
ces Streći, to the west of St David very general approbation, is, that

part of the Edifice should be fitted In this monument a variety of ob- up into half a dozen of neal.cabins, jects are combined. It will transmit for the gratuitous reception of deserto posterity the fame of the Gallant ving wounded Seamen or Marines ; Hero of Trafalgar, and will excite the preference to be given to those others to imitate his great example : who have bled with the Great Nelbesides, from the grandeur of the son. situation, it will form one of the A large tinted engraving, or ele. greatest possible ornaments to this ration of the monument itself, bas city. In the inside there is to be a been published by the Committee convenient leading to the who are to superintend its erection; top of the monument, whence the and we are authorized by them to spectator will command a coup d’æil say, that such individuals, or public perhaps not to be equalled in Europe. bodies, as approve of the measure, It cannot therefore fail to become and wish to give it their supporta one of the first objects of curiosity may be furnished with copies, by apand resort in this metropolis. plying either to the Commitiee at In the lower part of the edifice Merchants Hall

, Edinburgh, William there is accommodation for the na- Coulter, Esq. Treasurer to the Fund, val officer who is to repeat the sig. or to the Publishers of this Maganals from the flag-staff on the tower; zine. and it has been proposed to furnish The height of the whole, incluhim with flags of the various Admi- ding the Flag Staff, will be upwards rals (from Rodney downwards) by of One hundred and sixty feet; whom great victories have been which, with so elevated a base as the gained. These are to be hoisted on Calton.hill, will appear one of the most the anniversary of the respective en- stupendous objects in this island.



Account of Expenditure on the CALEDONIAN CANAL.


(See Report and Map in Alagazine for December 1805.) 1. Management and travelling expences,

L. 3382 14 87 2. Timber, and carriage thereof,

10,239 17 3. Machinery, cast iron work, tools, and materials, 10,763 14 7 4. Quarries and masonry,

2434 9 5. Shipping,

2548 il 5 6. Houses and temporary buildings,

14999 7. Labour and workmanship, day work, L.2025 19 9 8. Ditto, measure work, 13,008 is of

-15,034 15 61 9. Purchase of land, and payments on account of damages, 183 8 6 1o. Horses' provender and occasional horse-hire,

9 it. Incidental expences,


6 Balance in the hands of the Commissioners,

6th May 1805, invested in Exchequer bills, L.25,000 OO
At Messrs Hoares, Fleet-street, in account

1033 5 8

-26,033 5 8

34 18

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L. S.

72,669 59 Total Expenditure, in Labour and WORKMANSHIP, at Corpach and Clachnacarry, performed immediately under the direction of the Engineer, or Superintendants, as far as can be distinguished in the articles above specified :


L. d.


оо 2. About

386 10 91

386 10 9 3. About


900 ဓ 4. About


1562 9 5. About 6.

568 19 8

930 9 5 51

8y13 5 54 9. 10. and 11.

0 0


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7. and 8.

6121 10

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Total, labour and work.


Total slabour and work}

8577 o 105

I 2,792

7 41 21,369 8


Remarks on ANCIENT Coins lately earthen jar. I have seen about 60, found at Hatton-Mill in the and picked out 5

different Coins. County of ANGUS.

They are all about the size of a six

pence. The Inscriptions are as folTo the Editor.

lows : viz. SIR,

No, I.

ALEXANDER. DEI. GRA. THERE were lately found near Hatton-Mill, in the parish of

REX. SCOTORUM. Kinnell, and County of Angus, about Alexander by the Grace of God 700 Ancient Coins contained in an

King of the Scots.


No. 3:

No. 4.

No. 5.

No. II.

of syntax, or of common sense. EDW. R’. ANGL. DNS. HYB.

These words might indeed relate to LONDON CIVITAS.

a date, but there is no date on the Edwardus Rex Anglorum, Dominus cein, and this gentleman owns that Hyberniz, London Civitas.

dates were not affixed on coins till Edward King of the English, Lord the reign of Edward 6th. The let. of Ireland, London City. ters D. N S. do not therefore mean

" Domini Nostri Salvatoris," but Has EDWARD at full ; in all other

Dominus." respects the Inscription is the same

It is well known, that “ Lord of as that on No. 2.

Ireland” was a title assumed by the

English Kings prior to the reign of Has on the reverse EBORACUM. this title was John, son of Henry the

ACU Edward ist. The first who enjoyed CIVITAS 3. c. York City; on the 2d. The obvious meaning of the obverse, the same Inscription as

inscription is therefore, « Edward No. 2.

King of England, Lord of Ireland." Has on the reverse WATERFORD.

If you think these remarks de. CIVITAS. i. c. Waterford City ;

serve a place in your useful Miscellaand on the obverse, round an equila ny, you may insert them, and oblige,

SIR, teral triangle, the same Inscription

Yours, &c. as No. 2. The coin No. 2. is exactly the 15, 20th Jan. 1806.

R. H. same with that transmitted by your respectable correspondent the Rev. Mr Playfair, and delineated in your Miscellany of Jan. 1804. This gen.

Celestial PHENOMENA for March

1806. tleman has indeed committed a mistake in ascribing this coin to William Saturday, March 19. Rufus, and assigning it a date still the solution he gives is consistent THE longitude of the planet Juno

is at present 5...210.33', and with itself, and reconcilable to the latitude 1..25..' South. rules of grammar.

His whole error On the same day the longitude of has originated in mistaking E. D. Mars'is 119..50.35', and his latitude for G. D. and in endeavouring to 19.. 3' South.

His declination is make the inscription correspond to 10°.,27', South, and he comes to the reign of W. Rufus.

the meridian at 40 minutes after at Your other correspondent, a Gal. o'clock in the forenoon. loway officer, who replies to Mr

Tuesday, March 4th. Playfair, (Feb. Mag. 1804. p. 108.)

The right ascension of Ceres is has also evidently mistaken the in. scription, which he renders, « Ed: 976.49'

, and his declination 31.. ward Rex Angliæ, Domini Nostri 25', North

Thursday March 6th. Salvatoris, Hybernia." This is in

The third satellite of Jupiter will English, “ Edward King of Eng. emerge from behind his shadow at land, of our Lord and Saviour, Ire.

58 minutes and land." There is evidently nothing o'clock in the morning, mean time.

27 seconds after

4 in the inscription with which “ Domini nostri Salvatoris" can stand

Friday, March 7th. connected, or to which it can relate, The second satellite of Jupiter will in conformity with the rules either immerge into his shadow at 19 minutes


and 35 seconds after 5 o'clock in the 45' North. His declination is 7... morning.

53' South ; and he souths about 20 On the same day, the planet Par. minutes after one o'clock in the mor. Las is situated in 769.. 33', of right ning. The ring of Saturn is now ascension, and 13°..20', of South de preity open, and may be seen very clination.

distinctly about midnight. Tuesday, March 11th.

Thursday, March 20th. The planet - Juno is situated in

The Sun will enter the sigo Aries longitude 58..19°..o', and latitude 33' at 21 minutes after 6 o'clock in the Souch.

morning. His longitude is then o Wednesday, March 12th. signs, and the days and nights are The first satellite of Jupiter will equal over the whole world. immerge into his shadow, at 33 mi. On the same day, the longitude nutes and 22 seconds after 4 o'clock of the Georgium Sidus is 68..24°.. in the morning

36', his latitude 37 minutes North, Thursday, March 13th.

his declination 8o..58' South, and the The Moon will be in conjunction time of his southing 16..19° in the with the planet Jupiter at 48 minutes

morning after 8 o'clock in the morning. The

On the same day Juno is situated longitude of Jupiter is then 9.5°• of North latitude.

in 5..16°..41' of longitude, and 10' 28', and his latitude 18 minutes North. His declination is 23o.-3' Saturday, March 22d. South, and he comes to the meridian The planet Ceres is placed in right about 45 minutes after 6 o'clock in ascension 100°..43', and North decli. the morning

nation 31..11. Friday, March 14th.

Tuesday, March 25th. About five o'clock in the morning The right ascension of Pallas is at the first and fourth satellites of Jupi. present 83... 16', and his declination ter will be in conjunction on the eas- 70..59' South. tern side of Jupiter. The third is Friday, March 28th. situated on the same side at a great. The planet Jupiter will be in quaer distance from Jupiter, and the se- drature with the Sun at 17 minutes cood on the other side of the pla. after 8 o'clock in the morning. , net.

Monday, March 31st. On the same day, about 40 mi

The right ascension of Ceres is at nutes after 8 o'clock in the evening, present 102°..57', and his declination the planet Venus will arrive at her

30°..58' North. inferior conjunction with the Sun. Murrayfield, 2

D. B. Saturday, March 15th. Feb. 25. 1806. S The planet Mercury will arrive at his superior conjunction with the Sun at 41 minutes after 4 o'clock in the Memoirs of the Progress of MANUmorning.


and the Fine Arts. The right ascension of Pallas is at present 79°::44'; and her declina. A New comet was discovered in tion 10°.. 35' South.

the hindmost foot of the Great Wednesday, March 19th. Bear, between the stars v and g, on The planet Saturn is situated in the 22d of October last, by M. longitude 6..270..6', and latitude 2°.. Huth of Frankfort on the 'Oder.

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It was scarcely visible to the naked equal to 23.16 inches of mercury.
eye ; but could be easily seen with Oxygenous gas 6.18 inches. Aque-
a common telescope. It was almost ous vapour 44 inches. Carbonic acid
circular, and in other respects similar gas ..2 inches,
to the great Nebula in Andromede, The experiments of Mr BRANDT
both in magnitude and brightness. on Guiacum were laid before the
At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, its Royal Society of London on the oth
right ascension was 166o.-30' with ult. He found that 100 grains of
300...40 of North declination. In this substance contained 225 grains
the space of an hour, its right a-

of water and oil, 30 grains of empy.
scension was encreased 2 minutes, and reumatic oil, 30 of carbon, 9 of
its declination 2..52'; its course lime, and 8 of carbonated hydrogen
was therefore Southerly and some- gas. This chemist also observes,
what Westerly. It showed no nu- that a solution of guiacum assumed
cleus even with a power of 350. Pro- the appearance of caortchoric ; but
fessor Bede of Berlin discovered the when reduced to the solid form, it
same comet on the 23d of the became brittle.
month, in right ascension 1749..25',

M. M. CALLIAS and Co. the ma. and 70...40' North declination. nufacturers of carbonised turf, have

J. HORSBURGH, Esq. has found, found that this species of charcoal from a variety of accurate observa- produces no deleterious effects ; that tions made in 1800 and 1801, that in it yields more heat than wood charcalm settled weather there is a regu- coal; and that it causes water to lar elevation and depression of the boil four times as speedily. In eight mercury in the barometer, twice in minutes it fused 11 ounces of gold;

In the Indian seas, whereas the same quantity of wood. from eight A. M. noon, the mercury charcoal required 16 minutes to prowas generally stationary, and at the duce the same effect. point of greatest elevation. After According to the common method noon it began to fall, and continued of adjusting a transit instrument, it falling till four P. M. at which time is necessary that the clock keep it arrived at the greatest point of de. time for at least 24 hours. The pression. From 4 or 5 P. M. the mer. following method, however, discocury rose again, and continued rising vered by J. S. Butt, Esq. requires till about nine or ten, at which time that the clock should keep time onit had again reached its greatest pointly for a few minutes. Observe the of elevation, and continued stationary difference of the transits of two nearly till midnight ; after which it stars, one above, and the other below began to fall till four in the mor- the pole, whose right ascensions dif. ning: it was again as low as it had fer nearly 180 degrees. At any been at four in the preceding after future period, repeat the observa- . noon; but from this time it rose till' tion on the same stars when their seven or eight o'clock, when it reach- situation with respect to the pole is ed the highest point of elevation, and reversed ; i. e. when the star which continued stationary till noon. The was formerly below the pole is now same phenomena have also been ob- above it.

If the difference between served by Lamanon and Dr Balfour their transits is still the same, the of Calcutta.

transit instrument is properly placed. Mr Dalton has given us the fol. The stars in this latitude most prolowing weights of the different gases per for this purpose are a Cassiopeix, which constitute the atmosphere. and « Ursæ majoris ; B Cassiopeiz, The weight of the 'azotic gas is and > Urski and likewise Draco and


every 24 hours.

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