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longing to Saxony and Prussia, as well September. I am sorry that you have of ammunition as of commerce. In the been induced to sign a pamphlet of that proclamation the merchants were infor- kind. I only answer your Majesty's med, " that since the tyrants of the letter for the purpose of assuring you, Seas (meaning England) will not respect that I shall never attribute to your Maany flag, it is the intention of the Em- jesty the things contained in it. Eveperor (meaning Napoleon) to seize e.

ry thing in it is contrary to the charac. very where their merchandise, and ter of your Majesty, and to the honour strictly to block them up in their own of us both. I pity and despise those island.” According to another account, who have been the authors of such however, the Eng ish goods were not a production. I received imme. seized, but a contribution of 1,000,000 diately afterwards the note of your Midollars was accepted in lieu of them-- nister, dated the ist of October. It has for a good reason---they had beca most- given me the rendezvous for the sth. ly previously removed. Davoust after. As a true Knight, I have kept my word, wards crossed the Elbe, and proceeded and am now in the middle of Saxony. direct for Berlin, which city his advanc- Let your Majesty believe me, I have ed guard (15,000 men) entered on the such a force, thiát all your Majesty's 24th, under the command of General forces cannot keep the victory long Hulin, the same who was the last year doubtful. But why should we shed so the French Commandant at Vienna. much blood? For what purpose is it?

While the different divisions of the I shall use to your Majesty the same French army were tlus employed, the languege that I used to the Emperor army of the north advanced, and took Alexander, before the battle of Austerpossession of the Prussian provinces in litz. May heaven grant, that corrupt Westphalia, ihe principality of Oslid- men and fanatics, who are more the burgh, and the whole of the Fries- enemies of you and your throne, than land, in the name of the King of Holland, they can be of me and my nation, may and it is believed that the Dutch terito- not give you the same advice to bring ries will be extended to the Elbe. Ha- you to the same result. nover is entirely in the possession of " I have been your friend for these the French, with the exception of the six years. I do not wish to profit by fortress of Hamein,which, it appears, the this kind of vertigo which animates Prussians are determined to defend, and your Councils, and which has made you have laid the environs under water, commit errors in politics with wbich

The fifteenth bulletin contains a very Europe is quite astonished, and errors curious article, entitled, “ Copy of a in a military point of view, with which Letter written by the Emperor Napo- Europe will soon resound. leon to the King of Prussia, and sent by Majesty had, in your note, demanded Captain Montesquieu, at ten in the any thing that it was possible for me to morning of the 13th October, to Prince grant, I should have granted it; you Hohenlohe, who received it at four have asked what would be dishonour o'clock the same afternoon."--The bula to me, and therefore you might be sure letin adds, that it has been published, about what would be my reply. War because it has been greatly admired in is, therefore, declared between us, and the Prussian army, among whom many the alliance broken for ever. copies have been circulated. This dis should we shed the blood of our subgusting composition outdoes in effron- jects? I set no value upon a victory tery and insolence all the insidious ob- which is purchased by the lives of a servations contained in these bulletilis. number of my children. If I were now Treachery, fạisthood, assassination, and beginning my military career, and if I robbery, can never dishonour the name cou'd fear the chances of war, this lan. of Napoleon while he holds the sword guage would be out of its place. Sir, of victory.

J'our Majesty will be conquered. You Letter to the King of Prussia.

wiil have compromised the peace of

your life, and the existence of your subSIR, MY BROTHER,

jects, without even the shadow of a “ I have only received, upon the 7tli, pretext. This day you are unbroken, your Majesty's letter of the 25th of and may treat with me in a manner



If your

But why


suitable to your rank : Your Majesty which are so easily roused and appeased may treat with me before a month is

among all nations. over, but in a situation very different. “Sir, my brother, I pray God that he Your Majesty has permitted yourself to may have you in his worthy and holy use irritating expressions, which have keeping. been artfully prepared. You have told “ Your Majesty's good brother, me that you have often rendered me

" NAPOLEON. services. Well, then, I shall give you From my Imperial Camp at Gera, a proof of the recollection that I have

Oct. 12. 1806. of them. It is now in your power to

Potsdam, Oct. 25. save your subjects from the ravages of The corps of Marshal Lannes arrived

It is hardly now begun, and here on the 24th. The Emperor arriv. you may finish it, and Europe will be ed at Potsdam yesterday, and entered much indebted to you. If your Majes. the palace. In the afternoon he went ty shall listen to those frantic persons to inspect the new palace of Sans Souwho, 14 years ago, wished to take Paris, ci, and the country in the environs of and who now have induced you to em. Potsdam ; he found the situation and bark in a war, and in offensive projects the building very pleasant. He staid equally inconceivable, your Majesty sone time in the chamber of Frederick will do an injury to your people that the Great, the hangings and furniture the remainder of your life will not be of which are the same now as at the able to heal. Sir, I have nothing to time of his decease. gain in a contest with your Majesty : The Emperor has been to view the I want nothing, nor ever did want tomb of Frederick the Great. The reany thing from you. The present war mains of this great man are inclosed in is a most impolitic one. I feel that, a wooden cofin, covered with copper. perhaps, by this letter, I am irritating It is placed in a vault, without any orthat sensibility which naturally belongs naments, any trophies of victory; withto every Sovereign ; but the present out any distinction to recal the memory circumstances admit of no disguise.-- of his great and heroic actions. I tell your Majesty what I think. Let. The citadel of Spandau, three miles your Majesty, moreover, permit me to from Berlin, and four from Potsdam, tell you, that it is no great discovery to strong by its situation in the midst of Europe to learn, that France is three water, having a garrison of 1200 men, times more populous, and as brave and and a great quantity of ammunition and warlike, as the states of your Majesty, provisions, was surrounded on the night I have not given you any real subject of the 24th. Gen. Bertrand, the Emfor war. Let your Majesty then order peror's Camp, had previously this swarm of malevolent and inconsi. reconnoitred the place. The cannon derate persons to be silent, with that was ready to open upon it, and the garrespect that is due to your throne, and rison began to be alarmed, when Marrestore that tranquility that is due shal Lannes proposed a capitulation, to yourself and to your dominions. which was accepted. If you will never again find an ally in

Charlottenburg, Oct. 27. me, you will find a man who is desi- The Emperor left Potzdamn rous of never waging any wars that twelve o'clock, to inspect the fortress are not indispensible for the interest of Spandau. He has charged Chasseof my people, and of never shedding loup, commandant of the engineers, blood in a contest with Sovereigns, who with improving the fortifications of tha: have no opposite interest to me, from in place. This is a fine piece of workdustry, commerce, and political system. I the magazines are magnificent, and pray your Majesty to see in this letter meal, oats, &c. have been found in them only the desire I have to spare the ef- sufficient to serve the army for two fusion of human blood, and to save a months ; besides ammunition sufficient nation, that, from its geographical posi- to double the provision for the whole of tion, cannot be an erremy to mine, from the artillery. This fortification, upon the bitter repentance which it would the Spree, two miles from Berlin, is an have to feel, from having listened too incalculable advantage. In our hands, much to those momentary passions, it would have sustained a siege of two Nov. 1806.



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months after the trenches had been o. divisions of the cavalry had arrived, pened. The reason why the Prussian General Lasalle attacked the enemy Commandant did not defend it was, be with his usual intrepidity, which has al. cause he had not received any orders; ways formed the character of the French and the French having arrived before hussars and yagers in the present war. he had received information of the de. The enemy's line, though formed three feat of the Prussians at Jena, the batte- deep, was broken; they were pursued ries were not in readiness, and the place into the village of Zehdenick, and in a manner disarmed.

ihrown into confusion in the defiles.To give an idea of the uncommon The Queen's regiment of dragoons enconfusion which prevailed in the Prus. deavoured to recover themselves, but sian Monarchy, it is sufficient to say, the dragoons of Grouchy's division soon that the Queen,upon her return from her shewed themselves, fell upon the eneridiculous and lamentable journey to my, and made dreadful havock among Erfurt and Weimar, passed a whole them. A part of these 6000 cavalry night at Berlin without seeing a single were driven into the morasses ; soo reperson ; that the people were, for a mained upon the field ; 700 with their long time, without knowing where the horses were made prisoners. The CoKing was; that no person took any lonel and a great number of officers of care for the safety of the capital; and the Queen's regiment are included.that the citizens were compelled to The colours of the regiment are taken. unite, in order to form a Provisional Government.

Berlin, Oct. 28. In the palaces there was not the least Yesterday the Emperor made his order observed, so that the sword of the public entry into this city; he was atGreat Frederick was easily found at tended by the Prince of Neufchatel, and Potzdam, together with the scarf which the Marshals Davoust and Augereau. he wore during the seven years war; Marshal Lefevre headed the train also the insignia of the Black Eagle.-- with the Imperial footguards. The EmThe Emperor took these trophies with peror marched between the grenadiers transport, saying, “ I would rather have and horse yagers, belonging to his lifethese than twenty millions ;" then guard. At three in the afternoon he pausing a little, he added, " I shall alighted at the Palace, where he was send these to my old soldiers, who received by the Grand Marshal Duroc. served in the war of Hanover; I shall A vast concourse of people had assem. present them to the Governor of the bled as spectators of this ceremony. Invalids; in that hotel they shall re- The whole of the Civil Administra. main."

tion, presented by General Hulin, came Charlottenburg, October 27. to offer the keys to the Emperor. This As the military movements are no body immediately waited upon his Malonger uncertain, they are become still jesty. The General Prince Hatzfeldt more interesting, by the contrivance of was at their head. This morning the marches and maneuvres. The indefa. Envoys of Bavaria, Spain, Portugal, tigable Grand Duke of Berg was at and the Ottoman Porte, resident at Zehdenick on the 26th, at three o'clock Berlin, were admitted to an audience in the afternoon, with a brigade of light of his Majesty. cavalry, under General Lasalle, while Afterwards his Majesty received the the division of dragoons under Generals whole of the Lutheran and Reformed Beaumont and Grouchy were marching Consistories. There are upwards of to the same point.

12,000 French at Berlin, whose prede. The brigade under General Lasalle cessors took refuge there, in consepresented itself to the enemy, who op- quence of the revocation of the Edict posed it with 6000 cavalry. This was of Nantes. His Majesty conversed the whole of the cavalry of the Prussian with the principal persons among army that had escaped from Magde- these Protestants, and told them, that bu-gh, forming the advanced guard of they had a just claim upon his protecPrince Hohenloe's corps, directing their tion, and that their privileges, and the march towards Stettin.

exercise of their worship, should be seAt four in the afternoon, when both cured to them. His Majesty advised


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them to concern themselves with their Prussian army, after the battle of Jena, own affairs, to remain peaceable, and were coilected in two divisions, the pay obedience and respect to the So- one under the command of Prince Hovereign. The Courts of Justice were henlohe, estimated at 30,000 men; the presented. His Majesty conversed with other, of nearly an equal force, under the Members of the Courts of Appeal, the Dukes of Weimar and Brunswick and gave them some instructions as to Oels ;--the object of both, of course, the manner in which justice should be was to gain the Oder, and to interpose administered.

that river between hem and their purCount Van Neale coming into the

The part of the Prussian army, hall of audience, the Emperor said to under the Dukes of Weimar and Brunshim,“ Well, Sir, your ladies wished for wick (els, crossed the Elbe at Tangerwar, and they have been gratified; it munde and Sandau, on the 26th and becomes you to manage your household 27th Oct. They were much incumbetter.” (Letters had been intercepted moded in their march by the French, from the Count's daughter.) “ The who had crossed at Dessau and Wittengood people of Berlin have been the berg on the 29th, and there are reports sacrifice of the war; while those who in the Hamburgh Papers of this part of excited it have left them, and are be. the Prussian army having been beaten at come fugitives. I shall reduce those Plauen and Gustrow, and that its renoble courtiers to such extremities, that treat to the Oder having been found they shall be compelled to beg their bread.impracticable, it had withdrawn towards

The Emperor ordered, that twenty. Swedish Pomerania. four of the best burghers should be as. The fortress of Magdeburg remains sembled at the Town-house, in order blockaded by the corps under General to select a third of their number to take Ney. The fortress of Spandau surrenupon them the civil government of the dered to the French, by capitulation, on place. Eachof the twenty wards is to fur. the 25th Oct, nish a guard of 60 men ; so that 1200 of The King and Queen of Prussia, acthe best Burgliers will be intrusted with cording to some accounts, had retired the care of the city, and the manage behind the Vistula, but other accounts ment of the police.

say that his Majesty was at Breslau, The Emperor said to Prince Hatz- whither he had gone to meet the Rusfeldt, “ Do not appear in my presence, sians, of whose motions we have no acI have no need of your services : retire curate accounts. to your estates.”

It is further stated on the authority The Emperor gave audience to the of letters from the North of Germany Chancellor and the Ministers of the that the Duke of Brunswick had been King of Prussia,

deposed by Bonaparte, and his title and In giving instructions to the Civil territory given to Marshal Soult. This Administration of the city, the Emperor is all. but confirmed. The reception said, “. I will not suffer any windows which the Duke's request of protection to be broken. My brother the King of for his States met with, leaves little Prussia ceased to be a King from the room doubt of Bonaparte's intentions. day when Prince Louis Ferdinand was After torrent of insulting language to bold enough to break the windows of his his officer, Napoleon signified that “if Majesty's Ministers. His Majesty should the House of Brunswick lose the 50have ordered him to be hanged." vereignty of its ancestors, it can only

The Grand Duke of Berg, Marshal be ascribed to the author of two wars." Lannes, and the Prince of Ponte Corvo, The venerable Duke (he is now in his are pursuing Prince Hohenlohe. After 92d year,) was at the date of the last the gallant affair with the cavalry at accounts, very ill, and blind of both Zehdenick, the Grand Duke of Berg eyes. The court of Denmark, appreadvanced to Templin, where he found a hensive of the resentment of Bonaparte, great quantity of provisions, and the din. is said to have expressed a wish that he ners for the Prussian Generals and their should leave Holstein, and it was sup. troops ready dressed.

posed that he would seek an asylum in From what we can collect from the England. German accounts, the remains of the M. Malraison, principally charged

with all power in the Duchy of Bruns. which the Emperor Alexander is ma•
wick, issued the following declaration king to pull down the common enemy
on the 28th October: "In virtue of the of the Continent, he has also an army
orders which have been given to me, I assembled on the Confines of Molda-
have the honour to announce to you, via, sufficient at least to restrain, if not
that the country of Brunswick being to overwhelm, the Ottoman forces.
now conquered by the arms of his Ma-

jesty the Emperor of the French and Letters from Cadiz of the 25th Oct.
King of Italy, I am charged to take pos- state, that the Spanish Government had
session of it from this moment in the declared the country in danger, and it
name of his said Majesty.”

was resolved to raise an additional force Another report is the march of a of 150,000 men. Cadiz was to furnish French force to take possession of Swe. 1000 infantry, or soo cavalry. The readish Pomerania, and that the Swedish son assigned for this extraordinary mea. troops which were in Lauenburgh were sure was the momentary apprehension of in danger of being cut off. The French an insurrection. Proclamations, it is had got between them and Swedish Po. said, were issued in profusion to confirm merania, and they were too few in num- the wavering, and rouse all the dormant ber (not above 1400) to attempt to loyalty of the country. It is however fight their way. It became necessary, suspected, that the danger of internal therefore, that they should end vour commotion was but the pretext for this to effect their retreat by sea: Accord- act of valour, and that the Spanish Go. ingly they entered Lubeck by force, vernment had no greater fears than those with the intention of embarking for excited by their allies the French. Stralsund, which has also been declared DREADFUL ACCIDENT AT MALTA. in a staie of siege.

A most dreadful accident happened The Elector of. Hesse, whose neu. at Malta on the 18th of July. About trality Bonaparte had recognised only six o'clock in the morning, some artileight days before the battle of Jena, has lerymen began to unload shells in the 'experienced just the same fate as if he magazine of Barmola, opposite the Va. had joined Prussia. War has been de: letta, without taking the proper precauclared against him, upon what pretence tions. By some accident some of the we know not; and the French have ta. combustible matter took fire, and comken possession of Cassel,

municating to the magazine, occasioned TURKEY.

a tremendous explosion of 370 barrels Dispatches have been received from of gun - powder, besides a quantity of Mr Arbuthnot at Constantinople. They shells. ' 14 gunners, 26 soldiers. (13 of contain, we understand, the important which were Maltese,) and about 200 information, that the Porte, under the inhabitants, were either killed on the influence of French councils, has been in, spot, or buried in the ruins of the adduced to dissolve its alliance with Russia. joining fortifications and buildings, be: This renunciation of the policy, to the sides those wounded. A woman and observance of which it is that the Porte child only were dug out ative. Besides owes its existence as a nation, cannot the fortišications and military buildings, fail to terminate in a war between these about fifty private houses were thrown two powers. It is indeed probable that down, or so much shaken that they will it has already commenced ; for, accord- require to be rebuilt. No Officer of ing to some accounts, the Grand Seig- either the navy or army was killed or nior, in the same breath, not only re. wounded. The shock was so great as nounced his relations with Russia, but to agitate the sea like an earthquake, formally declared war against her. This for several miles round. A Mr Wodeevent has not been unexpected by the house, a wine-merchant, lost 250 pipes Court of St Petersburgh. It has vigi. of fine Sicilian wine, which burst in his lantly marked the progress of the French cellars by the violence of the concussion, ascendancy at Constantinople, and in- DESTRUCTIVE FIRE IN SWEDEN. creased its armies on the Turkish fron. The town of Udderwalla, in Sweden, tier in proportion to the influence which about 50 miles from Gottenburgh, was France obtained in the Divan. Not- totally destroyed by fire on the 29th of withstanding the extraordinary exertions July. The following particulars of this



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