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calamitous event are given in a letter tueux of 74 guns, and 670 men, comof the ist August:

manded by Monsieur Le Veyer Capi. “ We are extremely sorry to apprize taine de Vaisseau, one of the squadion you of a dreadful fire here. Every house that had been cruizing under Rear-Adin the town is on fire-You may easily miral Willeaumez, having separated from imagine the sensation here at such a mo- him and four sail of the line more, with ment-we would not believe it possible a frigate, during the heavy gale of the that the whole town could be consumed 18th and 19th ult. wherein she lost all at a time. Some particulars are really her masts, bowsprit, and rudder, and o. shocking. Such a furious fire, we dare therwise much damaged. About noon, say, has hardly been heard of: the people perceiving two suspicious vessels in the worked with all imaginable courage, but offing, I got under weigh with the Bel. the fire spreading rapidly, and being car. lona, directing Capt. Poyntz of the Meried by the wind to different parts of lampus to receive the crew, and set fire the town, by which means it burnt at to her; which he completed before several points at a time, and the brid- eight o'clock that evening." ges across the canals likewise being The Cassard of 74 guns, one of Guil. burnt, the communication was totally lamet's fleet, has got into Brest, after cut off, and thus the people prevented being much damaged in the storm, but from working with success. Some build. had taken a valuable ship from Liverpool ings, an English mile out of town, have bound to Buenos Ayres. been even burnt by fire, carried by the The Rose cutter, arrived from the wind. In short, there are only four or Mediterranean, brings dispatches from five small buildings saved; all the town Admiral Duckworth, whom she left off is gone, the church, iron wharf, dealCarthagena, watching to prevent a juncyard, with about 15,000 dozen boards, tion of the ships at Toulon with those at the tar-yard, rope work, all--all are Cadiz, which, to the number of twelve gone; and about 5000 people are now sail of the line, with 24,000 troops on in the open air (without provisions) board, were, it is said ready to sail, and watching the poor remains of the move. no doubt for South America. abies. A cargo of provisions has been Under these circumstances, our reasent by the merchants of Gottenburgh ders will be pleased to hear, that the exfor the relief of the sufferers--but where pedition under Col. Crawfurd, supposto house them? We fear nearly every ed to be also destined for South Amemerchant at Vaderwalla will be totally rica, has at length sailed from Falmouth, ruined by this accident-such an enor- Nov. 10. under convoy of four sail of mous quantity of goods are burnt.” the line, the Spencer, Captain, Ganges, NAVAL INTELLIGENCE.

and Theseus, two frigates, and smaller

vessels, and having on board 180 artil. Respecting the fleet under Admiral lery, 6th dragoon guards, 9th light draGuillamet, we have further intelli. goons, sth, 36th, 45tlı, $8th, and 95th gence. Capt. Hargood of the Belleisle, foot-in all about 5506 men. Long in a letter dated 15th Sept, off the Capes too long, as the troops have been on of Virginia, writes as follows:

board, we have the gratifying assurance Yesterday morning, being in com- that they are all in a very healthy state. pany with his Majesty's ships Bellona We are concerned to announce seveand Melampus, endeavouring to fall in ral late instances of Shipwreck, of which with Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Stra. the following have been attended with chan, I discovered a line of battle ship circumstances truly lamentable. to the leeward, under jury masts, stand- On the 13th Sept. 1805, the Æneas ing in for the Chesapeak, to which we transport sailed from Portsmouth for immediately gave chace. On perceiv- Quebec, with three companies of the ing us, she bore up, and stood in for voodth regt. on board, under the comthe land. “'At a quarter past eight ob- mand of Major Bertram, and on the served she had taken the ground. Be- 23d October she was totally lost in the ing then within one mile, I came to an- Guiph of St Lawrence. Of this melan chor in about five fathoms water, and choly catastrophe we have the following immediately sent boats and took posses. relation from one of the survivors. sion of her. She proved to be L'Impe- “ On the 230 October, at four o'clock

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in the morning, the ship struck on the mained in company with two of the rocks, about a quarter of a mile off a party who struck into the woods, whom small island near the Port-aux Basques, this man had also discovered and brought to the eastward of Cape Ray. "The in, till the spring, when he conducted strength of the wind at S. E. blowing them to Fortune Bay, where they em. in-shore, the weight of the waves dash

barked for Quebec. ing over the vessel, and her filling, " Accounts had been received of the made it evident that she would shortly escape of two sailors of the large party go to pieces. On attempting to lower the which struck into the woods. The long boat, it was carried away, and on rest, it is feared, have all perished. The this occasion Major Bertram, the Com. total number of souls on board the vesmanding Officer, had his arm broke, and sel was about 247, thirty or forty of was carried over board with the boat, whom were women and children. and perished. Several who attempted to “ The names of the persons known to swim on shore, perished in the sight of be saved are Edward Cornwall, corpo. their comrades. Nothing, therefore, ral, James M‘Garnie, John Crosier, John could be done by those who still remain. M‘Dermond, and James M-Kennah, ed on board, (and whose numbers privates soodth regiment ; Daniel De. were diminishing every minute, by be- novan, and Thomas Robertson, sailors. ing washed overboard), but to commit The following are the names of the themselves to the will of Providence, Officers who were on board : Major and await the awful moment of the Bertram, Captains Enright and Sherbreaking up of the vessel. This took rard, Lieut. Dawson, Ensigns Falkner, place about eight o'clock; at that time Cooper, and Ormsby, and Assistant there remained little more than 50 or 60 Surgeon W. Hendrick, all of the woodth persons on board. Thirty-four of these, regiment." principally from the quarter.deck, got On the 14th of Sept. the King George on shore on pieces of the wreck, to the Liverpool packet, Captain Walker, small island already mentioned, which bound from Parkgate to Dublin, sailed was but ten yards from the main land, from Parkgate at twelve o'clock at to which they crossed on a raft. Their night, and in two hours after, she situation was then, however, but little struck on the Salisbury bank, and was less desperate than before they reached totally lost. She had 110 passengers the shore. Shortly after the vessel broke on board, mostly Irish harvestmen reup, the wind changed to N. W.; their turning to their own country, besides hopes of provisions being driven on her crew, all of whom unfortunately shore, were by that means entirely de perished, except four men and a poor stroyed. What provisions they had, Irish boy, who got into the boat, which when equally divided, amounted to a. drifted by the tide into Parkgate in the bout a pound of pork, and a few biscuits morning. each; the shore, at that time of the The Glasgow Packet, Moses John. year, seldom or never visited; the coun- ston master, sailed from Leith on Sun. iry barren and uninhabited; and the day, the 16th Nov. at five o'clock in the most inclement season approaching, evening, with 21 passengers on board. The whole of those who got on shore At two o'clock next morning, she struck (amongst whom were Lieut. Dawson upon a sunk rock outside the Fern Is. and Ensign Falkner), excepting three, lands; the water immediately rushed of which the informant was one, struck in: Seeing there was no possibility of into the woods. The three just men saving the ship, the Captain ordered the tioned remained four days on the beach, boat to be got out, and two men to get when they were fallen in with by a huna her to the lee-bow, to save the women, ter, of the name of Michael Gillam, who, if possible; but the wind and sea being it appears, had occupied a fishing post so strong, and the rings with which the near where the vessel was wrecked, in boat was made fast giving way, she summer, but now had retired to the drifted off, and the men could not regain woods, where he was hutted the the ship: they therefore rowed land, winter. By this man they were treat- and saved themselves. The stern boat ed with the greatest humanity, and ta- was stove in pieces. The ship being ken to his habitation, where they re- now full of water, the sea made a fair


passage over her; guns were fired so The Camilla, Foreman, of Dundee, long as the vessel was above water; from Petersburgh, was lost on the 28th there being no appearance of any assist- October on Iceland Reef. She was upance, every one had to catch the rigging, set in a heavy gale of wind, and both or any place where they could hold her masts broken; at the same time themselves fast--They continucd in this three of the crew were washed over-state till day-light, when tive of the pas- board, and drowned; the rest remained sengers were missing.

five days upon the wreck, from which At this time three Hoiy Island boats they were taken by a Swedish vessel, appeared, but could not come nearer and carried to Gottenburgh. the vessel than twenty yards, the sea In the end of October, the Mars, running so high; they were called to Caithness, of Dundee, from Riga to heave their fishing lines on board, which London, was put into Christiansand in the Ca;tain fastened round the passen- great distress, having, during a very gers, who then threw themselves into hard gale, shifted her cargo, lost her the sea, and were drawn by the fisher- boats, with almost every thing else upmen into their boats. Captain Johnston on deck, had her hatches burst open, was the last that got off the wreck, ex- and the vessel very much strained and cept a man, his wife, and child, who could damaged in the hull. The mate and a not be got at; they, however, a little seaman were, at the same time, washed after, were got out. Other three pas. overboard, and drowned. The vessel sengers, and one of the ship’s servants, being on her beam ends, the main topwere lost after day-light, and before any mast was cut away, with the topsail and person left the ship, the rest got safe on rigging, and after five days of great one of the Islands. The vessel remain. hardship, the remaining part of the crew ed all day on the rock, and went to got her into Christiansand. pieces during the night. Only a very The brig Unity of Teignmouth, Stesmall part of the cargo is saved.

phen Burn master, from London ta Captain Leslie and Captain Campbell, Belfast with cotton, &c, was wrecked of the gist Regiment, two of the pas. on the zd Nov. in Aldmenish Bay, Island sengers, are among the saved. Owing of Jura. The Captain having applied to some cause, the Life-boat at Holy Is- to Mr Campbell of Jura, he immediland was not brought forward, or, it is ately sent his overseer, with boats and supposed, the whole might have been every necessary assistance, by which saved.

means 326 bags of cotton, and some on About 10 o'clock on the night of the ther articles, have been saved and secu. 2d Oct. the Lavinia of Dundee, Fran- red in his storehouses, in the small isles cis Drummond master, with a cargo of of Jura, but it is feared in a damaged hemp, &c. from Riga for London, went state. While the cargo was discharging on shore about a mile and a half to the the Captain and crew absconded from eastward of Crail. The sea running the Island under very suspicious circumvery high, and covering the vessel every stances. Mr Campbell ordered a sur. moment, the crew, Captain excepted, vey of the vessel to be made by some for safety took to the rigging, and re- Shipmasters and Carpenters, who report. mained in that perilous situation till e- ed, that they thought the vessel might be leven o'clock next forenoon, when they got off with litle damage. were taken ashore About six o'clock On Tuesday, Aug. 19. an alarm of in the morning the crew saw the master fire was given on board the Dover of washed from the deck, and drowned. 44 guns, which had been prepared as a The cargo has been mostly all got a. fioating barrack for the Woolwich dishøre, although the vessel is completevision of marines, and in about an hour ly broke up. The hemp is all in a da. after she was in flames from stem to maged state, but, notwithstanding, sold stern. There were on board about 120 to very good account. Great praise men, 5o women, and 25 children. The is due to the Gentlemen of the town of scene was extremely distressing. Men Crail and its vicinity, for their prompt were seen dragging their wives out of and zealous exertions in collecting the the port holes, while mothers were inhabitants, and saving as much as pos- heard screaming for their children; osible from the wreck,

thers, half-burnt, were seen leaping from




the ship to the shore. All, however, at Warrington. They were almost all got safe on shore, but one man, return- young men of fortune.--Hitchins was ing to save something, unfortunately worth L. 60,000. Holland possessed a perished. The Dover was burnt to the fortune of L. 2000 a.year. The agitawater's edge.

tion of this poor man, when sentence was DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. pronounced, was shocking in the exA few days since, a meeting of the treme. He wrung his hands, beat his Sierra Leone Company took place at bosom and forehead, and shewed all the the New London Tavern, in Cheap- symptoms of the utmost extremity of side, Mr Thornton in the Chair; when despair. A rich Lancashire attorney, the Hon, Gentleman read a report of worth L. 40,000, implicated in the same the state of the Company to the Meet. : crime, has absconded. On Saturday ing.-It concluded with observing, that, Sept. 13th, three of these unhappy men in consequence of one of the objects for (Powell, Holland, and Stockton,) were which the Company had been formed, executed on the drop behind Lancaster viz. the Abolition of the Slave Trade, castle, alongst with two others for forbeing in a fair train of accomplishment; gery, and one for a rape, amidst an imthe Company being considerably in debt, mense concourse of spectators. Hitchand their expences unavoidably increas ins and Rix were executed at the same ing; the Governors, therefore, recom. place on the 27th of Sept. They all mended the giving up the colony to

demeaned themselves in a manner beGovernment. On the 20th Nov. Mr coming their awful situation. Thornton attended a Committee of the

IRELAND. Privy Council, and made an offer of the On Tuesday Nov. 4. a most daring Company's Charter. Mr Thornton re. attempt was made to rob the house of ceived for answer, that the offer should Mr Jones, Patentee of the Theatre Roybe laid before his Majesty. It is suppos- a!, Dublin. Mr J. having had notice of ed some difficulty will arise, on account the intended attack, had procured an of of the Company wishing to retain some ficer and nine men of the Tipperary power in the Colony, although they Militia, who were stationed in an upgive up the Charter,

per room. About ten o'clock, one of the Diving BELL.-By means of this in- company going to the hall door, five genious contrivance, a Mr Braithwaite · armed villains rushed by him towards has been so successful as to recover, the parlour, where the foremost of them the months of June and July last, the discharged a pistol, and wounded the whole specie from the Abergavenny Officer severely in the shoulder; the Indiaman, which was lost off Portland shot was instantly returned, and the robin Feb. 1805. He was down frequently ber fell dead. The soldiers now rushed at the rate of six hours a day. The down stairs, and in the hall killed two specie was contained in 60 boxes of of the villains who were retreating, and dollars, and amounted to 24,000 l: A made prisoners of two others.--A sixth great number of valuable articles have was found dead next morning in a ditch, also been recovered. A Mrs Bennet of having been killed. These ruffians be. Colchester had the courage to descend longed to a gang of thirty-five, which it in the machine on one occasion, and re- is hoped, by similar measures of prudence mained forty minutes. She has since and fortitude, may soon be extirpated. obtained the appellation of the Diving At the fair of Glanogta, county of Belle,

Limerick, on the 28th Oct, two parties, At Lancaster assizes, in August last, the name of whose principals were Blake five persons were tried for an unnatural and Quaine, met to decide an old quarcrime, and capitally convicted, viz.. rel. The former were so well armed, Isaac Hitchins, Joseph Holland, John the latter declined meeting him. On their Powell, Thomas Rix, and Samuel Stock- return, the Blakes called at the house ton. Sixteen others were to be tried of a man, whose name was Quaine, but for the same offence at next assizes, but who was not at all of the party, shot six of them have been admitted King's him dead on the spot, wounded his bro. evidence. These persons pretended to ther desperately, set fire to his house hold a Mason Lodge, and took a house and haggard, and remained until the to carry on their diabolical purposes whole was consumed.

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Scottish Chronicle.

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GENERAL ELECTION. one who is connected with him by ties the

most strong and indissoluble. consequence of the dissolution of Par

“ If such have in any measure been the liament on the 24th of October, and the

motives of your conduct, I wish to flattier royal proclamation for summoning a new Parliament to meet on the 15th Dcember myself that they are founded on the just as.

surance, that no partiality, arising from ensuing, the General Election of Members personal friendship, or private connection, has gone on this month throughout the

could induce the distinguished character, United Kingdoms, and the returns are near- to whom I have ventured to allude, to ly completed. — The election of members for the districts of Scottish burglis took give any countenance or sanction to your

choice of an individual, whom he at least did place on the 24th of this month; and the

not conceive to be in some respects worthy of election of the Sixteen Representative Peers

that honour, and in some degree qualified of Scotland will proceed at Holyrood-house

for the proper discharge of the important on the 4th of December. In our next we

duties attached to the Representation of the shall give a complete list of the Peers and

Commons of Scotland returned to serve in

“ I am, however, hopeful, that no expecthe new Parliament.

tations exist which my very moderate abiCITY OF EDINBURGH.

lities may be unable to fulfil; you must not

expect a distinguished Representative, but On the 4th of Nov. the Town Council

you may be assured of having a faithful of Edinburgh unanimously elected Sir Pa- and a zealous servant, who, in the perfortrick Murray of Ochtertyre, Bart. to be re- mance of his duty, will place his chief relipresentative for the city ; on which occa- ance in your indulgence, and on the access sion he delivered the following address : which he has to the counsel and assistance « MY LORD PROVOST,

of friends fully acquainted with your inte

rests, solicitous for your welfare, and posses“ In returning to your Lordship, and

sing your regard and confidence. the Magistrates and Council of Edinburgh, “ For the general direction and regulamy most respectful and grateful acknow. tion of my political conduct, I shall hav. ledgements, for having conferred upon me in view the great landmark of the indethe honourabie and important trust of your pendence and prosperity of our Country, representative in Parliament, (a representa: and of our free and unrivalled Constitution, tion unquestionably the most distinguished heightened by the storms which have aswhich this country affords,) I am consci- sailed them, and rendered more conspicuous ous that no pretensions which I can advance by the downfall of almost every other sur. could have entitled me to your consideration, rounding establishment ; we have beheld or have procured me this high honour. the tempest, and we know how it has been

“ In almost every quarter of the Empire, withstood...In the midst of it, we have seen and in every department of the State, you our Country towering inits native strength, might have found men, the splendour in glory, in prosperity and in freedom; we of whose talents, or the eminence of whose know by what meni, and by what measuses, services, rendered them more worthy of those things have been effected. The

illustrious Pilot is no more! but his course “ It is impossible not to perceive, that, is engraven in the grateful and adnjiring in bestowing upon me this signal mark of remenibrance of his Saved Country: He your favour, you are influenced by mo- has left behind him many able friends, and tives independent of personal consider- whoever shall follow his wise and salıtary ation for the individual who is the ob. tract, must command ou rconfidence and ject of your choice ; and. that in selecting support ; his chief and steadiest friend is me, you are merely expressing in my per- still amongst us, the splendour of whose eson, your steady attachment and most ho- minent services will long illuminate the annourable adherence to the interests of a nals of his country, and which no combinaStatesman who has long and most deser- tion of adverse circumstances has availed vedly possessed your gratitude and confi- to tarnish or obscure.. dence, and those wishes you possibiy con- “ In some respects, the duty of your receive you may gratify, by the election of presentative is abridged and simplified. The Nov. 1806.


your choice.

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