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passage over her; guns were fired so The Camilla, Foreman, of Dundee, long as the vessel was above water; from Petersburgh, was lost on the 28th there being no appearance of any assist- October on Iceland Reef. She was upance, every one had to catch the rigging, set in a heavy gale of wind, and both or any place where they could hold her masts broken; at the same time themselves fast--- They continucd in this three of the crew were washed over. state till day-light, when tive of the pas- board, and drwned; the rest remained sengers were missing.

five days upon the wreck, from which At this time three Hoiy Island boats they were taken by a Swedish vessel, appeared, but could not come nearer and carried to Gottenburgh. the vessel than twenty yards, the sea In the end of October, the Mars, running so high; they were called to Caithness, of Dundee, from Riga to heave their fishing lines on board, which London, was put into Christiansand in the Captain fastened round the passen- great distress, having, during a very gers, who then threw themselves into hard gale, shifted her cargo, lost her the sea, and were drawn by the fisher- boats, with almost every thing else upmen into their boats. Captain Johnston on deck, had her hatches burst open, was the last that got off the wreck, ex- and the vessel very much strained and cept a man, his wife, and child, who could damaged in the hull. The mate and a not be got at; they, however, a little seaman were, at the same time, washed after, were got out. Other three pas. overboard, and drowned. The vessel sengers, and one of the ship's servants, being on her beam ends, the main topwere lost after day-light, and before any mast was cut away, with the topsail and person left the ship, the rest got safe on rigging; and after five days of great one of the Islands. The vessel remain. hardship, the remaining part of the crew ed all day on the rock, and went to got her into Christiansand. pieces during the night. Only a very The brig Unity of Teignmouth, Stesmall part of the cargo is saved.

phen Burn master, from London to Captain Leslie and Captain Campbell, Belfast with cotton, &c, was wrecked of the gist Regiment, two of the pas. on the 3d Nov. in Ardmenish Bay, Island sengers, are among the saved. Owing of Jura. The Captain having applied to some cause, the Life-boat at Holy Is- to Mr Campbell of Jura, he immediland was not brought forward, or, it is ately sent his overseer, with boats and supposed, the whole might have been every necessary assistance, by which sayed.

means 326 bags of cotton, and some on About 10 o'clock on the night of the ther articles, have been saved and secu. 2d Oct. the Lavinia of Dundee, Fran- red in his storehouses, in the small isles cis Drummond master, with a cargo of of Jura, but it is feared in a damaged hemp, &c. from Riga for London, went state. While the cargo was discharging on shore about a mile and a half to the 'the Captain and crew absconded from eastward of Crail. The sea running the Island under very suspicious circumvery high,and covering the vessel every stances. Mr Campbell ordered a sur. moment, the crew, Captain excepted, vey of the vessel to be made by some for safety took to the rigging, and re- Shipmasters and Carpenters, who report. mained in that perilous situation till e- ed, that they thought the vessel might be leven o'clock next forenoon, when they got off with litle damage. were taken ashore About six o'clock On Tuesday, Aug. 19. an alarm of in the morning the crew saw the master fire was given on board the Dover of washed from the deck, and drowned. 44 guns, which had been prepared as a The cargo has been mostly all got a. fioating barrack for the Woolwich dishore, although the vessel is complete. vision of marines, and in about an hour ly broke up. The hemp is all in a da. after she was in flames from stem to maged state, but, notwithstanding, sold stern.-- There were on board about 120 to very good account. Great praise men, 5o women, and 25 children. The is due to the Gentlemen of the town of scene was extremely distressing. Men Crail and its vicinity, for their prompt were seen dragging their wives out of and zealous exertions in collecting the the port holes, while mothers inhabitants, and saving as much as pos- heard screaming for their children; o. sible from the wreck,

thiers, half-burnt, were seen leaping from


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the ship to the shore. All, however, at Warrington. They were almost all got safe on shore, but one man, return- young men of fortune.-Hitchins was ing to save something, unfortunately worth L. 60,000. Holland possessed a perished. The Dover was the fortune of L. 2000 a-year. The agitawater's edge.

tion of this poor man, when sentence was DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. pronounced, was shocking in the exA few days since, a meeting of the treme. He wrung his hands, beat his Sierra Leone Company took place at

bosom and forehead, and shewed all the the New London Tavern, in Cheap- symptoms of the utmost extremity of side, Mr Thornton in the Chair; when despair. A rich Lancashire attorney, the Hon. Gentleman read a report of

worth L. 40,000, implicated in the same the state of the Company to the Meet. crime, has absconded. On Saturday ing.—It concluded with observing, that, Sept. 13th, three of these unhappy men in consequence of one of the objects for (Powell, Holland, and Stockton,) were which the Company had been formed, executed on the drop behind Lancaster viz. the Abolition of the Slave Trade, castle, alongst with two others for for. being in a fair train of accomplishment; gery, and one for a rape, amidst an imthe Company being considerably in debt, mense concourse of spectators. Hitchand their expences unavoidably increas- ins and Rix were executed at the same ing; the Governors, therefore, recom. place on the 27th of Sept.

They all mended the giving up the colony to

demeaned themselves in a manner beGovernment. On the 20th Nov. Mr coming their awful situation. Thornton attended a Committee of the

IRELAND. Privy Council, and made an offer of the On Tuesday Nov. 4. a most daring Company's Charter. Mr Thornton re. attempt was made to rob the house of ceived for answer, that the offer should Mr Jones, Patentee of the Theatre Roy. be laid before his Majesty. It is suppos- a!, Dublin. Mr J. having had notice of: ed some difficulty will arise, on account the intended attack, had procured an of. of the Company wishing to retain some ficer and nine men of the Tipperary power in the Colony, although they Militia, who were stationed in an upgive up the Charter.

per room. About ten o'clock, one of the Diving BELL.-By means of this in- company going to the hall door, five genious contrivance, a Mr Braithwaite · armed villains rushed by him towards has been so successful as to recover, in the parlour, where the foremost of them the months of June and July last, the discharged a pistol, and wounded the whole specie from the Abergavenny Officer severely in the shoulder; the Indiaman, which was lost off Portland shot was instanrly returned, and the robin Feb. 1805. He was down frequently ber fell dead. The soldiers now rushed at the rate of six hours a day. The down stairs, and in the hall killed two specie was contained in 60 boxes of of the villains who were retreating, and dollars, and amounted to 24,000 lo A made prisoners of two others. A sixth great number of valuable articles have was found dead next morning in a ditch, also been recovered. A Mrs Bennet of having been killed. These ruffians be. Colchester had the courage to descend longed to a gang of thirty-five, which it in the machine on one occasion, and re- is hoped, by similar measures of prudence mained forty minutes. She has since and fortitude, may soon be extirpated. obtained the appellation of the Diving At the fair of Glanogta, county of Belle,

Limerick, on the 28th Oct. two parties, At Lancaster assizes, in August last, the name of whose principals were Blake five persons were tried for an unnatural and Quaine, met to decide an old quarcrime, and capitally convicted, viz.- rel. The former were so well armed, Isaac Hitchins, Joseph Holland, John the latter declined meeting him. On their Powell, Thomas Rix, and Samuel Stock- return, the Blakes called at the house ton. Sixteen others were to be tried of a man, whose name was Quaine, but for the same offence at next assizes, but who was not at all of the party, shot six of them have been admitted King's him dead on the spot, wounded his bro. evidence. These persons pretended to ther desperately, set fire to his house hold a Mason Lodge, and took a house and haggard, and remained until the to carry on their diabolical purposes whole was consumed.


Scottish Chronicle.

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one who is connected with him by ties the

most strong and indissoluble. IN consequence of the dissolution of Par

“ If such have in any measure been the ,

motives of your conduct, I wish to flatter royal proclamation for summoning a new Parliament to meet on the 15th Dcember myself that they are founded on the just as

surance, that no partiality, arising from ensuing, the General Election of Members

personal friendship, or private connection, has gone on this month throughout the

could induce the distinguished character, United Kingdoms, and the returns are near

to whom I have ventured to allude, to ly completed. — The election of members give any countenance or sanction to your for the districts of Scottish burghis took choice of an individu::!, whom he at least did place on the 24th of this month; and the

not conceive to be in some respects worthy of election of the Sixteen Representative Peers

that honour, and in some degree qualified of Scotland will proceed at Holyrood-house

for the proper discharge of the important on the 4th of December. In our next we

duties attached to the Representation of the shall give a complete list of the Peers and

Commons of Scotland returned to serve in

“ I am, however, hopeful, that no expecthe new Parliament.

tations exist which my very moderate abi

lities may be unable to fulfil; you must not CITY OF EDINBURGH.

expect a distinguished Representative, but On the 4th of Nov. the Town Council you may be assured of having a faithful of Edinburgh unanimously elected Sir Pa- and a zealous servant, who, in the perfortrick Murray of Ochtertyre, Bart. to be re- mance of his duty, will place his chief relipresentative for the city ; on which occa- ance in your indulgence, and on the access sion, he delivered the following address : which he has to the counsel and assistance « MY LORD Provost,

of friends fully acquainted with your inte

rests, solicitous for your welfare, and posses. “ In returning to your Lordship, and sing your regard and confidence. the Magistrates and Council of Edinburgh, " For the general direction and regulamy most respectful and grateful acknow- tion of my political conduct, I shall have ledgements, for having conferred upon me in view the great landmark of the indethe honourable and important trust of your pendence and prosperity of our Country, representative in Parliament, (a representa: and of our free and unrivalled Constitution, tion unquestionably the most distinguished heightened by the storms which have aswhich this country affords,) I am consci- sailed them, and rendered more conspicuous ous that no pretensions which I can advance by the downfall of almost every other sur. could have entitled me to your consideration, rounding establishment ; we have beheld or have procured me this high honour. the tempest, and we know how it has been

“ In almost every quarter of the Empire, withstood...In the midst of it, we have seen and in every department of the State, you our Country towering inits native strength, might have found men, the splendour in glory, in prosperity and in freedom; we of whose talents, or the eminence of whose know by what men, and by what measures, services, rendered them more worthy of those things have been effected. The topics which had of late years created the additional testinony of their confidence and marked division of parties no longer exist favourable opinion. Flattering, however, ... We have not now to contend with the as such a distinction might be, he was cal. advocates of jacobinical revolution, or of led upon still farther to express his thanks delusive peace...the murmurs of sedition for the warm cordiality which had marked are hushed: none dare now avow it, and their support on the present occasion, and treason no longer finds abettors in distin- which he would be equally insensible not guished Demagogues, or leaders of the State to feel, as ungrateful not to acknowledge. ...on the other hand, the justice and neces- There were various circumstances, partly sity of the war in which we are engaged, personal, ard partly of a public nature, to have ceased to be the subject of dispute... which he hoped that he might be permite our country has been roused to a sense ted to ascribe the continuance of their conof its danger, and every arm is raised in its fidence. defence...the only difference that can now When first he was chosen as their repré. arise, must relate to the manner in which sentative, he ventured firmly to assure them, the war may be most rigorously prose- that, though he did not pretend to vie with cuted.

illustrious Pilot is no more! but his course “ It is impossible not to perceive, that, is engraven in the grateful and admiring in bestowing upon me this signal mark of remenıbrance of his Saved Country: He your favour, you are influenced by mo- has left behind him many able friends, and tives independent of personal consider- whoever shall follow his wise and salitary ation for the individual who is the ob- tract, must command ou rconfidence and ject of your choice ; and that in selecting support ; his chief and steadiest friend is me, you are merely expressing in my per- still amongst us, the splendour of whose eson, your steady attachment and most ho- minent services will long illuminate the annourable adherence to the interests of a nals of his country, and which no combina. Statesman who has long and most deser- tion of adverse circumstances has availed vedly possessed your gratitude and confi- to tarnish or obscure.. dence, and those wishes you possibly con- “ In some respects, the duty of your receive you may gratify, by the election of presentative is abridged and simplified. The Nov. 1806.


your choice.

those who had inmediately preceded him, If any more particular test or pledge of in those qualifications which had rendered my principles be required, let me presume them eminently useful to their country, he to appeal to the uniform tenor of my pub- would not yield to them, or to any man, lic conduct, in so far as it may have fallen to whom the freeholders might be inclined under your observation, and let me, in this to give their suffrages, in a conscientious place at least, refer to the roll of the first desire to discharge, with fidelity and atten. volunteer corps of this city, on which. I am tion, the trust they had reposed in him and proud to say, my humble name was the first to fulfil, to the best of his abilities, the da. inscribed above twelve years ago; at a cri- ties of the situation, either as they regardsis of great public alarm and danger. It iso ed the local concerns of the county, or the matter of peculiar satisfaction to me, to ob- general interests of the empire. If he might serve among those who surround me, a be allowed to consider the result of their number of friends who can bear testimony proceedings this day as a testimony, on their to what I have said, and to whose friend- part, that the pledge then given had not ship I know my pretensions would be vain, been forfeited, it was impossible not to feel were they not founded on a private charac- that still stronger incitements were held ter worthy of their esteem.

forth, and additional obligations imposed, “ It must, I imagine, be to the circum. for a perseverance in that line of conduct stances to which I have thus presumed to which had received their approbation, and allude, that I ought to ascribe that unani- on which the repetition of their choice emimous and cordial approbation which has boldened him to rely. been bestowedon my conduct, a reception at There were other points also in which once the most flattering and the most en- he ventured to believe their opinion coincouraging, the grateful remembrance of cided, alluding principally to the situation which no circumstance or length of time in which the country had been placed du. can ever efface from my mind.

ring the eventful period since they were “ I shall only add, that I should indeed last assembled on a similar occasion. When be most unworthy of the honour you have the renewal of hostilities with France, and conferred, did I not approach the high the strong conviction in the public mind, trust you have confided to me with a sin- that the most splendid talents in the councère, deliberate, and fixed resolution of de- try ought no longer to be excluded from voting to the duties attached to it the most his Majesty's councils, had produced the unremitting and zealous attention.” recall of that illustrious Statesman, by whose COUNTY OF EDINBURGH.

unshaken firmness and consummate wisdom

the country had not merely been saved On the 11th of Nov. the Hon. Robert from political annihilation, but had advan; Dundas of Melville was unanimously re- ced in power and prosperity, we looked elected Member of Parliament for this with confidence to a continuance of those county.

exertions, and of that system by which a. After the election, he addressed the Free. lone our laws and liberties could be preholders in an elegant and'impressive speech. served, and the desperate efforts of an ene

He began by stating, that having now, my rendered abortive and unavailing. Whefor the third time, been honoured with ther' the melancholy event by which wa their unanimous choice to represent the

were deprived of those services had, or had county in Parliament, he performed a most not, produced material changes in that sys. willing duty in requesting them to accept tem ; and whether those changes, if any his sincere and unfeigned thanks for this had taken place, were beneficial to our af

fairs delivered

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fairs or otherwise, were points which he finding the prisoner not Guilty of the murshould noc now detain them by attempting der specified in the Indictment of Marion tu discuss. Few men now ventured to call Robson, daughter of John Robson, late in question the justice or the necessity of Wright in Wetcroft of Lochrutton ; and the war in which we were engaged, or to the prisoner was thereupon assoi zied and ascribe ic to any other cause than the inor. dismissed from the Bar. But on the apdinate and insatiable ambition of our en. plication of his Majesty's Advocate, he was emy. He should feel it therefore his bound- recommitted for the murder of Marion en duty, as the most certain method of Robson daughter of John Robson, Tailor in bringing it to a safe and honourable con. Wetcroft of Lochrutton, and afterwards clusion, to concur in such measures of le- served with new Criminal Letters to stand gislation, either in matters of finance or trial for that crime. The Pannel's Counotherwise, as might appear to him the fit- sel having stated objections in bar of trial test to enable his Majesty to prosecute the the Court ordered informations on the point, contest with vigour and effect.

which came now to be advised. Their “ There may be (he added,) and there Lordships delivered their opinions at great probably will be, differences of opinion on length, and in respect that ihe Pannel had ibe details of all those points; but with been formerly tried, a verdict returned, the main object stedfastly in our view, with and a judgment of the Court pronounced the spirit, and, 1 trust, also the resources of thereon, in consequence of an indictment the country equal to the struggle, tenacious which does apply to the same Corpus de. of our national houour as of our national licti, which is now made the charge aliberty, unawed and undismayed by the gainst him in the criminal letters, found that misfortunes of surrounding nations, from the Pannel could not be tried again ; and, whatever causes proceeding, let us trust therefore, deserted the diet against him to our vigour and the justice of our cause ; simpliciter, and dismissed him from the Bar. the result is in the hands of Providence, The Court met on Wednesday, Nov. 5. -We shall have done our duty."

on the case of John Thomson and John Mr Dundas concluded by apologizing to Nilson, found guilty of forring or uttering the meeting for detaining them on those guinea notes of ine of Scotland, knowtopics. He felt deeply the importance of ing them to be forged, (See Mag, for Authem, and he trusted, he felt in common gust, p.645.) The Counsel for the prisonwith them all.

ers had insisted that no judgment could Thereafter it was moved, and unani. pass on the verdict, as one Juryman had mously agreed to, that Mr Dundas should left the Court before they were inclosed, receive the thanks of the county for his able had been absent about 15 or 20 minutes, and upright conduct in the last Parliament, and had conversed with several persons beand for his unremitting attention to the in- fore he returned. The Court orderer terests of the State and of this County. informations; and their Lordships deliver

in the afternoon, Mr Dundas gave an ele- ed their opinions at considerable length. gant dinner to the freeholders in George's Three of their Lordships, viz. Lord Justice Street Assembly Rooms, at which many Clerk, Duosinnan, and Meadowlank, were other persons of distinction were also pre- for repelling the objection---the other two,

Lord, Craig and Cullen, were for sustainHigh Court OF JUSTICIARY.

ing it--Lord Armadale was not present.

The Court, therefore, by a majority, reOn the 4th of November, the Court met pelled the objection; and, in consequence to take into consideration the informations of he verdict of the Jury, ordained the prigiven in for the parties in the case, of John soners to be executed at Edinburgh, on Hannah, accused of the murder of Marion Wednesday, the 10th of December next. Robson, daughter of John Robson, late The Lord Justice Clerk, in pronouncing Tuilor in Wetcroft of Lochrutton, in the the Judgment of the Court, addressed simStewartry of Kirkcudbright. (Ste Mag. for self in very pathetic terms to the prisoners, Aug.). This person was formerly indicted who appeared much affected by their awful for the murder of Marion Robson, diugh- situation. ter of John Robson, late Wright in Wet. Thursday, Nov. 20. the Judges (Lord croft of Lochrutton, in the Stewarty, of Justice Clerk, Lord Dunsinnan, and Lord Kirkcudbright; and it turned out on the Meadowbank) gave judgement in the case Vexamination of Janet M Minn, the mo- of Margaret Cunningham, widow of the ther of the deceased, that her husband late John Mason, flax dresser in Pathhead, was a Tailor, and not a Wright; upon this near Kirkcaldy, who had been found guilty circumstance being discovered, the public at the Perth Circuit in May last, of mur. prosecutor did not proceed further in the dering her husband, but whose sentence marial; and the Jury returned a verdict, was delayed as she was pregnant, and was


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