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delivered of a female child in the tolbooth Tuesday, Nov. 11, at Hallow Fair of E.
of Edinburgh, on the 12th of October. Af- dinburgh, there was a great show of black
ter the Judges had delivered their opinions cattle, but the sales were rather dull, ani
with great feeling, the Lord Justice Clerk the prices low. Good horses, of which there
pronounced in a must elegant, impressive, were but few in the Market, brought high
and affecting manner, the sentence of the prices. There was a vast number of sheep,
Court, viz. That she should be carried back which went off at reduced prices.
to the tolbooth, and fed on bread and water, Cow Pox....Since the commencement of
till Wednesday the 7th of January, when the Vaccine Institution at Aberdeen, it ap-
she should be hanged at the common place pears, that seventeen hundred and se venty-
of execution at Edinburgh, and, her body Ehree persons, of all ages, have been ino-
afterwards given to Dr Monro, Professor culated at the Public Hall, in all of whom
of Anatomy in the University of Edinburgh, it has succeeded perfectiy, excepting in
to he publicly dissected. The Lord Justice those who, after the operation was perform-
Clerk pathetically recommended to the pried, did not again make their appearance, so
soner to employ the time she had to live in

that its success in those cases cannot be making her peice with God, as she could accurately ascertained. This neglect on riot have the least hope of pardon for this

the part of the patients subjects them to a most atrocious offence. The unhappy wo

small fine, which is paid into the Cashier man appeared at the bar with her child in

of the Poor's House. her arms, and did not seem much affected

CALEDONIAN HUNT.... Tuesday, (Oct. with her awful situation. She had administered poison twice to her husband; the first

21.) Mr Hodgson's Priscilla' walked over time the dose had failed, though the poor

the course at Tinwald Downs, for a purse man was taken ill, and she repeated the

of 50 guineas. The Yeomanry Plate was dose after he had recovered, which quickly

won by Mr Potter's grey gelding, beating occasioned his death in the greatest ago

Mr Little's grey mare, Mr Sim's grey nies. John Skinner, butcher in Path-head,

mare, and Mr Henderson's chesnut mare.

Wednesday, Mr Hodgson's Lady Mary with whom the Prisoner lived in adulterous

walked over for a purse of 50 guineas. A intercourse, was accused of being concerned

match of 100l. each was won by Mr Douwith her in poisoning her husband, but

Jas's chesnut gelding, beating Capt. Maitwas outlawed at the Perth Circuit abovementioned, having made his escape.

land's bay gelding. A match for so guineas,

12st. each, best of four-mile heats, It is with much satisfaction we have to

won by Mr Henderson's chesnut state, that the amount of the subscription for the sea fencibles, ship wrights, and

mare beating Mr Poter's grey gelding....

Thursday, the Hunters' Purse of 50 guisome rope makers, who so handsomely voInnteered to go on board his Majesty's ship by the Marquis of Huntly's Tallyho, beat

neas, 12st.' best of 3 four-mile heats, won 'Texel, to enable her to proceed to sea in

ing Lord Elphinstone's chesnut gelding.... pursuit of some French frigates commit

Friday, aparse of 100 guineas, best of three ting depredations on our trade, is L.250 19s. This has enabled Capt. Milne to

four mile heats, won by Mr Garthforth's give to each of the men 1). 55, ; to three

grey colt, beating Mr Hodgson's Priscilla,

A match for one mile, won by Mr Gora
Petty officers, 31. 3s. each, and to Andrew
Sandilands, a Sea Fencible, belonging to

don's bay gelding, beating Mr Irving's grey

mare. A match by the Yeomanry, 2 miles Leith, 201, in addition, having had his leg broke while on board the Texel. A small

won by Mr Henderson's chesnut mare,

On Fri, balance remaining, is to be given to a disə beating Mr Little's grey mare.

day the Dumfries and Galloway Hunt gave tressed family in Newhaven.

a ball and supper ; and on Saturday, Sir Charles Duncan, Esq. merchant in London, who died lately in the neighbourhood Both of which all the beauty and fashion of

John Lowther Johnston gave another, at of Glasgow, at a very advanced age, has

the town and country were present. bequeathed to the parish of Cumnock, where he was born, the sum of 10001. for Fire HUNT....The Hunt which met at charitable purposes; an example of benefi. Cupar on Monday Nov. 3. and continued cence which, even in this age of bene- for the week, had an excellent meeting, volence, does not frequently occur.

and was more numerously attended than > On Wednesday, Nov. !2. a new Sam. it has been for several years. On Thursday

ple Corn Market, in the old Fish Market the Hunter's purse, of 501. was won by Coi Close, Edinburgh, was opened, when a lonel Thomson's mare Calomel, beating number of Deal and Farmers attended four others. On Friday, a purse of 501. It is fitted up in a commodious manner, was won by Mr Baird's bay horse New. and will answer the purpose extremely byth, after a very pretty heat. And same well.

day a very close match was run by horses



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belonging to two gentlemen, which affored were dispatched to the roads which lead good sport.

out of the city in different directions. SeveATROCIOUS MURDER AND ROBBERY.

ral persons were taken up, but still no inA robbery and murder of a most daring give any distinct clue that is likely to lead

formation has been procured which can and unprecedented nature was committed

to a discovery. in Edinburgh on Thursday afternoon, Nov.

The murder was committed with a force 13. about five o'clock. The following hand. bill, which was issued soon after the dis.

and dexterity more resembling that of a fo

reign assassin than an inhabitant of this covery, will explain the particulars of this

country. The blow was directly in the atrocious deed, as far as they are yet known.

heart, and the unfortunate man bled to death HUE E CRY.

in a few minutes. He has left a wife and At five o'clock this evening, William four children. Begbie, Porter to the British Linen Com

CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. pany at Leith, was stabbed and murdered in Tweeddale's Close, leading to the Bri- Whitehall, Nov. 4.-The King has been vish Linen Company's Office at Edinburgh, pleased to order a writ to be issued under and robbed of a sealed parcel, in a yellow the Great Seal, for summoning the Right çanvas bag, containing the following parti- Hon. Alexander Hamilton, Marquis of culars, viz. L.1300 of Sir William Forbes Douglas and Clydesdale, up to the House of and Co's Notes of L.20 each. L.1000 in

Peers, by the stile and title of Baron DutNotes of Leith Banking Company, of 1.20 ton, in the county of Chester. each. L.1400 in Notes of different banks,

- To grant the dignity of a Baron of of L.20, L.10, and L.5. 240 Guinea Notes

the United Kingdom, to Archibald Earl of of different banks. 440 Twenty Shilling Cassilis, by the title of Baron Ailsa of AilNotes of different banks. In all L.4392.

sa; and to John Earl of Breadalbane, by As the weapon with which the murder the title of Baron Breadalbane of Taywas committed was found upon the spot, mouth Castle, in Perthshire. it is requested that any person who may Nov. 4. The King has been pleased to have sold a common bread knife, with a

grant the dignity of a Baron of the United wooden handle, stained of a red colour, will

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, unimmediately give intimation as after-men

to the Right Hon. Alan Lord Gardner, tioned.

Admiral of the White Squadron, and his Whoever will, within three months from heirs male, by the stile and title of Baron this date, give such information to the Ma- Gardner, of Uttoxeter, in the county of nager for the British Linen Company, the Stafford. Magistrates of Edinburgh, the Sheriff of Nov. 7. His Majesty has granted his the County of Edinburgh, or the Judge of royal licence and permission to the Right Police, as shall be the means of discovering Hon. and Rev. Earl Nelson, and his heirs, the Person or Persons who committed the

to assume the title of Duke of Bronte in Sie aforesaid murder and robbery, shall receive cily, with the fief annexed thereto, granted a reward of

to his late illustrious brother by the King FIVE HUNDRED GUINEAS, of the two Sicilies. To be paid upon conviction of the offender His Majesty has appointed the Right for the offenders. And in case any one of Hon. the Earl of Roden, a Knight of the the Associates shall make the discovery, Illustrious Order of St Patrick, in room of his Majesty's Pardon will also be applied thre Earl of Clermont, deceast. for in his favour.

The Right Hon. Charles Bathurst is

apN.B. It is intreated that hankers, mer. pointed Master of the Mint, in room of chants, and others, will take notice of all Lord Charles Spencer. Notes of the above descriptions which may Philip Francis, Esq. and Sir George Hihappen to be presented to them, especially laro Barlow, Bart. Governor Gen. of India, if by persons of suspicious appearance. are appointed Knights Companions of the

William Begbie was seen walking up most Hon. Order of the Bath. Leith Walk between four and five o'clock, Nov. 11, The King has been pleased to in company with a man. This person, and grant the dignity of a Baronet of the Unitany other that saw him, will please to call ed Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, as above, and give information.

to the following gentlemen, and the respec. Edinburgh, Nov. 13. 1806.

tive heirs male of their bodies lawfully beImmediately on the discovery, the most gotten, viz. prompt and decisive steps were taken to William Fraser of Leadclune, in the trace the perpetrator or perpetrators of this county of Inverniss, Fsq. Lieut. Gen. Geo. atrocious act.

Every house of a suspicious Nugent; Capt. Sir Thomas Boulden Thompcharacter was strictly searched; parties son, Knt. Comptroller of the navy; Capt folk;

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Sir Edward Berry, Knt. Catton, in Nor. Bombay civil establishment, to Miss Mary
James Sibbald of Sittwood Park, in

Congalton, youngest daughter of Dr Char-
the county of Berks, Esq. with remainder les Congalton, physician, Edinburgh.
to David Scott of Dunninald, in the county Nov. 1. At Edinburgh, James Fergus-
af Forfar, Esq. nephew to the said James son of Crosshill, Esq. Advocate, to Miss
Sibbald, Esq. and the heirs male of his bo- Mary Home, daughter of the late John
dy lawfully begotten; and Hugh Bateman Home, Esq. of Bassendean.
of Harrington Hall, in the county of Der- 2. At Kello, Thomas John Fordyce, Esq.
by, Esq.

younger of Ayton, to Miss Ann Buchan, Sir William Leighton Knight is elected third daughter of George Buchan of Kello, Lord Mayor of London, for the ensuing Esq. year.

3. At Kippenross, James Sandilands, Esq. The University and King's College of to Miss Margaret Douglas Stirling, second Aberdeen have elected the Right Hon. daughter of John Stirling of Kippendavie, Lord Glenbervie Rector of the University Esq. for the ensuing year.

At Greenock, John Munro, Esq. of
Henry Glasford, Esq. of Dugaldston, is the island of Jamaica, to Miss Elizabeth
unanimously re-elected Lord Rector of the MKinlay, youngest daughter of Mr Alex.
University of Glasgow. .

M'Kinlay of the Customs.

4. At Liddel Bank, Major Malcolm of Gen. Sir James Henry Craig, K. B. is

the Royal Marines, to Miss Jean Oliver, appointed Governor of Blackness Castle of London, to Miss «gnes Oliver, fifth

fonrth daughter, and Archibald Little, Esq. vice the Hon. Charles Janies Hamilton, daughter of William Oliver, Esq. of Dinladeceast.

byre. Sir John Stuart to be Colonel of the

6. At Geanies House, Ross-shire, CharSth regiment, vice Lord Hutchinson, appointed to the 75th, vice Gen. Campbell

, les Carter Petley, of Riverhead, Kent, Esq.

to Miss Annabella M Leod, fifth daughter deceased. Lieut. Gen. Stanwix, to be Co.

of Donald MʻLeod, Esq. · Ionel of the 97th, vice Sir John Stuart

7. At Edinburgh, Robert Bell, Esq. AdMajor Gen. Sir George Prevost, to be Coo lonel of a battalion of the 6th foot vice

vocate, to Miss Eleonora Jane Ross, third Stanwix.—Sir James H. Craig, to be co daughter of the late Col. Ross, of the 21st • lonel of the 22d regiment, vice, Gen. Sim

regiment of foot.

8. At Balcarres, Robert Gillespie Smith, coe deceast. -Sir Charles Ross to be Colonel of the 86th, vice Craig; Sir C. Asgill, of Giblistan, Esq. to Miss Amelia Keith.

11. At Braes House, the Rev. Mr Roto be Colonel of the 85th, vice Ross; the

bert Macvey, minister of Beith, to Miss Hon. A. Hope, to be Colonel of the 5th West India regiment, vice Asgill; and Ma

Janet Macvey, daughter of Mr John Maco

vey. jor-Gen. M ́Donald, to be Colonel of the

Cape reginrent, vice Hope.

Oct. 30. At Armagh, the Lady of Sir

George Leith, Bart. a son.
Feb. 23. At Ferruckabad, William John Lately, at Warkworth, Northumberland,
Sands, Esq. in the Hon. East India Com- the Lady of Henry David Erskine, Esq. a
pany's civil service, to Miss Clara Hol-
lings, youngest daughter of the deceased

Lately, at Ramsgate, Mrs Cameron of
Hollings, Esq. surgeon in London. Lochiel, a son.
Sept. 15. At Gibraltar, Captain Raitt, of Nov. 1. Mrs Stenhouse, younger of
the 42d regiment, Royal Highlanders, to Southfod, a daughter.
Miss Walker of Carphin, eldest daughter 2. Mrs Tod of Drygrange, a daughter.
of Alexander Walker, Esq. late Captain of The Lady of James Graham, Esq. of
the Royal Fuzileers.

Barrock Lodge, a daughter.
Oct. 13. At Forres, the Rev. George 6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Inglis, wife of
M'Kenzie, minister of Olrick, to Miss William Inglis, Esq. writer to the signet,
M.Lennan of Forres.

20. At Glasgow, Mr Andrew Russel, 8. At Edinburgh, Mrs Bruce of Cowden,
surgeon, to Miss Agnes Scott, daughter of a daughter.
the late John Scott, Esq. of Boghall.

20. Mrs Alexander of Ballamyle, a daugh20. At Edinburgh, Captain Brian Hodshon, of the Royal Navy, to Miss Jane 22. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Col. RoScott, daughter of Mr William Scott, Soli- bert MacGregor Murray, a daughter. citor at law.

Lately, at Askehall, the Lady of the 28. At West Grange, Alexander Ram- Hon. Lawrence Dundas, M. P. for York, say, Esq. of the East India Company's a son.



a son.


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28. At Edinburgh, Aliss Jean Fergusson, At St Petersburgh, aged 83, Mrs Cava- youngest daughter of the late James FerRaugh, relict of the late Nicholas Cava

gusson, Esq. of Craigdarroch. naugh, Esq. of the same place. This vene- Lately, Lady Hamilton, of the Retreat, Table Lady lived to see ten successors to near Exeter. the throne of Russia, being born in the Lately, at the Manse of Maderty, Mrs teign of Peter the Great, whose god-daugh- Juliet Wright, wife of the Rev. James ter she was.

Ranisay, minister of that parish. In Spanish Town, Jamaica, James Mit- Nov. 1. At Dunbar, Mrs Emilia Mackie, chell, Esq. Receiver-General of that is relict of Mr Andrew Williamson, minister land.

of Auchtergaven. 4pril 21. At Bombay, William Moir, 2. At Portobello, Mrs Elizabeth Bell, M.D. President of the Medical Board wife of Mr Thomson Bonar, merchant in there.

Edinburgh, and daughter of Mr Andrew July. On his passage from Jamaica, Bell, engraver. Lieut. John Gordon, of the Royal Navy, 3. At Edinburgh, William Scott Macfar. in the 28th year of his age, eldest son of lane, aged 18, only son of William MacfarMr Robert Gordon, Garbity, near Gordon- lane, Esq. writer to the signtt. Castle. He wis a brave, active, and intel. 6. At London, after a long and painful ligent officer.

illness, the Right Hon. William Brabazon
29. At Messina, Sicily, Mr William Ha. Ponsonby, Baron Ponsonby of Imukills,
milton, Assistant Surgeon, 27th regiment, County of Cork, in his 63d year.
son of Mr James Hamilton of Braehead. 6. At Glasgow, James Barns, Esq. Pro.

Oct. 14. Ac Aberdeen, Francis Russel, vost of Renfrew.
Esq. of Blackhall.

7. At Edinburgh, Miss Isabella Macpher15. At Argary House, Mrs Jean Stew- son, who for many years kept one of the art, daughter of the deceased George Stew- first Boarding Schools for Young Ladies. art, Esq. of Ballochallan.

In her manners she was affable and kind 17. At Finlarig. in Strathspey, William in her friendship sincere and constant-in M'Donald, Esq. late of the island of Ja- her relative connections extensively useful mica.

in her private life she abounded in every 17. At Grove House, Hackney, in the Christian virtue; and the education of 91st year of his age, Thomas Braidwood, those entrusted to her care she superintenEsq; formerly of Edinburgh, eminently ded with the solicitude of a parent. distinguished for his discovery and success. 8. At Edinburgh, Miss Nicolas Hunter, ful practice of the art of instructing the daughter of the deceased Andrew Hunter, deaf and dumb.

Esq. of Park, writer in Edinburgh.
18. At Perth, of the gout in his stomach, 10. At Edinburgh, after a long and pain-
David Ross, Esq. eldest son of the late ful illness, Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo,
Lord Ankerville.

Bart. in the 68th year of his age.
19. At Montrose, in his 77th year, Mr In the revered individual, who has thus
David Valentine, many years Rector of the closed a long and honourable life, society
grammar school of that town.

has to be wail a loss which will not be soon 20. At Kelso, Mrs Mary Home, daugh- or easily supplied. Sir William FORBES ter of George Home, Esq. of Bassende.n. was one of the distinguished few whom

21. At-, William Forbes Leith, Esq. Providence seems to have destinéd to pur. of Whitehaugh.

poses of the highest dignity and usefulness, 22. Miss Ann Stewart, daughter of the by combining, with a station of great infludeceased Dr David Stewart, physician in ence in society, the best attributes of the Aberdeen.

understanding, and the noblest qualities of 24. At London, Mr James Chalmer, the heart. This gentleman early devoted fourth son of the late Mr William Chalo himself to the improvement of the commer, of Easter Dalry, surgeon, Edinburgh. mercial interests of his country, and was

24. At London, in an advanced age, Eli. the founder, in conjunction with the late zabeth Lady Alva, widow of Sir Charles Sir James HUNTER BLAIR, of che wellErskine of Alva, Bart. Lord Justice Clerk, known banking establishment which now and mother of the Marchioness of Staf- bears their mutual name. His liberality ford.

and indulgence were unbounded in his 27. At Stobcross, Mrs Johnston, relict mercantile transactions, when he had first of the late John Johnston, Esq. of Hill. ascertained that the objects were judicious house.

and honest; and we doubt not there are 28. At Tilford, near Farnham, in Surrey, many who are conscious, that they might after a lingering and painful illness, Mrs yet have lingered in the struggle of life, Charlotte Smith, authoress of many excel- but for the confiding liberality of SIA WILlent novels, sonnets, &c.



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The support and encouragement of all SIR WILLIAM FORBES was one of the public concerns engaged much of the at- earliest members of the celebrated Literary tention of this genuine patriot ; and in pub. Club, which boasted, amongst its other ile lic and private charity his liberality was at lustrious associates, the names of Johnson, once exemplary and únostentatious. In the Reynolds, Garrick, and Burke. Ht surviintercourse of private society, and in the ved many of these eminent men, and, we bosom of his family, the qualities of Sie believe, has leff few of the original memWilliam Forbes were not less amiable, bers behind him. The literary leisure of than those of his public station were honour his latter days was devoted to the fulfilable and useful. In his youth he had de. ment of a task for which he was peculiarly voted much of his time to the study of ele- fitted-we allude to his account of the life gant literature; and, during his long life, and writings of his friend Dr Beattie. Of he never lost sight of those liberal pursuits, this work we may remark, that, although which early association had endeared to it is the production of a man not accustomhim, and which, while they relieved the ed to write for the public, it exhibits pressure of his more serious avocations, throughout a complete knowledge of the lent a distinguished grace to his character. subject, a sound and sagacious judgment, He united, in a degree which has been sel- a clear and discriminating taste, and an hodom attained, that acuteness and discrimi- nourable and benevolent heart. He has nation which are conferred by a knowledge now joined his early friend, we trust, in a of mankind, with the information of the happy immortality; and, in concluding scholar, and the courtly elegance of the this faint and imperfect tribute of affection gentleman ;-but in him the fascination of and respect, we shall take our reverential manner arose from the genuine feelings of leave of his memory in the words which his heart. He was polite and condescend- he himself used in bidding farewell to his ing, because he was humane and benevo- beloved associate. lent: he was open and generous, because “ Of him to record the truth, is his best he was candid and sincere.


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TO CORRESPONDENTS. Milo's other valuable communication will appear in our next, as also the

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