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28. At Édinburgh, Afiss Jean Fergus3012, At St Petersburgh, aged 83, Mrs Cava- youngest daughter of the late James Ferdaugh, relict of the lace Nicholas Cava

gusson, Esq. of Craigdarroch. naugh, Esq. of the same place. This vene- Lately, Lady Hainilton, of the Retreat, Table Lady lived to see ten successors to near Exeter. the throne of Russia, being born in the Lately, at the Manse of Maderty, Mrs teign of Peter the Great, whose god-daugh- Juliet Wright, wife of the Rev. James ter she was.

Ranisay, minister of that parish. In Spanish Town, Jamaica, James Mit- Nov. 1. At Dunbar, Mrs Emilia Mackie, chell, Esq. Receiver-General of that is- relict of Mr Andrew Williamson, minister land.

of Auchtergaven. 4pril 21. At Bombay, William Moir, 2. At Portobello, Mrs Elizabeth Bell, M. D. President of the Medical Board wife of Mr Thomson Bonar, merchant in there.

Edinburgh, and daughter of Mr Andrew July. On his passage from Jamaica, Bell, engraver. Lieut. John Gordon, of the Royal Navy, 3. At Edinburgh, William Scott Macfarin the 28th year of his age, eldest son of lane, aged 18, only son of William MacfarMr Robert Gordon, Garbity, near Gordoni- lane, Esq. writer to the signtt. Castle. He wis a brave, active, and intel. 6. At London, after a long and painful ligent officer.

illness, the Right Hon. William Brabazoa
29. At Messina, Sicily, Mr William Ha. Ponsonby, Baron Ponsonby of Imokilly,
milton, Assistant Surgeon, 27th regiment, County of Cork, in his 63d year.
son of Mr James Hamilton of Braehead. 6. At Glasgow, James Barns, Esq. Pro.

Oct. 14. At Aberdeen, Francis Russel, vost of Renfrew.
Esq. of Blackhall.

7. At Edinburgh, Miss Isabella Macpher15. At Argaty House, Mrs Jean Stew- son, who for many years kept one of the art, daughter of the deceased George Stew- first Boarding Schools for Young, Esq. of Ballochallan.

In her manners she was affable and kind 17. At Finlarig. in Strathspey, William in her friendship sincere and constant-in M'Donald, Esq. late of the island of Ja. her relative connections extensively useful mrica.

in her private life she abounded in every 17. At Grove House, Hackney, in the Christian virtue; and the education of 91st year of his age, Thomas Braidwood, those entrusted to her care she superintenEsq; formerly of Edinburgh, eminently ded with the solicitude of a parent. distinguished for his discovery and success- 8. At Edinburgh, Miss Nicolas Hunter, ful practice of the art of instructing the daughter of the deceased Andrew Hunter, deaf and dumb.

Esq. of Park, writer in Edinburgh.
18. At Perth, of the gout in his stomach, 10. At Edinburgh, after a long and pain-
David Ross, Esq. eldest son of the late ful illness, Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo,
Lord Ankerville.

Bart. in the 68th year of his age.
19. At Montrose, in his 77th year, Mr In the revered individual, who has thus
David Valentine, many years Rector of the closed a long and honourable life, society
grammar school of that town.

has to bewail a loss which will not be soon 20. At Kelso, Mrs Mary Home, daugh- or easily supplied. Sir William FORBES ter of George Hoine, Esq. of Bassende an. was one of the distinguished few whom 21. At

William Forbes Leith, Esq. Providence seems to have destined to purof Whitehaugh.

poses of the highest dignity and usefulness, 22. Miss Ann Stewart, daughter of the by combining, with a station of great infludeceased Dr David Stewart, physician in ence in society, the best attributes of the Aberdeen.

understanding, and the noblest qualities of 24. At London, Mr James Chalmer, the heart. This gentleman early devoted fourth son of the late Mr William Chalo himself to the improvement of the commer, of Easter Dalry, surgeon, Edinturgh. mercial interests of his country, and was

24. At London, in an advanced age, Eli. the founder, in conjunction with the late zabeth Lady Alva, widow of Sir Charles Sir James HUNTER BLAIR, of che wellErskine of Alva, Bart. Lord Justice Clerk, known banking establishment which now and mother of the Marchioness of Staf. bears their mutual name. His liberality ford.

and indulgence were unbounded in his 27. At Stobcross, Mrs Johnston, relict mercantile transactions, when he had first of the late John Johnston, Esq. of Hill. ascertained that the objects were judicious house.

and honest; and we doubt not there are 28. At Tilford, near Farnham, in Surrey, many who are conscious, that they might after a lingering and painful illness, Mrs yet have lingered in the struggle of life, Charlotte Smith, authoress of many excel- but for the confiding liberality of Sir Wiclent novels, sonnets, &c.



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The support and encouragement of all SIR WILLIAM FORBES was one of the public concerns engaged much of the at- earliest members of the celebrated Literary tention of this genuine patriot; and in pub- Club, which boasted, amongst its other ile lic and private charity his liberality was at lustrious associates, the names of Johnson, once exemplary and unostentatious. In the Reynolds, Garrick, and Burke. He surviintercourse of private society, and in the ved many of these eminent men, and, we bosom of his family, the qualities of Sir believe, has leff few of the original memWILLIAM FORBES were not less amiable, bers behind him. The literary leisure of than those of his public station were honour- his latter days was devoted to the fulfilable and useful. In his youth he had de- ment of a task for which he was peculiarly voted much of his time to the study of ele- fitted-we allude to his account of the life gant literature; and, during his long life, and writings of his friend Dr Beatrie. Of he never lost sight of those liberal pursuits, this work we may remark, that, although which early association had endeared to it is the production of a man not accustomhim, and which, while they relieved the ed to write for the public, it exhibits pressure of his more serious avocations, throughout a complete knowledge of the lent a distinguished grace to his character. subject, a sound and sagacious judgment, He united, in a degree which has been sel. a clear and discriminating taste, and an hodom attained, that acuteness and discrimi- nourable and benevolent heart. He has nation which are conferred by a knowledge now joined his early friend, we trust, in a of mankind, with the information of the happy immortality; and, in concludirg scholar, and the courtly elegance of the this faint and imperfect tribute of affection gentleman ;-but in him the fascination of and respect, we shall take our reverential manner arose from the genuine feelings of leave of his memory in the words which his heart. He was polite and condescende he himself used in bidding farewell to his ing, because he was humane and benevo- beloved associate. lent: he was open and generous, because “ Of him to record the truth, is his best he was candid and sincere.


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Milo's other valuable communication will appear in our next, as also the

remainder of Dr Mackleay's.
Mr Dyer's poems, and Miss F's sonnets will appear.

The reflections are under consideration, The continuation of T. M. C's London is delayed from an accidental want

of room. We shall be very well pleased to hear from A Subscriber. We do not insert

communications of the nature of F. G's. We would not wish to discou. Tage B. Z. but his composition is still too incorrect and juvenile for insertion.

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Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,



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Page Register of the Weather for Dec.


POETRY. High Water at Leith for Jan. 1807, ib. To the Nightingale,

934 Description of the View, 891 The Sailor, .

ib. Memoirs of Francis Masson, the cele- Song, on a visit to the Largs, ib. brated Botanist,

Sonnet to Night,

-935 National Debt, 894 Sonnet to Hope,

ib. Celestial Phenomena for Jan. 1807, ib. Verses from a Gentleman to a Young Memoirs of the Progress of Manu. Lady, who wrote an Elegy on the factures, Chemistry, Science, and death of his Son,

ib. the Fine Arts, 895 London, a Poem,

ib. Last advice of Charles I. to his Son Charles II.....


MONTHLY REGISTER. On the Changes which Time has ef. Historical Affairs,

937 fected on the face of the Country, East Indies,

ib. in the West Highlands of Scotland, 898 -Marquis Cornwallis,

ib. Genealogy of Marriamen, the Indian --West Indies,

940 Goddess of Small Pox,

.. 902

- Dreadful Storm at Dominica, ib. Etymologies rectified

905 -France,--Assenibly of the Jews, 942 On the Beneficial Effects of the Art -War on the Continent,

944 of Boxing,

... 907 Proclamation of the En.peror and Copy of a Letter from Oliver Crom.

King,... well, giving an Account of the --Seizure of Hesse,

949 Battle of Dunbar,' .: 911 -Seizure of Hamburgh,

951 Historical Account of the Settlement

Imperial Decree,

953 of Buenos Ayres,


Naval Intelligence,
On the Effects of Industry,

-Attack on Boulogne,

958 Account of the Life and Writings of _Trial of the Right Hon. Robert Vittoria Colonna,

919 Johnson before the Court of King's

Scottish Chronicle,

уб 3 Life of the late Professor Millar. By Election of Peers,

ib. John Craig, Esq.


- Particular State of the votes at the Popular Ballads and Songs, from Election of Scots Peers, ..

Tradition, &c. By Robert Jamie- -New Members of Parliament for son, A.M. and F.R.S. 925 Scotland,

966 Letters upon the Establishment of -Free Masons,

ib. the Volunteer Corps, and Domes: -High Court of Justiciary, ib. tic Military Arrangements of Great Marriages and Deaths,

967 Britain. By James Ferguson, Esq. 929

Price of Stocks,


Prices of Grain per quarter Corn New Works published in Edinburgh, 931 Exchange, London

ib. Scottish Literary Intelligence, ib. Prices of Meal at Edinburgh Market, ib. Literary Intelligence, English and Prices of Grain at Haddington, ib. Foreign, · ib. Index for 1806,





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