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with a corps of the army on the 10th ther's, to rest himself, and get his wounds
November. He is highly satisfied with dressed.
the spirit that animates the Poles. 'The “ In the palace which the Emperor
persons who hold situations under the inhabits at Berlin, lodges the King of
Prussian Government would have been Prussia's sister, the Electoral Princess of
inassacred, had not the French army Hesse Cassel. This Princess is in child-
taken them under its protection. bed. The Emperor has ordered his

“ The vans of four Russian columns, Grand Marshal of the palace to take
cach 15,000 men strong, had begun to care she be not disturbed with the noise
enter the Prussian states by Georgen- and bustle of the head-quarters.
burg, Olita, Grodno, and Jalowka. On “ The manner in which the Emperor
the 25th Oct. these advanced guards received the Prince of Hatzfeld at his
of columns had made two days marches, audience, was extremely interesting.
when they received news of the battle A few moments after the audience the
of the 14th, and of the consequent events. Prince was arrested. He would have
They retrograded immediately. So been sent before a military commission,
many successes, and events of such high and inevitably condemned to death.
importance, should not slacken the mi- Some letters from this Prince to Prince
litary preparations in France. They Hohenlohe, intercepted at the advanced
should, on the contrary, be followed up posts, had given information that, altho'
with fresh energy, not to satisfy an in. he said he was charged with the civil
satiable ambition, but to fix bounds to government of the town, he informed
the ambition of our enemies.

the enemy of the movements of the “ The French army will not quit ei- French. His wife, the daughter of the ther Poland or Berlin-until the Porte Minister Schulenburgh, came to throw shall have been in the full possession of herself at the feet of the Emperor; she its independence, nor until Wallachia and thought her husband was arrested on Moldavia shall have been declared to be. account of the hatred which the Minis. long in complete sovereignty to the ter Schulenburgh bore to France. The Porte!

Emperor soon undeceived her, and “ The French army will not quit made known to her that papers had been Berlin, until the possessions and colo. intercepted, which proved that her hus. nics, both anish, Dutch, and French, band was acting a double part, and had shall have been given up, and a general committed a great crime. The Princess peace made.”

attributed to the imposture of his ene“ On the 28th, the Emperor reviewed mies this accusation, which she called a the corps

of Marshal Davoust under the calumny: “ You know your husband's walls of Berlin. He filled up the vacan. writing," said the Emperor; “I am gocies, and rewarded the brave. He then ing to make you the judge." He then assembled the officers and petty officers ordered the intercepted letter to be im. in a circle, and thus addressed them: mediately brought to him, and deliver.

“ Officers and petty officers of the ed it to her. This woman, upwards of 3d corps of the army, you covered your- eight months gone with child, fainted selves with glory at the battle of Jena ; at every word which discovered to het I shall preserve the eternal recollection how far the accusation was founded aof it. The brave fellows who were kill. gainst her husband, whose writing she ed died with glory. We ought to wish knew it to be. The Emperor was touchto die under such glorious circumstan- ed with her grief and confusion, and

with the anguish of her soul. “Well, Yesterday, (Oct. 28.) the Emperor said he, “ you have a hold of that letter, paid a visit to the Dowager Princess throw it into the fire ; this document Henry, and Prince and Princess Ferdi- once destroyed, I shall be no longer nand, who have always been remarked able to get your husband condemned.” for the distinguished manner in which (This affecting scene passed near the they have received the French.

fireplace.) Madam Hatzfeld did not let “Prince Augustus was presented to herself be told a second time to burn it. the Emperor at the palace of Berlin. Immediately after the Prince of Neuf. This Prince was sent home to his fa- chatel received orders to restore her


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husband to her. The military commis conia, the Saal, and the Elbe, which sion was already asseinbled the letter our forefathers would not have crossed alone of Prince Harzfeld was enough in seven years, we have crossed iirse. to condemn him ; three hours later he ven days, and fought in the interval had been shot..

four engagements and a great battle. “ We have taken, up to this period, We have proceeded to Potsdam and 250 sťand of colours, among which are Berlin the renown of our victories. We some embroidered by the hands of the have made 80,000 prisoners, taken 61 beautiful Queen herself; a beauty which stand of colours, amongst which are has proved as disastrous to the people those of the King of Prussia's guards, of Prussia, as that of Helen did to the 600 pieces of cannon, three fortresses, Trojans.

and upwards of 20 Generals. Neves. “ The States of the Duke of Bruns. theless, more than one half of you rewick are taken possession of, and it is gret not to have fired a musket shot. believed that the Duke has fled to Eng. All the provinces of the Prussian moland. All his troops are disarmed. If narchy, as far as the Oder, are in our he deserves the hatred of the French power. people, he has no less merited that of Soldiers, the Russians boast of com. the Prussian nation and army-of the ing to us. We will march to meet them, nation, which accuses him of being one and thus spare them half of the road; of the promoters of the war of the ar- they shall again find Austerlitz in the my, which complains of his manoeuvres, heart of Prussia. A nation which has and all his military proceedings. so soon forgotten the generosity we

“At Munster, in the county of Mark, shewed it after that battle, in which its and in other Prussian States, the King Emperor, Court, and the wrecks of its of Holland found magazines and artille. army, were only indebted for their safery. At Fulda and at Brunswick, the ty to the capitulation we granted them, arms of the Prince of Orange and of the is a nation which cannot successfully Duke have been removed. Neither of cope with us. these Princes will reign again. They Nevertheless, whilst we march to meet were the principal instigators of this the Russians, new armies, formed in the new coalition. The English would make interior of the Empire, come to take no peace-they shall make it; but our place, in order to keep our conFrance will include more coasts and quests. My whole people have risen states in her federative system.” indignant at the unworthy capitulation PROCLAMATION OF THE EMPEROR AND delirium, proposed to us.

which the Prussian Ministers, in their

Our roads KING.

and frontier towns are full of conscripts, Soldiers !

-You have justified my ex- who burn to march in our footsteps.pectations, and worthily answered the We will be no longer the sport of a treachconfidence of the French people. You erous peace, and we will not lay down our have supported privations and fatigues arms, till we have obliged the English, those with as much courage, as you have eternal enemies of our nation, to renounce shown intrepidity and coolness in the the scheme of disturbing the Continent, and midst of combats. You are the wor- the tyranny of the seas. thy defenders of the honour of my crown Soldiers, I cannot better express to and of the great people ; as long as you you the sentiments I entertain for you, are animated with this spirit, nothing than by telling you that I bear in my will be able to withstand you. The ca. heart the love you daily shew me. valry have vied with the infantry and From our Imperial Camp at Potsartillery : I no longer know which part dam, 26th of October 1806. By order of the army to give the preference to. of the Emperor. You are all good soldiers. These arç


NAPOLEON, the results of your labours.

One of the first military powers in The Major-General of the Grand Ariny, Europe, who so lately dared to propose Prince of Neufebatel and Vallengin. to us a shameful capitulation, is annibi. lated. The forests and defiles of Fran.

Marshal Alex. BERTHIER.


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“ The people of Hesse Cassel will be From the French Bulletins.

more fortunate ; eased of the expence " Marshal Mortier, who commands of vast military establishments, they can the 8th corps of the Grand Army, arriv- follow the peaceful occupations of agried at Cassel on the 31st of October.- culture : freed from a great part of The Prince of Hesse Cassel, Marshal their taxes, they will be governed upon in, the service of Prussia, and his son, a generous and liberal principles, as is General in the same service, have with. France and her allies. If the French drawn from it. The Prince, in answer had been conquered, their country would to the note which was transmitted to have been dismembered; it is just, him, demanded p-rmission to march at therefore, that the serious consequences the head of his own troops, along with of war should attach to those who prothose of France against our enemies. voked it. In this terrible game the Marshal Mortier replied, he had no or. chances should be equal. The Empeders touching such a proposition; but ror has ordered the fortresses of Hanau that the Prince having armed, after the and Marbourg to be destroyed, all the declaration he had made through his magazines and arsenals to be removed Minister, M. De Malsbourg, at Paris, to Mentz, all the troops disarmed, and the least farther armament on his part the sovereign arms of Hesse Cassel evewould be considered as an act of hostili. ry where to be taken down. ty, as the Prussians had not violated his “ These measures are not dictated by territories, but on the contrary were re- an insatiable ambition, nor a thirst for ceived with pomp therein by the Here. further conquests. The Cabinet of the ditary Prince; and that, from the peri. Thuilleries is induced to act so, by its od of the Hessian territories being eva. conviction of the necessity for putting cuated by the French, until the battle an end to a contest such as the present, of Jena, there was nought but armaments and causing a durable peace to succeed going forward at Cassel ; and that, in to this insensate war, instigated by the point of fact, the Hereditary Prince was miserable and low maneuvres of agents, more desirous of marching at the head such as the Lords Paget and Morpeth." of Prussian troops, and to insult the CASSEL, Nov. 7.-General Lagrange, French by all sorts of provocation. Governor General of Hesse, has pub.

He will pay for his frenzied con. lished the following Proclamation, datduct by the loss of his dominions. There ed on the 4th inst. is not a principality in all Germany that “ INHABITANTS OF Hesse, has been so uniformly the enemy of

“ You now know the causes to which France. For many years its sovereigns you have to attribute the events which sold the blood of their subjects' to Eng. have happened.-Circumstances, I ven. land, in order to fight with it against ture to believe, will not bring with France in the two worids. By this traf- them the misfortunes which are almost fic of his troops, the Prince in question inevitable in the midst of such changes. has amassed great treasures, part of War and its disasters will not ravage which, it is said, are shut up in Magde- your plains. Remain tranquil, continue burg, and part remitted to foreign coun. your labours and your speculations in tries. This sordid avarice has caused trade, give yourselves up to your industhe catastrophe of his House, the exis- try and activity, and be without fear tence of which on our frontiers is incompa. for your laws, your customs, your relitible with the safety of France ! It is at gion, your persons, and your property : length time to extinguish that which all shall be protected. Named Govermay cause the unhappiness of 40 mil. nor General of Hesse, by his Majesty lions of people, and bring trouble and the Emperor of the French, and King disorder to their very doors. The Eng. of Italy, I will do all that depends upon lish may yet corrupt certain Sovereigns me to preserve order, and cause the by means of their gold, but the loss of country to prosper : such is the end I the thrones of such Sovereigns will be propose to myself! Happylif

. I attain it! the inevitable consequences of such cor- Your duty, inhabitants of Hesse, is oberuption. On the contrary, the allies of dience to the orders and dispositions of France will prosper, and be aggrandiz. Government, and absolute and punctual ed.

execution of all it shall prescribe to you.


This is all I require of you to attain the Ministers to look to its execution, every end which should be the common aim, one in what concerns him. and from which your happiness and

“ Done and ordained in the Palace of tranquillity are inseparable. The Go

the Government at Cassel, the 4th vernor General ordains as follows:

of November 1806. Art. I.--The collecting of all the revenues of the Electorate of Hesse, and

(Signed) LAGRANGE, the administration of justice, shall hence.

6. The General and Governor." forward be done in the name of his Majesty the Emperor and King.

Dresden, Nov. 6. II. “ All the country shall be disarm. " The Wirtemberg contingent army, ed. Whoever retains arms after the or. from 10,000 to 12,000 men strong, en. der given for disarming will put him. rered this city on the 3d inst. under the self in the predicament of beiog shot.- command of Field Marsbal Lieutenant Officers, however, and persons whose Baron Von Seckendorf. The Governor rank entitles them to wear a sword, arc of the city, M. Von Thiard, went out excepted from this regulation.

with his suite to meet them, and acIII.“ Justice shall continue to be ad- companied them to the presence of his ministered by the same judges, and no Electoral Highness, our gracious Prince. change shall be made among them, pro- Without considering the haste and forcvided they do nothing contrary to their ed march of these troops, there is little duties.

appearance of any new cessation of hos. IV.“ The same shall be the case in tilities. They seemed destined to rethe other branches of the administration, main here; however, on the fourth eand in every thing relative to finances, vening, they suddenly received orders and the police. The persons in actual to break up. The first brigade began employ shall preserve their places so to march yesterday, the last regiment long as they shall not cease to merit the of the second is filing off at this mo. confidence reposed in them.

ment. The troops of our beloved SoV.“ There shall be no interruption vereign mounted all the guards again in the collecting of taxes and duties. yesterday, and to-morrow the company The receipts at present in the chests, as of guards resume their duty." well as those which shall come in in fu, Accounts from the Continent state ture, shall be sent as before to Cassel, the following as the outline of the new The same shall be done with those be- political arrangements which Bonaparte longing to the Chamber of Finances at has declared he is determined to en. Hanau,

force :VI. “ Every administrator, creditor, • The Electorate of Brandenburgh, or collector, who shall dare to secrete any with some contiguous territory, to be epart of the public receipts, shall be im rected into a kingdom, under the domi. mediately seized and given up to a nion of Jerome Bonaparte. Prussia ProCourt Martial, to be condemned accord- per to be retained by his Prussian Ma. ing to all the rigour of the military jesty, with the title of King. His capilaw.

tal to be Konigsberg. The Polish ter. VII.“ Whoever shall conceal money ritory to be wrested from Austria, Rus. or other objects appertaining to the sia, and Prussia, and re-consolidated inState, and shall not make his declaration to une state, of the same extent as beof the same within 24 hours after the fore the partition. Murat to be pro. proclamation of these presents, shall be claimed King of the Poles. Holland to in like manner seized and punished ac- receive a very considerable accession of cording to the tenor of the preceding territory, particularly in Westphalia. article.

The Duchies of Cleves and Berg, at VIII. “ The Governor reserves to present possessed by Murat, to be given bimself the riglit of determining the ex. to one of the French Marshals." pences and payments for the different The King of Prussia, according to the objects which shall be submitted to him. last accounts, (Nov. 24.) was at Konigs.

1x. “ This present regulation shall berg, with about 8000 men.-An armisbe published throughout the whole pro- tice for ten days was signed at Charlot. since of Hesse, and it is enjoined the tenburgh, on the 17th by M. Lucchesini

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on the part of Prussia, and Marshal Du. Minister, to produce the conviction · roc on the part of France.

that the neutrality of Hamburgh would The situation of Denmark is, at this be respected, 2000 infantry, and 250 moment, still more critical than that of Dutch cavalry, suddenly entered the Austria. Murat has already begun to place on Wednesday, (19th,) with Gen. insult the Prince Royal, by desiring Mortier at their head, and formally took him to withdraw his troops from the possession of the city in the name of confines of Holstein ; and threatning, Napoleon. The next day (Thursday) that if any misunderstanding ensues from French soldiers mounted guard at all their remaining in their present posi. the public offices and gates, and free tion, and if, in consequence, a single quarters were provided for the troops, trigger is drawn against a French soldi. who were distributed at the houses of er, he would give up Altona to be pil- the citizens. A few hours only had exlaged. This is evidently seeking, and pired, when the names of the Generals, that in the most odious way, for a pre. Colonels, and Commissaries of the text of quarrel.

French army, were inscribed on the SEIZURE OF HAMBURGH.

doors of the principal mansions, so that The last of the Hamburgh mails

it might have been supposed to have brings intelligence which to many indi

been a garrisoned town for six months. viduals must prove highly afflicting.-

The Commissary of War occupies the

house of the British Minister, which he Hamburgh is now occupied by the French, entered half an hour after the latter had and all British property found there has quitted it. The head quarters are at been confiscated! On this subject the fol.

a Senator's, in the Blichen. One of the lowing letter was sent from Lord How

first measures has been a demand by the ick to the Lord Mayor of London :

Commander in Chief of all the English “ Foreign Office, 29th November. property, in whatever form it may ap“ MY LORD,

pear.--To this application, the Senate " It is with the deepest concern that replied, " that to entorce such a requiI inform your Lordst.ip that the city of sition would be the total ruin of the Hamburgh was occupied by a French city.”. General Mortier signified, in corps under Gen. Mortier on the 19th receiving this communication, that it instant.

was his determination not to relax a The property of English merchants shilling of his demand. Means are als was immediately confiscated ;-on the ready taken to carry the scheme into night of the 21st all the English mer.

immediate execution; and for this purchants were arrested, but were after. pose the merchants are required to give wards released on their word not at any in an estimate of all the English propermoment to absent themselves till the ty in their hands; domiciliary visits are determination of Bonaparte respecting appointed to ascertain the validity of them should be received.

such accounts; and yesterday afternoon “ Mr Thornton, his Majesty's minis- many of the most respectable persons ter at Hamburgh was proceeding to

were put under arrest, to operate on the Kiel. Mr Nicholls, his Majesty's Vice. public mind by intimidation. Among Consul, was gone to Gluckstadt, in or

these I am sorry to name Mr Burrows, der to provide for the English ships Mr John Thornton, Mr George Smith, proceeding from that port in safety. — and Mr Parish. At first these Gentle He was to go to Cuxhaven and Husum,

men were confined in a house near the and proper precautions had been taken Exchange, after seals had been put upon for the security if the merchants re

their effects; but they have since been maining in Hamburgh, and their pro. permitted to occupy their respective perty. (Signed) “ Howick." houses. A guard, however, always at

tends chem. In this situation of things, The following is an extract of a letter apprehensions are entertained, that more from Hamburgh, of date Nov. 22. of the English will be put under arrest,

“ This city, which has so long pres until the avarice of these public plurie served its independence, is reduced to derers is satiated. Since Wednesday, a state of vassalage.--After the most about 5000 more French infantry have solemn farce practised by the French arrived here, and it may naturally be

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