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stealing two horses from the farm of the 3. At Ditto, Mrs Elizabeth Dunbar, re-
Rev. Janies Maitland Robertson, Minister lict of James Stewart, Esq.
of Livingston, and one horse the property 4. dt Castlecraig, Ross shire, Lieut.-Col.
of Wm. Glendinning at Livingston will

. Jolin Ross, late of the 85th regiment, and
The Jury all in one voice found the libel Huspecting Field. Ofacer of volunteers and
proven.--And the Court adjudged them to yeomanry.
be executed at Edinburgh on the 21st of Jan. 5. At Old Aberdeen, in the 88th year of

The unhappy men were very much his age, Mr James Paterson, Master of the affected at the time of pronouncing judge. Music School, Session Clerk, and Precenment, and both fell down upon their knees, tor, in that city. He held these offices 62 and beseeched their Lordships and Jury to years, exclusive of several years during recommend them to his Majesty's mercy.

which he acted as assistant to his predeces

In the course of nearly 60 years, he

was not prevented from officiating as pre-
Dec. 1. At Dalkeith House, the Right centor by bad health a single day; and he
Hon. William Earl of Ancram, to Lady was absent only one Sunday while on a vi-
Harriet Montagu, youngest danghter of his sic to a friend.
Grace the Duke of Buccleuch.

7. Near London, Miss Mary M-Culloch,
2. At Edinburgh, Archibald M.Nab, Esq. sister of the late John M-Culloch, Esq. of
younger of Easter Torry, to Miss Margaret Barholm.
Robertson, daughter of the deceased Wila 7. At Newton, near Dalkeith, Mr Janies
liam Robertson, Esq. Keeper of the Re- Hope, farmer, a man of great worth and
cordo in his Majesty's General Register integrity.

- At Pettinane Manse, the Rev. Allan DEATHS.

Frame, minister of that parish.
Oct. 18. At Paisley, Mrs Jean Watt,

9. At Aberdeen, Mr Donald Stewart, spouse of Mr James Chip brewer there, leather merchant. Besides suitable proviafter a lingering illness, which she bore sions for his widow and daughter, and conwith Christian patience and fortitude. siderable legacies to all his relations, he has

25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Cunninghame, bequeathed the following charitable donarelict of George Cunninghame, Esq. of Ban- cions :- To the poor of the united parishes dalloch.

of l'ulloch and Glenmuick, and Glengarden, 25. Ac St Cyrus, Joseph Alexander Shep- 50!. To the Kirk Session of Aberdeen, herd, in the 91st year of his age, as ascer- 401.-To the Poors Hospital of Aberdeen, certained by the parish register, in which 401.--To the Infirmary of Aberdeen, 401 he is recorded to have been baptised, 13th To the Lunatic Hospital ditto, 401. To March 1716. He spent the whole of his the Coal Fund ditco, 401. Total, 2501. long life, except one year, in the parish 9. At Dunbar, aged 21 years, Mr An. where he was born and died. He had 18 drew Brown, only son of Mr Andrew children, 45 grandchildren, and 14 great Brown, merchant there. grandchildren.

9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Christian For29. Lately, at Doonside, Adam Kelty, bes, widow of Mr John More, painter aged 91.

He was born the day of the bat. there. tle of Sheriffmuir (13th September 1715.) 9. At ditto, Mrs Gray, wife of Mr He came as groom and coachman to the James Gray, one of the Masters the late Mr Crawford of Doonside in 1742, High School. and never was out of the family till his 9. At Greenock, Mr William Hart, death, a service of 59 years. He was very merchant. much distressed, in 1801, at the death of an 10. At Altona, of the wounds he receiv. old popey which he used to ride, and which ed at the battle of Jena on the 14th of Oc. lived till is was 41 years old. Kelty's win tober, his Serene Highness Charles William dow is still alive at Doonside, where she al. Duke of Brunswick Wolfembuttle, Gene80 came in 1747.

ralissimo of the Prussian army, and Nov. 1. At Braco Castle, Mrs Margaret Knight of the Garter. His Highness was Graeme, relict of Francis Masterton of Go. born in 1735, and married in 1764 Princess

Augusta, sister of his Britannic Majesty, 2. At Ormiston, Dr Alexander White. by whom he has left issue two sons and head, surgeon in the Royal Navy.

two daughters. 2. At Irvine, Mr David Campbell, aged 11. At Prestonpans, Robert Hepburn, 73, upwards of 40 years clerk in the Cus. Esq. Collector of the Customs there. tom house there.

At Edinburgh, Miss Janet Far, 2. At Cromarty, aged 81, Miss Helen quharson, second surviving daughter of the Mackenzie, sister of the deceased Murdo late Alex. Farquharson, Esq. of Haughton. Mackenzie, Esq. of Ardross.


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gar, Esq.

tions on 574

view of 929

roes 431.

Etymologies rectified 905 Highlands, West, changes Literary Intelligence 499,
Exciseable commodities on the country 739,898 51, 126, 201, 202, 284,

in 1644, list of 493 Hindostán, military cha- 285, 365, 444, 445, 533,
the Falls of Clyde, a poem,

racter of the natives of 613,614, 690, 769, 770,
review of 441

852, 853, 931
Ferguson, Dr Adam, his

of the force of Literary duelling, reflec-
character as an author Scindeah and Holkar 266

manners of the Loch Ness, curious phe.
Mr, his letters
inhabitants of 428

nomena of 405
on the establishment of History, advantages of the Loudon Castle, descrip.
the volunteer corps, re. study of 834

tion of 163
Home, John, his charac-' the Lounger, character of
-'s lectures on Me.' ter as a writer 817

the authors of 745
chanics, review of 43 Home, a poem, criticism Lyndesay, Sir
Fine arts, on the progress on 423, 507

of his poetical works
of 40, 86, 167, 247, 328, Horticultural Society of

522, 609
407, 495, 576, 655, 774,, London, report of their Lyttleton, Lord, reflec.
815, 895
Committee 420

tions on his death by Dr
Forfeited Estates in Scots Hospital, plan of a new Beattie 682
land, report of the Com.

one in Edinburgh 43 Macintosh, Sir James, his
mittee on their fund'659 Hutton, Dr Jas, his cha. addresses to the Grand
Forth, plan of a tunnel racter as an author 746 Jury of Bombay 31, 266-
under the river 571

Iliad, character of its he- Mackenzie, Mr Henry,
Fox, Mr, memoirs of 651,,

his character as an au-
Income, estimate of, sub-

thor 745, 817
Franklin, Dr, Dialogue ject to the property, tax Manners in Scotland in
with the Gout 592

's letter to Lord India, tour overland from Mansfield,Lord, his speech
Kaimes on the harmony 335, 514, 669

in the case of the Magis.
of Scotch music 596

--, state of, at the trates of Edinburgh a-
French natiorai'character, breaking out of the war gainst the Feuars of the

parallel between it and.

New Town 255
the English 662 Indian theatrical represen. Manufactures, British, eso
Gaelic etymologies 826 tation, description of one timated amount of 39
Gall, Richard, a Scottish

on the pro-
poet, memoirs of 47 Industry, effects of 917 gress of 40, 86, 167, 247,
Geographical queries, by Inverary Castle, descrip- 328, 407, 495, 576, 655,
Sir R. Sibbald 409

774, 815, 895
Gillies, Dr, his character. Ireland, tour thro' by an Marriages, French,curious
as an author 743
American 27, 175.

advertisements of 598
Glover, Dr Edmund, me- Jamieson, Mr, review of Masson, Francis, the boy
moirs of 419

his popular ballads and tanist, memoirs of 892
Grammatical error to be songs 925

Mausoleum of King Hen.
corrected 102

Johnson, Dr, remarks on ry Darnley, description
Gregory, Dr James, his. his tour thro' Scotland,
character as an author by Dr Beattie, 683 Maxwell, Jane, indictment

Juan Fernandez, account. against her for sorcery
Hackney coaches, refleco

tions on a stand of 754 Kentucky, account of that. Mendicity, remedies for
Hamilton, Gen. memoirs settlement 341

of 108

Landscape Gardening, on. Metastatio, remarks on:
Heron, Mr, his character the different stiles of 263 590
as an author

Lerwick, description of 36 Millar, Professor, life of-
Higblands of Scotland, Leslie, professor, review

plan of roads now form- of the pamphlets relating the Mirror, character of
ing in them 3
to his case 274, 356

the authors of 745
expences of the Leyden's Scenes of Infan, Molleson, Alex. Miscel.
the same 5
cy, criticism on 347

Tanies by 850


tion of 491

of 22

of 171

tion of 403

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tie 589

165 2 409

of 521


Money. rent, on the com. Pinkerton's recollections Scottish songs, curious e-

parative value of 831 of Paris, review of 685 numeration of 828
Monzie Castle, descrip-

his character Shetland, strictures on a
as an author 744 -

tour thro'9
Moral character of the Pitt, Mr, characters of 88,

defence of 12,
lower orders in the me. 182, 492

tropolis, reflections on Poetry, letters on by the

supplement to
Ettrick Shepherd 17

the tour, 112
Nlorea, account of its cli.

oriental, remarks

- valuation of cor.
mat , and character of on 681

rect 316
its inhabitants 600 Pope's Essay on Man, re- Sibbald, Sir Robert, geo-
Plusic, Scotch, on the har. marks on, by Dr Beat- graphical queries by, in
mony and melody of, by
Dr Franklin 596 Population of the globe, Sinclair, Sir John, his
the National debt, state of estimate of 259

character as a writer 819
405, 573, 894
Rebel army, their beha-

reflections on a
Nawab of Oude, anecdotes viour at Hamilton in stand of hackney coaches

1745 345

Neapolitan nobles, man- Reid, Dr Thomas, his

thoughts on two
ners of 37

character as an author important questions 822
Neill, P. his defence of a 746

Small.pox, genealogy of
tour thro' Shetland 12, Reynolds, Sir Joshua, Dr the Indian Goddess of
116, 491
Beattie's visit to 682

Nelson, Lord, his monu- the Right hand and the Solitude, thoughts on, by
ment at Edinburgh, de- left, petition of 20

Dr Beattie 682
scription of the intended Roads in the Highlands, Somerville, Dr, his cha.
one 83
plan of new ones 3

racter as an author 744
Newspapers, petition of remarks on, by J. a Sorceress tried at Kirk-
the distressed fraternity Hogg 99, 179

cudbright 189
of 836

Sandwich Island, account South Wales, new, pre-
Occurrences, remarkable of one called Tamahama sent state of 194
in 1805, chronological 192

Steuart, Sir Jas. life of 197
Savages, North Ameri. Stewart, Dr Dugald, his
Odyssey, character of its can, description of character as an author
tribe of 261

Orkner, valuation of cor. Sea water, experiments Tasso, remarks on 588
rete 816

on the temperature of Theatrical performance in
Ossian's lesser poems, by

India, description of one
A. (vacdonald, review Secund sight, remarks on 663

Thurlow, Lord, memoirs
's poems, reinarks on Selkirk, Alex. account of
by De Beattie 587

18, 169

Trade, British, in Germa.
Paisley, account of the Science, on the progress iny, account of 39
manufactures of 499,579 of 40, 86, 167, 247, 328,

of Dundee, ac-
Paul Emperor of Russid, 407, 495, 576, 655, 774, count of 410
account of his assassina- $15, 895

Traveller, adventures of
Scoti, Mr Walter, ballads une in Arabia 349
Pear trees, a new mode and lyrical pieces by, re-

Tunnel under the Forth,
of improving 340
view of 767

plan of one 521
Pennecuick, Dr Alexan. Scots College at Paris, Universities, English and
der, memoirs of 249, 581

account of MSS. there Scots, comparative ad-
Peter, James, and John, 92

vantages of 684
petition of 665

Scotch writers, character Valuation of Orkney and
Phenomenon, surprising of the most eminent 743, Shetland corrected 816
one in the West Indies 817

Vesuvius, journal of an

Scotch Parliament, cere. eruption of 329; 413.
explanation monies observed at the Victual rent, on the com-
of it 824

opening of 657

parative value of 831

list of 24, 97


heres 431

of 123

of -837

tion 672

Vittoria Collona, account
of her life and writings,
by Mr Roscoe 919
Volcanoes in the Andes,
account of 511

Voltaire's Henriade, re. Weilly, Dr, anecdotes of
marks on 590

Walls of Edinburgh, re. Wight, Wm, the Ednam
monstrance of 107

poet, account of 184


poet 208

year 796

ALFRED, by George Dyer London, a poem 447, 536; Sibbald, Sir R. roundel on

by Dr Pitcairn 127
a Ballad, by the Ednam the Maid of Islay 288 Snuff, dialogue on the vir:
Mary's Lament 55

tues of, 205
Couper's works, verses on Melville, Lord, song on a Soldier's farewell 696
reading them 797

his acquittal 693 Song, Cannie wi' your
Dirge of the departed Nelson, Lord, verses on blinkin', Bessie 775
his death, by Dr Cowper

my love is but a las-
Dowie, John, verses on 615, 692

sie yet 776
his ale 243
Ode to the Morning hour,

banks o' Doune 776
Elegy 56
by G. Dyer 128

on a visit to the vil.
Emma, a tale 368

for the New Year, lage of Largs 934
Essay on the economy of by the Laureat 287

Tam's fareweli 288

Latin by Lord Mel. Sonnet to Night 935
Ettrick Shepherd, answer
combe 367

to Hope ib.
to, by T. M. C. 208

translation by Dr Verses to a Young Lady,
Glover, Dr, verses on his Johnson ib.

on her birth day 288
death 448,856

for his Majesty's to a favourite cat, by
Hayley, Mr, verses by,
birth day 447

G. Dyer 368
'to Mr W.
Ophelia, verses by 55

to Mary 776
answer to ib.

Pennecuick, Dr, a fable to the Nightingale,
the Hills o' Gallowa' 288

by G. Dyer 934
Jock and Samuel, a Scots Pitcairn, Dr, roundel on by a Gentleman to a
pastoral 53
Sir R. Sibbald 127

young Lady who wrote
á Latin poem 695
the Sailor, by G. Dyer 934

an Elegy on the death of
Little's poems, extract the Sea-gull, by the Ed-

his son, 935
nam poet 208

Winter, a dirge 856.

life 695

by 250

from 204


ADMIRAL, Judge, in Scot. Bell-rock, lighthouse, bill Collingwood, Lord, a pen.
land, additional salary to, for erecting 629

sion voted to him 137

Best, Mr, moves forabillto Commissaries of Edin. ad.
American intercourse bill prohibit the publication ditional salary to 469
passed 630

of ex-parte evidence taken Commons, House of,
Appeal, Scotch, Moody before the trial of offences

thanks to the fleet 139
v. Coutts, 289

466.-Withdrawn 469 Cornwallis, Marq. a mo-
Army estimates voted Brewers, private, tax pro- nument voted to him 137
137, 294, 472. Additio-

posed on 545. Relin- Defence act, debate on a
nal pay voted 704
quished 626

bill for repealing it 468,
Assessed taxes, additional Budget for 1806 296 469, 471
10. per cent. voted 626, Chalmers and Cowie re- Duckworth, Adm. re.
exemptions 627

ceive 25,000l. to indem- ceives the thanks of the
Auditor of Exchequer, dify a loss on Swedish House of Lords 290 Of
motion for putting the herrings 628

the Commons 295. A
office into commission Cochrane, Adm. receives pension voted to him 291

the thanks of the House East-India Budget 631. -
Barracks, bill for prevent. of Lords 290.-Of the A million granted to the
ing abuses in 704
Commons 295

Company 705


neral 709

newed 295

Ellenborough, Lord, mo. the evidence to be given On taxing funds vested
tion relative to his sit. in his case 209, 289.- in the name of foreigners
ting in the Cabinet 209, Mr Whitbread presents 547

an additional article of Prussia, message from the
Erskine, Hon. Hen, takes

impeachment against him King relative to her con-
his seat, 465. His speech 289. His Lordship gives duct 375. Officia! papers
on the deience act 470. in his answer to it 290.

respecting it ib. Address
On the mutiny bill 626 Address to his Majesty of the Lords on the sub-
Excise, receiver-General to order Westminsterhall

ject 377.-- Of the Com-
of, bill for the better re- to be fitted up for his mons 378
gulation of his office 469 trial 291. Mr Whitbread Public accounts, in the
Forfeited estates in Scot. brings up a new report West Indies, bill for re-
land, report on their

on his case 193.-Me ves gulating 546. Salaries to
funds 659 705

a resolution on the re the Coinın issioners 549.
Fox, Judge, his case post- port ib.--Moves that the A new general bill in-
poned 708

whole House do attend troduced 628
Houston and Co. motion the trial 295 --Ubjected the Royal Family, addin
for vesting their estates to by Mr D:10das, but tional provision for 620.
in trustees 631

carried ib.- Thanks vot. 630, objected to by Col.
India, motion relative to ed to the managers of Wood ib. State of their
the American trade with the impeachment 472.-

salaries 706
295. Lord Melville's The cria 449, 537, 617, St Vincent, Lord, Mr Jef.
motion on the appoint- 697.-Chancery suit for frey's charges against him
ment of a Governor Ge.
publishing it 706

Military system, new one Scotch Appeals, 289, 291,
Irish budget 470

proposed by Mr Wind.

stamp · duty bill, ham 369. Debate on the Bankrupt actre.
clause for relief of the mutiny bill 550, 626
printers of newspapers - report of the Com. Slave restriction bill, pass-
missioners 630

ed 465. Importation bill
Iron, duty on, opposed -officers,bill forset. passed 469. Resolution
strongly in the Com-

tling their rank 630 for its abolition moved
mons 380, 471.-Relin.

new training bill, by Mr Fox, and carried
quished 545

objected to by Ld. Mel. 627,628, Agreed to by
Justice in Scotland, Lord

the Lords 705
Grenville's motion re. Navy estimates voted 136, Stage.coaches, bill for re-
specting its administra-
Additional pay to sea-

gulating 628. Prohibit.
tion 707. Resolutions of men voted 467..To ed from carrying letters
the House of Lords 497 Greenwich Hospital 628. ib.
King's speech 129. Ad. His Majesty's message Stanhope, Lord, his mo.
dress agreed to in both on the subject 708

tion relative to the state
Houses without a divi. Nelson, Lady, a pension of grain in the country
sion 130, 132. His Ma.
voted to her 137

jesty's answer to the Ad. Nelson, Earl, his Majes. Strachan, Sir R. a pensioli
dress ib. Message rela- ty's gift to him 465.---

voted to hiin 137
tive to the conduct of Bill for settling it 704

Supply, Committee or
Prussia 375. Speech of Paull, Mr, moves for In- sums voted in 293.--
the Lord Chancellor on dia papers 136, 466.- 300,00ol. voted for the
proroguing the Parlia- Brings forward charges seamen in the battle of
ment 709

against Marq. Wellesley Trafalgar 472:
Lords, House of,'thanks


Treaties with Austria and
to the fleet 132

Peers of Scotland, peti. Russia presented to the
Lottery office keepers, ad- tion on a vacancy


House of Lords 139.---
ditional duty on 630 Pitt, Mr, motion for a To the Commons 136
Melville, Lord, pleads not monument to him 133.- Treating bill brought in
guilty to the charges His debr's voted to be by Mr Tierney 295
brought by the Com- paid 138

Trotter, Alex. committed
mons 130, 133. Opi. Property tax bill, debates to the custody of the
nion of the Judges on on 468, 470, 472, 547,

serjeant at arms 294.-


ville 709

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