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of 470.

Reprimanded and dis.

- Motion for Windham, Mr, introduces
charged in.

thanking them rejected his bill for new-model.
Vaccine inoculation, mo- 632

ling the army 369. De-
tion for inquiring into its Wellesley, Marq. charges bate on the mutiny bill
success 629

brought against him by
Volunteer corps, expence

Mr Paull, 466, 546, 629

550, 626


to Paris 224.

ACCIDENTS, fatal, 800 nado at Charlestown, and brun, near Vienna 145.
Achmuty, Sir Sam, sails great damage done to the

Sets out on his return to
with a reinforcement for shipping ib.

France 221. His son-in-
Buenos Ayres 797

Artillery, experiment for law Eugene married to
Æneas transport wrecked quick travelling 959 a Princess of Bavaria ib.

Austria, Emperor of, his Seizes the British goods
Algiers, the Dey of, in. army defeated in Italy in Bavaria 223. Returns
sults the British consul, by the French 57. Re-

who quits the place 305 treats to Hungary ib.- to the Senate announcing
America, meeting of Con- Totally defeated at Aus. new federative projects
gress 219. Message of terlitz 141. Makes an ib.A statue decreed to
the President on the si. armistice with the French him by the Senate ib.
tuation of the States ib. 143. And concludes a

The honours of a public
Difference with Spain ib. treaty of peace at Pres-

entry declined by him ib.
Extraordinary bill for burg 146. Returns to -His singular answer
the protection of Ame.

Vienna 2 22.

Proclama. on the occasion ib.
rican seamen 220.. Bill tion to the inhabitants ib. Holds an extraordinary
for abolishing, the slave Baden, Prince of, marries levee ib.-Opens the Le.
trade rejected ib. Non- a niece of Bonaparte 384 gislative Assembly with
importation act passed Bannerman, Col.his house an extraordinary speech
388. State of the Ame. robbed of articles to a 297. New Kings creat-
rican trade ib. An Aine- great amount 960

ed by him 300, 382. Ex-
rican captain stabs ano. Bavaria, Elector of, as- torts a large sum from
ther 389. Violent com- sumes the title of King the American Congress
motion excitrd by the His daughter mar. 785. Leaves Paris to join
conduct of the captains ried to Eugene Beau- his army in Germany 88.
of the British squadron,
harnois ib.

Totally defeats the Prus.
who kill an American Bedford, Duke of, arrives sians at Tena 869. His
seaman 473.

Mr Og-

in Dublin 313. Instal. singular letter to the K.
den's memorial to Go. led as Lord Lieut, of Ire. of Prussia 872. Arrives
vernment on the subject land ib.

at Potzdam 873.-At
of Miranda's expedition the Belle India packet ta. Berlin 874. Curious ex.
558. Mesirs Ogden and ken by a French squa- tracts from his bulletins
Smith tried ior their con-

946. Visits the Prussian
cern in the same, and ac- the Beliona French priva-

quitted 785. Correspon- teer taken in India 958 interview with Princess
dence between the Spa- Bertram, Major, drown- Hatzfield ib. Proclama.
nish ambassador and Col.


dron 229

Princes 947:

tion to his army 948.
Smith on the same sub. Berwick - upon - Tweed, Extraordinary decree a.
ject ib. Bonaparte ex- improvements proposed gainst England, declar.
forts 2,000,cco of dollars upon the town 799 ing the British islands in
from Congress, which ex-, the Blanche frigate cap- a state of blockade, and
cites another ferment a. tures la Guerriere French all English subjects found
mong the people ib. Cu.
frigate 637

on the continent to be
rious history of this tran- Bonaparte defeatsthe Rus. prisoners of war, 953.
saction 786. Printing of- sians & Austrians at Aus- Boulogne, attack upon,
fice at New York burnt terlitz 141. Returns to with new invented rock-
down ib. Violent tors the palace of Schoen-

ets 958


ed 878

French 953

Maloes 795.


Bremen occupied by the Cornwallis, Marq. gets a Edgar of Leith, Capt. Ir-
French 953

present of 40,000l. from ving, taken after a des.
the Britannia burnt at the East India Co. 232. perate engagement, by a
Corke 231.
Resolutions of the inha.

French privateer 957:-
British prisoners at Ver. bitants of Bombay for a Retaken and carried to
dun apply to the Queen monument to the late Barbadoes ib.-A Scots
of Wirtemberg for relief Marquis 937. Eloquent passengerwounded, meets
225.-Liberated in Hol.

speech of Mr Money on with great attention and
land 228
the occasion ib.

kindness from his coun-
Brunswick, Duke of, mor- Craig, Gen. Sir Jas, lands

trymen ib.
tally wounded at the bat. with the British army at Elgin, Earl of, returns to
tle of Jena 871.--Is car-

Naples 227.

Returns England 311.
sied to Altona ib.-His to Sicily ib. Returns to Erskine, Lord, takes his
States seized by the England in bad health seat in the Court of
French 876

Chancery 231
Buenos Ayres taken by Crawfurd, Col. sails with Execution of five men at
the British army 77.8.- an expedition to South Lancaster for an unnatu-
Description of the settle-

America 877.

Meets ral Grime 880.
ment 783.

Order of with foul weather, and Fires, a large distillery in
Council for the regula. steers for Ireland 959 London burnt 800. Ud.
tion of trade to it 784. Cuxhaven occupied by the derwallain Sweden burnt
Accounts of its exports

down 876. Dover man
and imports ib.

Denmark, spirited answer of war burnt 879.
Burrowes, Capt. of the of the Prince Royal to a Foote, Lieut, taken bythe
Constance, killed at St

Prussian demand 387.-- Spaniards 956.

Desired by the French Fox, Mr, re-elected for
Byng, Mr, elected Mem. to withdraw the Danish

Westininster 231.-
ber for Middlesex 959. troops from Holstein 951 ceives a letter from the
Calder, Adm. Sir Robert, Diving-bell, successfulex- French Minister Talley.
his trial 61

periment with 880 rand 310.--Is taken dan.
Camilla of Dundee lost 879 Dominica, attempt upon, gerously ill 639.--Ac.
Cathcart, Lord, arrives at by a French force 559–

count of his funeral 799.
Bremen 61. Returns to the island almost destroy Fox, Gen. sails for Sicily
England with the Bria ed by a hurricane 940 559.
tish army 229

Don, Gen. lands at Bre. France, rigorous ordinance
Cattaro, seized by the men with a British force against offensive weapons
Russians 384. Attacked 58.-. His proclamation published at Paris 224.
by the French 636

to the Hanoverians ib. Legislative Assembly o-
China feet arrives safe 797 Douglas, Marquis, sets pened by the Emperor
Cholmondely, Miss, killed out forSt Petersburgh959 297. Imperial decrees
by the upsetting of a car. Dover man of war burnt announcing the erection

of new principalities 382.
Cleves, the duchy of, ce- Duckworth, Adm. de. The Prince of Baden
ded to France 298. Gen. feats a French squadron married to Stephanie Na-
Murat made Grand Duke off StDomingo, and takes poleon 384. The Tur-
ib. His proclamation 299 three ships, and destroys kish ambassador intro-
Cochran, Adm. his gallant two 305. Rewarded by duced in form to the Em-
conduct in the battle off the Patriotic Society at

peror 476. Louis Bona-
St Domingo 307. Re- Lloyd's 308. Arrives in parte declared King of
warded by the Patriotic England 391. Sails with Holland 477. The Dutch
Society at Lloyd's 308. another expedition to the deputies speech on the
Pursues the French fleet Mediterranean 639

occasion ib. Singular
off St Kitt's 795

Duels, fatal ones 800.-960. speech of Napoleon 478.
--, Lord, his gallant Messrs. Jeffrey & Moore Plan of the New Consti-
action in the river Ga. ib.--Armstrong & Long

tution for Holland 479.
ronne 391

ib.--. Capts. B. & Beeves The Durch deputies set
Constance, sloop of war, ib.—Lieuts. Ottley and out for Holland 480. As-
taken off St Maloes 795
Connel ib.

sembly of the Jews 942.


riage 800

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Frankfort, occupied by -----Another escapes into to the Senate Bonaparte's ·
French troops, and a hea- Brest ib. The' Bellona decree against England
vy contribution levied privateer taken in India 954. The French Ge.

958. A French boat neral's second proclama-
French fleet escapes froin takes an English collier

tion relative to English
Rochefort, and takes ma- who hove to to save her. property 955
ny prizes 228. Two fri.
in a storm ib.

Hanover, declaration of
gates wrecked near the Gæta, see Naples'. the Elector 59. Entered
Cape 219. La Libre fri. Germany, new political by a Prussian army 60.
gate taken by two Bri-

arrangements in 298.- Prussian Proclamation
tish frigates ib. The

300, 950.

Confedera. 223. British declaration
Prince Murat privateer tion of the Rhine 711... 30r. Prussian declaration
taken ib. The British Articles of the treaty for shutting the northern
ship Esther taken, and 713. The Emperor Fran- ports 302. The whole

the crew massacred 231, cis renounces the title of Electorate possessed by
French fieet totally de- Emperor of Germany ihe French 946
feated and taken off St 715. Prussia to form a

Hesse-Cassel occupied by
Domingo 305. Several counter-confederation in the French 949. The
squadrons escape from the north of Germany Hessian troops disarmed
France 309. Capiure a

Warlike move- ib. The French Gover.
transport with Gens. Bal.

ments throughout the nor's proclamation to the
four and Montresor on States ib.

inhabitants ib.
board ib. The Alcide fri. Gibraltar, disorderly be. Holland, preparations for
gate, Furet & Nearque haviour of the Garrison invading Britain 227.-
corvettes taken ibi-

558.--Gen. Fox's procla. The people in great dis.
Adm. Linois' squadron- mation on the occasion tress ib. Robbery and
taken:35. Another fri.

murder frequent ib. Bri.
gate taken at the Cape Glasgow Leith packet lost tish goods prohibited
390. A great number

228. Great inundation ib.
of small ships captured Good Hope, capture of, British prisoners liberat-
392. A large flotilla de
by the British 214, 304.

ed ib. Dreadful hurri.
feated off Naples, and à Greenland fishing, inter- cane on the Dutch coast
corvette captured by the rupted by some French


Louis Bonaparte,
Sirius frigate 560. The frigates 637.-The Sims declared King of Hol-
Guerriere and Rhin fri. of Leith taken ib. The land 477. (See France.)
"gates taken 637. Des- French frigate la Guer- Makes his grand entrance
perate attack of some "Tiere taken ib.

into the Hague 554. His
English boats on the Hamburgh, the port shut speech to the Assembly
shipping in the Garonne by order of the King of 555

The Dutch dis-
Observateur cor-

British pleased with the change
ivette taken 638. A ships escape ib. The
" squadron of four frigates French demand a large Hood, Sir Samuel, takes
taken by Sir Sam. Hood loan ib. The port de. four French frigates, but
793. The President fri- clared in a state of bloek- loses his arm in the fight,
gate taken by Adm. Lou. ade by the British Go. 793. Elected Member
is 794. Proceedings of 'vernment 302.

Occu. for Westminster 959.
the fleet under Admiral pied by the French army, Hutchinson, Lord, sails
Guillamet and Jerome and all British goods

for the Baltic 959
Bonaparte 795. Destroy

confiscated 951.

The India, peace concluded
some ships in the West Senate remonstrate with. there 337. Thanks of
Indies ib _Takes some tout effect ib. General the Gov. Gen. to the ar.
Quebec ships ib... Je- Mortier's Proclamation

my 940. Proposal for a
arrives safe in on the subject 952.- monument to Marquis
France ib. Guillamet's The British subjects

Cornwallis 937.
division driven to Ame. there declared prisoners India Company, differ-
rica by a storm 796. of war ib. The English ence respecting the ap-
One of his fleet burnt by ships escape 953

The pointment ofa Gov. Gen.
a British squadron 877. French Minister presents


Prussia 303.




Duke 3.00

ris 942

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viour of 794

lost 797

Ireland, the Duke of Bed. 798.-Some account of Gæta surrenders ib. The
ford installed as Lord these officers ib:

French totally defeated
Lieutenant 313.

State Malta, dreadful accident at Maida by the British
prisoners released ib.
at 876

troops under Sir John
The Weavers' corpora.

Mars of Dundee wrecked Stuart 718. His procla-
tion meet for a repeal of 879

mation to the Calabrians
the Union ib. Daring Medina, sacked by the 722.
attempt of a gang of vil. Wahabees 228

Nelson, Lord, account of
Tains, six of whom are Mellish,Mr,elected Mem. his funeral 65. - Particu.
shot dead 880. Another ber for Middlesex 959

lars of his death 151
party shoot a man, and Middlesex election 959 Neufchatel and Valengin
burn his house ib.

Ministry, new, list of 312 ceded to France 299.-
Jamaica fleet, many of the Miranda, Gen. sails from Marshal Berthier made
ships lost in a storm 799 New York on an expe.
Jews, assembly of, at Pa- dition against Spanish Northesk, Earl of, arrives

America 389.--Further in England with three
Johnson, Judge, trial of particulars 473, 558.- prize ships 391

Thomas Paine's account Oporto flcet taken by a
Kerr, Lieut. gallant beha- of him 474.-Two of his French squadron 228

schooners taken 558.-- Orange, Prince of, taken
King George Liverpool Twelve officers executed prisoner by the French
packet lost.878
785. Lands at Coro in

871. His states seized
Lady Burgess Indiaman the Caraccas ib. See A. by them 948


Palm, M. a German book-
Lady, a young, poisons Mullendorf, Marshal, seller, condemned and
herself 800

wounded, and taken pri. executed for publishing
Lauderdale, Earl, "sets off soner by the French 871 a libel against Bonaparte
for Paris on a pacific mis Money, Mr, of Bombay, 789
sion 639

Is proposed his eloquent eulogium on Peace, message to Mr Fox
as Gov. Gen. of India, Marq. Cornwallis 937 received from France re.
but is disapproved of by Murat, Gen. made Duke lating to it 310.--Nego-
the Directors 640. His of Cleves and Berg 298, ciation opened 638.
mission to Paris fails, and 382.--His proclamation Lord Lauderdale sets off
he returns to England 299:--To be made King for Paris 639.--Remarks
of Poland 950

ib. Treaty signed be-
Lavinia of Dundee wreck. Naples, entered by the tween France and the
ed 879

French army 225, J. Bo- Russian minister d'Ou-
Leipsick entered by the

naparte proclaimed King bril ib. The British ne-
French, and the English ib. Enters the city of gociation fails 790. Po.
goods seized 872

Naples, which surrenders litical reflections on the
Linois, Adm. his squa. to the French 226. King subject 791. British de-
dron taken by Sir J. B. Ferdinand escapes in a

claration on the rupture
Warren, 389

British frigate to Paler. of the negociation 865
Louis, :, Adm. takes the mo ib. Gen. Sir James Picton, Gen. trial of 232
President French frigate Craig lands with the Bri. Pitt, Mr, account of his

tish army in the Bay of funeral 232. His will 234
Louis Ferdinand, Prince Naples 227. But return Poland, to be restored as
of Prussia, killed at the to Sicily ib, Joseph Bo. a kingdom, and the
battle of Saalfeldt 868 na parte declared King French Gen. Murat to
Lubeck, dreadful battle in 38,2. Makes his public be King 950
that city 945--Pillaged entry into Naples 635, Presburg, treaty of peace
by the French 946

The Calabrians resist the signed there between
Maida, in Naples, the French 385. Gallant de- Austria and France 145
French defeated by the fence of Gæta by the Prussia, King of, his army
British forces under Sir Prince of Hesse 385. Sir enters Hanover 60. Pro-
John Stuart 718.--The Sidney Smith's opera- clamation to the inhabi.
officers rewarded by the tions there 633. Prince tants 2 23. Cedes the Du-
Patr. Society at Lloyd's of Hesse wounded 635.

chies of Cleves and Berg
Dec. 1806.



to France 298. Likewise Rushworth, Capt. his gal. Shipwreck,melancholy.ea.
the principalities of lant attack upon a Spa- ses of 230, 231, 310, 560,
Neufchateland Valengin nish fort, and captures 797, 877,878, 879
299. His proclamation

several privateers 956 Smith, Mrs Spencer, ar-
on the occasion ib. En Russia, Emperor of, vi- rested in Italy, but makes
ters into a secret treaty sits the King of Prussia her escape 636
with France to shut the 61--Refuses to ratify the Spain, the country de.
northern ports 301. His treaty of peace signed at clared in danger, and a
declaration on the sub- Paris by M. d'Oubril 717. great military force or.
ject 302. The British

Substance of this treaty dered to be raised 876
minister leaves Berlin 786.-Gives a grand en. Spanish Admiral d'Oliva,
386. The King's con. tertainment to the Eng dishonourable conduct of
duct excites much dis-

lish merchants at laying 310
ib. Rupture the foundation stone of a Spanish lugger taken by
with Sweden ib. 400 of the new Exchange at St some English prisoners,
his vessels embargoed in Petersburgh 787.-His and brought to England
British ports 392. His manifesto against France -230. Another captured
ports blocked up by the

off Torre de Vieja 560.
Swedes 637.

Makes Russian fleet arrives at ---Five taken in Finis.
peace with Sweden 717.
Portsmouth 797

terre bay by the Mi-
Breaks with France 716. St Domingo, massacre of nerva frigate ib. A
Attempts to negociate the white people at Cape large frigate taken by
787. Makes great pre-
Francois 557

the Adamant 638. The
parations for war, and St Patrick, meeting of the Pomona frigate taken off
joins his army ib. Makes Benevolent Society of the Havannah 794. Seve.
peace with England 789. 311

ral small vessels taken
---Declaration against St Vincent, Earl, appoint- off Majorca 956
France 857. Attacks the ed to command the chan- Stevens, Lieut. examined
French army at Saalfeldt nel fleet 228.-Sails for

on a charge of murder
868. Prince Louis kill:

ed ib. His army totally Saxony, Elector of, refu. Stockjobbing, uncommon
defeated at Jena 869. ses the title of King 222: trick of a Jew broker 800
7000 Prussian prisoners Withdraws his alliance Storm, dreadful one on
escape 871. Prince Eu.

with Prussia 871. The the coast of Holland 310
gene of Wirtemberg al. French enter Leipsic ib. Strachan, Sir R. sails from
so defeated ib. Retreats And seize the English Portsmouth 391. — Ar.
to Konigsberg 950.-- goods ib. Dresden occu. rives in the West Indies,
Prince Hohenlohe's army pied by the Wirtemberg but encounters a dread-
surrenders to the French

contingent army 950 ful storm, which disper-
944. And Stettin ib. Seaforth, Lord, arrives in ses his feet 796
Custrin and Magdeburgh England 800

Stuart, Sir Jolin, appoint.
also surrender 945. Gen. Seaforth brig of war lost ed commander in chief
Blucher's army driven to
off Antigua 392

in Sicily 559-His pro-
Lubeck ib. Dreadful bat. Sicily, Sir John Stuart ap- clamation ib. See Naples.
tle in that city ib. Blu. 'pointed commander'in Rewarded by the Socie-
cher forced to capitulate chief there


The 'ty at Lloyd's 798
ib. The city pillaged British 'army reinforced Sweden, King of, arrives
946. An armistice for

at Stralsund 58. — His
ten days signed at Char. Sierra Leone company declaration against the
lottenburgh 950. Bran.

propose to give up the French 59. Declaration
denburg to be erected in. colony to Government to the Diet 222. Rup-
to a kingdom, under Je.. 880

ture with Prussia 386.-
rome Bonaparte ib. Sheridan, Mr, elected Declaration on the sub.
Ranger sloop of war taken Member for Wesmin. 'ject 387. Address to his

by a French squadron ster 960. The Duke of army ih. Blocks up the

Queensberry gives him Prussian ports 637.
Rutherford, Lieut. appre. 1000l. towards his ex. Makes peace with Prus.
hended 311
pences ib.


Lisbon 797

sia 777

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